Romance scam letter(s) from Gina Heil to Phil (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello Phil ,
How are you? although i like talking and making my mind known because it does make me feel good . This is my first time doing this internet thing like i have told you and i hope at the end of the day it would'nt be a waste of my precious time . These are some things i still think you need to know about me so that the decision will be yours if you still wanna continue with our communication. I like going to beaches in my Bikinin, i love artworks and going camping does make me feel good, i like attending good musical concerts, and doing voluntery works and also attend church services. I love to cook and mostly i love to stay indoor on a very good day, being at home with my partner snuggling on the couch with a bottle of wine whispering into each other's ears will make me the happiest woman on earth at that moment. And most of all, i love to swim soo much. Iam also the kind of woman that will be waiting at your door whenever you are back either from work or anywhere, preparing my partner's best meal will make me fell fullfiled but for him to get home on time to have it is another thing. i want you to know that when iam set iam set and nothing can change my mind so i dont beat about the bush i allow my feelings and mind to be known fast,bcos its very awful when someone hurt another good feelings after thinking over it so many times with all the mails i got from the dating site, my instinct agreed with me to mail you and after reading and re reading your profile, i decided to contact you. Meanwhile, dont be suprised that iam in very far away africa at the moment, i have been here for the past three months but i should be back state in a couple of days.
Although, my area of speciality is on hairdressing and costuming for ladies, but sometimes ago when i was working for my father, before his death, i used some of the money i realized from him to establish an orphanage home in west africa Nigeria to be precise and this i did to thank God and fulfill my promise to him after healing my soul from a big disappointment and hurt. and with the help of some God fearing organisation and companies, the orphanage happened to be one of the best in Nigeria then 'its named, Stephen centre for motherless children' When this home was created, i stayed in Nigeria for about 8 months and when i was sure that everything is in good condition and as at one year ago, we had about 118 children in the house. So i left the place in care of some good Anglican brothers and sisters and went back to the united kingdom to work hard and give more to the project. Phil, you will never believe that as iam talking to you now, the home have no single child in it and all those people i believe to be trust worthy are very bad people because they embezzled all the money i sent to the home in order to make things right and even some donation from diffrent organisation. I was informed four months ago by a parental motherles babies home of what was happening at Stephen's center so i was left with no choice than to come back to Nigeria to see things for myself. Moreover, all the staff at the Stephen center are no where to be found and even both the matron and the patron can not be traced. So iam here trying to close things up and continue with my life as iam sure in my heart that i tried my best but maybe that was not how God want it. Phil, After everything, i thought about my life for a long time and concluded that the best and next thing for me now is to settle down and have a family of my own, my very good husband and healthy kids will be a dream come true in my life now and this is the main reason you saw my profile on the dating site which i strongly prefare to those bars and restaurants. Iam ready to settle with any man as iam not concerned about the physical appearance or wealth, age or even distance, but all iam after is a man the kind of man that will be very well responsible,honest,caring,lovely,open minded and who is ready to settle down for good.
As for the type of companion I desire. It is rather simple. Race, ethnicity,religious believe in general is not problem. My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirits. A man that will not be selfish a man that will be my father, my mentor and my everything who we can both raised our children together in good health, love and love of God. Phil, With my profession, iam sure that i will be succesfull anywhere i found myself but the most important thing is that i hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with when i get back. Am still single Still searching for a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and the man i can spend the rest of my life with. Get back to me and let me know what you think.
Till i hear back from you, stay blessed and safe.
Yours, Jade.
Letter 2
Hello Phil,
How are you today? and how is work going on? am so glad that you are a good believer in our lord jesus christ and i have been paying for the divine guidance of holyspirit when i subscribed at the dating site.
I have been very busy trying to round up what i have come to do in africa here and never ever come back again. Thanks for telling me a little more about yourself. So tell me more about your job? when do you think you can think of settling down for good.
Phil, i strongly agree with you that its only God that can lead someone in choosing a right person for future partner and like you have done i have also leave everything to God and am sure he will lead us right, where exactly do you think this communication between us could lead to? have you even experience anything like this before if yes tell me your experience? with all i have told you about me, do you think we might have a chance together as we continue our communication?
I will be expecting your response to this mail as soon as possible and in my next mail i will tell you about my family background. and also let me know you daily schedule so that i might be sure of the exact time i can meet you at the computer so that we can exchange mails.
Stay Blessed and safe.
Bye for now, Jade.
