Letter(s) from Julia Grineva to Forrest (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend!
My name is Yuliya. To me of 26 years I live in city Nizhniy Novgorod. I work as the bookkeeper in children's home a boarding school. I live with my mum in an apartment on surburb of city. And I would like meet the man with which could to create own family.

If you will not lose interest for me in the following letters, I shall tell about me directly more.
Write to me please about itself and family, than you are borrowed, where work, whether there In you a hobby, it is very interesting to me to learn more about you.
Were to me please photos.
I with impatience wait for your letter.

Yours new friend Yuliya

Letter 2

Hello my friend Michael
How are you? I'm fine.
I am very glad that you have answered my letter. I write to you from a cabinet of director of our children's home of a boarding school. Unfortunately I yet have no own computer. It for me the big luxury. And I think that it to me to anything as except for necessary for me for work of programs I was more anything to use I am not able. I want to tell to you about what the man is necessary for me. I want will find the person with which to me easily to communicate. And such, that would not throw me a difficult minute. Could support in any situation. In Russia it is very difficult to find such person. The main problem of our men is made that they abuse alcohol. As I already spoke I, as well as many people have decided to try to find the happiness through the Internet. And very much I hope that it was correct.

I know about your country very little and I want to learn more. In general it is very interesting, because I for the first time have contacted the person from other country Me very much interests where you live? It is interesting to me to learn more about you!

I like to go in for sports. And especially I love navigation. As I go to a sports hall when I have time. I live together with my mum in a small apartment. As I have cousin. He already has family. It sometimes comes to us.
Near to city I have grandmother. She already old and I frequently go to it, I help it on a facilities. To me to like to look interesting films. We have very good director, his name is Fyodor Bondarchuk. To like me his film of " 9 mouths ". I very much like to listen to music. To like me classical music because she calms. I love theatres and a museum. I in general like all that is connected to cultural development. It is pleasant to me as I live.
I have some questions for you, and I would like, that you have answered me them. You love sports? Which? Where you work whether to like you your work? How you live? Whether you have sisters or brothers? I concern to men from other countries very well because I know, that in other countries of the man on differ from the Russian men many, and they appreciate women in many respects. What do you think of the Russian girls? And how you to them concern?
I think, that you liked to learn new about me and about my life. I think, that you will answer my questions. And it will be very interesting to me to learn about you more. I with impatience shall wait for your answer.
Your friend Yuliya

Letter 3

Good afternoon the my dear friend Michael !!
It is very pleasant for me, that you as to be interested in me, as well as I you. I am glad to receive your letters. I hope that we shall not stop on it. I would like to ask you too is glad to our acquaintance? I have seen in you the present friend. It is very interesting to me to communicate with you. I think that you can trust. I hope that I was not mistaken.
You can not believe me, but I never was in other countries. I even never left mine area.
You can sometimes present yourself that I am afraid to go from work home. In the winter very much it becomes early dark. And at us it is a lot of criminality. And the person can kill simply for that what to take away at him a purse.
My mum when has found out, that I have got acquainted with you was glad. She has told to me about that that would be good, if I could find the happiness from other country. And if to speak particularly I want will meet the person which kind and careful. I would want that we could be always together. I very much like to prepare and I love when houses cleanliness and the order. Probably in the future I can treat you with Russian cuisine. You can tell to me about culture of your country. It so is interesting.

