Scam letter(s) from Natalia Edeleva to Rafael (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello rafael!!!
How - you? It is probable, if you have accepted, it - Albina, I - very much Is glad to receive your answer, rafael. I am happy so you have written to me rafael. Besides I hope, that my E-MAIL was so greater surprise for you also. But the most important, I would like to speak you which I have resolute to write you through gratitude of the internet to my best girlfriend Marina. My girlfriend Marina has met the good person through the internet from Germany, the Berlin City, the internet also. It the friend - Bill. Marina and Bill are very happy together! I see that they are happy so together, and i have decided to find people from other country also as Marina has made it: possible, you can ask me why i did not find the Russian person? I shall be very serious, i shall answer you, that i had the friend from Russia from my City, i loved it very much, but it has added me last time. It has found other girl as i have understood. Also i saw, that it liked to drink alcohol, as she is many people in Russia, do it, there can be you, the nobility about it. I do not love it when people like to drink so as my last friend has made it! I sober! Simply, i have not harmful habits! Also i wish to speak it concerning words of my girlfriend Marina, people from other countries, it is to the especial USA from Australia and Kanada, are very good, and they can to estimate and respect with women as essential people also. It is opinion, to be relative Marina, and i wish to agree with Marina completely. Marina has chosen its friend Bill from Germany as it knows German language a little. I do not speak on the German Language, i can speak and write English language, and i have solved to find people from abroad and i has decided to write to you, rafael. Well, allow me to inform you me more. As i have told to you earlier, I - 30 years , i was born on On February, 15 1977:) That is - date of yours birthday? Inform me, well? The white Russian ******* a nationality. On religion, i am a christian and i trust in God Jesus. I never was married and i have no children, i am a unique girl. I - a sensitive, kind, thoughtful and easily surprised. On opinion from my close friends and relatives, i - kind, cheerful, clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. About my city, where I alive :)? I would like to inform you that me realizing Cheboksary here in Russia. Cheboksary it is located around 650 kilometers from our Russian Capital the Moscow city. Ours Cheboksary - one of beautiful Cities from Russia, i love my remarkable city very much. There are many beautiful streets, the areas and other sights in our city. Here now warmly from 20 degrees, what concerning your weather? most of all i wish to speak you, that my favourite season summer! I love, when the sun in streets, it - is a lot of voices birds, it - is romantic so. And you love summer :)? Also i would like to inform you on my formation. I studied in Medical University. I have finished university in 1999 also, i wish to speak you, that i have learned Englishmen Language when i studied at university, i can speak in English Without any problems, i think so. But i can see, that i do many writing down mistakes, i think so, i hope, that you will be can to Understand my English language without any problems. Also i would like to inform to you, that after end of university, i have received a the diploma of a speciality " Storage of the Book And Audit ". But Unfortunately I did not demand my formation however, because here in Russia, as in many other things the countries, it is very difficult to find good work good speciality. Now i work as the waiter in a bar, though i the doctor. I like to work here in ours bar, and our visitors - good clients. Also i wish to speak you, that i have access to the internet a computer which is located in research of our boss here in ours a bar because I have no computer in my house, and I have asked the sanction in our director for my use of the internet, and it has allowed to use for me a computer in a free time from my work. Wowww, I have written so! I did not think, that i can to write about me it is to straight lines so, really. Possibly, i finish my E-MAIL to you. rafael, i shall be grateful so if you will write to me about independently, thus it - is a lot of from as i have made it. i would like, if you inform me, for example, about your family? About your city where - you, living, i never was in other countries, and i shall be glad the nobility about your country. Well, allow me to finish my E-MAIL, I hope to see your answer! I placed my photo, me hope you will find my photo good. Well, good while, rafael, hoping to see, that your message is fast! Care, yours faithfully, your new Russian friend, Albina.
Letter 2
Hi my friend rafael!
