Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Ahokas to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear friend Gavin!!!
Also Thank for your photo, you in a photo very beautiful, and I am very glad to our acquaintance.
How it is fine that we have begun our friendship. It's so pleasant to get your letters and to write you back. Really, it's really a great pleasure to make glad another man (I think that I make you glad by my letters, don't I?). As for me I really enjoy our correspondence.
So in my previous letter I have promised you to tell you more about me.
Well, first I want to tell you about my family. I live with my mother. My dad died when I was 5 years old. He drowned in a river. He liked to swim and he was an experienced swimmer. But you know that that was a very windy day and the waves were very big. All this caused the disaster. My mom was terribly upset by his death and she never began new relations with men because my dad was in her heart. Now my mum is a pensioner but before she was an English teacher in primary classes.
Naturally, my mum was my first English teacher and then I continued learning it.Dear Gavin, I should never have thought that my English will prove useful to me in getting acquainted with a man from another country.
I decided to be a drama actricew since I was very very little girl, I think I was about 5 years old. I adored reciting poems and singing songs in front of my mum's friends. That's why after school I entered University of Art and after having graduated I began to work in the drama theatre of our city.I think that drama is my calling. I feel so happy when I am on the stage.
I think that you are interested why I decided to look for a man in another country. You can see that I am not **** and of course here I had some suitors. But… They didn't have good attitude to me. They wanted only amusements. And besides that they liked drinking!!!
Really awful!!! I can't tolerate tipsy men. Of course there is nothing terrible if somebody drinks a glass of wine or ****. But it is necessary not to overdo it. Do you agree with me?
As for me I don't drink and don't smoke, But sometimes, on my anniversary for example, I can afford to drink some red wine. And what about you, Gavin? What is your attitude to alcohol and smoking?
Gavin, I beg your pardon for such great quantity of questions… but really for me it's very important to know more about you….
Especially I'd like to know more about your family and your everyday life. (If it isn't a secret, of course…) You know, Gavin, for me is very pleasant that I have found such a nice friend by correspondence.
In your next letter, please tell me, Gavin, how you find my pictures. Do you like them?
Darling Gavin, please write me your new letter. I wait for it so much!
Bye for now, Katya.
Letter 2
Hello again, my Gavin!!!
Again I have got your nice message that gives me a firework of positive emotions. Now I have not only one, but a few your messages. Frankly speaking I just adore rereading it for some times and every time I find something new in them. I even noticed that our correspondence changed me. I have something obligatory to do, but this obligation is so pleasant and I enjoy it. I'll try to make you glad by my letters too.
I hope, that in the future, we can become more than friends, probably we shall make a good pair together. And that you want from our relations?
Today I had a small walk after my job and this walk freshened me so much. I hope that you will share my pleasure with me. Do you like the nature? Of course, now it is not hot any longer and it rains sometimes. So I cannot have long walks … But my morninig exercises I do every morning help me to keep fit. Also I attend swimming-pool. I like very much to feel like a mermaid there. Those are really fantastic feelings) And what are your favourite kinds of sport? Do you an amator - sportsmen or you used to be a professional any time?
You can see that I am not concentrated only on my work. I try to live full life. I adore reading, going to movies, going to picnics. I like old films and of course I adore romantic films like Gone with the wind. I like the similarcalled book, especially the main caracter - Rett Battler. He is very male and self-sured. And Scarlett, the main female caracter is very sensitive and tempered. I'd like to rake after her. And what about you? What are you favouriet movies? Do you like to read books or newspapers?
I like glossy magazines. I am very interested in life of stars and in modern fashion, that's why I like to read it. We ave a lot of glossy magazines now in Russia and the most favourite is Lisa. Also I admire Burda Moden. It's a real encyclopedia for those who wants to be fashoinable. As for me I even sewed some dresses following Burda's directions. Yes, Gavin, I really can sew, but now I am very busy and I do not have enough time for my hobby.
I must confess, Gavin, that I adore singing and dancing. I like almost all the music, but especially I like Maraya Kerry. And what about you?
And of course the most important hobby in my life is THEATRE. Do you attend theatre? What kind of performances do you prefer? Drama performances, opera, or may be ballets?