On it I finish the letter. I hope, you will quickly answer me, because I shall miss under your letters if you for a long time will not write. At present you my close friend and I do not want, that you would cease to write to me.
Your girlfriend Yuliya

Letter 4

Greetings my dear Michael !!!!!!
I certainly Michael all your fears. Because I too heard about swindlers which much ask money and deceive people. I agree that to you is necessary to be convinced of that that I do not deceive you. And only then we can have full trust. I have made such picture which you asked. Also I hope that already between us there can not be no mistrust. I hope you with me it agree? Because I tried to do it specially for you and for a long time you explained mum for what reason cannot believe me completely. Because I trust you and I do as you ask. I shall wait for your answer, yours Yuliya

Letter 5

Good afternoon, Forrest!
I understand all your fears about girls from Russia and the FSU. I heard about such people much. And I am very glad to that that you were convinced of my honesty. And if that is fair even that to you 54 years have no any value. For me the main thing that the man would be fair with me. Instead of his age. If I can trust the person completely what value has age. But I would like to ask you to do as a special picture for me. I hope you not insult? Because I to not want what you played one more joke with me. Make a picture where you touch both hands for ears. Well. I hope that I shall not offend you this request. Simply I too do not like when with me play jokes. I am adjusted not on entertainment and on creation of serious relations. Yours Yuliya

Letter 6

Hello my friend Forrest!!!!!
I and so have understood that now you have shown me the present person. And you seem to me very nice the man. Your bald head such sexual. She speaks about that that to you very intellectual person is necessary to think much that is you. Tell I is right? I very much like to guess that that in people. This very interesting employment. Only it is impossible to combine it with working hours. At us in the country now show transfer "Intuition". In it people try to win money. The sense consists in that that before the player put 14 person and it should guess relying on the intuition by what trade each of them works. You know Forrest I is glad to that that I could to prove you that that present, instead of simply a picture in the letter. But I can tell at once what photos I shall not begin to do for anything. It will be my pictures in a bathing suit and completely without clothes. Because it contradicts mine principles. Before I have met you to me wrote one man. It constantly asked such photos and sent me the naked pictures. When I have told to it{him} that for anything I shall not execute his request it have ceased to write to me. And I was very glad to this. Because this person has not been adjusted on serious relations. Well I probably on it shall finish my letter. I shall wait for your answer.

Letter 7

Hello Forrest!!!!!!!
I was glad to receive your letter. Really it seems to me that these letters pull together us. I have read your reflections about that that you are not confident the intellectuality only because have not received a scientific degree. But it has no any value. Because the high intelligence is given to the person by nature instead of because it has received a degree. And still looking on these sledge I understand that at you "gold" hands. It means that you can work as hands and it is very good. Because not all men can do it. And you very kind person also love animals and birds. It is simply wonderful, because in Russia will very seldom meet the person which feeds birds in the winter. It is done only by children. And it is not interesting to adult people. All of them think only of the problems and they do not have an affair up to others. I do not understand as it is possible to be such egoists. In fact if on the ground birds will be lost and animals that will be destroyed protogenic beauty of the nature. You agree with me? At me behind a window the feeding trough too hangs and in the morning many small birds there gather. They have already got used to me and sometimes even take I peep from my hands. It so is fine. They such small and defenceless. I very much love wildlife. I probably even would get to myself the puppy if I had apartment more. I heard about day of gratitude much. If I am not mistaken that this holiday have started to mark since Englishmen have come by the ship " May flower " and have landed on coast of America. And this day has been devoted to their safe navigation. I am right or it only such legend? Well I probably shall finish on it mine the letter my dear Forrest. Also I shall wait your answer. Yours Yuliya

Letter 8

Hi my dear Forrest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What all the same is pleasure to receive from you the letter. I very much like to read your kind and gentle words.
I need in your letters, they are very necessary for me, because you became an inseparable part of my life!!!
I every day think about our meetings!!! I am very grateful to the God that have met you on the vital way.
Each girl or the man sooner or later will find the half of happiness!!!
I so am glad that presently we can to communicate with you despite of the big distance.
I so am happy that we can will share the feelings and to share the problems.
Mine dear tell to me please as you have lead day, than you were engaged?
My fine I was more and more and I think of you more, I think that our attitudes get stronger day by day.
I know that you the good and kind person. I so would like to tell to you more about the feelings to you but unfortunately I should hasten and consequently it is time to me to finish the letter.
Whole. I wish you all good.
Yours Yuliya!

