Letter(s) from Elizaveta Mihaylova to Mark (UK)

Letter 1

Dear friend!

i want so to begin this letter as though we we continue the interrupted conversation. As if we are old friends but not so those who we is: people at all not knowing, until recently names each other and casually met on the Internet.
" what You will tell to me today Mark? " - I think including a computer and I wait while it will join.... Then I any more do not hear anything even noise of streets, only heartbeat: I have received the letter from You...........!
In the morning when I have woken up, a beam of the sun dawn up me. And I have asked myself: whether " there can be I happy, have full a life with the favourite person and to enjoy all that the GOD have created for people? " The answer - YES, CERTAINLY! And I have written You....
I looked many profile on a site of acquaintances, but to me you has most of all attracted profile.
my name's Elizaveta! The life has learned me to concern to other people with tolerance and understanding, and I hope to receive it in the answer. The main thing for me is a mutual understanding and trust. In relations between people I appreciate honesty, sincerity. In fact as it is pleasant to communicate with the close person to receive heat him hearts and to give him the....
I am sure that you felt it, whether so Mark? Now I do not have not enough it....
The friendship for me is a full confidence of the friend, it relations, bringing pleasure not only me, but also taking place beside me to the person.
I from Russia also live in the city of Lipetsk, it is located approximately 300 miles to the south from Moscow. In Lipetsk lives approximately 620 thousand inhabitants. My city though and not the most beautiful, but nevertheless is beautiful places here. We have beautiful city park with its variety of flora, the river "Voronezh" where we frequently are in the summer and we receive sunburn. When I was the student of university we frequently left to the river with tent. Fishing, a shish kebab on a fire, songs under a guitar - unless it is not fine? YOU like to spend time further from city alone with the nature?
I believe and is convinced, that a meeting sympathetic, sensual and kind the man which will be the good satellite of my life. I have lived 31 years and for this time have well understood, that the life is high-grade and fine, when near there is a favourite person. The the man is more senior, the he is cleverer and is wise, he can deeply feel the nice woman, it is better to hear her a velvet bewitching voice to see as far as strong and true her feeling to him...
I was never married and I have no children, to me 31 full years and I feel, that I am ready to creation of family.
YOU have children?
Tell to me about itself: you are interesting to me, and it would be desirable more to find out you. Ooooops...! I have already set to YOU too many questions, excuse. Understand Mark, now I am in authority of my emotions as to me pleasantly that YOU have paid attention to me - the simple woman....
I want that we with you have as much as possible found out about each other...
Mark, you can ask in a consequence to me any questions in reply to it I shall try to answer always them extremely precisely and fairly.
I use the Internet - cafe because I have no the computer. Mark, I shall try to write to you every day and to tell to you about myself as much as possible.

I every day shall wait for letters from your you and it will be pleasant for me even if they will be short...

I wish you pleasant day and night!


P.S. Who has told, what the happiness is is inaccessible to us?.... Who has told, what is necessary to wait for something?... In fact our destiny... Though who that has given us it... But we have received and we have it:) And.... it is in our hands.... And even this minute there is a person who waits for you! Remember it Mark!:-)

Letter 2

Hi my friend Mark!!
how are you doing?
i waited to receive from You the letter. To me to become very interestingly to correspond with You and very much it would would be desirable that each our e-mail supported our friendship.
Mark I want to tell to you in this letter on the life. I do not know as you will present my life, but it was not absolutely usual in early years.
I was born in June, 5, 1976. To me have told that I was born in the city of Lipetsk where I live about the present minute and even second. I remember well myself from 5 years of the life. I have grown in children's home, there we were brought up by tutors and I very much much am obliged to much him. i oaycaia all as I have no Parents and close people. In Administration of children's home managers assert that my parents were not from this city and they have simply lost me in crowd of people, I do not believe in it certainly and searched for my parents till now but to find out this very important question I and could not till now.
Such destinies can be met...
I hope that I not so have frightened YOU of the childhood?? LOL!
I very well went to school and when to me 16 years the manager of the House of orphans were not rare praised me and spoke that will help me arrive in good university and I dreamed of it! And the representative of one firm - the sponsor has arrived to ours children's home and has arranged competition for selection of the future employee of firm, and I have won this competition!!! The firm rendered the sponsor's help for my receipt in university. I was very happy!!!!!
Mark you represent pleasure of that girl??
And in one year in the 17 years I arrived in University on faculty Accounting and Audit. I liked foreign languages: English and German. I am able to write and read in English, but in English I do it better than in German.
Now I by a trade accountant. After study I worked in that firm which sponsored my study at University, I worked there accountant in the Department of the Salary and the Staff. I have worked 3 years, but this firm has gone bankrupt also last time I work in other firm " Agrosistema ". This firm is engaged in development of technology of automation of workplaces and productions in an agriculture and the industry. This firm also has helped me to be arranged to live in a hostel where I live now.
My Growth is equal to 170 centimeters, my weight of 58 kg. A breast of 92 sm, the Waist of 67 sm, Hips 101. Color of eyes blue with a greenish shade, hair darkly brown. Recently I have finished rates on the Driving licence and now I can operate the Automobile, but I have no it...
YOU like automobiles?
I know that many men the automobile more than the woman... LOL!
At leisure I do the pedestrian walks, I like to go by a bicycle, I like the wild nature, I love pets, my weakness are horses! I love many pets of cats of dogs, but I have no them.
Tell more about You and Your to family. What at you relations? You use alcohol?
YOU would like if your daughter will live with mum?
Well my friend to me is time to leave from the Internet of cafe to me tomorrow necessary on to come earlier for work.
With impatience I wait the answer from You.