Dear Gavin, I'd like to ask you to tell me more about yourself. It's really so interesting for me. Of course if you have some secrets, you should not tell me them, ok?
Ok, it's all for now. I have to stop … It's a pity!
I kiss you, wait for your nice reply, Katya.
Letter 3
Hello, darling Gavin!!!
WOW. Many thanks for your photo, you very beautiful in a photo, you very much like me also I is very glad to our acquaintance.
Again I have got your letter and again I write you my reply with a great smile on my lips. I really like your letters because for me it's so interesting to know more about your life and your interests. I dare say that your letters impression me a lot and that's why I write you back with pleasure and I even do not stop for a second. Oh, my dear Gavin, I have a lot of things to tell you!!!
I can play any kind of plays, at me was not present what or preferences, I like my work.
Today I went to the cinema with my friend Inna. we decided to watch a new russian film " Zero Kilometer ". I liked it a lot though it's a thriller. Have you watched any Russian film by the way? There in the cinema I saw a fine couple, a young girl and a young man who were no doubt in love with each other. They were kissing very passionately and looking at each other with burning eyes. Frankly speaking I had a feeling of pink and sweet envy.
And you, Gavin, have you ever felt a strange feeling looking at some kissing couple? I imagine myself in the same situation. And what about you, Gavin, have you ever had some thoughts of this kind?
Today I have a thought that may be you would be able to write me a real letter and send it by mail to me. I really want to hold it in my hands, to look at your handwriting and to keep this letter from you like a sign of our friendship. I have never received letters from abroad, so I want you to be the first man to do it. I want to have the opportunity to hold the letter in my hands. Also I am going to keep it and to read it every day to feel your presence next to me.
Well, my address:
Country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
Last name: Ahokas
Name: Ekaterina
Address: st. Kommunisticheskaya, 23, app. 56
Index: 424000
So I look forward to receiving your letter. It will be really very pleasant for me, because it's so romantic!!! I imagine myself reading your lines and crying with delight!!!
My sweet Gavin, I also wait for your E-mail messages. Write me about your lifetime, I really want to know every detail of your life.
So I finish my letter and I wait with great impatience for your answer!!!!
Bye for now, your friend Katya.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Gavin!
I don't have telephone, but I think I would be able to find some opportunity to call you. I really want to hear your voice.
I hope that you will get my letter very soon because it's hot with my energy and sweet greetings and I want that it won't cool down till it reach you, my cute and precious Gavin!!!
Today I took part in performance called "In waiting of a miracle". My part was a young girl who is very shy and not self-confident. She doesn't have any friends and her dream is to have a boyfriend who would understand her and surround her with tender love. But she has nobody but an imaginable friend. It's a spirit, a result of her imagination. But this caracter helps this girl to find real friends because she learned how to make friends.
I am not lonely as this girl, but I know how it's difficult without a sympathizing heart next to you. Thanks heaven I have friends and you!
Can you agree with me, Gavin, that friends are very important in our life? By the way, Gavin, can you tell me if you have told some things about me to your friends? For me it’s very important because for me our friendship is really very important.
Well, can you tell me about the weather in your country? As for my city, it is rather cold. But today a small bird sat on my window and began to twitter. May be it was a message from you?)))
Gavin, you know our life is so impredictable. Have you ever noticed that the life is very changeable? You never know, where you will find and where you will loose.
A little time ago I should have never thought that I would meet you and for me it would be such a fine time of communicating to you. But now I can’t imagine my life without these fine moments of reading your letter and of writing you back!!!
This wonderful connection between us gives me a great life energy. Now I know perfectly that I need not only to go to my job, not only to do my flat, but also to go to the I-cafe and to lead my correspondence with you.
Thank you very much, my Gavin, thank you for this moments of happiness and of feeling my necessity for you.
Bye for now, Katya.
Letter 5
Hello, great hello, my darling Gavin!!!
