Scam letter(s) from Kyreenx Xto to Alex (Kenya)

Letter 1
Thanks so much for ur mail.i hope you are having a nice day.Good to meet some one nice like you too.i am really very happy.A little about me.My name is Kyreenx Turay, I am living in the camp here in Senegal for some times now as a result of the war in my country which took the life of my i am the only one left in this whole world..i have been in the camp here for about two years now and life here is not really easy.eating,bathing and living a normal life is something that has been left in the hand of God.Maybe you can come for my rescue, if you really like me.I am looking for one true love now.some one who be there for me and make me forget every bit of my past it hurts to know i am left alone in this whole world.God help me to find a man of my dreams some day and soon, before some thing else happens to me not really easy here at all.sorry to buther you with my problems.hope you will find it in your heart to help out.
have a nice day, i also attached my pics ok
Letter 2
Hi ***
How are you today, i hope you are doing well.i am fine here but things are not ok at all as long i keep living here.I dont understand which of my contact you need again. you have my email address already and the number you can reach me with is 00221 763955284.ask to speak with Kyreenx when ever you call.the camp is in gulf sud pecelle assanies dakar senegal. i have also tell the camp master that some one want to help me out but he doesnt want another to have his email id, if he can tell me what he will do to bring me out from here.he said is like the others, that i have take the withrwal form, then my id card and get my resident permit.and he said it will cost 345 euros, and they will get me all this things and i can go out from here.if i go out from i am sure i can always find a job to do and then save some money to come to your country and be with you. but first, i need this 345 euros to come out fom here.please tell me what you think.i am really suffering here.
i will stop here for now until i hear from you again.
Have a nice day.
Letter 3
hello dear
your suden stop of replying my mail frighten me, something tells me that you are not ok, please do write me and let me know if you are okey, even do you don't have the money now but please that should not make you to stop writing me okey i will be happy to see you mail soonest of time, hope you are ok
Letter 4

Oh for God sake, why have you decided to hurt me with your fatal words? i told you that which is my problem and also tell you about looking for love of my lifen i am not falsing you to help me, do what is in you mindn i knwo that it is only God can teach someone to do something for someone, but please dontcompare me with others that you said that is telling you about there fathers money, all i need is to get out of this place and to get real love, ok takecare of your self, good bye,
Letter 5
why have you decided to do this to me? just becouse you got scammers mail that are similiar with my problems, please dont just run away from me i dont know what more to do since you stop writing me i am full of unhappy, please refugee camp is not easy to stay, do some thing please, i will be expecting to read from you soon, thanks, kyreenx
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