Roamnce scam letter(s) from Suzzy Eyison to Brandon (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my name is Kelsey Ware. It would seem that you and I have many of the same interests. I came across your profile and decided to drop you a little hello to see how your search is going? If you get a chance take a peek at my profile and tell me what you think. Im hopeful it sparks a little interest, I would love to get to know you better.get back to me via email if you are interested kelseysmile29 a/t y/a/h/o/o/ d/o/t/ c/o/m . Hope to hear from you soon! Ps Get in touch with me via email since my membership is ending soon and i don't plan on renewing it.
Letter 2
Hi Bran,how are you doing today?hope you had a peaceful night?My name is Kelsey Ware,29 F Burbank CA,i am 5'7,110lbs,i am a model,single and no kids.i travel much due to my job,i am presently in Nigeria to model for a new established hotel.I love clubbing,dancing,swiming,shopping,sightseeing and traveling.I am an only child,my parent are divorce and it's really hard on me been an only child.I am seeking for an honest and caring man,someone that would appreciate my been there for him,someone that would cherish my beauty,someone that will never raise his hands on me.hope this explain little about me.How old are you and what do you do for a living?hope to hear from you soon.have a peaceful day.

Letter 3
Thanx for the mail,am so glad.I have been here since 3weeks ago and i will be back next week.I have been a model for 3years,I do most of my modeling in Europe and this is my first time in Africa,I do have more pictures and i will be very happy to send some to you later.My mom is a Canadian but My Dad is from the states so i have a dual citizenship.I live by myself in my dad's home in Burbank CA,i haven't seen him for a very long time and i also don't know where he presently reside.He never cares to know my way of living since he divorce my Mom and my Mom presently move back to Canada where she belongs.I am just 3months old in the area and i don't know much about it yet,i hope you will be more than happy to show me all around when i get back?I think i would say am on my own since I have no friend in CA because my work takes me out of the states very often,I love what i do simply because it makes me see new places.I think i would stop modelling someday when i found my soulmate so as to have enough time for my family but i don't know exactly what to do yet.Whom do you live with and why are you still single? Kel Ps i have removed my profile completely on TRUE since i found no one interesting.
Letter 4

Hi Brandon,how are you doing today?hope you had a peaceful night?I am really worried today,i was in a meeting with my manager and client,i think i will be delayed,my payment was made in United States Postal Money Order for safety purpose and it can only be cash in the states.Although i never wanted to bother you but i will really appreciate if you can help me in cashing the money orders,All i needed is your full name and either your home or work address including your Cell Phone # depend on your work schedule for tomorrow ( SATURDAY ) and I will overnight it to you and you will take it to your bank and get it cashed,then wire the cash back to me via Western Union so that i can settle my hotel bills and get my ticket back to the states.Hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful day. Kel
Letter 5
Hi Brandon,i am so glad to hear that you will be able to help in cashing the checks,I will UPS the checks to you overnight and will inform you as soon as it's sent so that you can be on a lookout for it.Will you be able to get them cashed and also wire the cash back to me via Western Union as soon as you get them tomorrow so that i can make it back home ASAP?Do you think you could get that done tomorrow since it's Saturday?I hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful day.

Letter 6
Hi Brandon,I just wanna inform you that the checks has finally been mail overnight to the address that you gave me and you will get it by 10.00am your time today,Will you try to await the package so that you won't miss the mailman since it's coming through the UPS and also i hope you will be able to get this done as soon as you receive them today.The checks are 6 pieces and each is $500,The 6pieces would be $3000,You will send $2900 to me and use the remaining $100 for the Western Union fee.I have contacted Western Union here and they won't pay transaction that's less than $2500 so it's mean you will have to split the cash into 2 and send it from 2different Western Union stores,each for $1450.Remember to split the cash into 2 and send it from 2different Western Union so that i won't have any problem in picking it up here,okay.Here's the wiring info...





[ ZIP ] 23401

You will email the info which you used in sending the money to me as soon as you get it done including the Sender's full name and address,Secret Question and Answer and the 10 digit number on your Western Union receipt.You will understand what i mean quite alright when you get to the Western Union office.I really can't wait to meet you in person,have a peaceful day.


Ps follow the instruction as it's given,okay.
Letter 7
Hi Brandon,there was a little delay with the package so you won't get it until 9.00am Monday Morning,will you still be able to make it to your bank and 2different Western Union stores as soon as you get them tomorrow?What are your plans for the weekend?

Letter 8
Hi Brandon,I am still single because i haven't found the right man.My last relationship ended 8months ago and i decided to call it off simply because my ex-boyfriend is always cheating on me whenever am out of the states.You sound like someone that knows what he want in life so i had to email you and see where it goes,i wish you were here to see what am going through,this is a different world entirely and they will only accept cash and not even credit card.

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