Scam letter(s) from Olga Kalacheva to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hello again!
It is me Olya, i dont know if you got my yesterday letter..just on case i decided to drop you a line and send couple of photos and want to tell that i'm very interested in our correspondence and relationship.
Please write back sooner, tell me more about you.
I will write you more about me and send some more of my photos.
Letter 2
Hello again David!
Today i want to write to you more about me and my life, for you to learn me better!
If i'm not mistaken in you ,we can communicate well and enjoy it.
First of all here comes the best news : I am coming very soon!
I am so happy we will have possibility to meet shortly in real life!
But before my coming I just wanted you to know more about myself.
And you know there is so much I have to tell you.
Firstly let me introduce myself. As you know? my name is Olya, it is nick name (for friends) from russian name Olga and I am 27 y.o.
I'm single and never was married before and dont have children.
My birthday is 7 November 1980 . I'm 170 cm tall (5.6.) and 52 kg weight. I am lucky to have good shape.
I care about how I look like, so I visit the swimming pool several times a week, which makes me feel dynamic and active. As I told you before I am blond and attractive as people say.
I will send you some more photos of mine for you to know how i look like.
I also send you photo from my university graduation last year.
I really hope you will like me!!!
I live in Russia as I also said. The name of my city is Nazyvaevsk, it's near Omsk city.
Nazyvaevsk is very small and Omsk is a large city,the main city in our region.
I love may family which consists of my father who is 61 years old now, my Mom, 52 y.o and my older siter.
You see my mom is much younger then my father and they are very happy together. You know I also dream of finding some one so that I could be as happy and comfortable with him as my parents are together. Masha, my sister, is 37 years old, she has a 2 years old son. Masha is divorced, because her husband was an alcoholic.
We all (me, my sister, her son and my parents) live in two-rooms flat.
It is not easy as you may understand but I love my family so much and will miss them all.
Although I want to be happy myself and eager to do everything even if to move to another city, another country!
I finished Omskiy Pedagogical University and always wanted to work with little kids.
Since I finished the University I worked in the kindergarten with children.
I loved this kind of job but my income was so poor that I had to quit and work as a private baby sitter with our neighbors' children. So I can do the same abroad you see.
And have much more pluses like seeing the country, learning the language and finding my destiny, I really hope so! I can work as a baby sitter with very small kids cause I also have such an experience.
I helped a lot my sister to take care of her little son.
Else I can work with older children to take them to the school and back+ You know I am so excited that I am coming soon and will see so much new things.
And the most important that I will see you!!! I want so much that you would like me!!!
Do you have an International Airport in your city? Please write me it's name an code. Or write me the name of the nearest Airport to you.
I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer.
If you want I can call you on next week, it would be nice to talk to you.
We don't have international calls here.
People in the Au Pair program agency told me that everything is ok with my documents!
I suppose in few days I will go to Moscow to start my trip! I can call you from there.
I will tell my parents about you and I am sure they will be so happy for me! Because there is somebody who could take care of me and help me in a foreign country.
I want you to know all about me. You see I don't have secrets from you.
There is no any messenger in this Cafe so we can only keep emailing each other. I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails?
My address here is 646100,Russia, Nazyvaevsk, Lenina street, house 2 flat 10.
Now I think you will have at list a little picture of who I am and I really hope you will like me!
What's more about myself+ To tell you the truth I'm not that smart..
I was not that good in mathematics, physics, biology and so on! I don't like to be smart! But I'm very tender, caring, artistic, faithful, decent person.
Sometimes I can be not well organized. But I know to love and take care.
I want to spend my life caring of my future husband and kids. I don't look any special qualities in a man.
I just hope he will be faithful to me and ready to create a happy family with me and I will do everything to make him happy.
I'm looking for a soul mate I told you! I really don't care of my man color of skin, eyes, his age or profession.
I am afraid this time my letter is too long.
Sorry! I wanted so much to tell you! We shall meet very soon!!! Please never hesitate to ask me questions, but if I won`t answer some of your questions - pls feel free to ask again, I will answer in next e-mails.
It is just not so easy and comfortable to right letters in the i-net cafe' always so crowded and noisy!!!
I hope to hear back from you sooner!
Tender thoughts
Letter 3
Hello, dear David your photo looks great!
Again such a pleasure to write to you! It's so pleasant to know the words tapped by my fingers will reach you in reality+ I think a lot about you.
