Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Lisenook to Tom (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend!!! Hm... Where to start? It is always so hard to begin first. I don't know what you are interested in, so I will try to tell you just what will be on my mind. I hope that we will have a lot of time to answer all our questions and to know interests. Frankly speaking, I don't like long relationship through the Internet, but we have to start with something... Right? So, it is time to become acquainted. My name is Jane, and I live in very picturesque place in Ukraine, in Slovyanoserbsk. It is Western part of the country, and it is very famous for factories and different productions. I am 29 years old. I still live with my parents, but it is not because I afraid to stay self-confident, but because I don't want to stay alone... May be when I will find my soulmate, I will leave my parents' home, and I will be happy with my ****. You know, every person is like an angel, who have only one wing... so these angels can fly to the heavens and be happy only if two of them hold each other very tight... May be you are my angel? Write me back, and we'll see :) I hope you'll write me soon, and you'll show me how wonderful this world can be... Remember, every good friend was once a stranger.... and a good friend will be the best gift that you can give to yourself. Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go. If you want to see how far we can go together, just write me on Hope to hear from you soon,
Your new friend from, Jane.
Letter 2
Hello my dear John Thank you a lot for your letter. I'm always very happy when you write me, my dear. A smile usually appears on my face when I see your letter. I'm dreaming about the time we are together and we'll be able to live together with you, to share every moment. To look out the window together and enjoy the beauty of the white snowing or bright sunshine. I'm thinking of how we'll spend long evenings with you. Near the fireplace. We'll drink something and just chat about nothing. Then we'll have some intimate moments with you, I hope. I'm so lonely here, my dear. I want to be with you very soon for so much. It's very important for me. It's a pity that I am not with you now. Would you like for us to travel? It would be great if you could give me this great world :) I think that it's one of the most interesting things to travel. I like to see different places, to meet different people. I have never been to another country, but I've been to several other cities in my country. And it always was very exciting and unusual. Every new place seems to be so romantic and magnificent so you begin to feel unusual and you have some changes inside. But if you were beside me this places would seem to me more beautiful. You know, our today's weather is not very good. The sky is very grey and it seams to me that it'll be raining soon. Anyway today I'm very happy cause of your letter. It made my day. I am waiting for your next letter with impatience. Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care. Thinking of you,
Letter 3
Hi! Could you prove first that you are not playing with me!!! Dear, it is so sad that you don't believe me. I knew that you are as all the other men in the Internet... You just want to play game with a ladies, but nothing serious... I was trying to test you, and you told me that I am a scam... So, that means that you don't interested in me as a lady, you were just playing... and looking for the reason to stop a game... And now you have found the reason! It is up to you to think whatever you want, but I will look for some other man who is genuine... As for the reason why I am in the scam list, well, I can explain... There are a lot of not genuine men in the Internet, as well, as women. So, one man just wrote me: hi! Got my answer, and put me to the black list, why??? I don't know... It is some kind of fashion to put the girl to the black list. You think that you are supermen when you make something bad for the girl... But it should be wise versa! You have to be proud of your good actings, by making a lady happy, but not making something bad, and making her unhappy... Moreover, when one man mat a girl in the Internet, and once he saw that she is in a scam list, he will do the same for sure, he will put her to the black list too, even if she didn't do anything making him to do that! So, honey, I thought that you are genuine, and you are just one of those who like just to play!!!
I wish you good luck!
Your Jane
Letter 4

-------------------------- Dear Mr. John We have to inform you that lady Jane you were corresponding with was the client of our firm and she used our services - Internet access, translation of your correspondence (as she doesn't know English), printing/typing the letters. At the moment she can't reply your letter, because of some financial difficulties in her family she can't pay for our service. If you are interested in the quick continuation of your correspondence and becoming our client by yourself, we can send you all the needed information about our firm with all the necessary details. We are opened for future cooperation. -------------------------- Yours Faithfully,
translation department
of "New Age Corporation"
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