Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Skornyakova to Roy (UK)

Letter 1

Hi mine favourite!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
Thank to you for wonderful your letter.
To me when in life for me did not write a poem. I very much to you Is grateful. At me of a problem. At me would be not present money that to pay for The Internet of cafe. Me would tell that I have paid for three months which I Owed 300 $. And I do not have money. I did not want you it to speak.
But so it has turned out that to me not to whom to address only to you.
You Will help me? I would be very grateful to you. I shall wait very much Your letter yours Svetlana!!!!
Letter 2

Hi mine favourite!!!
I just have come from work and at once has gone to the Internet of cafe. I very much Was glad to see your letter. A thank to you large that you will be to me To help. I have learned as it is possible to send money. Through Western Union.It is the most reliable translation money. My data.
first name Svetlana last name Skornyakova
Russia/42400/Kirov/ Pushkino 24-54
Me still have told that you when will send that to you it will be necessary
To write to me MTSN 10 figures. I love you!!!!!!!!!!
I shall wait very much your letter yours Svetlana!!!!!
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