Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Holodar to Barry (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello,Barry! How are you?
Thank you for your wish to reply my letter.I was happy to get your letter.Thank you for introducing yourself.And now I think it's my time to introduse myself.
My surname is Holodar.I have 172 sm height and my weight is 62kg.My eyes are grey and green.I'm blond.I was born on the 29th of April in 1978.So,i'm 29 years old.I've been married,but now I'm devorced For 5 years.I was married during 6 years but i wasn't happy with my husband.I have a daughter.Her name is Diana.I love her very much.
I speak English rather well.But my native language is Russian dispite the fact I was born in Ukraine.
The second part of my description- are my personal qualities.I'm serious,honest,communicative,clever,tender,optimist,attentive and calm.
But sometimes I can be rather impulsive and impressed.
Soon I will finish Lugansk Pedagogical University.I'm a coach.I'm a candidate to the master of the sport in table tennis.I play tennise since I was 9 years old.Now it is my hobby and my work at the same time.
I'm searching for a kind clever,tender and careful man,who'll love me and my daughter.I want my future family to be strong,friendly.I want a sincere relations.I hate lie and cunning.
So,this is the basic information about me.
And I'd like to ask you some questions to learn you better. How long have you been married?
What is the date of your devorse?
What qualities do you value in person and first of all in women?
What is the most important for you in relationships?
Do you correspond with other women?
Will you be able to visit me in Lugansk one day?
Please,be honest with me and I'll be honest with you.
you may call me on +3 8 0642 530 755.And I'd like to tell you I live in Lugansk,not in Kiev.In my profile it is written kiev as I lived there for some time when I had competitions there,but then i returned to my home city Lugansk.Will you be able to visit me soon in Lugansk?If you'd like to send me adress is:Ukraine,Lugansk city,Kozubinskogo street 19a/58. If you have any questions,please feel free to ask me what ever you want,I'll answer them with a great pleasure.
Have a nice day and take care of yourself.
I am waiting for your letter! Olga
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