I'm glad so much to receive your answer again! It's very interesting for me to read your messages, from them we are learning more about ourself, and I begin know more about you, rafael. My dear friend, of course, may be you want learn about our correspondence, about correspondence's essence too, really? As I want to tell that I have decided to get acquainted through an Internet due of my girlfriend Marina which one year back has gotten acquainted with the foreigner German Bill, I have said you about this earlier. rafael, may be, possible, we will together in the future time, may be I would like to look the marriage too, if you will want this, I don't want to hide this so important fact, but we must to learn more things about each other more and more, it will reasonably and correctly, really, rafael? I hope that you will agree with me with this fact too. Please, tell me about this, ok? But in my opinion, again and again, we must learn about each other more and more, I repeat this! Please, agree with me, rafael! My friend rafael, I would like to tell you about my family. I want to say to you that I have a large family too. This are my mom Olga, my daddy Pavel too. Also I have two sisters. They are Katya and Masha. My sister Katya is 21 years old. But Masha is smaller sister between me and Katya too, Masha is 10 years old. On professions my mom is a seller in the shop, and my dad is an engineer on the factory. My sister Katya is a student of the university, she is studing on the lawyer, and Masha is a schoolgirl. Our family are living without any conflicts too, we have a good understanding between our members of our family. Because, I think that our parents gave to us a good education. I think that it's so good and I'm so proud that we have my mom and my daddy. Also I want to say to you that I live with my family in one apartment. Also I want to tell that I have consulted with my parents about the account my acquaintances with you through the Internet, they have estimated it as positively because they care about my future life of course. My parents would want that I have a happy life, and would want that I will find my man. As I told you earlier, I have never been married. As already I spoke to you earlier, I work as a waiter in the bar here in Cheboksary City. It's a perfect and cosy bar. My job is very pleasant for me, people in our city are kind, and visitors of the cafe are not roughness to us, certainly there are cases when the visitors are not correct with us and spoil mood, but it happens very seldom. I'm very interested to learn about your work, rafael, and what do you do in free from work time? During our weekends, in my free time, we are with my girlfriends, also with Bill and Marina sometime, go for a walk to the city, we like to sit in cafe too for a cup of tea. I like my girlfriends very much, especially my best girlfriend Marina. She is as native sister for me! By the way I want to say to you that Marina works as a waiter in our bar. Also I want to say to you that Marina and Bill are living in Cheboksary City now. Marina have visited Bill to Germany at last time, Bill asked Marina to visit in Germany him after that when they have understood that they love each other. I remember, Marina was so happy in this time. They lived together during two month in Germany. And then they have came to Russia, to Cheboksary City too, simply,Marina said to Bill that she have missed about her parents, and that she want to visit on some time her parents, and they came to Cheboksary from Germany. They are very happy together, they love each other very much, I envy to Marina and Bill slightly :) and also, of course, we meet with each other sometimes and spend a lot of time together. We are so good friends! Also I want to say to you that I have never been outside of Russia, I have never been in an other countries, but I would like to travel at once, it's so romantical, I think :) Well, rafael, I must to finish my e-mail to you, I hope that we will continue to correspond with each other and you will tell me much more about yourself, and I will try to tell about myself as more as possible in future e-mails. I want to ask you about more things, rafael, and I hope that you will understand my questions and will answer me for them. I want to learn more about your country, please, tell me about your family, about your friends. A great hello to you from my family, my friends Marina and Bill too. I hope to see your message soon. Bye-bye...
Letter 3
Hello, rafael! How are you doing? I'm doing fine!
Thank you for your answer on my last e-mail so much, rafael. In my opinion, it's so wonderfully, that we are writing to each other, because from our messages we learn about each other more and more, really, rafael? I'm interested in our correspondence very much, it's very interesting to learn about you, about your life in your country, believe me, as a whole, I read your letters with a huge pleasure! Ok, rafael, I hope that it will be interesting for you to learn about my enthusiasmes, my favourite things as a whole:) From music???:) I like to listen the russian and foreign musical executors. From Russian musical executors I like to listen the songs of the following groups 'Zemfira', 'Splin', 'Ariya', 'BI-2', and so on. Did you heared about this musical groups? Ok, from the foreign executors I like to listen ' Bon Jovi ', 'U2', 'Cranberries', 'Scorpions','Elton John ', and so on. In general, I like to listen good and modern music, rafael, and what kind of music do you like? It would be interesting to me to learn about it. Please, tell me, ok? From movies? I like to look the comedies, fantastic films, romanticism and so on. But very huge impressions have left to me the films ' The Lord Of Rings', ' Harry Potter '. I hope what you looked these films? But especial impression was for me as the film ' The Patriot ' by an actor Mel Gibson, where the war between England and America is described. This film has liked to me by that this film show the natural spirit of the patriotism, the love to a Native Land! I consider, that it's very important qualities, which should have all people on the world! Really? rafael, I hope that you looked this film too, and that you had a magnificent impressions from a viewing of this film. Mel Gibson has played his role as a talented actor on my opinion! I liked to look the film ' Cruel Intentions', on my opinion, it's very sensual and instructive film for all youth. Aslo from comedies I liked the film ' Me, Myself And Irene ' by the comic actor Bill Carrey:) I hope that you looked this so ridiculous film:) From a fantasy, I liked film ' Planet Of The Apes', it's a very entertainment film in my opinion '.
