Scam letter(s) from Cecilia Wilson to Duane (USA)

Letter 1
ok **** thanks for writting me back , rigth ow **** am out of state due to my grandfather rembrance ceremonies ever since a week and three days now here in africa. well after the ceremonies my family wanted me to stay and marry an african before going back to state as the only girl and the oldest child of the family ,which i refused and neglect there offer and what they did was to secured me tigth from the family compound and seize myreturn ticket and seized some of my clothees ,i decided to leave the compound and ran toother cioty tolodge in a motel to secure mylife so rigth now i can only give you the motel manager phone number if you are willing to talk tobme on the phone and he will give me phone to speak with you , his name is rolland a very nice and kind man , tell him you wanna speak with lizzy in room no 7,the name ofthe motelis AUSTEX IN HOTEL .
so if you want the phone number i can give you , so that immdiately you call him he will bring phone for me or if hi not around by then he will tell you to call back ok.
so if you want it write me back to give you ok.
thank you
You can emailme too if you cant callon the manager phone , email very important too **** , here is my yahooid again ( we will xchange pics and tolearn somuch about each other ok.
Letter 2
Hello duane here are some of my **** pics , pls take a look at itand tell me how **** i look like ok. And moreso if you wanna call the motel manager for you to speak with me , his name is rolland , tell him you wanna speak with lizzy in room 7, his a very nice man if his in thye motel by the time youcall he will bring phone for me is the phone number(0112348069004199)pls dial directly like that , itsafrica here in Nigeria it will ring ok. thank you hope to see your pics too ok.
stay sweet.
Letter 3
Ok **** thanks for getting back to me , like i told you in my last message , am really goin through pains here now , and my life is at risk because i dont want my family to get me and to know where i lodge because they want to force me into mariage that i dont like , i dont want to marry someone that my heart did not desire and i dont want to marry an african , so if you are serious and willing to see me on time , you have to write me back and if you really can take care of my trip back home theres nothing am doing at the motel just to complete my air fees with my travelling agent and fly down to state you can write me the nearest airport you wish me to land that is very close to your area either SAN FRANSICO AIRPORT OR ANYONE,and if you serious to take care of the trip i can give you the travelling agent email ads because i have deposited some money with them just to complete it ok.bye for now hope to read from you.
thank you and remain bless
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