Letter(s) from Natalia Pantyavina to Steph (Canada)

Letter 1


lapulya(lapulya-2005@yandex.ru) has sent you the following message:

Hello dear friend! Well, I see your profile and I like it:)
Well, I think, I should tell a little about myself...
First, I am a woman:) Second, I think, I am a very good looking woman!
My name is Natalya, I am 25 years old and a lot of people says that I am a good person.
Who know, may be they are right. I think, you can check it if you would like my letter.
I live in Russia, in Kazan city. I\'ll tell you about this place later in my letters, I hope.
What am I looking for? I\'m looking for a man, the right man who can become my husband later.
I want to find love, care, understanding and trust here.
And I hope, I\'ll find this here. Who know, may be I found this man already:)
If to be serious, I hope, you will read it and you will like it. I told just a couple of words about myself.
You can know much more about me in my profile. But I think, we can know much more about each other in our letters.
You can write me on this site or on my e-mail:


I hope, soon we\'ll start to know more about ech other and will see what will happen in a future:)
Bye bye... Your new friend Natalya

Letter 2

Hi Stephane! I am very happy that you answered my letter and now we can write letters to each other on e-mail!
I want to explain you what aims I follow, exactly what I want to find in the Internet.
At first, I`d like to find not only penfriends. I want to find a person who will be interesting to me, whom I shall learn and who will learn me at the same time.
Secondly, I would like to ask you not to waste our time if you don`t have serious intentions. I don`t want to play such games.
I want to find a man for long and serious relations.I want to have a happy family, children and my own house.I am, like all the young girls, want to have a happy future for me and my children. I think I want not so much and it is normal dreams.
And what about you? What do you want to find? What aims do you follow? Write me about them. I want to know.

Thank you....
Bye, Natalya...
P.S. There is no I do not use messenger MSN, therefore write to me on mine E-mail

Letter 3

Hi! I am very happy to write you my first letter!
Ok, let me tell a little about myself.
My name is Natalya, I am 25 years old and I am from Russia.
I want to explain you what aims I follow, exactly what I want to find in the Internet.
At first, I`d like to find not only penfriends. I want to find a person who will be interesting to me, whom I shall learn and who will learn me at the same time.
Secondly, I would like to ask you not to waste our time if you don`t have serious intentions. I don`t want to play such games.
I want to find a man for long and serious relations.I want to have a happy family, children and my own house.I am, like all the young girls, want to have a happy future for me and my children. I think I want not so much and it is normal dreams.
And what about you? What do you want to find? What aims do you follow? Write me about them. I want to know.

Thank you....
Bye, Natalya...

Letter 4

Hello Stephane! Wow! I can`t BELIEVE my eyes! You answered me, Stephane.... You give me a chance!
When I received your letter I understood that your intentions are also serious. It is very good.
I never used Internet, i have not trust on it but i see that It works!
You know Stephane I want our correspondence to be very productive.
I mean that I would like to learn your inside world,to know all about you, your habbits, interests, hobbies, all what you like or dislike, what qualities you appreciate in people.
By the way I have an offer.
What do you think if we shall open something new in us in some order. Certainly we can write thousands of questions in one letter. But what for?
Let`s not to load each other with a lot of questions.
Let`s do everything in order, step by step.OK, let`s begin....
As you know already my name is Natalya... I am 25 years old.
I was born in Kazan, on 27th of February.
It is situated in the central part of Russia.
I graduated from the University and now I am workking on my speciality.
I have never been married, and I have no children. All my friends say that I am a very cheerful and sociable girl. I like to read different love stories and novels. I like to have long walks in the parks. I am also fond of cinema and music of different directions.
I always dream to find a good man and to have a good, friendly and happy family.
And now is your turn. Tell me about yourself. It will suffice for the beginning.
Your new friend Natalya
P.S. I yet have no opportunity to call you....

