Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vershinina to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
I never thought to live abroad! At me there is not present any familiar except for you! If I shall really grow fond of the person that I agree to live with him anywhere!The main thing that we always were together!!But to go to live abroad it is necessary to find out very well all over again each other! I shall not go to live abroad to the stranger! Therefore about it still early to speak!
Letter 2
I have made the questionnaire on a site of acquaintances to get acquainted with the man!!!I want find the man to which I can to open the heart! I search for the love!!I want to have happy family, and it is possible children!
Letter 3
Tonight I have told about you to the mum!!!I have told to mum that have got acquainted with you through the Internet.My mum is afraid for me. She speaks, very dangerous to get acquainted with people from other country, especially to meet, but I have told her, that you very good person and cannot make to me angrily:))With you I feel woman again, you my closest person. My mum trusted me and wished me of good luck.I think, that our acquaintance has already brought to us great pleasure.I very much want to continue it.
Letter 4

I want to tell to you about the hobbies!In our country all people listen to foreign music, Have you ever heard a song of Beatles-yesterday? It is a beautiful song and Ilike it very much, may beyou heard songRighteous brothers-Unchained melody, it is a very beautiful song!I also like to go to the cinema, of course in our country there are many foreign films!Most of all I like films about love but I also like to look adventures!Did You watch film Titanic, it is a very beautiful film about love! If you have not looked this film, I advice you to watch it!And I liked film " Harry Potter ", it is interesting film! Still I many time looked film "Titanic"!! I very much like this film!!When I look this film I always I pay!! You looked these films?? I like the nature very much and I try to breathe more fresh air,I like to spend free time near the water, I like to bathe.
Letter 5
Today I re-read ours with you the letter!!It seems to me that I know you very much for a long time!! I read your letters and I present your voice! Your voice seems to me very lovely!!I ask that you have written to me correctly phone number with a code of the country!!I want to be I shall be sure what to call on correct number!Please write to me the phone number!I shall call you as soon as I can or you can call me!My phone number 5-53-29!! Only I do not know as you should collect these figures! On mine you should collect a code of Russia + a code of my settlement + a phone number!Code of my settlement 236! But I do not know a code of Russia! If you find out a code of Russia that can call me!You should collect a code of Russia + 236 + 5-53-29!I do not know I can accept a bell from other country! I never called in other countries! Therefore I do not know you can call me whether or not! But I shall hope!I shall look forward to hearing!!
Letter 6
Hello my love!!!I have woken up and at once have decided to read your letter!!!Today I dreamt!It seemed to me that I am in your house! I do not know as there appeared!You showed me the house! You held me for a hand and we with you went on your house! You showed me rooms!And here we have reached a children's room! And suddenly I have noticed that at me the stomach has appeared!I have touched myself for a stomach! I very much was surprised! I was the pregnant woman!! At me already big stomach was!You imagine what dream to me have dreamed? After that I at once have woken up! All was so similar on a reality!When I have woken up I felt heat of your hands on my palms!! At me even tears have appeared on eyes!!I do not know that means this dream!!How you think??Now I should go for work! I shall write to you from work!I love you! With love yours Tatyana!!!!
Letter 7
my love!!! I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait, when I can tell to you HELLO MY LOVE - personally. My day was very intense and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract. According to the contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel.My agent needs some information on you! Inform me dear, the post address both the true name and a surname! Today I paid in him the first part of money for the visa and other documents to travel.It was in some times more, than I thought. I did not plan that is necessary so many money to receive all documents and to go to you! It appears on all documents to me it is necessary approximately 400 $. Cost of the passport, the medical insurance and other documents here enters!The passport for travel abroad costs 150 $, the medical insurance 97 $, the visa 110 $, photos on the passport and the visa 50 $! dear, to me your help for payment of other part of cost of travel will be required.Today I have paid 100 $! I now had very few money, I also took some money from my parents and friends.Other sum I should pay under the contract before taking away the visa. My visa will be ready approximately in 1,5-2 weeks! It means that in 1,5-2 weeks we with you shall meet!In 1,5-2 weeks I should pay the rest of money! Me does not suffice 350-400 $!Whether please inform me you can send me 350-400 $?? Unfortunately I any more do not know where to find money!I informed you all news about promotion of our meeting and now I go to have a rest!I was upset because of such sum! I very much hope that you can help me! I any more do not know at whom to ask the help!I am very tired today. I hope, that I can soon embrace you! I wait for your messages my lovedMy kisses and embraces! Tatyana!!!!
Letter 8
Tonight I talked to parents about ours with you of the relation!!Mum has asked as us with you relations! Even my father has become interested that between us occurs!I have told that I love you!! I have told that I want to be with you! I have told that my life is not meaningful without you!!!!I have told all that knew about you to the parents! I have told that you very kind and never will hurt me!My mum has told that we should meet you!! I too thought that to us is necessary to meet!But I was afraid that mum will not support me!Now my mum agrees that we have met you!Now I shall try find out the information on that as I can go to you!Now all already sleep! I wanted to tell to you that my mum agrees that we were together! Mine the daddy too not against!!Therefore now I find out the information as I can arrive to you!I hope you there is nothing I shall come to you?? Or you want to arrive to me?But I the daddy has told what very dangerously to come to Russia to foreigners! There were cases when people were abducted and demanded the repayment!Therefore I do not want that you to me have arrived! I do not want that with you something happened!You are very dear to me! I cannot live without you!I shall try to learn the information concerning trip!I shall write to you tomorrow!!!
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