Scam letter(s) from Natalia Agagina to Alan (Cyprus)

Letter 1
Hi my sweet heart Alan!!!! I was very glad to receive from you the letter today.
I am always glad to your letters mine prince.. They always lift my mood.
For me was the big happiness to meet such person as you my sweet.
You became my ideal my star of captivating happiness. And I am glad that it you have taken a place in my big and hot female heart.
Love mine I can not be without you for me it more begins torture.
I want to be near to you want to feel your gentle touches and kisses.
Want to hear from you gentle words of love.
My dear I today went to travel agency and to learn what to me it is necessary
To do documents that I could arrive to you and spend with you good time.
To me have told that I should do the visa, the passport for travel abroad and the medical insurance.
Without these all documents I cannot arrive to you.
To me have told that all my documents will be there are 469 euros.
My dear when to me have told that my documents will cost 469 euros I at once was afflicted.
As I have no such money in Russia 469 euros it very much greater money.
My dear if you could send me 469 euros on my documents I were very glad.
I hope that you will soon send me of money and I can make all documents and arrive to you.
When I shall arrive to you I there will be the happiest girl in all Russia.
I hope that we with you soon shall contain and we shall spend with you remarkable time.
Dear I want to prepare for our meeting. What you think of it my sweet prince?
I think we have learned each other already enough and it is time to us to pass to the following stage of our relations.
I think that we may learn about each other more if we shall lead any time together my lovely.
My love to you is very strong and serious I not so small girl to play games.
I very much want to meet you my prince. And I hope that our desires coincide.
My love you want to meet me at you houses?????
On it I shall finish this letter.
I wait for your fast reply my loved.
I send you a gentle kiss and strong embraces.
With all love your sweet Natalya!!!!!!
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