Also I want to tell to you, that I like to read the books, especially the literature of the domestic writers: Tolstoy, Chehov, Pushkin, and so on. But I was in huge delight from a reading of th book S. King ' The Dark Tower ', in my opinion, it's very interesting book, where the main hero Roland is a purposeful man, he goes to the purpose, to a dark tower, and I like the quality of Roland is the purposefulness! I consider, that this one of the important qualities of any man. I hope what you will agree with me, really, rafael? About food? Ok, from the favourite food dishes, I want to allocate a fried potatoes, various kind of the soups, also I like a meat too, I don't want to hide it from you:) I like the fish and chicken very much, do you like the chicken? It's so tasty, really? Also I like a pizza very much. It's very tasty too, I like pizza with a cheese. I would like to say you that I like a fruit and vegetables, especially, an apple lemon, orange, banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there are many kinds of vitamins. rafael, do you like to cook? I cook not bad as my family and the friends said me at once:) Also about my favorite kind of sports, I like to sport very much, do you like it? In winter I like to ski, it's cool to be on the fresh air. Also I like to play on volley too. But most of all I like to aerobic, we are with my girlfriend Marina engaged by the aerobic in the free time, on my opinion, this kind of sport helps to support my body in the good form. Also I would like to say to you that I like to dance ball dances:) Have you ever danced the ball dance with any girl? :) It's so attractive and beautifully, really, rafael? I'm sure, that you would like to dance the ball dancing with me at once?:) It will be wonderful! Probably, in the future, we will dance the ball dancing with you, it would be cool! Really?:) About my hobbie? I like to collect various beautiful female magazines, about a style, about female life for example and so on. For a small period of the time, I have a large collection of different magazines. Simply, I like to read the best magazines. I would like to tell you about my dreams too. I'm dreaming to drive a car in the future, it would be so cool and interesting. But I want to tell, that our family don't have the car, it's very expensive to buy the car, but our father has told that probably, through one year, he will can to buy the car and I'll can to learn how to drive the car:) rafael, would you like to learn me how drive a car at once?:) It will be kindly since your side:) By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all time:) Especially my parents, I have told to my parents, that you are decent and good man, my parents are very pleased to our norrespondence on the Internet and our relations, rafael. My parents wish to us a good relations in the future, and it's possible, in the future, if we will be together in your country, they would want that we will be a magnificent pair too:) But remember, rafael! We should learn each other ever more and more! Really.? It's very important for me, rafael! The fact in that, if you know, that on the statistics, majority of a pairs are separated because they knew each other not enough, and I don't want to do a mistake at once, I hope that you will can to understand me, rafael, really? As I spoke you earlier, we must to learn about each other more and more from our e-mails. Dear rafael!!! Also I want to tell you, that I would like to speak with you by the phone at once, I hope, that it's a good idea, really, rafael? I want to hear your voice, rafael, I hope that you want to hear my voice too. But unfortunately, I don't have the telephone in our apartment, because it's very expensive to establish the telephone now in this time in Cheboksary City, but it will be possible, that may be through some months we will have the telephone. Also, I want to tell you, that I have interested at our director about using of the bar's telephone, but our director has told me, that the bar's telephone is for working needs for our institution! The director has told us, that the work personnel of bar can not use the telephone of bar for our individual purposes. Also I have asked to use the telephone at my friends, and Marina and Bill too, but all of them don't have the phone too, it's the difficult situation with the phone. From this, I have thought and I have come to the conclusion, I will can to call to you from the City's Cheboksary Telegraph, it's the best variant, rafael!
Dearest rafael, you can give to me the number of your phone, I can call to you from the City's Telegraph, please give me your phone number, ok? I have a huge desire to hear your voice, rafael, I hope that you want to hear my voice too. Please, send me your phone number in your next e-mail, ok??? Please, don't forget, rafael! rafael, I can't believe, I have written to you such large e-mail. I hope, that it will be interesting to read about me more. Really? rafael, I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in your next e-mail about your enthusiasmes, about your hobbies, what kind of music do you prefer? What kind of movies and another too? What is your favorite color too??? My favorite color is blue, it calms so much.
