Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Holodar to Gordon (England)
Letter 1
Hello,Gordon! Thank you for your decidion to reply my letter.I was happy to get your letter.How are you?Thank you for introducing yourself.And now I think it's my time to introduse myself. my name is Olga.My surname is Holodar.I have 172 sm height and my weight is 62kg.My eyes are grey and green.I'm blond.I was born on the 29th of April in 1978.So,i'm 29 years old.I've been married,but now I'm devorced For 5 years.I was married during 6 years but i wasn't happy with my husband.I have a daughter.Her name is Diana.I love her very much. I speak English rather well.But my native language is Russian dispite the fact I was born in Ukraine.To be exact-in Lugansk. The second part of my description- are my personal qualities.I'm erious, honest, communicative, clever, tender, optimist, attentive and calm. But sometimes I can be rather impulsive and impressed. Soon I will finish Lugansk Pedagogical University.I'm a coach.I'm a candidate to the master of the sport in table tennis.I play tennise since I was 9 years old.Now it is my hobby and my work at the same time. I'm searching for a kind clever,tender and careful man,who'll love me and my daughter.I want my future family to be strong,friendly.I want a sincere relations.I hate lie and cunning. So,this is the basic information about me.If you have any questions,please ask,I'll answer them with a great pleasure. have anice day and take care of yourself. Olga
Letter 2
Hi,my dear Gordon! How are you? You decided to answer me.Thank you for your letter. I like our correspondence very much.And what about you? How are you and your family?I'm fine.Thank you for the care. You are so attentive. So,let's continue our correspondence. I'd like to tell more about myself. In this letter I'd like to tell you about my free time and my hobbies. When I have free time I prefer to spend it with my friends. As I've said you in my first letter,I'm very communicative person.I like to go to the nature with my friends and have picnic there. I like to have rest at the river coast. And in future I'd like to live near the sea. But it's no matter if not.I think it's more important with whom but not where.And what about you?Do you like picnics,fresh air? I like to listen to music.I prefer to listen to th foreign music.I don't like modern Russian music.I prefer to listen to jaz,,eastern music,and also classical. I think every educated person should listen to the classical music. Also,I like to watch TV. But I watch it too rarely. My favourite films are:old russian comedies,''once in America'',''quing Margo''and different historial films,e.g.''Alexander''. Also,I like to read books.My favourite writers are:Ernest Heminguay,Remark etc. And what about you?What are your favourite actors,films,music.And how do you like to spend your free time? I'm waiting for the answer . Have a nice day.Good luck in your job. Yours Olga
Letter 3
Hi,darling Gordon!thank you very much for the letter.I washappy to get it.How are you?
Of course i'll be happy to meet you on line.thank you for giving me your mobile number.
I'll send you sms when I'l be able to be on line.I want to talk to you by the yahoo very much.
i'd like to ask you one very important for me quesyion.In order to write you I need to go to the agency.There I can use the help of the interpriter and web camera whenever I need.I need to pay 60USD per mounth.Will you be able to support me with these payment/I'll appreciate your help.
Yours Olga
Letter 4

Hi,darling Gordon!Thank you very much for your letter.How are you/how are you going to spend your weekends?
dear Gordon,I'm absolutely don't think you are stupid,but I'm really need to pay money for our correspondence.It is written In my profile I live in Kiev,as I put it when I'm really lived in KIev,I've had competitions there.We can also share these expensise and both pay 30 uSD.Do you like these idea?I need to know your oppinion.
Kisses and hugs
Yours Olga
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