Letter 9

Hi my dear Forrest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I of dreams am glad to receive from you the letter!
I have read your answer to my last letter. It me has very strongly pleased because your warm and gentle words about me an inseparable part of my life! Every day I think of our meeting.
I want to tell that I the happiest woman on light because we have met each other, mine dear!!!
I want to tell that anyone who searches for love can find her.
I have met you, you have learned me and you seem to me that that person which so is necessary for me.
My strongest desire now is strong to embrace and kiss you but unfortunately at me there is no magic wand to appear near to you.
But I believe that sometime there will come an instant when I shall see you and I can express all feelings to you.
I want that you have understood that I need in you, that you my kind angel and your care of me always will help to be to us happy.
My fine please understand me correctly and my passion to you.
You my second half. And I to consider that for that what to learn each other it is necessary to have one meeting than 1000 mail better.
I trust you and consequently to me very important, also you trusted it to me. It seems, it is, a love letter remains in your memory, up to ours both again and again up to our meeting!
Our meeting with you - will necessarily take place.
With impatience I shall wait from you the fast letter.

Yours Yuliya!

Letter 10

Hi my dear and loved Forrest !!!!!
I am grateful to you for your last letter. With each your new letter my love to you all becomes stronger and stronger, I every day think of you, about that world of caress, love and care which you allow to me.
I overlook about all problems and cares when I recollect you.
I dream day by day our meeting. And I cannot simply constrain the emotions when I think of it.
Understand me when the person loves someone that I think that it is given to it by the god.
The person it is similar alive, it works, does any kinds of commercial activity, but in soul in it, there is a love. I speak it because I know that such full absence of love. When you thrown, that whom you love, it is idle time awfully. I which should not wish to check up this feeling.Feeling When the love to turns of the person to hatred and your soul becomes firm. I am very grateful to the god, for what has met you!
I very much love you and I want to be with you all stayed life.

With impatience I shall wait your letter and I want to wish you one million passionate and hot kisses from me.
Yours Yuliya!

Letter 11

Greetings my dear Forrest.
I was so is glad will receive your letter. You know at us while became little bit warmer +1 - 0 With I at all do not know as sometimes to leave on street. In fact from - for such sharp temperature drop I have caught a cold also to me it was necessary to lead some days to beds. It were such heavy days. Because I had no any communication with you. And it is already very hard for me. Because each your letter brings to me pleasure.
My dear Forrest I did not think that a picture where I shall a little slightly open a stomach will seem to you naked. Personally very much to like me that picture and I thought that she as it is pleasant to you. Because she is not a picture where I completely naked. Entrance I have lead houses to these and only would leave for that what to send you a mail. Because felt like much better.
I shall have certainly the days off before Christmas. Because I am going to take holiday for 3 months. It will be in the beginning December. And all the winter long I shall have a rest. Because I did not begin to take holiday the last year. It so is wonderful.
I shall wait for your letter. Yours Yuliya

Letter 12

Hi my love Forrest !!!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter!
I hope at you all well!
At me simply all it is wonderful! I have small dream of that that I shall do when I will have family. In the evenings we can walk having joined hands and to do all that we want.
Behind of it to go the house, I shall prepare a close supper to us. There will be a table with set a candle and we shall sit together and there are exotic dishes and to drink easy wine. Having captured to sit and observe as there there leaves the sun and then in the moon and stars to speak about love and to
Like each other till the morning.
But it only dreams, yes - dreams connected only with you because I think, that you my second half!
Please forgive to me if it seems to you banal in it the letter, I simply express you the tender feelings.
I want to be with you for ever!!!

My dear if it is probably that I would like to have in the near future a meeting with you, I hope you too want it!
I soon to want to take holiday. I shall be in holiday 3 month!
If you want we with pleasure can make a meeting!!!
On it I shall finish the letter, and I shall wait from you for a prompt reply!
Write to me as soon as possible, I want to know your answer, it is very important for me!

Yours Yuliya!