Well, let me to finish my messgae.
By the way, my parents, my sisters and my friends ask me again to say to you a great greetings from them! It's as usual. rafael, I will wait for your next e-mails! rafael, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok?
Good-bye, see you soon.
PS I still want to add, that I shall cause you little bit later.
I want while with you to communicate on a E-Mail. I shall examine with you conversation by
the phone approximately in two weeks.
I should have additional money to conversation. To us at work will give
Money only a bit later! As soon as things approach, I call you!!!
Your dear friend Albina!!!
Letter 4

Hi my dearest friend rafael!
rafael, I was so happy to get your answer again and again, it was so good part of my day when I have saw your words in the computer.
Also besides today, I had to serve a very bad client in our bar. He was very drink a *****, and he all time prevented me to work. It was expressed in that he tried to embrace me and all time spoke me so various abusive words. Eventually our service of protection, police has expelled him from the bar, but my mood was awfully bad. And when I have saw your answer in the computer, my mood became so good. rafael, please, don't worry about this so bad case with this so bad client, ok? It's ok now. Dearest rafael, I see that we are interested in each other more and more, and I think that it's so good for us, because I have so good and liked friend as you, rafael. I'm so interested by you rafael, that my life became better than before an acquaintance with you, rafael, I feel it, really. You are so good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend, and I think that it's important thing in the life. rafael, I see that you trust me, as I do it with a great pleasure to you, and I think that it's so good thing in our friendship, really, rafael? I hope that you understand me, rafael, that in my opinion, all people in the world must to understand each other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you agree with me, rafael? Tell me about it, ok?
By the way I want to say to you that believe in God very much, I believe in Jesus, I am a Christian woman as I said you earlier. I like to go to Church( Russian Ortodox), it's not far from our bar too. Our City's Church is a very beautiful place, there is a lot of an beautiful icons too, I like this. The priests sing beautiful songs and I like it very much. This so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too. But now, I want to say to you that your e-mails calms me too when I have a bad mood, I feel it, rafael. I want to say to you that some people of our work personal, here in our bar know that we with you write to each other by the Internet. They said me that it's so good for us, they ask me to say to you a friend hello and they, as me, want know more about your country, about your culture.
My dear friend rafael, also I want to ask you your full name and your home address on any unforeseen case also. Please, send me it, okey? rafael, I would like to send you my home address too. As a matter of fact may be, possible, our director's computer will break in the any time, as director have warned me, and I think that it will be so pity that we willn't can to write to each other by emails during long time. But I think that God willn't admit it, because he know that we like to write to each other our e-mails as I feel it. rafael, I can send you a postmails or postcards by the usual mail service also. But you must know that will be better if you willn't send me a postmessages or other any parcel posts, for example by our city usual pochtamt. rafael, I want to say to you that it's so shame that we in Russia have a peoples or some mail organizations who like steal the postsendings of any peoples. I know many so shame, so bad cases about it from my girlfriends. It's the shame for this peoples and organizations, realy? I hope that in your country all ok with postorganization. Please, don't send me anything by the our city's pochtamt, I don't want that your postsending will stealed by any thieves! But I will give you my home address and my full name on any case.
It's here:
My full name is ,Albina Muhametzyanova
and my home address is:
City Cheboksary, 424028
Russian Federation
Please, write this datas on a paper on any cases, ok, rafael?
I so want to hear your voice, it will important for me to hear your voice, rafael. On this note, I will finish my e-mail to you. Please, answer me soon, ok, rafael? I will wait for your messages, rafael.
Sincerely, your dear friend,
Letter 5
Hello my dearest rafael!
