Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Joseph (Ireland)

Letter 1
My dear precious friend Joe! I am glad to hear from you even if it is your last letter to me. Since my first letter I was telling you constantly that I am really serious about you and about me being a client of the marriage agency. I understand that you may have doubts in my existence, in my agency and in its services... I can tell you whatever I want but you may think what you think. But I will repeat. Joe, I don't want to waste time. I want to have a family and enjoy my life with a man for whom my heart will be beating. I am ready to relocate if I meet that very person and I will not hesitate even for a moment if I have to live with him in his country. I came to the agency because my good friend has already met her destiny from Switzerland and now she hopes to get her fiancee visa. I thought - perhaps it is my chance as well?.. Why not to try?.. Perhaps my real second half is also looking for me, but somewhere far away... I met you and now I am not interested in corresponding with anybody else. My agency is a real one. You may write them at and ask them any questions. You may ask them to send you a copy of my passport, the photo of me standing with a sheet of paper where your name will be written. Joe! I can't write you even in Russian as it is not me who is typing these letters. I am not able to type, I have never even tried. I come to the agency and get translated letters on the sheet of paper. I read them and write an answer with a pen. Then I give it to the interpreter and she translates it typing at once. That is the way. If I ask somebody to type letters in Russian I will have to pay for it all the same. I don't have a computer and can't use it. In our country it is a really big luxury to have a computer. It is a very expensive thing. Dear Joe!.. Trust that I am sincere with you. I want you to be in my life and to be even more than a friend. But for it we must continue our communication. You don't have to help me with paying... But I ask money not for myself and not for me, but for the agency. I would be so happy if you were in my life further... I told to the director of the agency that you are asking me about the bill and she said that they would send it to you. Remember that you don't have to pay, but I would be so happy and grateful, if you helped me with it. I won't be allowed to write you more letters until the bill for translation is paid out. But I will think about you with a hope that soon everything will be settled. You are a wonderful man. You deserve to be happy.I wish you only the best. Yours, Valya
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Joseph, We would like to inform you that Ms. Valentina is very interested in you and she doesn't want to lose the connection that is between both of you. Here is your bill for the 23rd of October. $14 for 7 letters from you to Ms. Valentina ($2 per each letter), $7 forwarding ($1 per each letter). The total is $21. If you want to continue using our services for your with Ms. Valentina correspondence you need to pay a $50 deposit. This money will be used for your future letters' translation. You may pay also Ms. Valentina's bill if you wish, that is $24.50 (the cost of Ms. Valentina's letters is $2.5 per one letter plus $1 for forwarding). You should send the money via Money Gram to the name of recipient of Natalia Docenko, Donetsk, Ukraine and after that you should inform us of the money transfer control number. All the prices are in US dollars. You may also use Western Union for sending the money. Feel free to ask any questions. Best wishes, Natalia Docenko
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