Scam letter(s) from Olga Breni to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Good day for you, Dear Gavin! How are you doing? I hope that you are fine and in a good spirit. I It is so pleasant that you have interested for me. From the very beginning I want to be sincere and open with you. So let me tell you something about myself.
I am sorry for my late reply, I was very busy with my job, I hope that you will understand me. I liked your letter and your nice pictures, I see that you are very active, positive and energetic man.
My name is Olya, I am from Ukraine, my native city is Donetsk. I have a big family but I live alone, I rent a flat. My parents are already retired, I have a sister and a brother, I am the youngest in my family. I work as a shop assistant in the store and I am taking courses for the secretary. I like reading a lot, twice a week I attend swimming pool, also my friends say that I am good in dancing:)
When I was 16 years old I started to work in order to prove my parents that I am independent. My first job was in the fast food restaurant and since that time I have never asked my parents for money. I am easy going person, I like spending time with friends, we like to go out and to have Japanese food. By the way what kind of food do you prefer? Also I like cooking at home, as home made food is the best:) Maybe it is hard to belive but I have never communicated with anyone in the Internet, truly to say it is my first experience:) I am feeling like I have to think about my future, I want to meet an honest, kind and carrying man, who will be by my side in bad and good times. I really want to build a strong family like my parents did, they understand each other without words. They love each other and I am proud that I have such family. Every weekend I visit my parents, they live in the country side, I used to take a bus to go there. Gavin, I liked your pictures,you are a handsome man, you have a nice house,it looks very cosy:) You have a cute dog,by the way:) Dear, surely I want to know about your family, your hobbies, what you are doing for weekends. I feel myself really exciting as we live in different countries and we have different cultures, traditions, it is so interesting for me to get know something new. The only problem for me is that I do not know English language. But I want to learn it, now I do not have any spare time to attend English courses, but in the future I will do my best in order to pick up it quickly. I am using translating agency which one good friend of mine recommended me. I hope that you do not mind as I want to continue our communication, I am feeling that you have intrigued me:) Hope to get a new letter from you very soon.
With best wishes,
Your Olya
Letter 2
Hello My Dear Gavin! How are you doing? I am feel myself exciting and happy, I know we have just started our correspondence but our communication brings me a lot of pleasure. Sometimes routine in life makes people forget about love, and we find difficulties with the words to express our state of mind. Honey, with all your attention to me I feel myself calm and protected, this is a miracle! We have easily found a common language and understanding, that I was looking for in a man.
Gavin, I am sorry for not writing you for so long, I was very busy with my job, I did not forget about you, I used to work without days off so I hope that you will understand me how tired I was.
Dear, I liked your picture, you are a very attractive man, you look very nice in a costume! By my nature I am very sensitive and romantic person, I like long walks in the autumn forest, outdoors cooking, candle light dinners, some little surprises for my beloved like cooking heart-shape cake with cinnamon or writing on the mirror with lip-stick "I+U=Love":) I am dreaming to live in a big and cosy house with my husband, the atmosphere will be light-hearted filled with love, harmony...I am convinced that every human being is creature of his or her destiny. I was thinking for million of times what is the strongest power in the whole Universe, what makes people to belive in unbelievable? On the example of my parents I understood that only love is almighty, as before their marriage everybody was against it and my parents proved that their love is real and true. For many years they are together and like father says every day with your beloved is better than the previous:) Some of my friends are married and have kids, they invite me to family parties and sometimes I feel myself lonely. You might ask me why I can`t find a man from my country? Dear, I have a very little experience in building relations and every time I was not succeed. I was desperate and with no hope as I needed a "right" man. Our meeting has changed me to the better side, I am smiling and cheerful:)
By the way I am sending you my recent picture, I hope that you will like it and I will be glad to receive yours:) Dear, I think that you have got some impression about me, I am waiting for your new letter with a great impatience:) I send you my tender kiss on your cheek:),
Your Olia
Letter 3
My Dearest Gavin! How are you doing today? I am a little bit tired after my job, as sometimes customers are rude at the shop and I have to be patient and smiling all the time, by the way I am working at the clothes department in a big store. After my work I attend courses for secretaries, after that I am very exhausted, I return home, where I live along. That is painful as I want to live with my beloved and spend my free time with him. My close friends say me that I deserve for the best man in the world, but I do not need "Mister Perfect", I need someone whom will understand and support me. May be I am down to earth but I am not looking for a prince. Do you remember cartoon "Shrek"? (it is my favorite:) I want my man to be simple and special at the same time, I like laughing, joking, having fun...I want to share so many things with my soul mate:cooking together, having breakfast in bed, taking a tube together filled with bubbles:) Dear Gavin, I did not forget about you, I had problems with my job. I really missed! Dear, I see that we have a lot of things in common, I also like beaches, to watch sun set, to lay on the sank...I feel that you are passionate, just the man who I have been looking for! Gavin, I liked your pictures, I see that you are a busy man, I appreciate you have found some time in order to write me!
My Dear Man, when I am in the process of writing a letter for you, I try to imagine you:how you will smile to me, how you will hold my hand...I know that you are far away from me, but everything depends on our will. Just imagine how many stars are there in Universe, and two stars shine so bright because they have found each other. I believe that these stars are You and ME:)
Honey, my parents noticed some changes in me, they asked me what had happened and I told them about our lettering, I had finally met a man of my dreams. My parents just smiled and asked me to send "hello" to you;)
I must confess to you that with no one I feel myself so calm and protected like with you, even the fact that I do not know your language does not scare me, as I am sure that one my glance at you will tell you more than my significant speech, I think we have special chemistry with you, we supplement each other. Our communication brings me a lot of pleasure, I hope that you feel the same:) Dear, I wonder what presents would like to get from your beloved? What is your ideal date with a woman?
Dear, I do not like to complain but I have some problems with my job, I am afraid that I should look for a new one in the nearest future:( I am sorry but I should finish my letter, as I am ready to speak with you for a long time, I will put a dot in order to make you intrigued and write me your reply, ok?:) You are in my thoughts,
Your Olia.
Letter 4

Dear Sir, We are writing you in order to inform that lady Olia has been using our services for some time and now she is not able to continue the correspondence with you. Olia asked us to write a letter for you and to explain the situation which happened with her. She lost her job and she is searching for a new one, right now she is not able to pay for the translating services, she worries a lot about your further correspondence. Unfortunately she does not have a computer and Internet access at home. If you are willing to help your lady you can contact us and we will help you and Olia in the correspondence. Our e-mail is , you can contact us with the help of this address and we will answer all your questions at once. Respectfully,
"Blue Dream Agency".
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