Romance scam letter(s) from Cristina Marcus to Hal (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Hal
I am writing to you this letter to show appreciation of all the things that you have been to me and you have shown me and still wanting to do to me. You were a true gift sent from God and I know that i will not mishandled that gift ...You have loved me for who I am and what I can become to be. You have accepted all of me. Unconditionally you have been there for me 24/7 through thick and thin, the good and bad!! I know that we are not sure what the heavens want for us and what God's plans are for each of us individually but I have all of this faith in us. I have faith that God will do the best for us and what would be best for us is our eternal love. I wish for a chance to show you the amazing love I have for you, the way you have shown me. I want you to know that I care about you more than I care for myself. I want to prove to you that you are my #1 - no matter what. I want to thank you for everything, Sweetheart, everything you have taught me in life. I know that if for whatever reason one day God decides that you are not meant for me, I know that I won't regret not one second of everyday that I spent with you..but i pray that will not Happen!!. I love you more than life itself and I wish that one day you can say that you want me as your wife and the mother of your children....Well Hal, i need to go to the custom Office now and i will email you Natasha info, soonest, I am so much glad, I love you so much...I hope you are having a nice take care for now Love always and forever
Letter 2
Hey Hal, how are you doing and how is your day been, well i am online and waiting to talk to you, i am such much glad for you to be there for me, here is the info to send the money to via Western Union,here below is the info! Name: ...Natasha Donald
I hope to hear back from you soonest
yours Love
Letter 3
Thank you and all i can say is that I HATE YOU And i pray Frogive you for what you have done for broke my heart and never have trust in me, despited the Love i have for you.....well goodbye as you have sad...I HATE YOU, i pray never to meet a man like you in my life, you came along with the truth and end with lies, and hurt me.
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