Scam letter(s) from Maria Golikova to HervE (France)

Letter 1
My lovely dear,
I shall have holiday in June and for you there is at me a small surprise. Tell to me please to you it it is pleasant or not and that you think in this occasion. I went to travel agency here in our city and have learned Details of a trip to France. The passport for travel abroad costs 50 euros. The visa costs 70 euros. I shall receive the short-term unitary tourist visa. Necessary documents For registration of the visa: - The passport for travel abroad, - 2 photos of 3.5/4.5 Sm on a white background- -copies Russian the passport (all pages) - The information from work with the instruction from a post And the income your income - The filled questionnaire -medical Insurance costs 30 euros, valid for territories of the Schengen zone Usually Registration of the visa, borrows about 2-3 days (including time To inform on it And preparation of documents). Today I was for registration The visa. But documents will start to make out all after payment. The ticket from Pskov up to Moscow costs 121,33 euros. The ticket from Moscow up to Paris costs 354 euros. (there and back) Services of agency 120 euros Full cost of a trip costs 745,33 euros. Here my flight of arrival if you will agree that I arrived to you:
Depart: Friday, 15 June 07 07:20
Moscow-Sheremetyevo , RU (SVO)
Non-Stop / SU 445
Arrive: Friday, 15 June 07 09:15
Paris De Gaulle , FR (CDG) When I have learned full cost From a trip, I was in good mood. I have no such plenty of money for a trip. I In a condition can pay for the passport, the visa, medical insurance, Services of agency. I will be helped by my daddy. It means, that I can pay independently 270 euros. Yours The help on a trip to you is necessary for me. If you will not help me I, I shall be, Understand all, also, that we shall be, postpone ours Meeting, and I shall go and I cancel a trip to you Well. The justification, if, what not so. Most of all I wish to meet you... And still I so wish to visit another where I never was... Paris - my favourite city because it is the most romantic city in the world, I trust. But the real novel of that city can be estimated only, whether you can waste time there with the person who feels the same way by which you do so I never had that pleasure, nevertheless. Today the remarkable dream has dreamed me: There was an evening, do not know where it was, but it was very beautiful there. I went on coast Barefoot, waves concerned my legs, the breeze played with my hair, was Sunset as if the sun plunged into water and water was yellow-orange Colors... I went and suddenly in far all someone's image came nearer to me, I did not see Still who it... And all was this the man more close and more close. The man has told: Maria! And I have seen your eyes, you went to me and I have accelerated a step to come nearer to To you... We have risen before each other very close, minute of silence, we looked for the first time against each other and you have strong embraced me and have told: ? At last, we have waited This day, we together... and anywhere now you I shall not release. We walked on a beach, talked, laughed also anything us did not disturb, we Did not hurry up anywhere, we enjoyed happy time together... It It was wonderful... And here our lips have incorporated in a sweet gentle kiss... And I have woken up... Such feeling, that it was in a reality, to me was so well with You... There can be this dream was prophetic and it once will come true... Successful day! I always think of you!
Kisses! Yours Maria.
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