Your friend Eliz..
P.S. Send me photo.

Letter 3

Greetings Mark!
how are you??
How has passed your day?
I am very glad that you test pleasant feelings during that moment when read my letters my angel!!
I as well as you test pleasant feelings during that moment when I read your letters!!!
It is very pleasant for me that we are similar each other mutually!!
I think that it is really big sign!!!
My friend it is very pleasant for me to speak you about it..
I think that we with you really happy people!!
And it is very pleasant for me that you think of that that we can be together!!!
I think that it quite really.
Yesterday I have come home and have engaged in a leather of mine face. it that day was when I apply pilling. If not to do this that humidifying and nutritious creams with which I use will be inefficient.
After a supper I took a bath have added in water the spoon of honey that the leather was smooth (that I was sweet when you will try me... lol!).
In the evening to me neigbour Marga has gone and has shown a suit which her has bought her the man. I have paid attention to original, double half-glasses of a jacket and sleeves flared to a bottom with cuffs. They create sensations variety they repeat idea of two subjects of clothes dressed on one on another. I as liked an original skirt pleated with panels different are long also a wide belt with large metal pendant.
I was very much pleased for Marga have praised her a suit and have promised to myself that the purchase same when to me will raise the salary.
In 11 p.m. I have gone to bed, I try to sleep 8 hours as at night the person the body and hair especially well perceive a night cream as the optimum period for restoration of cells of a leather from 11 p.. m. up to 2 a.m.
I also try to be on fresh air during free time from work!
Stay on fresh air very well influence a leather face and also on health of all body..
I very much am glad when it is possible to go on nature and to inhale pure and fresh air to feel like a part of this world and completely to be pleased to that that a life is fine!!
Once we have arrived with classmates to a deep wood, far away from city vanity!!
There was a summer the middle of August...
The wood has been dressed in very beautiful and gentle green foliage!!
Birches have captivated a look of the is black - white beauty and grandeur, cheerfully and fervently sang birds..
On soul it was very pleasant and it is warm...
We have settled down on coast of the silent narrow and quiet river..
We have made tents, making a dinner and have gone on the river catch by means of fishing-rod bream.
One guy (Roman) has suggested to arrange competition on fishing.
We have agreed.
The condition consist in that who will catch fishes within one hour that more will be king of evening, that all others will grant those desires which king will express.
We have thrown fishing tackles and began to wait.
All guys showered fishing tackles far away from coast and on pure water, and I showered closer to coast and under a bush of a cane which sticked out of water.
The first has caught bream Sveta.
Then Roma.
There has then come some calm and a fish was not caught at anybody.
Approximately in 20 minutes float drown and I have pulled out mine bream.
The fish weighed approximately 1.5 pounds.
Then one more and one more....
In result through one hour I had a bucket full bream!!
I have won this competition...
In the evening I thought of desires which carried out the others.
It was very interesting and cheerful!!
Stay on nature has given me energy for many days and has very much strengthened my system of immunity!!
How you strengthen the physical and sincere health?
My honey in a hostel is not present phone because this building old.
This building will destroy and build on this place shopping center!!
But I transfer you the address: Russia, the city of Lipetsk, Voroshilov's street, the house 4 a room 28. The postal index 398013. Elizaveta Mihaylova.
I hope that my letter has warmed your soul a little..
With impatience I shall wait your answer Mark!!!