I want to say to you that as usual and usual, I'm happy so much from your answer on my last e-mail my rafael!!! I think about you my rafael all days. I so wait for your warm messages for me rafael, I want to say to you that now I cann't without you and your so feelings emails my rafael. You e-mails are so important for me, it are a part of my life, it are a source of my pleasure to my life, I want to say to you that the occurrence of you rafael is a beterest part of my lonely life now, your messages give me a great happiness and pleasure in my life rafael. Believe me rafael, that I speak this my words with my sincere care to you rafael, with my respect for you rafael. Also I want to emphasize that I thought about our feelings to you my rafael, I have come to a conclusion that we are created for each other my rafael. In last night I didn't sleep well, I couldn't do it because I thought about us my rafael, about our acquaintance on Internet, about your warm messages, and in basically about you my rafael! I thought about all my rafael, I want to say to you that I cann't without you my rafael, I want to say to you that I have fallen in love in you my rafael, yes rafael, I love you my dearest rafael! My rafael, it has taken place so quickly and suddenly, I didn't to expect it my darling, it's so sensual for me my rafael, I cann't without you rafael. I LOVE YOU, DARLING! I feel to you the greatest feeling on ground, it's my love to you my dear rafael. From your messages rafael, I see that we aren't indifferent to each other rafael, I hope that you will agree with me my rafael, is it for true rafael? I hope that you feel to me such great feelings to me my rafael. Also in last night I was asked to God, I thank him that we found each other my rafael, I closed my eyes and have seen the God's presence. He saw on me and I saw on him, he said me that I will happiest woman, because I found you rafael, you are my future man rafael. Also in the eyes of God that he cried, I think that he is very happy for us my rafael. I cried too rafael, because it's so happiness for us that we can be together soon, that we can to have a normal family, I so want it my rafael, because I cann't to be one my rafael, the basic part of my girlfriends are married for a long time, they asked me all time before our acquaintance with you about that why I couldn't to find a man, on their questions I couldn't answred, but I said them that I want it very much, but I cann't to begin any close feelings with any man because of my embarrassment. I am felling embarrassed girl, I said about you in my last e-mails my rafael. But I want to say to you that I feel about you not embarrassment my rafael, I feel to you all my love to you rafael! By the way I want to say to you that I said about my love feelings to my parents and my girlfriend Marina and Bill. My parents said me that they are very happy for us my darling rafael. In the eyes of my mom and my dad I saw a great happiness for me and for you together my rafael. They said that they hope that I did a right choice in my life and they hope that we will happy together my love rafael, also they said me that where we with you will live together. I answered them that I want to live with you in your country my darling, they asked me about that they will miss me very much, but since other side they understand that it will be better that we with you rafael will live In other country because they understand that now in Russia is difficult live situation. They said you a their warm GREETINGS to you and they wish us, my rafael, our future family happiness and great mutual love my rafael. Also my girlfriend Marina and her boyfriend Bill said me that they guessed about that we with you will have a love feelings since our of acquaintance to you my rafael. They are very happy about us my dear rafael, they said that you will a good boyfriend for me my rafael, and I agreed with them on 100 per cent!!! Also Marina and Bill said you a hot friend HELLO and they will hope that we will together with you rafael. My darling, I am so happy for us my dear rafael. I want to say to you that I love you very much, my relatives and my friends are very happy for us very much. Also my dear rafael, I want ask you a main question, I think that it will so fairly since my side my darling. Do you have or do you write with any another women my rafael??? It's so important for me my rafael, I hope that you will understand me, because I love you and I don't want that you rafael write with other women. I want to say to you that I don't write with any other men except for you my rafael. I don't want an other man, because I love you, rafael! But more of all I don't want that any other woman will try to steal you from me my love rafael!!! I say you about it very seriously my rafael! It will so pity for me if you are having or writing with an other woman my dear rafael, and deceive me in our relations, please, say me, rafael, do you write with an other women? We must trust each other in this, ok my darling? Of courses, my darling may be you will ask me about my job when I will far from Russia. Of course, I will miss my job, about my work collegues, yes, I will miss about their, but you can see that I gave back all personal time to my job, I don't have a free time never there. I think that if I found my love and my future man, I must change my personal life in the party you my dear rafael, because I am a woman and I must have my family life as an other womans do it. Realy my rafael? I think that my collegues in our bar will miss me too, but we willn't forget about each other too, I will can to send emails from your country them too. My dear, how you see on this? I want to say to you that I miss you very much, and I want to say to you that you became on the first plan in my life than my work my rafael. I love you rafael and I cann't without you my darling, and I decided that I must near with you my rafael. It's so necessary for me my rafael. I so love you rafael! By the way I will try to learn my dear about the necessary documents for my future coming to you my rafael, as I know from my girlfriend Bill, I will need in the foreign passport and visa too, I will try learn about it rafael in near future time my rafael. My darling, I hope that you have a great desire of our meeting my love rafael. I so want it my love, I love you and I miss you badly rafael. I will wait for your mutual warmth emails, rafael. As usual, warmth greetings from my girlfriend Marina, Bill and my family to you.