Letter 5

Hello my new friend Stephane, I suggest beginning our acquaintance from more detail story about our childhood because the brightest moments in our life are from the childhood. My mother told me that when I was born there was a fine warm day. And I think that now such days dominate in my life. I was a very active, happy and sociable child but i didn`t go to the kidergarden. During my early childhood my granny looked after me.
Then there was a school. I had no difficulty with other children in my class because I easily came in contact with them. During 10 years at school I was one of the best pupils in my class. I liked all the subjects but most of all English and Geography.
I'd like to say that my childhood was very interesting, happy and bright. Beautiful toys, lots of books, many friends. I think that my parents did everything possible for me.
They took care of me, they paid a lot of attention to me. What I needed was their love and my parents gave it to me.
Later I`ll tell you more about my parents. So after school I entered the Teacher`s Training Institute. I made up my mind to do it because I understood that I liked children very much. And I want to work with them. After graduating from the Institute I had to work at school during a year. Now I work with children too but not at school.
I have a group of very small children and I teach them how to pronounce Russian sounds.
Later I`ll teach them Russian grammar. I also teach some pupils individually. But stop!
It is another topic for discussion.
In this letter I told you about my childhood and my studies.
About your childhood. What are the brightest moments of it? About your studies and system of education. How long did you study? How many subjects did you have?
Which were your favorite subject? Did you graduate from any University or college?
Oh I have to go. Have a nice day. Bye! Natalya..

P.S. Big to you thanks Stephane for your attentiveness concerning horoscope Monkey and Dragon, I think this compatibility WILL HELP WITH our FUTURE RELATIONS.....

Letter 6

Hello my new friend, Stephane, I was looking forward to your letter. And at last it came. It was very interesting.
Everything what you wrote was new for me. Each letter from you shows me the world in which you live and I hope that my letters help you to know me better.
Besides, Stephane, you are mistaken. Now I live in Russia, in Kazan city, I think you misunderstood me.
So in my last letter I began talking about my job. And now I continue. As you remember I work in the center for children.
I am a teacher. I think it is a very interesting, difficult and noble profession.
Every day I go to the centre to give lessons of Russian to little children. Sometimes it is very difficult to work with them because they can be noisy, inattentive.
The other day children don`t want to work.and I understand that everything depends on their mood. I am proud when they are successful in something and I try to help them in any case. Several times a week I have individual classes with pupils or grown-ups. Sometimes I am very tired and cannot do anything about the house. But I like my job and can`t give it up.
You know in our country it is very difficult to find the job what you prefer. That is why I am happy that I work in the place where I want to work.
But now let me ask you some questions. I want to know more about your work... Was it difficult for you to find a job? How many days do you work?
And at last do you like your work? All what you can tell me will be interesting.
OK. I`ll wait for your next letter. I want to know all about your life and your habbits.
And certainly I want to tell you about myself.

Letter 7

Hi Stephane! You see that slowly we learn about each other more and more. Now we know which films we prefer. It would be very funny if you didn`t know about my preferences and invited me on the film which I didn`t like. Or I would offer you to go to the cinema on the film which you dislike. I think after a such situation the evening would be spoiled.
But I am sure that we can avoid it thanks for our fifth letters.
OK, Stephane. Let`s continue our talk about our preferences....
For example about music, or what do you like to listen to?
If you are not against I will begin and you will continue. Well....
I think that all what we want to listen in different days straightly depend on our mood and the kind of activity.
I like different kinds of mysic. I have a CD player and I always listen to my favourite music everywhere: in the bus, at home or when I am walking along the streets.
When I go about the house I prefer to listen to the rythmical club music or Russian pop music because it is easier for me to work with music. When I want to relax I listen to the classical music.
Also I want to say that there is a lot of songs and compositions which are connected with some events of my life. I feel the music and sometimes I can cry at some songs.
And what about you, Stephane ? What music do you like to listen to? What are your favourite singers? Do you know any Russian songs and singers? I hope to know about your preferences in music very soon. Don`t forget me and write as much as possible.
Bye-bye, your friend Natalya.

Letter 8

It is really great Stephane! I begin to know you much better and better. Every your letter tells me a lot of new and interesting things about you. I like it.
I like all what you write about yourself and you hide nothing from me.
It is wonderful, I like people who always tell truth. It proves the cleanliness of their intentions. And I am very glad to feel it. I hope that my letters are also interesting for you.
You know Stephane What do you think about much more serious conversation, for example about your family. It will be very interesting for me to learn something about it. About your parents, your brothers and sisters. And I, in my turn, will write about my family.
My mother`s name is Elena, she is 50 years old. One year ago she became an ordinary Russian pensioner.
Earlier we lived together but now my mother went to the village for living with my grandparents. In her 50 years she has an attractive appearance and a very good sence of humor.
You know Stephane, I think that my mother is the best in the world. But, however, everybody in the world thinks that his mother is the best. I shall not argue with this statement but my mother is an ideal for me. As for my father, I saw him only on the photos. When I was a little girl, He got into the car accident and died.
More than 20 years have passed since the moment of his death, but my mother didn`t get married again.
They loved each other very much. My mother told me that when I was born, my father cried for happiness. And then he couldn`t leave me alone. I think he loved me very much. And I am ready to give all I have but I want to see him, to embrase him and kiss him.
I have no brothers and sisters, but I have a lot of cousines. All these relatives are from my father`s side. My mother said that after my father`s death they stopped to communicate with us and now wesee each other not very often. The only our closed relatives are my grandparents who live in the village. They are my mother`s parents. They are very good, kind and sympathetic. They loved me very much. I am very glad when I go to them to the village. Can you imagine how it is wonderful to go far from the noise and vanity of the town. Far from lots of cars and grey sky. In the village there is brightly blue sky,fresh air and quietness. But I like my town very much that is why...... But stop! It is another topic for discussion in one of the next letters. I hope that you will write me about your family and relatives. Do you have a lot of closed people? It will very interesting for me to know about your family.
Have a nice day, bye, as always Natalya.