Yours Eliz

Letter 4

Greetings, Mark!
I sincerely am glad to any news from you, yes - yes, ANY NEWS FROM YOU Mark!!
I miss your messages if for any reason I in the evening I receive nothing from you.
How are you doing Mark?
I'm right!
But sometimes I would like to forget all views on life, to get acquainted with any lovely kind "man - purse", to surprise him with the a breast and smooth transition of a waist in hips... Also it is possible to take off though for Egypt, though to Greece, though where...
But I can not!
views on life prevent me!
For me the loftily - pure friendship with you is very important!!!
I do not want to lose you......!
We with girlfriend Rita walked in park and saw a little squirrel, very much it is pleasant to me as they communicate with each other. They than that are similar to people as care about each other, flirt.......!
Now autumn in the street, it is fine... But I love spring!
YOU love spring?
It was for a long time in the spring when I have sustained final expert appraisals at school: Everywhere there were smells of fine spring colors, girls and boys are festively dressed.
Teachers wished us successes in the future adult life. There was such feeling that all life only begins, that still fine and interesting ahead...
It was the happiest moment of my life.
Now I have met you and this feeling in me has again appeared!!!
What in you was the happiest moment of a life?
Tell, please Mark.
My honey a building of a hostel should destroy in the beginning of spring.
Before it will take place people which lived in this hostel will move to other building.
I shall live there.
And there can be circumstances will such that I not shall require a hostel (smile).
There can such be my angel?
This even can be promoted by that that you already are divorce officially (smile)
I thought earlier concerning that that the distance can play a role in that that relations between the man and the woman can not develop and stand on one place...
I have seen that many people find each other in different doomsday, incorporate and live happily. I so believe in your mind that I hope that you will not deny it.
You really wise and skilled person, this wisdom and experience enables you to understand that Jesus Christ Messija - our unique priest and the Chapter of the Body of elite, Churches.
And it is Jesus Christ whom the Messiah has made so, I have met you and perhaps our meeting will be fatal!?!
Can be there will come that moment and we shall understand that are intended the friend for the friend by the God. For the God there are no borders between the states and therefore I completely listen His to a voice, and easy I really change in a life - an impulse to you to England and I become yours darling!!
But on all this time is necessary. Let time will check up on durability of feeling which can arise between us..
You agree with me Mark?

Yours Eliz.

Letter 5

Lovely Mark!

I hope that soon you will approach to the computer and will look in its the indifferent screen, raking useless letters in hope, that among them there is a letter from me...
Having seen this letter you will self-satisfiedly smile, will easy sigh and can be even will wink at someone on pleasures, confident own irresistibility:)
It certainly my conjectures though would be desirable to trust that they quite correspond to a reality and consequently I have decided to write to you the letter.
I want to tell to you something warm, gentle, to warm you, your soul my heat goods and tenderness.
I want that for you it became pleasant, good, joyful.
Right now I would like to pass barefoot on warm sea sand to hold your hand...
It would be pleasant, how you think Mark?
I drink coffee in the morning and it already my habit. Today has treated the neighbour's boy with chocolate in the morning when I drink coffee before work I and he at once started to smile and with pleasure has gone to a kindergarten.
You love children?
Let's talk about a life my sweet.
How you think, it only a reality that that we see a life touch we eat or we sleep??
I think that the life is when we experience sensations of pleasure, delight, excitement, happiness.
For the sake of it it is necessary to live! In fact it so is fine to enjoy positive emotions when there is an idea on the favourite person or simply sitting in the evening at a fire!
I would like that at you all was good that you tested pleasant feelings communicating with me that you optimistically looked ahead...
The life is fine my dear Mark!
When I was the little girl we joyfully bathed in the river lapped and pleased.
We lived only emotions.
Certainly the reason is necessary for us and still we require feelings as in fact the happiness without feelings does not happen.
I want be near to you my sweet to sit down near you and silently to look trying to make out yours features and to observe as your person a sight vary after perusal of my words.
I would like that you have felt have heard my words have felt them warmly and have felt it...
And let it will be always warm with you!
What do you feel now lovely Mark?
I want that now we appeared together with you, you and I.
Reading these lines, you involuntarily think of me.
It would be desirable to trust that now you think only of me.
I smile to you my sweet and gently I embrace you.
It pleasantly honey?
Mark overlook about the past be not anxious about the future.
Live hereby, live these instants.
My honey I shall be happy arrive to you at the end of December.
I have the passport for travel abroad.
I shall visit travel agency on Monday and to learn as I can arrive to you my honey!!
ONLY you please name the airport in which you will meet me my angel!!!
Also be happy, the man!