All my warmth kisses,
Warmth hugs,
Your lady,
Letter 6
Hi my love Pepe!
I have gotten your warm words from your answer on my last message my darling! My dear, my love Pepe, in my last e-mail I have told you about my love feelings to you, Pepe, I wrote this message with so close love feelings to you, dearest, I didn't can to hide my love to you, my soul prompted me that I must to tell about my love to you, because it is so dificult to hide a close feelings to love man, Pepe. I love you, Pepe, and I want to say to you that, please, don't discharge me from you, Pepe. Pepe, it's so pity for me that our messages connect us only, I want to see you in reality my Pepe. I so want it, darling! Our e-mails connect our close love feelings to each other, our messages are our rescue with boredom and from all of boring things. I want to say to you my darling that I cann't without your messages now Pepe, your e-mails are necessary for me so much my Pepe, I love it and I love you my dearest Pepe!!!
My love Pepe, I want to say that my parents and my best friends Marina and Bill are very happy for us my love Pepe, they are all time ask about you, about your feelings to me and I don't worry say about our love feelings now, because I don't want to hide my love to you from everybody my Pepe, I have found sense of my life my Pepe, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU BADLY, DARLING! My love Pepe, I want to say to you that my collegues on my job are very happy for us too! In total all my collegues says me that they are very glad for us too, but one of the waiters say about me very bad things too, she is Ekaterina, she is 44 years old. She is not so good woman, she gossips about me that I am not considerable woman, because I found you my Pepe in Internet and she considers that it's not good my Pepe, because she said that in their past live time when in Russian Federation was Soviet Union, in this time boys found the girls and that it was better than in present time, when in more cases girls find boys. I was so bad from Ekaterina's words my Pepe, because I think that she is not right, realy my Pepe? I think that man can chose like woman or woman can chose like man if they want it mutual, really Pepe? I think that we have mutual love feelings and it is better of all when the loving each other people love each other mutual, I think that it is an important fact of love about reciprocity. Really my Pepe, is our feelings mutual??? I think from our messages that it's true my Pepe. Also I want to say to you that Ekaterina doesn't have a husband, she lives one, she considers that all men do not deserve her attention because, I think, that she is not simple in herself soul, I think that she think very high about herself simply, she think that all men is silly men, it's her opinion only, I don't know why she think so bad about men, why??? My dearest, did you meet such, I think, silly peoples as Ekaterina the ideas of which is not right in my opinion. I think that she is not right in that she said about men!!! I think that this woman is egoist woman, I think that you will agree with me my Pepe. But I don't want to say about this woman to you in all because it is so boring for me. Ok? I want to speak about us my dear.
My Pepe, I want to say to you that my parents so happy that we met each other, I say you again and again about it!!! I have consulted with my coming to you, I want to say to you that from my words about it my mom and dad were so surprised too, they asked me, am I sure about my coming to you, and I have answered that I cann't without you and I have decided to be with you, Pepe, all my life too. My mom and dad have agreed with me, because they understand that I cann't without you, and also they have told me as they love each other when they were young people too. I want to say to you that my mom and dad have asked me to say to you a warmth hello from them again and again! They wish us a good life together too! My dearest Pepe, also I have a good news! I want to say to you that Marina and Bill have reminded me today with my possible coming to you my Pepe. The fact in that Marina have a good aunt Tatyana in Moscow which, possible, will can help me with an information about my coming to you Pepe in future soon! Also I want to say to you that Marina aunt Tatyana has helped to Marina at once when Marina and Bill have met each other in Internet, when Bill asked Marina to come to him in Germany, Hamburg City. Marina aunt Tatyana has helped to Marina with all information for need necessary documents for the Marina coming to Germany to Bill. This aunt Tatyana works in one of the individual travel firm in Moscow City. It's so positively for us because she will can to help me with all important detaled things of information about all necessary documents for my future coming to you my love Pepe. Also I want to remind that Marina and Bill will go to Germany soon, as I said you earlier, because Bill want it, Marina want it too, they decided about it earlier. And Marina will address to her aunt Tatyana about all necessary information for coming to Germany too, and Marina will can ask Tatyana about all necessary information for the documents and prices of my coming to you . Marina will try to connect with Tatyana in Moscow soon on days, and will ask about all important information too! Bill and Marina say to you a friend greetings again and again my Pepe, and hope that we will together soon too! They are so happy, and happy for us my love Pepe. Also I want to say to you my Pepe that it's so good that Marina and Bill, and also me and you my Pepe found each other by the Internet, I think that the Internet is the assistant in everything, in Internet people can find any information, and it's inportant that the people can to fall in love by the Internet, realy my dear Pepe??? I so love you my darling, I'm sure in my love with you so much, and I want to say to you that with every day I want to be with you more and more my Pepe, I love you so much dear, I can't without you my Pepe, you are so necessary for me Pepe, I love you, Pepe!!!!!!!!!
