Scam letter(s) from Julia Grineva to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Gary
How are you? I'm fine.
I am very glad that you have answered my letter. I write to you from a cabinet of director of our children's home of a boarding school. Unfortunately I yet have no own computer. It for me the big luxury. And I think that it to me to anything as except for necessary for me for work of programs I was more anything to use I am not able. I want to tell to you about what the man is necessary for me. I want will find the person with which to me easily to communicate. And such, that would not throw me a difficult minute. Could support in any situation. In Russia it is very difficult to find such person. The main problem of our men is made that they abuse alcohol. As I already spoke I, as well as many people have decided to try to find the happiness through the Internet. And very much I hope that it was correct. I know about your country very little and I want to learn more. In general it is very interesting, because I for the first time have contacted the person from other country Me very much interests where you live? It is interesting to me to learn more about you! I like to go in for sports. And especially I love navigation. As I go to a sports hall when I have time. I live together with my mum in a small apartment. As I have cousin. He already has family. It sometimes comes to us.
Near to city I have grandmother. She already old and I frequently go to it, I help it on a facilities. To me to like to look interesting films. We have very good director, his name is Fyodor Bondarchuk. To like me his film of " 9 mouths ". I very much like to listen to music. To like me classical music because she calms. I love theatres and a museum. I in general like all that is connected to cultural development. It is pleasant to me as I live.
I have some questions for you, and I would like, that you have answered me them. You love sports? Which? Where you work whether to like you your work? How you live? Whether you have sisters or brothers? I concern to men from other countries very well because I know, that in other countries of the man on differ from the Russian men many, and they appreciate women in many respects. What do you think of the Russian girls? And how you to them concern?
I think, that you liked to learn new about me and about my life. I think, that you will answer my questions. And it will be very interesting to me to learn about you more. I with impatience shall wait for your answer.
Your friend Yuliya
Letter 2
Hi my dear and loved Gary !!!!!
I am grateful to you for your last letter. With each your new letter my love to you all becomes stronger and stronger, I every day think of you, about that world of caress, love and care which you allow to me.
I overlook about all problems and cares when I recollect you.
I dream day by day our meeting. And I cannot simply constrain the emotions when I think of it.
Understand me when the person loves someone that I think that it is given to it by the god.
The person it is similar alive, it works, does any kinds of commercial activity, but in soul in it, there is a love. I speak it because I know that such full absence of love. When you thrown, that whom you love, it is idle time awfully. I which should not wish to check up this feeling.Feeling When the love to turns of the person to hatred and your soul becomes firm. I am very grateful to the god, for what has met you!
I very much love you and I want to be with you all stayed life. With impatience I shall wait your letter and I want to wish you one million passionate and hot kisses from me.
Yours Yuliya!
Letter 3
Greetings my dear Gary
I was simply happy to receive your letter. Forgive that has not answered at once. Simply I have a little caught a cold and some days have been compelled to lead houses. But today I went to travel agency. Also has learned cost of my trip to you. I at all could think that it will so dearly. Cost of the visa makes 280 $ the international passport will cost 840 $ And cost of the ticket aboard the plane will be 761 $. There are still small charges for registration of the insurance, medical inspection and residing in Moscow for the period of registration of the visa. In general it will make 250 more $. That is all trip will make 2130 $. At me only 450 $. That is I do not have not enough approximately 1700 $ I understand that it is huge money. Whether I do not know you can help me. I learned as you can do it. It is necessary for you to go in the Western union and to send money for my data.
My name Yuliya Grineva
My city Nizhniy Novgorod
At remittance to you will make confidential code MTCN. Which as it will be necessary for you to send me and all your data I shall wait for your answer and very much I hope that you can help me. I love you, yours Yuliya
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