Yours Eliz.

Letter 6

My most dear man Mark!
For me so it is good and it is warm on my soul while I communicate with you.............!
Therefore today I descended in a tour agency and have learned that is necessary for our meeting. The manager of a tour agency all is detailed
Has explained to me and I have well understood him. He have told to me that for our meeting it is necessary to issue the visa and the complete set of documents
For departure England.
Term of registration of the visa and the complete set of documents makes 4 weeks, it will cost 390 USD (it includes consular
Gathering and gathering of a tour agency for the help in official registration of papers).
I shall receive Tourist visa which is given for stay 6 - 12 months!! On the basis of this visa I staying in
England I can prolong my stay. For this purpose I can ask the new visa for two weeks before
The current visa expires. To me will give the new visa.
After we shall pay the visa and we shall start to make out it shall buy the ticket which price makes 491 dollar up to Heathrow.
To buy the ticket it is possible even after we shall begin process of registration of the visa.
The most important now for us is to begin process of registration of the visa in fact this process 4 weeks (it so for a long time last: (!)
And I so would like to see you in the person already now!!!
Therefore to not waste time the most important now for us to begin process of registration of the visa and in 3 weeks we already we shall be
All this that is necessary for our meeting!
But I nevertheless do not know as me to make it in fact I have such small salary... It suffices me only for a feed and sometimes to buy a few clothes...
If I shall save from my salary that to me than 2 years is required more that I could pay the visa and the ticket...
Therefore now our happiness depends at you my sweet Mark!!!
I even cannot present as a lot of heat and cares we can give each other at our meeting.....!!
I want to see YOU in the person, to touch you, for a long time for a long time to speak with you...
In fact we so should discuss much!
I wait your resolute actions soon!!
My dear Mark I shall stop the letter and with impatience to wait the answer from you.
For all that time which we communicate you became me very much close the man.
I very much want our meeting!!!!!
I give you all my sincere heat!
kiss you
Yours Eliz......

Letter 7

Greetings Mark!!!!
I do low bow for your kindness and care of our love...
The visa I should make out my honey in Russia.
If I shall visit British Airways desk at Moscow Airport without presence of the visa that me simply will not let out from the country!!
To me it becomes warm and cosy from that that you want to relieve me of cares and to buy the ticket. I see, that the god of me has heard and has connected to the most close and kind person. I am convinced now that the god has resolved to us our union, From such care of tears of emotion have acted at me on eyes. Thanks, dear Mark, for it. I am glad that the Tour agency where I shall make out the visa does a full package deal:
Employees of agency make out the visa and give me the ticket bought by them.
It relieves you, dear Mark, and me from additional care. Travel agency I make out the visa in a complex with sale of the air ticket therefore should buy the ticket in this travel agency. As it is good that the agency gets the ticket!!! If I got the ticket not in agency, process of reception of the visa would be prolonged till 8 weeks, the percent of reception of the visa could decrease. And for this purpose there would be a necessity to go in consulate UK to Moscow.
Nevertheless it is good that in our country businessmen of convenience to simple people create!!! I can legalize all papers and get the ticket here!!!
I so worry before our meeting!!!!! For me it is the new experience, a new life, I know that the god with me, you always will be near and it does me confident, quiet, it will help me enter quickly and effectively the new country in in your house and in your big family.
We shall be pleased lives, the god has created us the friend for the friend. I with shall sit in an armchair, to tell to you about Russia, to drink coffee and to enjoy happiness which the destiny has presented us with you!!!
I know, that YOU that person whom I waited all life and it has come to pass.
God you Mark to pick in Jesus name!!!!

With love Eliz

Letter 8

Greetings my friend Mark!
How are you doing?
When I began to communicate with you that my mood have a little changed. I smile more, began quieter and self-assured. When I look that it at a grass more green seems to me, birds sing the most beautiful melodies...
It occurs because you Mark have appeared in my life - the person to which I can open my desires.
I become more cheerful from that that in the evening after work I sit for the monitor of a computer to see your words and to feel that occurs in your life.
You have not answered me the letter, can i to ask you why???
When I tell to you about that that there is in my life I feel that you understand me and it helps me to live.
Yes, I see that the life gradually finds pleasure.
With impatience I wait the answer from you Mark.

