Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Jim (UK)
Letter 1
Hi, is very glad to see your answer to my short message. To tell the truth, did not expect, that you so soon will answer.
I thought, that I shall not interest you. Ask to excuse me if my letter will be not absolutely clear for you.
I not the master to write letters, especially it is my first experience of dialogue through the Internet, and I worry slightly.
Plus to all my English not so good, because I from Russia from Kazan !
You were confused probably with that fact, that I the girl from Russia!
Simply I am poorly familiar with the Internet and it is possible at registration have made something not so. I shall try to write more simply and clearly. My name is Anna and i am 28 years old! In my profile I have briefly written about myself.
But I think it a little for the beginning acquaintances, and I shall write more.
If you will be interested with any questions on me ask and do not hesitate.
I use the Internet to acquaint from the person from other country! I do not know to what will result our acquaintance on the Internet...
I simply want to find persons as a hobby which would understand me! I might not find love in Russia. But I hope for the best!
If you the serious loyal, kind and strong person I should be pleased to continue our correspondence . I shall tell about my city slightly! It is very old city! Because it is possible to tell about this city hours! Here it is a lot of sights, and also entertaining complexes.
If you want to find out about my city you may find out about Kazan in the Internet.
According to the official version basing last archeologic data, the city was based in 1005.
The first mention in Russian annals in 1177. Large city of Kazan became from second half of 13 centuries. I was never married earlier, I have no children, Nevertheless I am disturbed by it in Internet a lot of dangerous.
I have received news from my girlfriends, that it is a lot of girls furiously leave in your country and will carry out hold them furiously in slavery!
Therefore I shall be very cautious, I ask to forgive me if I have offended you. I only want to find correct persons.
As I understand, that between us there is a big distance, and we may not meet each other at once, therefore we should be with each other extremely frank.
So we may understand faster, that we want from each other. I work as the chief accountant in fund of pension for us in Kazan! I work at this work of 6 years.
It is possible to inform, I began to work there directly after the endings of studying at university!
I live one, I, mum with daddy has died. Daddy has died, two years back, both mum have died year and two months back because of problems with heart.
They have left to me an apartment in which I live in full loneliness.
I not spoiled and very serious girl. In my heart it - is a lot of kindness and tenderness which does not find to itself an output.
I like to prepare and love to hold the house clean. Parents from the childhood have learned me to independence.
At the description of me it is direct with several words, I d speak I am very real and natural.
Being false - not mine. I do not love envy and meanness.
Very painfully, when the person establishes you the ambassador your opening your soul to him, I am a patient girl, it is a little ecsentric, each day new, unique.
I like to be to keep in contact with interesting, strong persons. I search the correct person. He ripened and is independent, knows when to be serious and when to have an entertainment.
He may estimate attention of the woman, his care and like to the person.
He knows how to address from ladies and to love it.
I assume, whether I find this person, I shall fall in love.
On it I shall finish, to me it is necessary to go to do some work on the house.
I shall look forward to hearing from you. I hope to you, liked.
I shall apply a photo to this letter for you!
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