If only the miles that separate us could disappear+I wish I could see your eyes and hear you speak to me. I want to speak to you, not via e-mails but in real life!
My parents were really glad to know I will not be all alone in another country!
They found it was an excellent idea of mine. They wish just the best for me!
And I am so happy I will finally see you there. I am sending you some more picts of mine.
Hope you will like them. 2 of them was made in city of Sochi, on balck sea, south of Russia.
Also my university girlfriends are on one of the photos.
Please let me know what of them you will like most, ok?
As I probably told you I have several hobbies. But I am sure I didn't tell I adore cooking.
I really do! If you are not against we try one day my cooking debut for you.
If you don't like Russian cuisine I can make something else for you like Italian or Japanese food.
What do you prefer? I can prepare pizza or pasta or Mediterranean salad.
In Japanese food I can make rolls and sushi. If you are not against of sea food of course))));
As for me I prefer eating vegetables, fruits and chicken. But suits are adorable too!
My parents love when I make a dinner for them. Really hope you will appreciate it too!
You know Russian men could never appreciate such things as dinner made for them.
They all take for granted and don't know to communicate with girls. But I was so lucky to meet you in this e-net world!
I also love painting and drawing. I especially love painting the landscapes and different beautiful views like flowers, nature, animals maybe+ I am not a professional painter of course but this is just from the very heart. If you like I can paint something nice to upon arrival.
Will you show me your city? I can picture some of its beautiful views.
In our city there is not much things to see, unfortunately. Besides the weather is not always fine.
In fact it is almost all the time all of black and white everywhere.
As for cultural issues there is only one cinema in my city and no ballet theater.
To visit places like that I have to go to Omsk. I like this visits but it's just expensive to go there often.
I like cinema. In my city I go there quite often. Do you? My favorite cinemas are romantic comedies.
What is your favorite type? Maybe you have a particular film that you like most? Could you see it together when I come?
I wish I like it too! I also like films like Spiderman or X people. Have you seen them?
I don't remember if I told you that I have a driving license. That's funny I can drive but I don't have my car!
Driving skills will be required for my work abroad hope I will manage to do it with no probs!
By, the way, one thing else about my trip.
I will live at family where i will work or agency can help me to find the room to rent to stay near my future work.
It will be even possible share this room with a few girls .
who are travelling there with same job programm as me ,if some of them will go to your city also.
it is usual procedure and it helps to pay the rent (it will be cheaper). I am a little afraid of that.
I should have never lived in a rented room with other people I don't know and may be don't; like+ and I thought about you+please tell me what if you will like me and I will like you? What if we would find it more comfortable to be together is it possible that we live together? Will you be against? I keep my fingers crossed I wish so much you would like me!
I will stay in your country three months, but you know if I enjoy it I can stay longer.
I hope we would like being together, studying cross-cultural questions about our different countries or simply talking.
Remember I also wish to improve my English!!! We can just chat or watch TV or to sport together. What do you think?
So it's time to finish my letter to you, dear. I am going to Omsk right now and from there exactly to Moscow!!!
This will be the very first time I can take a plane! I never did it before! Hope it all will pass ok for me!
It is several hours from Omsk to Moscow. When I come to Moscow and settle down I will write you an email. I hope today I will be able to write you. Please don't worry about me if you don't hear from me tomorrow, that will mean I was not able to find a place to stay ,but all the way i will try to find internet cafe there and I will write you tomorrow. In Moscow I will spend a week or maybe even more, I should make all final arrangements with my documents in the agency and after it I will come to you!
I've never been to Moscow before and I'm so nervous now... I've never went somewhere alone and now I should go alone to such big city!
It is so crowded and noisy with all these people hanging around+ and my best desire is to give you a call from there, right from Moscow! Unfortunately I don't a mobile phone of my own.((
So I will have to search a public phone that can perform the international calls..
I am not a specialist in such technical things but I will do all a can to contact you from Moscow!
And to tell you the truth I am just eager so much for all these changes in my life especially for meting with you!
So will get back to you really soon from Moscow! Tender thoughts and kisses!!!
Letter 4

Hi dear !!!
Fantastic! I am in Moscow finally! Please forgive me that i was not able to write to you little earlier,i just got access to PC.
My flight were delayed and i spend so much hours at the airport, just waiting for my plane becuase of bad (not-flying) weather.
