Letter(s) from Elena to Tonky (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hi dear Steppen! This is again Elena! How are you? We have some rain today, but I think that it will be oversoon and the sun again will visit us :) Especially now this is sunnyfor me because you wrote me a letter. I don't care about anything when I write you. I forget absolutelyabout all around and go deep into your letter. I don't notice peopleand things because I enjoy your mails. You are very interesting andintelligent man, and it's a real pleasure to know that I have met you. I understand that meeting each other in the Internet is a bit crazyway, but I don't care about it because I know that if two partnersdecide to be together, they will overcome everything, right? There isno too high mountain for the love to climb. Besides, thank's God,there are many different ways of transportation now and it's alwayspossible to meet, if there is a big wish. All is needed is to long forit and a little time and effort, and then everything can be workedout. I talked to my Mom and Dad about this, I told them that I have met anice man whom with I am in correspondence for some time. Yes, it's notso long time, but still we have had a possibility to get to know eachother better. My parents support me in my decision to meet my lovethis way, and for me it is very important to know their opinion. I do realize that not all the people who meet each other this way, aswe did, meet in the future, but for some reason I have a feeling thatin our case everything will work out more than happy. Ok, time willshow us the way, but I do long for the better, and my intuition tellsme that all will be excellent. And what about you?! What do you think? It's a new and big step in my life, and I take it very serious. I hopethat for you this is also very serious. My intentions are to grow ourrelationship and to stand it on the highest level. I don't hurry you,I just tell you my opinion and my feelings on this. Ok, don't want to bore you. I wish you a wonderful and sunny day, andhere is my hug for you!Stay warmed and write me back soon. Pleeeease :) Elena
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