I am ready To apply all my forces on our meeting. I think, that we should have a meeting so or Differently, because we should know each other better. The meeting in the person will help To us to make serious steps in our life. You agree with me? I was very resolutely adjusted to a meeting with you. I shall find out the information As soon as possible. I shall inform you immediately as soon as I shall have The necessary information. I so am excited about our meeting. I understand, that I can not To hide tears for pleasure at our meeting from my eyes. You only do not pay attention If I shall cry in day of our meeting. OK? You promise me? I so want To have sensation of your man's hands. So your caress is necessary for me. I want To feel your care. I then shall be the happiest woman in the world! I shall try to do by that happy the man in the world! I want, that we Now went towards to our love. I want, that our meeting was a first step To happy joint life!!!! Let's do our life happy and long! I want, that the union of our hearts was strong! I want to care of you, I want to love you All my female heart. I do not want, that something prevented us in life. But without It it is impossible, therefore we should overcome all. Our love should overcome all! Also my Pepe, on days, possible tomorrow or after tomorrow, I want to go to the church that I must thank God that we found each other my love, I so thank our God, I know that God helped us to find you my Pepe, I know about it, Pepe! My darling, on this I will end my e-mail to you, I will wait for your next emails with my great love desire!!! You must know, Pepe, how I feel so happy myself when I read your messages my darling! Well, I must be off my Pepe, I will think about you Pepe so much, I love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible my love Pepe!!!!!
kisses and huges
your love, Albina
Letter 7
Hello my love man, my dearest Pepe!
How are you doing my Pepe? I'm doing so fine, my honey! I have gotten you answer, my Pepe, more as usual, it's so happy for me to receive your necessary love for me, your warmth words my dear Pepe. My dearest Pepe, I love you my Pepe, I love you so much that I cann't without you now my love, you and your messages are so necessary for me, you are the inseparable part of my life my love Pepe. I say about it very seriously! Because you know how much I love you my darling Pepe, I cann't without you my Pepe! All days, all seconds I'm dreaming about our meeting my Pepe, I cann't wait a moment when we will meet in your airport my love, I want it so much my darling! I'm a happiest woman in this world, because we have met each other, dearest Pepe! My dear, I want to wish to all people to love each other very much, because I have tested this feeling with you my dear, it happen so quick my dear and through Internet, I want to say to you my dear, that all people, who want to find a love man or woman, this man or woman will find the love necessarily, I'm sure in this my dear Pepe, because I found you my love through the Internet, and we love each other so much, and I know that our love is most dear feeling from other feelings that exists on this small light-blue planet. My dear Pepe, I love you very much, I so miss you darling, I want to be with you my love man Pepe! My love Pepe, I want to say to you that my girlfriend Marina tried to connect with her aunt Tatyana in Moscow to ask her about the all necessary information about my future coming to you my Pepe, but I want to say to you that it was so pity for me that Marina aunt Tatyana wasn't on the place in this moment when Marina rong to her aunt. But Marina said me that she will try to ring to Tatyana to Moscow soon on nearest time! We are me and my parents sure that Tatyana aunt will give to us all information about my coming to you my love Pepe. My dear, I cann't wait a time when we will together my dear, I miss you badly my darling! At last night I couldn't to sleep again my dear Pepe, I thought about you and about us my dearest Pepe!
