Letter(s) from Elena Nudnaya to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1


It is a gloomy weather today but I am happy as I am writing to you, who know, perhaps I am writing to my soul mate so I will try to show my best to you:)) I do not want to loose the chance:)) I am extremely unexpected and spontaneous. I would have to describe myself as complex but not complicated. I've been told, I am sexy and smart but who hasn't been told that:)))Whether it is true or not?? I believe you can decide on your own while talking to me:))) I can be romantic lady and crazy rowdy-dowdy, I am different but still I am natural and I hope you will like me as I am.

I can be romantic and affectionate with the right person. I am also very athletic, I like active way of life. I consider myself easy going, energetic and thoughtful. I love to do outdoor adventurous activity, but also enjoy being a "homebody". I'm well-rounded, I enjoy the theatre, comedy shows, live music, concerts, museums, movies and book stores. I am always open to trying new things. I dislike drama and people who play head games. I believe in love at first sight.

A woman with sense of humor, kindness, success, intelligence, pretty and confidence but yet humble is very sexy! My life has been electrifying and convivial journey and I am ready to share it with my soul mate because I don't believe it should be taken alone. After all...it is a very long journey, that is why one should be patient and wait for their soul mate. I want to take my dinner eating buddy, laughing partner, lover (with a body that I love to touch), sports entertainer and last but not least my BEST FRIEND on this journey! There's a quote " An ocean of imitation love lacks the power to create the happiness found in a teaspoon of real love" I am still patiently waiting and I would rather wait another lifetime than to spend it with a replacement...I wonder if this dream could actually come true?...Humm...I believe we can make it happen. I wait or your letter on the address:glamurrrnaya@inbox.ru


Letter 2

Hello, Matts

I am happy to get a chance to write you. I like your photo and things you tell about yourself, it must be great to have so many pets. I see you are great person I believe that we should use the letters and photos to get closer with their help. I am oriented on meeting in person and having real life relations but I believe it is possible only in case we know each other good enough so the meeting is without being nervous as we are close already:))

So let me start my introduction from the very beginning. I was born on January, 10th, 1981. In a small place in the eastern part of Ukraine called Torez. It is close to the Azov Sea but still I seldom have a chance to go there:((

My childhood was rather cruel. My parents divorced when I was 1 year old which means I never enjoyed mother`s love and care. I guess that I wasn't welcome and there is even a rumor going on that my own mother tried to kill me and did set fire on my cradle. My Grandmother did rescue me at the very last minute. I was happy enough that I could stay with my grandparents for the first 5 years. They gave me love and understanding, they did teach me about values in live and, don't laugh please, I feel my Grandma as being around all the time as my guardian angel! Unfortunately my father was having several bad women after my mother left him. The worst was his second wife. She did hate me and she was always beating me up very badly. She told lies to my father in the evening and this man was almost beating me to death. I was hating him for a long time. Today I just don't care about him, sometimes I find it very sad but there is no love and feelings in me for him. My childhood was too hard for a little child. When I was seriously ill, they left me always on my own. The woman did sleep with other men when my father wasn't home and she gave birth to two girls from other men during her marriage with my father. She was a sex maniac and she even tried to force me to sleep with her one night. This was the moment I did leave the family for sure. I was 17 years old.

Anyway, I never gave up and I tried to solve my problems, to become a better woman, human being, and lover then the rest. It was difficult to finish school as I had to work at a market as I could leave on the store, I survived it and after getting school education I went to a 3-day examination at the Medical training school and become a massage therapist. I was dreaming about better education, I was longing to become a doctor and I learnt a lot to enter the university but in our country knowledge is nothing compared to money and since I do not have any it leaves to be my dream. No wonder with such a life I never managed to learn English, I was attracted to foreign languages at school but I needed a dictionary and books to continue studies and none ever bought them to me so I had to leave the class, it was pity. I regret about it, especially now when I want to find my soul mate, I decided to start search abroad as I see it works, I have many friends and neighbors who have found happiness this way and I also want to try it. So I visit the translational company which assist me in writing and sending letters to you by e-mail.

I am sorry for being that long, I believe you are not sleeping yet:))
I will be looking forward to your reply, Elena