Thank you again for your nice letter. You really make me very glad by your messages, and I feel immensely happy and I think that I am on the seventh sky with my happiness. It's rather difficult to describe all my delight that seizes me after your letters. I feel how wings grow on my back and I fly very faraway, to the country of happiness.
when I get your letter I feel if I appear on a stage and interprete my part. And when I read your nice words about me I feel that I heard a round of applauds in my honour. I feel very embarassed because my words are too frank may be, but my darling Gavin, they are quite sincere)
Today I visited a friend of mine, Inna, I have already told you of her, and in her room I have noticed the map of the world on the wall. Gavin, naturally, I had a thought about you and I looked for the place you live.
I found out that it's rather great distance that separates us from each other. My dear Gavin, what interesting our world is!!! It's so enormous and it seems to be quite impossible to find each other in it!!! But we managed to do it!
I want to tell you, my darling Gavin, a very interesting and romantic legend. So millions years ago God created people. There weren't no men, neither women, so the life was very calm and stable. But one day people made God angry, and he shared each person in two parts. Since this time men and women look for their lost halves. Very romantic, what do you think?
I feel that it's very difficult to find your half and the most important is not to lose the person you have found. I am really very happy we've got acquainted, may be we have found each other? Recent time I catch the thoughts that I think of you all the time and with your every letter you make me more and more attached to you.
I must confess, Gavin that a lot of my thoughts are devoted to you and I can't help from dreaming about you. And the most interesting is I like these thoughts and I enjoy them.
I have told Inna about you. She was really interested in my stories. Inna told me: "Katya, your eyes are shining. What's the matter with you?" I didn't answer her and only smiled.
I ask your permission to kiss you instead of usual "goodbye". Hope, you aren't against!
So I kiss you. Bye - bye, sincerely yours, Katya.
Letter 6
Hello, my gorgeous Gavin!!!
I am again very glad to write you my letter. Also I was immensely happy to receive your one. I was as usual smiling reading your pretty lines.
This is autumn around me but it's only outside, in my heart I have spring, marvelous spring, with flowering garden, with great splendid flowers, with birds singing amazing songs! And all this - it's because of you, because of your occurrence in my life.
Gavin, thank you, thank you for your long - waited coming to my life! You entered in my soul, you subdued me by your intelligence and kindness, you made me happy and smiling, you made me optimistic and cheerful.
Darling Gavin, you have maden a miracle with me, and those are not just loud words. I'd like to tell you a story. You know, darling, after your first letter I had a nice dream. I was in a fantastic garden. The birds were singing there, and there was a big river there. I felt very happy in this paradise. Even when I awoke away I was smiling with happiness.
Now I understand that it was a sign, a sign that something nice waits me. And that was naturally our friendship that we began and that we are continuing till now!
My sweet Gavin, I can imagine us together. As all girls I am very romantic and impressionable (beside that I am an actrice). What do you think of a picnic in touch with nature? Only you and me, and nobody else in the entire world. You are so handsome and male and me so fragile and attractive, blue sky, green trees, bird singing... We won't need words; we'll understand each other without saying anything. My darling, don't abuse me for such courageous dreams, but I can't resist them.
I am afraid a little to say this words but I can't conceal my feelings any longer. I can't stop falling in love with you and what is the most interesting, I enjoy this strange and exciting feeling. I dare say my unique Gavin, I LOVE YOU!
The fact we got acquainted in this world is really wonderful. You can't imagine how I am happy we found each other. I understood you are the very person I need. You understand me, you appreciate me, and with you I feel a real woman.
My beloved, you presented me with fine sensation of being necessary. I want to express all my feelings to you, but it's impossible to do it, so fantastic they are!!! Fortunately I know you learnt to read my thoughts though such a long distance separates us...
My fantastic Gavin, I dare hope you will appreciate my courage and write me your opinion of my confession. I don't know why, but I feel you won't be upset having read this letter...
I love you, baby!!! I love you!!! Let the birds sing these words to you, let the wind transfer these confession to you!
My sweetheart, I wait for your answer with my heart trembling. I really need to know what you think of this.
Kiss you, with all my tenderness. Katya.
Letter 7
Hello, my darling angel Gavin!!!!
I was so happy and so excited to get your new E-mail. Thank you for every second you spend writing me your gorgeous letters. I like them so much, every line, every phrase, every letter! Do you know why, Gavin? Because that means that my attention to you isn't indifferent for you, you really appreciate my efforts to open to you my soul, full of love and delight.
