Scam letter(s) from Wesongo Stephen to Spencer (UK)

Letter 1
I have read all your mails before now, I want to come visit you in Uk to start planning our lifes together while with you in UK. I want you also to make suitable accommodation where we will stay during my visit to you. Also let me state here that I do not have bank account of my own hence I am not been paid salary, you must also understand here that I am a humanitarian worker and we are not paid for our services hence we render voluntary services to this poor and needy here in Northern Ghana. I have before now made inquiry into the cost of my traveling documents such as my entry Tourist Visa, Airplane Ticket and Traveling Insurance Coverage Policy. And the travel and tours agency are charging the sum of ?1,750 only which they said that if I can make the fee available today within the next 4-5days time from the day I made the payment all my tr5aveling documents will be ready for me to fly and meet with you in Uk. Therefore, to fasten things up ahead on time I still request you have the money send through the Western Union Money Transfer in favour of my name and Address below: NAME: WESONGO STEPHEN.
ADDRESS: 23,PRESBY CHURH CRESCENT TAMALE-GHANA. While after you must have sent the money copy me with the MTCN / Payment information to enable me cash and collect the money and forward it across to the Travel and tours Agency to enable them start securing the documentation. I am looking forward to your immediate answer now.
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