Letter(s) from Anita Amponsah to Bennie (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hello Thanks for viewing my profile.. So tell me how are you doing.. I will like us to know each other better... But i will want you to mail me to my private so that we can know each other better.... sweetyangel001 ( Here is my mail.. I will be expecting your message soon... Have a nice evening and stay bless sweety
Letter 2
Dear Bennie, Thanks so much for an Interesting e-mail.... I appreciate your view at my profile and I appreciate your concern by mailing me and wanting to know me more. I like your e-mail and I understand some certain things about you.. even though I didn't read much in your profile. The truth you said in your previous mail sounds genius and understand and I want a Loyal man.... I need someone very kind and honest , someone that doesn't get shy and that can be able to show me happiness and confidence. I like the fact that you could be so strong to tell me about your past and also be strong to tell me you're single now. I like you and I like your past, we secure our today for a better tomorrow, I'm happy to hear from you that you drop down all the bad things that you might have gotten yourself involved into and also focusing for a better Life.. Life is so precious than the pleasures of today that wouldn't let us live Long. But with good health , we will live longer even as much as we want without the bad things. Your children? thats such a nice thing. Maturity is something I alwayz seek for, i'm looking for a man older enough to show me Love and passion. every one has choices, but mine based on a matured man. I miht be young by age, I want you to know that I am a very smart and wise lady , I am very confident I am hard working and I 'm a very beautiful lady that doesn;t do bad things. I am a good christian and I want a christian husband, I have brother and my mum. I live together with a room mate and while I work at the restaurants. I went to school in Sweden, Chalmers University of Technologies- I was living in Sweden, but had to come back to Africa Ghana where I came to meet my family since I graduated from the school. I'm a mixed African race- my father is a Danish, but past away some years back. I have a good mother and a good brother, we are lovely and friendly. But i'm willing to create my own family, thats why i'm looking for a soul-mate. Bennie, are you willing to have children again? hope you will be serious with me, so we can have a lot of confidencial communications and also to be sincere with one another. Bennie, you can ask me more questions and tell me what you think about the distance. I still like you, send me pictures... My real name is Constant Johnson !
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