Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Denikova to Jens (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello!!! My name is Ekaterina, I a 25 years old. I live in country Russia , in Chistopol city. I applied to the bride agency in our city. In this agency I was shown some male profiles from the web sites and I have chosen yours. They gave me your email adress. And I have decided to email you.
I want to find a man to create a family or friendship. I would like to get acquainted with the person who might appreciate my care, tenderness and love. I want my man to be responsible, capable to give a hand of help and to sympathize with me in any problems. If you agree with me -write to me, I'll be glad. I shall respond you soon. In my turn I'll try to be loving, devoted, responsible woman. I am the young and modest lady. I have a beautiful figure and pleasing appearance. If you decide to write to me back on my E-mail: I am attaching my photo with this letter.
I am looking forward to your reply!!!
Letter 2
Hi my friend Jens. I would Like to learn more about you. Now it is a little about me: I live in Chistopol, Russia. My birthday- February 22 , 1982. I am the only child in our family. Well, my body height of 168 centimeters and weight of 50 kg, I have a light hair and brown eyes. I am single, and I have no children. My favorite colour is red. You know, unfortunately, I have no telephone for this reason you could not invoke me. So, I also like sports very much and everything, that is connected with it, I am engaged in gymnastics. I work as the shop-assistant in a shop. I like to dance!!! I want to find ta man of my life, with which I would spend rest of my life. In my choice I do not want to make any mistakes. My intentions are very serious. But I think, everything will be great for us, and we shall understand each other. I shall help you to study more about me. I was not married. I Have no children. I would like to find the worthy companion of life. I think, we should understand and dismantle the friend the friend and then meet. I like roses, tulips. I am emailing you from the agency. In my spare time I like to listen to music. Probably we can become good friends or may be more, if we are very successful with our corresponding. I was not successful enough to find the man for me. I wish to Find the man, who will believe strictly in exact adjustment and quenching for a period of validity. I know, that there will be firm job, but I shall be executed to this purpose. I would hope, that your purposes will be the same, I would like to hear about yours ideas, that you wish in the future. I hope, that you find my words interesting and that it helps you to learn me little bit better. PS I am enclosing some potos and I hope you'll like them.
I am looking forward to your reply. Your friend Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hi my darling Jens!
I'm very pleased to receive news from you again and again.
I will tryto call you tomorrow.
You know I very much like to cook various tasty food.
I will prepare for you the most tasty dishes when we meet. I live now with my mum. My daddy left us, when I was 6 years old. I unfortunately, have no brothers and sisters. It is pity.
I very much love to read your letters and they deliver to me a lot of pleasure.
With every your letter, I begin to understand, that something can appear between us! I already reflect on our relationship more serious. My opinion is that the most important between the man and woman is complete trust! I hate, when the people deceive each other.
You probably think that I am a very serious woman, but it not so. I simply do not want to be mistaken in choice in the future loving man and husband. In this moment my feelings to YOU are already more than friendly and it's really so! I begin to understand from your words that you are the man of honour. Your words, which you write to me heat my soul and heart. So it is wonderful, when there is a man in this world for whom I am not indifferent. Probably now i will finish this letter and will wait for your following letter!
Hugs and kisses! Your Ekaterina
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