Your friend Eliz

Letter 9

At last I was released from whirlpool of daily cares.
My honey when I have read your letter I did not begin to answer it.
I have visited travel agency and have asked the manager: whether I can order the visa separately from the ticket!!
The manager has told what yes is probably.
My boy I am happy!!!
With this happiness in a breast I have visited again it is the Internet - cafe and I write to you the answer my angel!!!
My kitten of thanks for details of flight which you have transferred me!!
I am very glad that we can to choose from these details that flight which to us with you is convenient!!!!!
I am very glad that you will to get the ticket.
BUT the ticket should be got when I shall have the visa on hands. Truly my honey?!!!
My honey: when I shall have an opportunity to go in agency and to pay cost of the visa?!
My honey it is very quiet and good me during that moment when I write to you the letter....
In Internet - cafe it is dark and silent, beautiful and slow music silently sounds, the snow silently is located on a window sill... I overlook about everything and I write to you the letter...
You love snow Mark?
Now my ideas only about you Mark all that surrounds me only approaches me to you. And I have such feeling that you are absolutely beside, it seems to me that you hear me...
How you today my dear the man? How your affairs?
To me to become easily to live realizing that somewhere there far you you sit and you speak to me about the everyday lives and ideas. And I can tell to you ALL that occurs in my life.
I like your feelings, your heat which your heart gives me...
I want to give a gift for you that it always was with you and pleased you that it reminded you of me...
I want to see you in person Mark..
It would be fine that till the moment of our meeting we began to think and feel as a single whole and then to enjoy this soft white and fluffy feeling.......
Last night I for a long time stood on quay of the river "Voronezh". I was quiet, soft, my ideas slowly went in my lucid mind...
You know Mark it there was a pleasant feeling!
I have closed eyes, and it seemed to me, that you are beside that I embrace you I see reflection of red waves...
I speak now to you it sincerely I share my impressions.
I looked at the red sun which went down on the West. The beautiful decline spoke me that it goes to you to bring to you new day. I looked afar, following to the leaving sun. Also knew, that after a while you can see it. I wanted to tell to this sun: " send the regards Mark from me! to kiss him from me by the red, gentle beams of a decline "...
nice Mark! Let's wait and hope!
no matter where you... when it is difficult for you when you are raised early in the morning when you go on transport when you miss when you come back home when you lie down to sleep one, know, that I alongside.
I with you!
I always with you!..
My kitten transfer me please a phone number that I had an opportunity to name you from telegraph!!!
I very much want to hear your voice!!!
It will be paradise for me!!!
The big grace of the GOD to be on you Mark always!!!

Your Eliz.

Letter 10

Greetings, Mark!
News 1.
Yesterday went on excursion on Lipetsk. The remarkable woman of old age was our guide, but her excursion activity is extremely contra-indicated. She lisps and still she had a cold as a bonus.
In general, she whispered to itself in a stuffy nose any untranslatable word-play all time. 39 tourists - visitors of our city and I sat in the bus. Visitors of our city have quite reasonably suggested that I shall translate ours the guide.

Mark! It is surprising, to the shame, I could comment distinctly only on one place. All other excursion I got off phrases such as " Look to the right, there it is beautiful... " lol!! But I was rescued with my sense of humour. We pass the street Stalevarnaja, following - Outstanding.
You will not believe, but all tourists have remained are pleased!
The guide has remained it is pleased especially and has told to me:
- YOU do not represent as YOU have helped me!!
Probably in language of guides it meant thanks. lol!

In general, we went for a drive till the evening. Tourists did not want to release me even have suggested to go in hotel to drink vodka. Xa! But when I have told, that I do not drink vodka!!
They have not believed all over again...
Then they have strained, then have suspiciously - fastidiously released pass. It was not pleasant to them that I do not drink vodka.
I have gone home.
When I have left the bus, I have seen a phrase on 39 persons: " - All the same strange people, inhabitants of Lipetsk... "
And the city slept and did not know, that tomorrow 39 tourists will part in the houses and with ecstasy will tell that inhabitants of Lipetsk - do not drink vodka...
In this excursion I have found out new about my city.
You love find out something new?
When it was last time?
On work my director has told " all comes true ". She has told this phrase to my colleague when at her it was impossible to make the report.
I have understood that what the spark has run that for me and my life became much more colourful and finer...!!!!!
Now I sit and I write to you the letter.
how are you?? sweety...
What is in your life?
My honey cost of the visa in our travel agency makes 390 American dollars!!
You can transfer it in pounds sterling.
My kitten I think not have superfluous problems you can to transfer it to me and I shall pay cost of the visa.
I wait the letter from you Mark

Greetings nice!