Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Znatnova to Gustavo (Argentina)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Gustavo!
I am very glad and grateful to you. That you have written to me. I have already despaired and thought, that you have forgotten me and have no more desire to continue our acquaintance and construction of our relations. I never forgot you and always waited your answer. Today I have checked up my mail box, and have been pleasantly surprised, because I have found out your 4 letters. Thanks you. It is very a pity to me, that you have no opportunity to write the letter every day or even in some days. Once to three weeks to write the letter it very painfully for me. But I would like, that you wrote as much as possible every week. YOU agree with me?
It will be very lovely, if my name will be is on your ring, and your name will be is on my letter. It so is romantic. Our names will testify to an eternal life of our love. FOR me every day without your letter was sad. YOU do not know also to me even not conveniently to speak you. That I cried, when did not see your letters. I do not know, in what there was a reason, but I till now love you. I hope, what your feelings to me have not died away? The MOST IMPORTANT for us is to be together. Now I am ready to overcome any obstacles and distances. I feel, that all feelings and emotions which we have gone through together, cannot be finished in one letter. It is not possible! My feelings always were sincere and true. I even never thought to not write to you and to ignore your letters.
It is pleasant to me to know your plans about family. FOR me the family and family happiness are very important. I shall be very glad, if you will be jealous me of other men because I shall be assured that you love me. I think, that display of jealousy is an attribute of love. YOU agree with me? People who considered you silly - they are not right! YOU can name this people herself silly people. Never it is impossible to offend the person because it is humiliation of advantage of the person, and you never know, that is at the person in a soul. My dialogue can be shown only when people will have the general interests, for example as we with you. If you think of me as about the person who is ready to throw and forget the person only because of the small reason you at all do not know me and completely are mistaken in me. I the woman who is not afraid of obstacles and try to find the decision in any situation. AS IS KNOWN, always there are decisions even in the most difficult situations. YOU agree with me? Therefore you can always know, that I shall be you support. I hope, what your health is now good also the doctor you has pleased?
I am very glad, that now we again continue our relations. I hope, that I have answered all your questions. If I have not written something, you write to me this questions. That I then have written to you answers. I now finish the letter and I shall wait your answer with big impatience. Your true Tatyana
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