Scam letter(s) from Suzzy Eyison to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my name is Kelsey Ware. It would seem that you and I have many of the same interests. I came across your profile and decided to drop you a little hello to see how your search is going? If you get a chance take a peek at my profile and tell me what you think. Im hopeful it sparks a little interest, I would love to get to know you better.get back to me via email if you are interested kelseysmile29 a/t y/a/h/o/o/ d/o/t/ c/o/m . Hope to hear from you soon!
Letter 2
Hi Bruce,i am gradually getting done with my modelling here.I thought of opening a boutique where i could sell Fabric textiles,what do you think?I am looking for an honest and caring man,someone that is fun and loving,someone that is romantic,someone that is passionate,someone that wouldn't raise his hands on me,someone that would cherish my beauty and i hope that's YOU?LOL.I pray that this should happen for real because you sound like a great man and i am using this opportunity to tell you that i wouldn't want to divorce when i get married,i want to be happy all my life and i hope you will always put a smile on my face?Are you really looking forward to raising a family?I hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful day.

Letter 3
Hi Bruce,how are you doing today?hope you had a peaceful night?I am really worried today,i was in a meeting with my manager and client,i think i will be delayed,my payment was made in United States Postal Money Order for safety purpose and it can only be cash in the states.Although i never wanted to bother you but i will really appreciate if you can help me in cashing the money orders,All i needed is your full name and either your home or work address since you are always at work during the day time and I will mail it to you and you will take it to your bank and get it cashed,then wire the cash back to me via Western Union so that i can settle my hotel bills and get my ticket back to the states.Hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful day.

Letter 4
Hi Bruce,how are you doing today?hope you had a peaceful night?My name is Kelsey Ware,29 F Richmond CA,i am 5'7,110lbs,i am a model,single and no kids.i travel much due to my job,i am presently in Nigeria to model for a new established hotel.I love lubbing, dancing, swiming, shopping, sightseeing and traveling. I am an only child,my parent are divorce and it's really ******* me been an only child.I am seeking for an honest and caring man,someone that would appreciate my been there for him,someone that would cherish my beauty,someone that will never raise his hands on me.hope this explain little about me.How old are you and what do you do for a living?hope to hear from you soon.have a peaceful day.

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