My love Pepe, before my writing to you, in my mind came a liric thinking about you my darling. I have found an Internet one liric poem too, I want to say to you that I like this poem so much, I want to show my great love and missing about you in this poem, I hope that you will love this feel and soul poem for you my darling, is
---SO FAR AWAY---(by Steve Forsythe)
My love Pepe, I hope you love this poem, it one that makes me think of you often my darling, this poem from my heart which fulled by our love to each other my Pepe. I hope that you will can test this so love liric words. My darling, also again and again I want to say to you that my parents are very very happy for that we will together soon my dear Pepe. My mom and my dad all time ask about you, and on their words I understand that they love you too, as their native son! My sisters Katya and Masha ask me about you too :) Simply, my family understand completely that I have found my boyfriend as you dear, my love Pepe. Also as usual and usual warmth greetings from my family to you, my dearest Pepe!
My Pepe, also again I want to share with you my some problem in my job, it's again Ekaterina, the waiter in our bar... :( I want to say to you that I heared from Ekaterina so bad words to my side again recently :( As you remember, as I told you earlier, Ekaterina think about our love very very bad! I think that simply she envies us very much, really, Pepe? She said that all men promise to the women a happy life and love on a beautiful words, and she said that you are not exception :( She said me that you speak a beautiful words to me only, and that you willn't to undertake all of effort for our quick meeting and she said also that simply, all men are people who promise on words very much, but on the actions, as since sides of the gentleman, they are weak people. Also she said that you willn't do all things for our meeting my dear Pepe, it was insulting for me from her words :( My dear Pepe, I cried from her words very much, she said me a ***** lie!!! Realy, my Pepe? She think about all men very bad, I don't know, I don't understand!!! WHY? Why she think about men so bad? I think that she don't and willn't understand so happy feelings as the LOVE between woman and man! My Pepe, I want to say to you that I don't want to work in this bar, it's so pity for me, because from this so bad and silly Ekaterina. I want to say to you that also Ekaterina is a distant relative of our boss of our bar, she adjusts our director against me some time. Ekaterina said to our director that he will forbid me to use the computer for my writing to you, she said that the computer is not for the love feelings, she said that the computer is for work needs only! When I heared it, I cried my dear Pepe. Why Ekaterina is so bad to me and to us with you my darling? WHY? :( I don't understand it, my Pepe! My darling, I want to say to you that I willn't can to go against Ekaterina because she is the relative of our bar's director, but by the way I want to say to you that I spoke with our director Alexandr too. He said that I don't must to pay of attention on Ekaterina, but since other side he cann't go against Ekaterina too because they are the relatives. But Alexandr said me that I can use the computer for my writing to you my dear Pepe, because he is a good man and he said that he understand my love to you Pepe and he said me that he have a good wife which he love very much and he told also about their love with his wife too, I thank our director Alexandr that he has solved me to use the computer that I can to write you my dear, but he repeat me that he cann't go against Ekaterina, he said that, possible and I think it is true, that Ekaterina will render on me moral pressure, he said also that it will be better for me that, if I willn't work with Ekaterina in one bar, I will can to leave my job. My darling, I don't want that Ekaterina offended me by her silly statements!!! I don't want to work in this bar with this so bad woman Ekaterina my darling, I don't want to hear her of the insult never! I want to say to you that my mom and my dad, and also Marina and Bill calmed me after Ekaterina's words. I cried on the shoulders of Marina. Bill and Marina said me that all will ok, because we with you love each other, and any Ekaterina willn't to prevent us when we will together with you my love Pepe, they said also that it will be better that I will leave from my job in the bar and I will prepare to my coming to you my dear Pepe, my parents and Marina and Bill said me that they are indignant by the bad words of Ekaterina, is especial my dad. He don't want that her daughter as me willn't offend anybody. By the way my parents and Marina and Bill sure that you will a good husband for me, and also that you willn't offend me never, I said to my parents and Marina and Bill that you are not capable on bad things with me as do it Ekaterina. My dear Pepe, please, promise to me that you willn't offend me, please, promise me about it my dear, please, I trust you so much, and I don't want that you will break my heart at once! I love you so much my dear Pepe, I so trust to your love feelings to me my darling, I cann't without you my Pepe, I cann't! I want to be with you for ever my Pepe, I love you and I miss you badly, darling, I hope that we will find all our life forces for that we will together soon my love Pepe. I love you and I miss you very much my Pepe! Ok, on this note, let me finish my letter to you my Pepe, I want to say to you that I will wait for you messages with a great pleasure. Ok, see you soon my love Pepe. Ok, again and again warmth greetings from my mother, my father, my sisters and Marina with Bill to you my dearest love man Pepe!!!
Thinking about you so much, Pepe,
My aspiration to be with you as soon as possible,
Truly, your love Albina
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