Letter 3
Hello Phil,
How are you doing today and how is work going for you? i hope its not too stressfull? Let me first tell you that i realy appreciate your mail and i read and re read your mail many times because i was able to sense truth and openness of mind in your mail and i hope and pray that this will continue as am also very glad that you are a man of God. I will quickly seize this opportunity to tell you some things about my family background which i think its very important for you to know. I originated from UK. ireland to be precise. I was born in the year 1978. i attended college at west london and later started work at liverpool anglican rehabilitation center. i worked there for few years and it was the death of my mother that made me stopped the interesting work of helping those that people thought have no hope again in life, to regain there lost courage and believe in themselves. My motherr was killed in a motor accident at Farningham Road,Caterham,England on her way from one of her social engagement and with this i was forced to leave my work and joined my father's business. Before the death of my mother, i was never in good rapour with my father because he never have time to look after his family, he believe that so far he is able to provide for the needs of the family that his attention must not be the paramount so he travelled round the world almost all the time and if my calculation is right, he hardly spend about 10 days with the family out of the 31 days in a month and i must confess that i realy wanna hurt him for being nonchalant to his wife and myself his only child that was the main reason i left school and started working at the rehabilitation center which as calculated pissed him off. I joined my father's business shortly after the death of my mother and after some months, i was taken to Salt lake as my father's personal secretary when he was there to monitor a oil contract and that was how i fell in love with the country. Actually, my mum is from Boise Idaho but i was opportuned to be there just twice and that was when i was still very young. So after the completion of the job, i decided to stay and settle in United state pamernently . Phil, this decision was made strong because i met my first boyfriend some days after i arrive in salt lake and before the completion of the job, we have fall deeply in love with each other.This realy got my father pissed again but i insisted on staying with one of my aunt who is a relative to my mum . So this was how i moved in with my aunt who was living in Akron then and with her only daughter who later became my best and trusted friend in the world. i forgot about my father and all his money because i was very happy i found freedom and attention and love especially with Keith my boyfriend then doing great and showering all the love in the world on me i have never felt this way in my life and i love him so much with passion he was everything to me and i started to think this is the will of God for me. After 1 year of our relationship, i decided to do something with my life and pursue a good carrier. i registered with a costuming and coperate hair salon school in Michigan i made all necessary arrangment with the help of Keith my boyfriend everything went well. Now the bomb shell, on this faithfull morning i left home for school and i have concluded with Keith that i will be staying in the school for at least a week and we agreed on this. But that very day after i go to school, i discovered that there was little activities and many of my colleagues are yet to be back from thier various home to the hostel and it was goona be a bore week for me and with the rate at which iam gonna miss Keith and Anabel my cousin, i decided to take the next available flight back home. Alas, On getting home i caught my Keith red handed with Anabel the daughter of my sister who was my best friend making a very agressive love. I almost went mad and attempted suicide. But thank God that when i jumped i did not die. that was how i met God and after some months he gave me hope for life and with no choice left for me, i decided to go back to my father. Phil, reconciling with my father was a very bad experience for me, because by the time i got back to u.k, she got a new wife. But at the end of the day everything was settled between us and i started working for him again but he made sure that i never get out of his office. He only pay my salary but i was never active which i hate soo much. everything was put in care of his new wife and she control the business and even my father. When i could not cope again because it got to a stage that the wife bounced on me and there was nothing i could do right in both the house and office again, i decided to leave my father and the wife and i took all my savings and decided on going to africa with the dream of building the orphanage home in me and also i wanted to be very far from my father. That was how i left him and that was how i came to Africa for the first time. But not quite long that i arrived in Africa that i was called that my father is dead. this realy shook me and i was 100 percent heart broken. I was left with no chioce than to travel back to U.K for my father's burial. It was after the burial that it was revealed that my father was already swimming in debt and even it was the thought of this that killed him and i later got to know that the lavish spening of his wife was nothing to write home about. After everything, we loosed all his properties to relief his debt and i had no choice than to stay in U.K and work hard so that i can continue with life and the running of the orphanage back in africa. Phil, I hope i have been able to make some of the journey of my life clear to you a little bit and if by any chance you are still curious in any area feel free to ask me any question. Here are one or two questions for you ..... have you been divorced before in your life? if Yes, what caused it? tell me about your dream home in the nearest future. You are realy finding your way into my heart with your constant explanatory mails and i hope this will be the begining of something great between us. I will attarch few of my pictures with this mail and i hope you will like them as i realy like the ones you sent me. I stongly hope you are having a nice day. till i hear from you, stay blessed and safe.
Yours, Jade. P.S .............. I tried to download some pictures for you just now but the scanner really messed up so i promise to correct the error tomorrow and send some pictures to you. As am writting you now its 11: 45 pm here so its a bit late and i have spent about 1 hr 30 mins to write this mesage to you so my eyes are full of sleep now. Meanwhile, let me just suggest that if possible we may both cancell our membership from the dating site for now and concentrate of each other to see where this will go if you think this make any sense let me know as i like to do and concentrate on one thing at a time.
