Letter(s) from Suzzy Eyison to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Jonnie,how are you doing today?hope you had a peaceful night?My name is Paula Palmer,29 F Oakland CA,i am 5'7,110lbs,i am a model,single and no kids.i travel much due to my job,i am presently in Nigeria to model for a new established hotel.I love clubbing,dancing,swiming,shopping,sightseeing and traveling.I am an only child,my parent are divorce and it's really hard on me been an only child.I am seeking for an honest and caring man,someone that would appreciate my been there for him,someone that would cherish my beauty,someone that will never raise his hands on me.hope this explain little about me.How old are you and what do you do for a living?hope to hear from you soon.have a peaceful day.


Letter 2

Thanx for the mail,am so glad.I have been here since 3weeks ago and i will be back next week.I have been a model for 3years,I do most of my modeling in Europe and this is my first time in Africa,I do have more pictures and i will be very happy to send some to you later.My mom is a Canadian but My Dad is from the states so i have a dual citizenship.I live by myself in my dad's home in Oakland CA,i haven't seen him for a very long time and i also don't know where he presently reside.He never cares to know my way of living since he divorce my Mom and my Mom presently move back to Canada where she belongs.I am just 3months old in the area and i don't know much about it yet,i hope you will be more than happy to show me all around when i get back?I think i would say am on my own since I have no friend in CA because my work takes me out of the states very often,I love what i do simply because it makes me see new places.I think i would stop modelling someday when i found my soulmate so as to have enough time for my family but i don't know exactly what to do yet.Whom do you live with and why are you still single?

Ps i have removed my profile completely on TRUE since i found no one interesting.

Letter 3

Hi Jim,I was born and raised in Ottawa Canada and i do speak Canadian french,i do advert modeling for new established hotels,it might be in magazine,billboard,etc.A friend of mine introduced me into modelling and i find it very interesting so i had to keep it up.I also onced live with a female model mate of mine in SLC UT before moving over to the area and life has really been boring for me in Oakland simply because i have no one to be my companion.I am still single because i haven't found the right man.My last relationship ended 8months ago and i decided to call it off simply because my ex-boyfriend is always cheating on me whenever am out of the states.Are you really looking forward to getting married?Hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful day.


Letter 4

Hi Jim,I am so excited that i will be coming back to the states soon,are you really looking forward to meeting me?I would really love to get married soon and start up with my own personal business so as to have enough time for my family.I am really looking forward to getting married and raising a family when the right man comes my but am not in a rush.What qualities do you want in a woman?hope to hear from you soon.have a peaceful day.


Letter 5

Hi Jim,how are you doing today?hope you had a peaceful night?I am really worried today,i was in a meeting with my manager and client,i am not sure if i will be coming to the states on wednesday anymore if only you can help me out,i think i will be delayed,my payment was made in United States Postal Money Order for safety purpose and it can only be cash in the states since they don't cash checks made in US$ here but my agency has already make an arrangement for my flight but i need some money to settle my hotel bills.And i contacted my manager to get me a loan but he agreed to have sex with me before he can help me and i never wanted to become a whore so i disagreed with him and this means no money from him. Although i never wanted to bother you but i would really appreciate if you can help me with the money,it's $1450,i promise to pay you back when i get over to the states.I am ashamed for asking you to help me financially,i know its not right but i have no choice and i will be so glad if you can do this for me.You will wire the funds out to me via Western Union,I hope to hear from you soon,have a peaceful weekend