Scam letter(s) from Anna Ivanova to Noel (Ireland)

Letter 1
Good day noel!!!!I am very glad that you have answered my letter.I think that we'll not disappoint each other and we will enjoy our contact. I know about you something. And I'd like to tell you about myself.My name is Olga. I work as a barman in a local cafe in our town. Perhaps it is a strange situation in your city when a girl stands for rack ofthe bar, but this profession is very popular in our town. But this is not my real profession. I graduated from a college and I have a diploma inaccording with which my real profession is a teacher in elementary classes.I think that I will able to support any talk. I guess it will clear during our contact.I am so excited at the moment. I had been getting relations with men for a long time.But I couldn’t.It was like as with a gift.There was beautifuland miraculous cover, but there was stale gingerbread inside. I decided to begin with internal contents.Can You tell about your family? Do You have a hobby? Could You send me your photo?We have an internet class in our school now. It was opened at the beginning of September.And teacher of the informatics offered me to try to get the acquaintance by means of Internet.And I am packed with an optimism now.I think that is enough for this day and I have not so much time.Forgive me if I have answered not all your questions. Respectfully Yours Olga
Letter 2
Hello noel!!!!How are you doing? I hope everything is fine. My mom is sitting near by me and she is sending a regardfor you at the moment. She is a teacher too. Her name is Natali. She doesn’t know anything about a computerand so she came with me to look at how I talk with you. Frankly speaking I also don’t know a lot about it.My teacher of the informatics (Mikhail) helps and teaches me.We are two persons: man and woman. We came to this site to find out our own love. So, I think that it willbe right if we be honest with each other. As I have promised I’ll tellyou about what quality I would like to see in a man, who is very dear for me. I would like to be nearby steady person. The main is that this assurance must not overgrow to self-confidence. He must be gentile,and he should know how to surprise; he should be in measure hard, but more often kind. All his own irritationshe must leave outside when he transgresses the threshold of the home. Perhaps he should be patient and in measurejealous (I will not give him grounds for a jealousy). And, certainly, he should have a feeling of the humor.But these are not requirements but only desires.Dear noel… I would like to know your point of view about a religion (any religions). What do you think about this?Today I have have more time. So I am very glad. And I hope that you will have such much free time as mine to writeme back and to answer my letter. Have a nice day, Olga
Letter 3
Good morning noel !!!!!!! Perhaps it is not so good for you. I think that such person as you have bad mornings very seldom.The God watches over. :-)By the way about the God. As for me this is a very complex question. I was brought up in a religiousfamily with my mom, grandmother, dad (unfortunately I don’t remember him). All my natives are Christians.They tried to graft it to me from my childhood, but... I do not keep on the Christianity.In general I do not want (while) keep on the certain religion. I sincerely faith in god and I considerthat God is only one. I have hot disputes with my mom and grandmother on this subjects. I have a cross,I was baptized, but in shower... So I much interest in religion and so I asked you to tell me your opinionabout this. I know many aspects of different religions, but I do not like anything. At the same time somemoments look like as funny.I do not like alcohol, don’t smoke and I try to remain from many sins. Especially I can’t understandwhy believer people make the sins? They know that this is a sin, butthey deliberately commit it. Do you know noel?But I have raged, even this subject is very important for me.Well, I have to go. I have a lot of work today. Olga
Letter 4

Hello noel!!!I have found your e-mail address on one of sites of acquaintances.It seems to me that you awake are glad to dialogue with me.You very interesting man and I will be very glad to find out you better.We have a wonderful day! The sun shines so brightly and the sky is...clear, very clear... there are no clouds. But I like any type of weather, except only wet. I don’t like,when my legs get wet. But today... you should see this... The Soul sings... And I don’t want to thinkabout any sin. Let it will remain on the shame of each.And what time of the year do you like noel? I do not do the differences between seasons. I like the variety.Sometimes I want to lie in a herb at the flowering meadow. You lie and can see how the clouds sail inthe sky. And there are a lot of flowers around of you...and scent... and daydreams... Sometimes I wantto pass on autumn wood... this is like as the march in beautiful daydreams. Sometimes, it seems that aprince will come out from behind of a tree and he will approach to you and will embrace you. And you willalways go over this path, never parting... serene talking about something. And there will not be any problems,wars, work and chiefs.But I have dreamed. What are you doing? Can you tell me about your work in detail noel? A man devotes muchtime to work. Do you like your work? I have already covered you with my questions. :-)The last one: could you send me your photo? It will be very nice of you.Please send me the phone number I want to hear your voice, I want tocommunicate with you by phone, I do not have house of phone but if you will send me thephone number that I shall find a way to call.See you noel Your foreign friend, Olga :-)
