Letter(s) from Jan to Monte (USA)

Letter 1

i was so happy today! when u reply my letter.. with lots of love to give and to share.. thanks honey... u really make me excited to be there... i cant wait to hug and kiss you....im sure i will be happy with you honey.. and i like to spend my life till my last breath with you....
honey going there cost to much after what happened in 911. here are the fees.. so you have idea...
fare in any state in US $800 its a promo fare....
and they need to check your show money $1500 minimum because they will check how will you survive in US.
medical and physical exam cost $200
and travel tax cost 50$
honey this is too much... im worry on you... how i wish i have salary here so i can pay my trip... so let me know honey.. so we can discuss.... i love you so much.. and im yours only

Letter 2

hi honey!!!
show money is always a rule for tourist visa.. because the immigration and US embassy will check it...i myself experience also that in 2006... and our doctor who just came yesterday from texas.. also telling still they ask for show money in the airport.... its like a pocket money for the travel...
and they will check if you can sustain yourself in your stay as TOURIST...
and regarding of calling. all our phone is emergency hotline. and the information will recieve it.. and they transfer the info in the computer..
for us recuer will attend in rescue in any location......i love to hear your voice your sweetness.... i like to feel it honey.. we can email as always....i love you so much....yours JAN

Letter 3

i just finish in the other city in medical mission... how are you honey? good morning to you... did u eat breakfast already? oh its your saturday morning!!! plans for today? now im attaching copy of my visa honey... im so excited to be there.. hmmmmmmm i m so excited to hug u and feel your love.. i love you.. im online for 30 min.. hope u can reply asap so i can email back.. love you... your wife JAn