Finally I have made up a real step on my long way to you.
I never hesitate in my desire to change the life and now I even more sure that all this is just for good! I was so scared to fly by plane but you know what I told myself? I said to myself: "Culm down, keep cool, it's just the first part of trip, just like preparation for another long fly to another country!" So as you see it works well.
I am in good health and mood!
Moscow+ It's really really crowded and noisy.
So much people in the streets! Even more than I expected!
But I have to stay here for just a bit to make final arrangements for my voyage.
Still I am a little nervous I am so far from my home from my parents and friends, from all the things that are common to me! You know you are the only one that makes me cheer up and keeps me confident.
Here in the capital with all these people hanging around and staring at me strangely I feel so miserable.
I hope you understand me.
I found a room to rent in the flat of an old lady. She is kind to me.
Poor woman needs money and have to give one of the rooms in her 3 rooms flat for rent.
You know just everything here in Moscow is so extremely expensive if comparing to my town!
Unfortunately I don't have enough time to write you a good letter.
I have as always so much to tell you! But i Hope we shall speak a lot when i finally come.
Imagine we shall meet each other very soon! I will go to the travel agency tomorrow or sunday and as far as i understand i will be able to travel to your country very soon, all my documents will
be ready nearly 24th November-25th November.
You know I heard a lot stories about girls who come from little towns to the capital with a dream to start new life. And majority of that stories didn't finish ok.
I know i should take care too. But I also know there will be you who will protect me and assist.
This thought is keeping me strong. I was really lucky to find you.
Agency will be able to provide me place to work and to live right into your city, so please confirm me your city name and please confirm the name of airport and be sure in correct spelling.
I am afraid to make any mistake... I hope everything will be fine.
please write me as soon as possible!See you soon! Great kiss from moscow!!
Yours Olya p.s. i send you some of my pics ,which were made is Omsk on the street and on my girlfrined birthday in the cafe in my city (with table)
Letter 5
Honey, I'm happy to write you from Moscow again!
I'm walking in Moscow, I'm here first time and first time in such a big city)))It is already cold here 0-5celcius, and soon everybody talks it will be -40 celcius.
Do you want any souvenir from russia? Pls just tell me!!!! I already bought few magnets (again I'm not sure this is the right word, I didn't take a dictionary with me in Internet cafe but I have it with my luggage) with images of Moscow and Kremlin. You can hang up them to your refrigerator (do you have any already??). I have few magnets from sochi on our refrigerator.
Also I bought you two little souvenir bottles of ***** ))) They are really small and just souvenirs!
I will go to the travel agency tomorrow and and I will be able to give you all further information only tomorrow. They will give me a schedule of my flight (date and time of my arrival, terminal etc.).
So I will write soon is possible with all details.
Ok, honey, as soon as I receive the information about my trip I will write you.
Moscow is very big and nice city and I like it.
Anyway I feel myself so lonely here...
Everyone rush somewhere and I don`t have any friends in relatives here.
You know in small cities (like in my city) the life is so slowly, nobody hurry somewhere and here everybody is in a hurry.
Yesterday I was in Russian art Gallery, I really liked it. In past I saw this paintings just in books on pictures and now I`m able to see in real life. I`m so exited! I like arts so much!
I feel myself like I`m able to do everything in the world!!!
...when i was walking ysterday i thought about song of one of my favorite groups-Scorpions.
I felt this song as about me and may be you know this song, it is "I'm still living for tomorrow":
I'm still living for tomorrow
I'm living for today
Let's make this world
A better place to live
Stop to take
Start to give
Love's got the power
To get it done
To stop the pain
Of a killing gun
And even if you say
We're gonna die today
I'm still living for tomorrow
I'm living for today
Cause love will find a way my friend
Whatever it will take
I'm still living for tomorrow
I'm living for today
Why don't we try today my friend
To make this world a better place
Let's make this life
A better life to live" Thinking of you all the time
Letter 6
Hi, dear David!!! Hello from Moscow again!
It is not my picture,because i'm not scammer, so dont worry!
I have finally got access to my e-mail and i'm so glad that i can write to you today.
Time and time again I feel I becoming closer to you even here still in my country I am with in my thoughts and in my dreams. Hope you think of me too. It will be so great to meet you in reality! I will be nervous a bit you know, but wit's ok it's just because I am a bit shy to tell you.
