Scam Letter(s) from Valentina Monasova to Brian (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Brian.

How are you? How is the weather there? I hope you feeling good. I have some good and not good news for us. I don't know how to begin. Well, the good news are all documents are done and I can come to you soon. Agency prepared all things for my trip to your country. They prepared all necessary documents and reserved ticket for me from Moscow to New York City. I have paid these services some months ago. So I have a ticket. I just needed to pay for documents and for other necessary service. I got the money and decided to go to Perm town as soon as I can. So I went there to pay and to get documents. I drove my car to move to Perm and to visit agency. When I came to the agency and paid them, I got all documents and ticket. I was very glad and happy! I wanted to come back to my town soon and to let you know about these good news! Here good news are ending. Later are not good news Brian. When I drove car to my home I got accident! The boy ran out to the street in front of my car!!!! It was so unexpected for me, I could react but all I could do is turn my car to the left side! Because at the right side was parked big truck and I couldn't stop without blow to boy at this short distance. The boy ran out behind of that truck and I couldn't see him in time. Because of it I turned to the left and I struck other car!!! It's bad news. But more bad things are the car I struck was foreign expensive car and I would have to pay to fix all damages! The man from that car called road police and they made up protocol of accident. The boy ran away and we couldn't find him! So all fault was mine. But I hope you can understand that this fault of that boy. But I couldn't prove it because boy was absent. When the expert commission said me about sum of money I have to pay I was shocked and cried a lot!!! I didn't have this kind of resources! The damages of the foreign car were big and my car suffered strongly too! Don't worry I am ok and my health is good. I got only couple of scratches and bruises. The police took my car and placed it to the pay auto parking. My car can't move now and I used bus to come to my home. The police gave me copy of protocol and other papers and bill to pay for accident. They said that I have to pay it in short time and all I thought up is move back to the agency and ask them about getting money back. I told them about my situation and after two hours of talks they gave me money back. They took back all documents and ticket. So now I have no it in my pocket and all documents in agency again! But they said that I have to pay them back during 10 days else they will cancel my request for getting work in your countr!!!!! So they will delete my documents and will cancel reserved ticket! Agency said that they can't hold my documents and ticket long time. So if I want to get documents and ticket and to come to you I must pay them completely during 10 work days. Else I will lose all I have!!! All my dreams will be broken! I will not be able to get new job I can't start new life in your country but more important I will not be able to meet you and to be with you Brian!!!! This is terrible situation for me and I am in depression now because even that I got money from agency it will not be enough to pay for accident completely!!! When I came home I asked my friends about help they were shocked and commiserated to me. We could find some money but I still have to find some funds! It's not much of money but I don't know where to get it! My friends did all they could and I can't ask them about help again because they will not be able to help. They would like to help more but they can't! They said that I can give debts back as soon as it will be possible for me. I thanked them. I don't know what I would do if I would not have friends! I will try to figure out what I can do and will tell you about my results. But more important for me is where I will find money to pay to the agency! If I will not do it I will lose all documents and will not come to you! This fact oppress me and put me in depression. I don't know what to do and what to think up! I can't believe that it was happen with me! Why Brian? Brian I know that you love me and want to meet me and therefore I want to ask you maybe you can suggest me what to do? Hpney do you have any idea how to overcome this situation? Do you still love me my dear and will support me morally before I will be here? Will you continue to write me?? Are you angry for me because of this occasion and because of that we can't meet each other??? I hope you did not change your mind on me and still love me and want to meet me. It was not my fault but I can't prove it! I just don't know when we can meet each other at all if I will not find necessary sum of money during 10 days(till 5 November). Because I will lost documents and to get new will take about 3-6 months and agency said that perhaps I will not get it again at all because at the first time I didn't use it!!! There are many people who want get documents and government will work with them and not with person who will refuse from documents some times. I hope you can understand what I wanted to say. I tried to get loan from bank but I have failed. They will not give money to person who will left country and all the more so if I have accident bills. I will try to sell my broken car but It will not be easy because we don't have a lot of men who want buy broken car. I don't know when I can do it and I think It will cost very cheap! Also my car was old and this is other reason why I will not sell it quickly. At least I think so. But firstly I will need to take my car from parking and to deliver it to my town. I think I will have to use special truck which will transport it from Perm to Gubakha. But It's extra expenses!!! Right now I can't find any way where to find money that's why I asked you about advise. You are my single hope now and perhaps together we can find way out from this situation. What do you think Brian? Please write me back as soon as you can and let me know your point of view. It's important for me to hear your thoughts. Remember I love you and want to be with you but I am in difficult situation, I don't know what to do and need some help! I need to find money to pay to agency during 10 work days else I may forget about new job and coming to your country and about our meeting!!!! I hope for your quick response and for your words which will support me and will turn me back from depression to normal condition. I will wait for your next e-mail with great impatience. Remember honey I think of you and never forget. I love you Brian!
Your loving Valentine.

P.S. Please forgive me if I made a lot of mistakes. I just was nervous and upset. I hope you understand.



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