Letter 5
Hi my nice noel! I am happy to see your e-mail. I’m glad to know that you support the idea to meet and also want to see me and to spend time with me. I think that we will be able to discuss our meeting and to set the time and the place for this in detail in our following messages. I want to say that it is a very glad for woman to know there is a man, who waits for her and wants to keep her in his own hands. Such thoughts influence upon opinions of the woman and her behavior.So thank you noel. You gave to me such feelings. I was in a bank with Natasha today. We met her friend there. He has said me that I must write the statement on a receiving the money. And then the bank will consider my request and will decide it is possible to give me the money or not. But he also said that it will not cause me any problems and that he will help me. I was asked in the bank what amount I need. So I applied to the agency to know, how much tickets will cost. An agent said that prices changes very often. And probably tickets will cost from 900 till 1600 dollars. In the bank I filled the statement for receiving of 38000 roubles. This is approximately 1420 dollars. Now I must wait for several days. I was asked in the agency where I am going to fly. So I need know the nearest to you international airport, and in which you will be able to meet me. I hope that you will write me all information. Maybe you decided when and where you are going to meet me. So could you tell me? Dear, I have a lot of ideas how we will be able to spend our time together. Also I will prepare for you several surprises and I think that you will like it. I‘ll report you noel.about some my plans in the next message. You must know when you will be in my hands. :-) Now I have to finish my letter. I will wait for your messages. My gentile kisses! Yours Olga.
Letter 6
Hi, my sweet noel!!!!!
I’m very happy to talk with you again! Dear, I have good news for you!
I have visited a tourist agency today! The Visa is made! So I’ll get a visa!:-)
I must get a visa in Moscow. There is no the embassy of your country IN City.
And I have to go to Moscow to get a visa before arrival to You, my sweet!!
I was said in the agency that they will prepare my tickets during the next day.
Tomorrow I will go to the agency to know about my tickets. Everything turns up very quickly and well for me. The Fate helps me to be near with you:-)
I’m very glad that our preparations have begun and we will be together in a small time! Write me, Sweet, your thoughts,
I wait your messages, kiss you!!! Yours Olga.
Letter 7
Hello, my sweet noel!!! I have some not good news. Since morning I have been having an excellent and merry mood.
But my mood has become bad after I visited the bank. Today I have come to the bank to take the loan.
But I was said that they couldn’t give me it. I was shocked! I entrusted my girlfriend’s friend who promised to help me with a reception of the loan. I asked him what’s happened, and he answered only that he did not know exactly. He was not said. Probably they are afraid to give me money because my salary is so small and so I will not be able to return money.
People often take the money in our banks in our country and then some of them can not return money.
And it is most likely that they are afraid of that such situation will happen with me.
I have only 200 dollars. But I don’t know where I will take else 1150 USD.
I must pay the money in the agency. But I don’t have this money!!!
I hoped that bank would help me but… I feel much inconvenience when I tell you about my problem.
BUT I did everything what I could. I paid for the visa. I spent much time and nerve when I made the visa. But this money is not enough. I did not want you to have any expenses.
I thought that I would arrive to you for my own money, but unfortunately I couldn’t.
Now I have to pay for the remaining portion of the amount in the agency. This is 1350 dollars.
I much shame on you that I tell you about it. But I do not know what I can do in this situation.
I don’t know where I can take such big money. I have the last hope - this is You. Please, help me with money for tickets. I understand that this is a difficult decision for You, but I think we should trust each other.
Of course if You do not want, You may not help me. I will loss my money.
I will not be able to arrive to You. THIS IS ALSO NOT GOOD. I paid 465 dollars for a making the visa.
This is a great money for me, but MONEY IS NOT THE MAIN THING IN A LIFE.
I trust You, and I know that YOU are a MAN of HONOR, and YOU are a GENTLEMAN.
If You can help me, I ask you, please, help me!!! noel, please forgive me for all my words. I speak so because I am in a despair.
I am afraid of now when only one step separates us. I am afraid that You will not help me, and all my efforts will be senseless. I need You, and I want to be with You , I need your help.
I estimated my power badly.
And together we are stronger. I think that we will get through difficulties and barriers together, and it will be easier for us if we are together. I understand that this is big money for You.
I did not want to ask You. I thought that I could do all by myself. I asked the help very seldom.
But now I ask help from you. I have done the step forward. I think you’ll do a step forward too.
I hope that I have not insulted You by something. I need You, and I trust You.
I know that You will not leave me alone now when there is only the last step.
I wait for your answer. Kiss You Yours Olga
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