Letter(s) from Olga Klasnushka to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, dear:-)))

Hope, you won't mind calling you 'dear'?

I am little naughty, a little serious, a little extravagant, clever enough and very purposeful !!! I always know what I want and try to reach my goal. I'm also polite and good mannered. No, of course, as all the other people, I can be mad or angry, but I prefer to solve all the problems just speaking, I don't like quarrels or arguments. I think, that speech can solve all the problems and especially when you speak with your partner all the time, you can avoid a lot of problems. I hope, you agree with me that it's a good way to build the family relations?

I don't want you to be bored, so I finish my letter, but I'll be waiting for a very soon reply from you at tanushinka_81@inbox.ru.

All my the best wishes for you, Tanya.

Letter 2

Hello GR!!

I was glad to get your letter again:-)))GR, concerning your very important question, well, honey, I think that if everything works between us, I am ready to accept your daughter.... I will be glad to become at least the best friend for her if not substitute mother.....

By character, I'm simple, communicative girl that is why I have lots of friends.... I adore to listen to the music and to go out of the town, to stay near lake or sea or to have a nice walk in the nature. My life is great, calm and interesting but more often I start to feel a lack of the important thing like love, beloved person in my life who could understand me and with whom I'm ready to share all my life, to create a nice, harmonic family. That's why I found such way of research. I hope I'm lucky to meet my future husband this way. I have some friends, they are girls who have used the same system and now they are married and they are so happy that. I have a strong will to try my chance. I would like to find not only my happiness in this life, but also to make my beloved happy.

As for my family, well, I live with my dad (see the photo attached) . He is on pension already, but still works as a locomotive engineer on the local railway station. I also have younger sister who lives with my mother. It is a very long and not very happy story.... In few words, my younger brother dies because of the accident, my parents couldn't overcome this tragedy, starting to blame each other in what has happened.... and then they divorced..... It was the most awful day when we with my younger sister has chosen with whom to stay... Both our parents needed our support.... I stayed with dad and my sister moved with mom..... I know, that it is not correct, and what is more awful - I am sure that my parents still love each other, so me and my sister are doing everything possible to make them to correct the mistake they did.... Hope soon they understand and give each other the second chance.

For me, I made the conclusion that if (God forbid!) something like this happens in my own family, I will never behave like my parents did, making suffering everybody around them! You know, for me the most important thing in a good relationship must be RESPECT AND LOVE. I think respect is the BASE of all because if as a partners we have respect every thing will be OK. For example, with respect, there is sincerity, honesty, care, trust, and love. With respect there is NOT betray, not lies, mistrust, and etc. Hope you agree, but in case you won't, I am ready to dispute a little:-))))

I will wait for your soonest reply, kisses, Tanya.