Letter(s) from Maria Shabalina to Larry (USA)

Letter 1

My dear Larry. How is your day today? You thought of me? I miss you so much!!! I need you so true!!! I try to be strong and to not lose hope. Today I better also try to not recollect, recent incident. You know, despite of all difficulties, I am happy, that have met you. I am happy, that in my life there is man with which I want to connect my life. You have given me hope and confidence of tomorrow's day. You could penetrate into my heart and win it. You hold my heart, in your hands. You should remember always it and to be cautious with it. ok? Yesterday I met man, to the aid which, I could hope. This man works together with me. I hoped, he can help me. To tell the truth, this man, has feelings to me, but I never loved him. Yesterday I have met him and asked him to borrow to me, the necessary sum for payment of my visa. You know, I was shocked, when he has told me, that will give me this sum for gift if I shall have sex with him. You can believe in it? Me wanted to buy!!! I never thought, that he is capable on similar meanness. I respected this person and always saw in him, only good colleague. I never saw in him, my beloved. I tried to explain to him, that I have already met my love. I have told to this person that I love you. I have told to him, that this sum is necessary for me what to go to you. I was offended by that, that he could think, that I can be bought for money. I cannot be bought for money. On my heart, there was a unpleasant trace. I am surprised, why all new and new difficulties, arise on my way. All was so well, only one week ago. But not looking on all these difficulties, my feelings to you, everyone become stronger and stronger every day. These difficulties, only strengthen our love. Tomorrow, I should be in Moscow for interview in embassy. But I could not solve problem with finance. I do not know, that to me to do now. I do not want to lose you in any way. I love you Larry!!! Now I should finish my letter. With love and forever your Maria.