I send you my kiss, Gavin; I send you my best regards. Look and my pictures. I have taken them today especially for you. How do you find my kiss? Do you feel how my sweet kiss touches your cheeks and your lips? I am sure - yes!
Today I had a little talk with my mum. In the morning, during the breakfast she remarked that I smile to myself. Really, I was thinking of you and I imagined you next to me drinking coffee and reading the morning newspaper. My mummy said to me: "My little girl, I think you have fallen in love." My darling, I was really surprised. I didn't think my emotions are so evident.
You entered in my life so completely, so quickly that sometimes I can't believe my happiness!!! Baby, you entered in my life like a mild and warm wind and you changed the weather in my heart. Yes, my Gavin, there was winter and now it's spring or may be even hot summer. My heart is burning with the fire of our love, but it doesn't hurt me, no, Gavin, I enjoy this amazing feeling.
Darling, I have never had such deep and bright feelings to any man, to any person in my life. Oh, Gavin, my sensations are so sharp and so distinguished. I feel on the seventh sky, writing you my letter, because this action makes me closer to you...
I want to tell you that during performances I think of you, only of you Gavin... I am rather pretty, that's why very often I am given parts of romantic girls, who are madly in love with fairy-tale princes. But I can't keep from imagining you in stead of my stage partners. I am very afraid to pronounce your name instead of the name of stage caracter)
I think of you so often that sometimes it seems to me that we are already connected by some invisible line. Sometimes I read your letter and I find there the things I was thinking about just some hours before. Isn't it astonishing, Gavin? As for me, I think, that it's just a miracle of our love!
I kiss you again and again for millions, no, milliards times and I repeat passionately: I love you, my Gavin, I love you!!!
Forever yours, your loving Katya!
Letter 8
Great hello, my darling and unforgettable prince Gavin!!!
Thank you, my sweet and nice kitten Gavin!!! I dare call you like this because you are really so tender and fluffy like a little kitten. You know, Gavin, for me is so pleasant to say to you compliments and sweet words and also I like to get compliments from you. Those are signs of our love, of our tender feelings. That's why it's so important for me, my love Gavin.
My love the theatrical season yet did not begin, but will soon begin also plays will be almost every day.
You know, we, girls are so sensitive. I am very sensible too. Of course, you know how our relations are important for me, that's why the fact are so far from me hurts me. I feel your presence next to me and sometimes I see you in my dreams. Yesterday, for example I had a dream about you and me in the restaurant. You were so imposant and you presented me with a scarlet rose. We had a romantic supper, there was only candle light. But when I opened my eyes there were nobody next to me... Sometimes I even cry lying in my bed because I am not next to you.... Oh, darling, it's so painfully for me.
But, baby one fact consoles me, the fact that we are connected already in our hearts and in our souls. But, I cannot stop thinking of you, I cannot keep from imagining you next to me, holding my arm, kissing me tenderly and whispering me sweet words... Oh darling, how fine my dreams are, do you like them?
Really, my pretty friend Gavin, I need to be next to you, to kiss you and look tenderly into your eyes... Oh, darling, I need you need you!!!!
Darling, today I had a talk with my mum. She noticed that I am very thoughtful and she guessed that it's you who is reason of my thoughtfulness. I told her that I cannot do without you, without my beloved person. My mum advised me to do all best for arrange our relations. And, my love, I decided to go to the travel agency and to learn all the information about my trip to you. I think that we are a sound couple and that we must be together.
I love you!!! I love you, Gavin!!! I love you incredibly with all my heart, with all my soul!!! I love you with my entire mind that is completely devoted to you, Gavin!!! I promise you to do all depending on me to make us closer to each other, my love Gavin!
I wait for your answer with great impatience. It is very important for me to know your opinion about my decision.
I kiss you very-very tenderly. I love you, my precious baby. I love you very much!
My sweetest kisses to you, your loving girl Katya.
Letter 9
Hello, sunshine of my life, my prince Gavin!!!
Today, baby I am overfelt with my emotions, I am so excited. Even now, writing you this letter my fingers are trembling. I feel that this day is the most important in my life. I am really happy, because I have done my first step for being with you.