P.S. Thank you so much, Stephane, for your phone number. I will try to call you at this weekend. Of course, I will inform you as soon as I will decide to call you. I want to listen your voice, I want to hear you and I think it would be great!:)

Letter 9

Thank you for the letter. It is a real pleasure for me to read them.
There is very bad nasty weather in our town and I enjoy your letters sitting in the comfortable armchair.
When I have read your last letter I fel that I know you more and more and your last letter helped me.
It is good that we don`t try to tell each other everything in one letter.
I think it`s more fascinating to read new information a little at a time.
I don`t know Stephane why but in this letter I would like to tell you about my country. Russia is the biggest country all over the world. There are lots of cities and towns and villages in it. Have you ever been in Russia?
I am sure that it will be your best trip. Our country is very, very beautiful! We have a lot of wonderful places: seas, forests, mountains.
Our towns are monuments of ancient architecture. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir. Our country is rich in mineral resourses and other fossils.
But unfortunately our government can`t use them right. That is why we have great depts to other countries and the government can`t pay for them now.
Besides nowadays it is very dangerous to live in Russia: kidnapping, acts of terrorism, explotions. And our government and our president can`t control all this.
And there are a lot of other problems in our country. Unemployed people, children without parents, antisocial elements, criminality.
But I hope that there will be better time in our country. I think we`ll cope with all these problems.
It`ll be very interesting and exciting to know about your country as much as possible. About its problems, customs and traditions. Do you like your country? What can you do for its wellfare?
I will wait a letter from you so much..... Natalya.

Letter 10

Hello my dear friend... Stephane, i waited for your letter so much and i`m so happy to receive it....
Thank you for story about your country, it is so important for me to know more about your world...
Of course, I would like to invite you to visit my country:)
And who know, may be one day you will invite me, Stephane...
Now I want to tell to you a history of my city.
I hope to you it will be interesting to know it.
Kazan is a city on the left coast of Volga, located approximately in the middle between Nizhni Novgorod and Samara.
Distance up to Moscow - 797 km.
Kazan is a capital of Republic Tatarstan.
The population of Kazan - 1,105 million person.
Now the city occupies 408,9 sq. km. The areas.
On the arms of Kazan it is represented Zilant - the stylized dragon, the patron and the defender of city.
Kazan is a city where there is an East and the West.
At excavation in territory of the Kazan Kremlin the rests of the market, which age about 1000 have been found.
In Kazan many unique buildings.
So, tower Suumbike is the highest falling tower in Europe (it on 3 m. above known Pizanskay towers).
The Kazan Kremlin, constructed by Ivan Groznyi in the middle of XVI century - it in 1552 is very beautiful also.
In general, the historical city centre is simply unique, and not only monuments of architecture, but also modern structures, and involves many tourists.
The Kazan university, the third in Russia, has been based in 1804.
The main building has been constructed at Lobachevsky.
In general, Kazan is also a large centre of science not only in Russia, but also in the world.
So, Kazan is the native land of organic chemistry, such part of medicine, as orthopedy.
Except for a science, in Kazan also culture.
In city it is a lot of theatres, some concert halls, it is a lot of monuments to people which have glorified Kazan... In total in Kazan more than 500 monuments of architecture..
In Kazan there is unique in the Volga region and the oldest in Europe a zoo largest in Europe an aquapark.
The history of city also can be interesting.
The big pride of capital of Tatarstan are also sports teams.

That I know all this about my city. I want that you have told to me about your city.
Where do you live, Stephane? City and the country. Write to me that you know about your city?
It will be interesting to me to learn it....
I shall wait for your following letter.

