Scam letter(s) from Olga to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
My dear Chris! The more letters I receive from you, dear the easier for me to understand how happy I am! And I am really thankful to you for this! I think that love brightens up the world in which we live and it is not possible to be happy without you second half! What do you think about this? I find a lot of similarities in our letters and I think that may be we will have something more serious in the future! I will be happy if my thoughts become the truth! And know I want to tell you more details about my life! I believe it will be interesting for you! How was your weekends? I can tell you that as for my they were rather boring as the weather was awful. In the morning it is rather warm and during the day it can be very cold. In the streets there are a lot of puddles. And what is about you? And by the way thanks for telling me more about you and your life. i want to tell you that it was rather nice. And I will be glad to know about you as much as it is possible. I have quite usual life the days seems rather short to me. I think if I have the family everything will be in other way! I will give all my free time to my family! But I hope that now everything will change as I have you! I think that you have already understand my village is small, so the same people every day and nothing new! Dear, and what is about your days? How do you like to spend them? I can say that only on the weekends I have some time to meet with my friends, to communicate and to find out something interesting about their life! Sometimes we have the possibility to make picnics, I like this moments very much! Of course we don't have the possibility to organize them very often! I love nature very much, for me it is a real rest! I attached also a picture from my ordinary life! I like just lay on the sofa and spend time with my friends! All these you can see from my pictures! I hope that you will like all the pictures! I am fond of good jokes! I like laughing because then it seems to me the hole world stops. Dear , do you like jokes? Dear, I also want to tell you about the third picture! I think it will be interesting for you to hear this story! It was a year ago at the University! We had a wonderful ball called Miss University! We had to choose the best girl from the hole university! Of course I wasn't a winner but I had a great time! We danced a lot and just had some fun! I am waiting for your reply, love Olya.
Letter 2
Honey Chris ! Thanks for your Letter! It put a big smile on my face. I feel that we have become more close to each other. It seems to me that you are the man I have been searching for... I want to tell you that you are a very important part of my life and it is hard for me to imagine my life without you and your letters. By the way thanks for your pictures. I want to tell you that I was very glad to receive your picture. I liked it very much as it is very nice.
You are very handsome man. Chris , do you have some dreams? I do have a lot of them. But I want to tell you that the biggest one is to have the strong family in the future. And of course to have some kids. Do you love them? I like cooking very much and i want to cook something special for you! Will you be happy to taste something I cook for your? Sorry, if I put a lot of questions! I just want to know about you as much as it is possible!
If you want you can ask me too. As for my pictures, I just send you a couple of them not to forget about me! And the second picture is the birthday party of Anastasia. I think that you remember her as I have already told a lot about our friendship. Also I attached the picture with my godfather! I liked him very much but unfortunately he lives in other country so we can't see each other very often! This picture was made on my school leaving party and I am very proud of it! I hope that you will like all pictures! But, dear I also had a very bad news for for us! I even don't know how to say you, it is very difficult for me! I have already told you that I use the interpreter service and for me it is rather expensive. I did all my best to had the possibility to write the letters! But now my mother is seriously ill and I need all my money to help her! So I can't write you any more. I hope that you will understand me! The life is rather difficult and we can do nothing with this! But I want to asure you, dear that I need you very much! I need your support now and your advices. I think now that you understand me even better then all my friends! Chris, I don't know what do do but you are very important for me.
I can't be without you. Please, help me! With love
Letter 3
East-European Language Studio 91000, Sovetskaya Street, 15/75, Lugansk. Ukraine
License of ITR: AB 13630895859077
Phone number: +3 8 066 940 52 29
Principal: Varvara Kovalenko Dear Sir From the behalf of Olga we inform you that she cannot receive and send letters to You as her account with our translation firm is over, and Olga doesn’t have a possibility to renew it in the nearest time because of the financial problems. She asked us to inform you of this fact. If you would like to continue correspondence with your lady we will be honored to present You our East-European Language Studio and see You among our clients. For any additional information, please contact us, we will be glad to help you. Looking forward to our further collaboration,
Sincerely Yours, Principal Varvara Kovalenko
East-European Language Studio
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