Letter 4

Hello Phil,
How are you today? hope fine. I must thank you soo much for your persistent mail and for saving me from loneliness as am here in africa. Because am most of the time lonely as i have no friend here but since you have started sending me e mails, i did not feel lonely most of the time because i often read and re read your mails. Today. i was in the hotel all through i did not go out today at all but i was at the swimming pool side reading a book i took from the hotel library.
Now am really getting anxious to get mails from you and i found your thought striking my mind with a sudden rush sometime in the day. So what do we call this am still trying to understand myself concerning your issue because since that very first day i sent you an e mail, things has begin to change in my life and i often wonder how this could be possible with a man am even yet to meet.
Phil, Am planning and preparing to get myself back to the state as soon as possible, as a professional hairdresser, i plan to establish my own personal beauty mall for ladies this is the reason am working very hard here to sell the property on which the orphanage home is built its about 15 acres of land in a very good industrialized location and since they have mismanaged the orphanage home and i have little or no fund to continue it , am now left with no choice than to sell the property raise some good fund through that and i will continue with my life. probably settle down.
But its been three months i have been here now with little or no assurance that i will be able to sell the property as quick as i wish so by the end of this week if there is no assurance of selling the property i will love to go back to the state and do the selling from the state. But the main problem am having is that of accomodation when i get back to the state because the last thing i will want to do is go back to my aunt whom her daughter took away my then x boyfriend from me. But am still trying to contact a friend whom i have lost contact with for so long if am successfull with that i will be on the plane back to the state by the end of this week. And am not sure you will be able to assist if i ask a favour from you, Am not sure how job opportunity is opened for me with my proffesion if i come to canada, if i can get a job as a hair dresser, i might change my flight details to canada and come down there its just the accomodation problem am going to have in canada too. But let me know if in any way you can help me.
Phil, Am happy to tell you that i did not sustain any complex injury when i jumped that long ago, just some bruises and a broken ankle but am healed now and since then i have never feel any pain from the affected area in my body. And to answer your question, i was just 19 years old when i date Keith.
After i finish sending this mail, i will delete my profile away from the dating site and i hope that you do the same. Lets keep this communication phase up because am starting to feel good about this. So , to what extend can you love your woman? who is your kind of woman? am happy with the kind of lovely and good home you come from, it will surely have a goof effect on you. i will try and send my pictures to you again and till i hear from you stay blessed and safe.
Yours, Jade.
Letter 5
Good day sir,
Once again sir, my name is doctor Martins the head of orthopaedic department of the ST NICHOLAS HOSPITAL HERE IN NIGERIA. I have written you since day before yesterday for about 3 times but i think you did not get any of my e mails. I think it may be due to the fact that i have been using the hospital direct e mail to send you this mail. When we did not hear anything from you, i decided to use my personal e mail adress to send this e mail to you again on behalf of a lady who claims to be your fiancee. Am writing you on behalf of one Miss Jade Johnson who is a residence of united state but as i learn t, has been living in our country now for some time.It was yesterday evening that she was rushed down to our hospital along bank road Ibadan Nigeria where she was knocked down by an on coming vehicle when she attempted to cross to the other side of the road from the western union office where i believe she was coming from and even the cab driver that brought her confirmed that he even told her to wait for him to lock up the cars so that he could escort her to the other side of the road where the western union office is located but she was just too anxious and so much in a hurry that before he could lock up the car, she was already in the office on the other side of the road. According to him, he decided to wait for her to come out of the office since she was already in and he was lost in his thought by the time she came out and what just woke him up was the sound he heard when the car knocked her down.And according to passerby an eye witness, it was gathered that miss jade was somehow in a hurry that she did not even bother to look very well before she crossed the road.This is her condition as at this morning Sir, she came back to consciousness this morning and we have been able to stop her internal bleeding , but she is still having a broken ankle and a ligament injury and our therapist are working on her now. Aside from that,immediately i finished sending this mail to you, i will make sure that an X ray is done on her ankle so that we will be sure if she will have to undergo any surgey or not. this is her present state of health as at this morning and it was when she came out of consciouness that she was able to give us your e mail add and she also instructed us to call the hotel manager who is presently with her here now. She told me personally to help her mail you. Sir, As the medical director here, i promise to do all in my power to make sure that she gets back to her feet as i can see that she must be a nice lady.In case you may need to call us sir, this is the department phone,.011-234-7034887667 i will be expecting to here from you very soon. bye for now sir.
Yours Faithfully Sir,
Sir, the total amount of 400 dollars was recovered from her and the local traffic police here will be coming to this hospital to hand the money over to the hotel manager whom she believe could help her keep the money. AND YOU CAN CHECK YOUR E MAIL ADDRESS WELL FOR OUR PREVIOUS MAILS.
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