Bye bye... Natalya

Letter 11

It was great, Stephane! Thank you very much for your letter. Your story about your native town was really very interesting.
Now I see that your town is so beautiful as mine. You know, Stephane, I think that there are no ugly towns in the world there are a lot of people who are in no condition to notice their beauty. It was very interesting, and it seems to me that I walked along the streets of your town together with you. We went along the streets and parks and alleys keeping hands of each other.It will be great.... Oh, how I want to see everything with my own eyes!
You know, Stephane, I have never left my country and my city, never.But I always dream that sometime I shall see other countries and famous capitals of the world. It will be interesting for me to visit and see the famous historical monuments of the world. For example, Egypt and its pyramids, China with its Great Chinese Wall,then the tower of the town Piza. In Japan I want to be in spring when the sakura is blossoming. Certainly I would like to visit Rio-de-Janeiro during its national carnaval. I want to come to the USA or Canada because of its huge modern buildings and the skyscrapers. In Australia I `d like to see the kangaroos, in New Zealand I want to visit the places where my favourite film " The Lord of the Ring" was made.I am fond of travelling and I think that in every country there are a lot of things which are interesting and unusual for me.
But now it`s only my dreams and plans but I believe that sometime my dreams will come true. I hope I can find a man who will open the world for me, who will show me all its beauty unknown for me just now.
And what about you, Stephane? Tell me where you have been? What do you see with your own eyes?
Tell me your impressions about your trips?
I shall wait for your letter. Bye... Natalya P.S.By the way, Stephane I forgot to tell you that I would like to see the ocean.
I don`t know why but I have such a dream since my childhood. I saw it in some film and all my life I dream of seeing it with my own eyes, to feel the power of its waves with my legs, to look at its huge and boundless smooth surface. O-o-o-o..... Can you imagine how I want to see it!
And now my full name:
Natalya - first name.
Pantyavina - second name.

Letter 12

I see that you much happier than me! I a little envy you, Stephane. It is great when people can afford to travel.You can learn the world better when you see it wiht your own eyes. It is better than to sit at home and watch TV programmes about different countries or read about them in the newspapers and magazines. Your letter was very interesting and exciting.
You know I think that if you were in different countries you should taste the dishes of its cuisines. In every country people cook something special. For example Italy is famous for its pizza, the eastern countries are famous for the dishes of seafood, Russia is famous for its porrige and pancakes.
I like to cook very much. And I have a lot of culinary books at home. I always think that the cooking is women`s duty. But somebody think that the best cookers are men.
I do not agree with it. May be sometime you will be able to estimaty my culinary abilities.
I would like to ask you, what you prefer more: to have supper at home with your loving woman or to go to the restaurant. I choose the supper at home when I cook everything myself when I enclose all my warmness and love in the food. Oh, it is great.
You know I am sure that my future husbend will never be hungry. What can be better for the woman except watching when the man of her dream eat her supper with great pleasure.
My motto is no microvawes no semifinished food, only fresh and useful products.
Well, Stephane... And now is your turn. What do you like to eat? do you agree with my motto?
What are your prefernces in food? write to me your culinary wishes. What do you like to taste? And telling the truth can you cook?
I will wait so much your answer, write soon...
Bye....Your Natalya.

Letter 13

Hello dear Stephane, And now I know what you like and what dish can make you happy. do you remember that I have told you that we need some time to know each other a little better. Now I know a lot about you. Your hobbies, your favourite food, what do you like or dislike, what kinds of films do you prefer, what kind of music do you like to listen to, I know something about your family and relatives, I know about your friends.
Look, Stephane, how many questions you have open for me and how many interesting and exciting you have told me. I hope that my letters told a lot of interesting things about me. I like receive the letters from you very much. With every new letter you become closer and closer to me. I am greatful to the internet and our letters that they are connected us and gave to us a chance to communicate and know each other better and better.
Darling, I always want to ask you how you imagine the woman who should be together with you. What her main qualities must be? I want to know everything about your ideal and do I suit your criteria. Answer to this letter, please! It is very important for me.
Yours Natalya