Everything is going as it should, as we planned. So here are the new details abut my coming. I will be working in Cheyenne.
The quickest plane will be 26th November. If everything is ok, for which I keep my figures crossed , I will arrive by this plane.
Agency made international passport for me, i have scanned it for you.
Here is the information from the agency which they gave me: ---------------------------------- "Information for Olga Kalacheva"
"Ultra-Tours",111020,Moscow, Nalichnaya st.,building 2,office 105. phones (495 ) 8342539 , (495 ) 83492538" flight info: 26th November 2007 Aeroflot
SU 105 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
Terminal 2 11:10
Frankfurt Int'l (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany
Terminal 1 12:35
Non-stop / 320 14h10min N/A Yes No
LH 446 Frankfurt Int'l (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany
Terminal 1 13:25
Denver International (DEN), Denver, Colorado, USA 15:20 Price: 1257.00 USD + Roundtrip tickets.Eco.class. Please use our service.
Best regards. Travel Manager|Sergei Solovets. ----------------------------------- You know in my dreams I thought a lot about our first meeting at the airport.. Don't you think it will be just fantastically romantic?
Please please let me know if it's possible.
Then I started to be afraid if you possibly wouldn't recognize me.. but you can make a kind of a paper with big letters printed saying my name and surname so that I could see you easily.
It will be such a long trip and I will probably be tired and sleepy, but happy nevertheless.
In the agency,they told me I can pass my interview on visa and get it only when I pay for my trip, I didn't know about it.
I can receive my visa after I pay them whole cost, so they want to be sure I have roundtrip tickets so I'm not going to stay illegally over there. I think there rules are too strict...... Anyway....You know I had much money with me, but my flight from Omsk to Moscow costed so much (about 550$) because it's so far from Moscow. Of course it is my fault because parents told me that I have to travel by train but I wanted to do everything faster so I took a plane.
Another bad thing yet that prices on airlines in this period became more expensive as they say. And i have paid much money to old lady for the room i rent.
I couldn't guess that everything costs so much and they didn't say anything. They say they arranged my trip, passport,insurance ,visa, job orrers and all necessary documents ,but i should pay full cost of this servises myself. I have to pay them first and then they will complete all paper work and arrange me visa and give me tickets. So if I really wish to come I must follow the rules. And the thing is that I really should buy my tickets otherwise my visa and my whole visit cannot happen. I cannot even imagine that I started changing my whole life and not when I am half way did that there is such challenge.
And I thought one thing, is it possible that you could borrow me some money to pay to the agency?
I can't live here too long because every day I have to spend some money for food and rent of room. Moscow is a Really expensive city. The cup of the tea costs about almost two dollars. I think it is not a great amount I ask and I am sure I will be able to return it back in a few weeks after I arrive. I will earn some money and from the first salary I return it back to you.
People in the Agency they have told me that you may send it by Western Union. It is quite easy to use they said. I have been to the bank and they gave me the information. All you need is my name, my surname and address to send me the money. My full name is: OLGA KALACHEVA
My address here (where I rent a room)
127051,Russia,Moscow,street Neglinnaya 17-4. Once you do this, I'll be able to pick up the money at any local Western Union office in Moscow. We need to do it pretty fast, because we have no time till my interview, if everything is all right I will be on this airplane! To receive transfer i will need to know transfer info - MTCN (money transfer control number) and your full name.Quite easy I think. Please if it not too hard for you of course. I have about 300 US dollars. Please try to send about 957 US dollars so I will be sure I have enough money for all my travel needs and flight. I know you will try to help me!
I didnt wanted to ask it from you, i have called to my relatieves and everybody i know ,but nobody can send me this money, i just loosed 2 days on searching money and decided to ask you about help. I am in such anticipation you know, so eager to come! Tell me shall we meet at the airport or somewhere in the city? It's no problem, I just don't know the city well and not aware about the taxi prices. So it would absolutely fantastic to meet at the airport, you know just like in my dreams. I hope our relations will go on next level. I'm sure that things will be only better between us day after day. I can live with you if you like the idea or if you don't, i will rent room in your city. Just let me know,ok?
I am open to our relations.
You are a great man and I hope you will not live me alone in Moscow and help me! Kiss you once again. And think about you.
We shall see each other very soon!
Yours Olya
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