Well, today I went to the travel agency. Darling, it was such happiness that before going there I decided to tell it to my dear friend Inna. She said to me that her husband's sister works in one of agencies of our city. Inna gave me telephone number, I called her and we arranged our meeting in the agency.
I don't know why but I felt so close to this manager and I have told her everything. I told her how much I love you, Gavin, how strong is my desire to be with you. I was just crying while talking to her. She was very touched by our feelings and she told me that it's possible to arrange our meeting. Darling, I was explained everything and I saw that it isn't difficult at all.
So, I was told that if I want to go to your country and want to do it fast, I must have a passport (168$), there is no problem to do it, it's very quickly, then tourist visa (it is available for three months, 215$), then two-way air-tickets (880$), insurance (870$, every person who goes abroad must have it obligatory because some troubles may take place during the voyage). If I have my tourist visa I'll be able to stay at your place for three months but if we want to continue my staying with you I think it won't be a problem. I think it's possible to prolong the visa. I was told in the agency that they had such cases and everything was OK!!!
Well, I told my mum about all this information and to my great delight my mum expressed her desire to help me. She said to me that for my future, for the future of her only daughter she will sell her wedding ring and our sofa and two arm-chairs (she bought them not very long time ago, and this furniture is quite new) and she will give me money for my trip. So, my mum will give me 1300$ approximately. We have counted everything very neatly, so I will have enough money to pay the passport, visa and tickets., I don't have enough money for my insurance!!! I counted everything but I have no money left. In fact, my darling, I don't have anybody to ask to, so I don't know what to do. For our country it's really a great sum of money and everybody doesn't possess this money. Among my acquaintances there aren't such people. I asled everybody in my Drama Theatre, but nowadays actor isn't a very well-paid profession...My unforgettable, I can hope only at you. I know that you really want me to be next to you, so I want to ask for your help.
My daring Gavin, I really dream of you all the time and I need you immensely. Tonight I have already seen you in my dream. You were next to me and you hold my hand. When I woke up I burst into tears because you weren't next to me.
My fantastic Gavin, we really have all the chances to be together!!! My manager in the agency said to me that it's possible to make all the documents very quickly. So I wait for your answer with impatience and I want to know your opinion.
I hope that everything will be very good. I kiss you tenderly, Katya!!!
Letter 10
Hi, my sweet man, Gavin, my love from the another country!
I received your letter and I want to tell you how much I need you. Your words and love in my heart make me crazy and impatience! I love you and I can ' t think in the other way! I do not want to think in the other way!
We have a beauitiful song about two lovers: " Anything cannot be more wonderful than beating two hearts together! " It's just a line but it's in my head all day long and it supplements my thoughts about you, my unforgettable Gavin!
My love I spoke you that I to you shall arrive under the tourist visa, it is easier. I cannot arrive to you without your help, it is necessary for me 870 $, I hope you to me will help.
You are with me no matter what I do and I think that together we can move mountines. I hope that soon we will be able to see each other and tell all pleasant things to each other! You are so far right now but I have a hope and great feelings of our close relations. I love you and I want you to know it!
I think that every girl is dreaming of her prince and I think that I can call you my prince, my dream from childhood.
My heart is crying when I think that time just goes away and at this time I can kiss you, touch you, just hug you and feel your energy, the warmth of your body! I wish I could feel that just right now. I can only imagine it for me and I can share with my dream with you! I hope that you will like my dream! I can see you in the moon light and you give me your hand, I think that it is a magical moment and I giving my hand to you and after this I know that all will be fine in our lifes because we are together and we love each other. Do you like this dream?
I think that maybe it is too quickly for us but I just cannot wait and I cannot stop dreaming of us together. You are deep in my heart and I want so much to tell you: " Gavin, I love you! "
I can feel in spite of great distance that you are with me. I can imagine your smell, it is tender and I think that it could be called a chemistry. I love you so much.
The weather is not pleasant now. It is not sunny but anyway I want to jump with the happiness that seizes me all over.
I love you, my darling baby!!!
So, I think that all is in our hands and we will be fighting for us. I love you and, sweetie I wish all the best. I am with you, Katya. I kiss you!
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