Letter 14

Hi, my dear Stephane... Now I know about the girl of your dream. I want to say that I suit you on some points, sometimes it seems to me that you describe me.
Certainly now it is my turn to draw a portrait of the man of my dream. Of that man with whom I would like to live all my life together.
At first, I have no any douts about the age. It makes no difference to me. I think that the age is an nonexistent parametre. The main thing is to be young inside, in your soul. You know..... The famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva. she is 65 now and her hasbend is only 35 years old. At first everybody said That they had no any future but during some years they live together and happily in spite of the age difference. I think that for the loving people there is no any difference in the age. .
Secondly, I would like very much that our preferences in food, music, books, films and TV programmes will be alike.
I also think that one of the main qualities of the person is a skill to concede. But you should understand me right I don`t mean that a man is to concede constantly. No, the woman should concede either. And I am ready to concede and you Stephane?
Than I don`t like when the men tell us how much money they spend for the woman. For example: "Oh, Darling, Your clothes is so expensive..." It is not very pleasant for every woman. But some girls deserve it because they are sitting at home, do nothing and live only with the help of their husbends.
You should understand that In Russia both the wife and the husband work because the family is not only husbend but and a wife. And she also can earn money for the family. I am not afraid to work that is I would like my future husband to be not against of it. Then I don`t like when the men smoke in the bed. It is awful. There are a loy of other places to smoke.
Then I want very much to find in the man the respect, understanding and love.And I think the worth thing is the treachery. I hope very much that such thing will never happen in my life. I hope that my husband will not betray me and he will never have another woman. I think it was not very pleasant for men to know that their women have the lovers.
Then I want my husband, my future husband not to ask me much in the bed for the first time because I am a virgin.
And my first time will be very important for me. My first man should become a teacher for me. I hope there will be no changes in our relations because of it. the virginity will be my present to my man. I think it is very inportant.I hope you don`t think that it is strange. It is normal for the russian girl.
LOts of men want only sex. They needn`t any feelings. They are interested only in one night relations. that is why I don`t find my soulmate among the russian men. and I hope that for you my soul is more interesting than my body.
You know i think that the millions of letters can`t replace a meeting.I think that we should look at each other and everything will be clear. Not long ago I go to my mother to the village and I told her everything about you, your letters.And my mother told me that I love the narrator of this letters because I talked about him so warmly.She was very glad and she said that I love you so much as she loved my father.And I think my father now is also happy because I found you and we together and everything is all right.
Now, Darling tell me if we have our future,if we can be together? Do you want to be with me? Am I that girl about whom you dream?
Answer me, please, Stephane. Forever yours Natalya.

Letter 15

Hi my lovely Stephane! I constantly think of you. Under your gentle letters, I see, that you too want meeting with me. I thought of forthcoming our meeting much. It would be very good for us to meet and to spend wonderfully time together, have closer attitudes with you. You are that man, which are necessary for me, you good and kind man. There are things in life that are inevitable;
I am powerless to control them.
The Sun will rise and set, the tide will come in and go out, the seasons will change, the birds will fly South for the winter and return in the spring, and the caterpiller will transform itself into a beautiful butterfly.
Somehow, I feel reassured by this because many other things in life are so transient - so momentary.
Stephane, from the moment we met in the internet, I knew that our friendship would develop into something lasting and precious, just as I am sure that the caterpiller will one day become a beautiful butterfly.
Dearest, I believe that our love is blessed by God. It is a union of two spirits destined for everlasting happiness.
Thus, you have truly become the star of my life which brings me light in this dark world, and warmth when I need it.
You offer me the promise of renewal, the joy of living, the peace of mind that comes from sharing and caring, and that shoulder to lean on in times of stress.
You are my Swallow from Capistrano - my precious butterfly, and I will cherish you and love you forever.
First time, I wanted to offer you, that you would arrive me to Russia, to my city, but then i understood that it is not so good idea.
And, in general, I think, that the road in Russia will borrow from you a lot of time and money.
And it takes a lot of risk.. There is terrorism and explotions and i don't want you have a risk.
I want that you know i never leave my country and i want to see world... If i can come to your country it makes me the happiest girl in the world.
If you agree with me, i can to go to the travel agency and to know how much it will cost for me and what documents are necessary for this trip and how much time it takes.
i mean to prepare my documents...
I want to ask you, please find a price of the tickets from Moscow in the nearest airport to you.
Or tell me what the nearest airport to you and I will know the prices of the tickets here. And than let you know.
I want to meet you so much and of course, if we'll meet before the Cristmass and New Year and spend these holidays together, I'll be the happiest woman in all the world! I think you want to be with me too that time and spend your time with me too...
I don't want to spend a lot of money, i want to find cheapest ticket to your country....
I want you and I want to you. I was alone much time and a lot of love and passions has accumulated in my soul and I want to give it to you. I think of you at home and when i am at work. Our meeting is necessary for me and i think that we are two part of the one biggest heart and we must become one heart again.
I'll be waiting for your answer, please tell me what i must do.... God bless our meeting...

Yours Natalya forever and ever...