Letter(s) from Lil Bril to Craig (Australia)

Letter 1

ok am looking forward to your pictures ,thanks for your compliments am glad hearing that from you .really its interesting whats happening you know,what can you tell me about your experience online a new to this but tell me how convienced are you about me?i think we have a long way to go knowing ourselves,am in london now am of both white parents but my mum dead in an accident and dad remarried a black woman she has been my mum since i was 10 years till now,i love her alot like my mum and she is in africa now.

am glad hearing from you ok,for this dating online am as well new to it and looking forward to haven what am looking for one i can believe and trust and be with at all times ,i cant best tell what you will want to achieve online but i imagine to meet one you can be with and trust ...thats good you know and i will want us communicate alot and also exchange pictures ok,i will be back on to send you my pictures soon ok

Letter 2

I am glad reading about you on here and thus my mail am yinbil you call me so or you call me lil ok.am in here london where i have been for a long time now am of mixed race ,basically not biological,my dad remarried after my mum died in an accident when i was 10years old then dad remarried again and thats why i say am mixed raced because she is a black woman and i must say she has been good to me and taken care of me since age 10 till now,i love her like my mum but now my dad is no more and am helping mum with her businesses.i enjoy like and do believe one has to work had to earn what you really need, and am doing that but i must admite the vacuum in my life now is not having a man i can be assured of as my true and trusted man and to be with now and at all times you see,i must say it has not been a so easy for my my life, as in relationship,to tell you have had in the past been in relationships but not now,i need really one who will want to settle down and have a decent home,life humbly together as husband and wife and thereafter and have good carrers,thats my preoccupation as it is now and thats whats taken me on here,am elated hearing from you and will surely want to hear from you... this my id... (isunow) on hotmail com. talk soon