Letter(s) from Alena Chernova to Thomas (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello Thomas, I am glad to receive today your letter. Many thanks that you have found time and have written to me the letter. I very much waited for it from you. You have made today my day especially happy, you have decorated with its letter. I wish to tell, that I the cheerful girl. Usually I have no constraint at dialogue with people, but now I worry. I hardly can get hands on keys of the keyboard. My heart worries! I, first of all, worry that you will have a problem in understanding of my English language. I studied English language at school, and then at university. Possibly my English, differs from your colloquial. Tell, you can understand what I speak you? If something will be not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask about it. I do not want, that between us there was an essential barrier of language. I really live in Russia, I live in the city of Astrakhan. Many kilometers divide us, but I hope, that it will not be any problem for our dialogue. I wish to tell to you, that I am done not involved with men in Russia and for this purpose there is a reason if it is interesting to you, I can tell to you in the following letter. I have decided to search for the love outside Russia. I have addressed to agency of acquaintances which to be in our city. I filled various questionnaires, answered some questions, and to me have told, that in the first day it will be hard to find my competition. To me have suggested to come to agency in some days. Yesterday I have come to agency of acquaintances and to me have presented some structures of men which most approach for me. Also to me have informed, that competition with some of men reached 95 percent. Thomas, I hope you love my photo. Please, send me your photos also! Now, I possibly should tell to you about myself. To me of 29 years, my Birthday on November, 29th, 1977. My growth of 177 sm, my weight of 51 kg, I shall try to translate now for you unit of notation in your metric system. My growth 5 ' 8 ", my weight of 112 pounds. It will be better to you to judge my appearance on my photo. I very much watch the appearance, I visit employment by aerobics and physical culture, it allows to support beauty of my body and elegance top-level. For me it because I the girl, and I should be beautiful is very important. To you will learn possibly, interestingly about my work, I work as the advertising agent, in agency on accommodation of advertising. I am engaged in designing of advertising of known trade marks in Russia. To us various orders act. I have higher education on a speciality " Marketing and Advertising Business ". I very much like my activity. I love the work, it allows me to communicate with different people, at us very amicable working collective. In our collective the success of one employee depends on the previous success of other employees. In it also there is our unity and friendship. Work allows me to express itself and the individuality. Work allows me to have worthy residing, I live to work and I work to live. I live with the parents in the private house, my parents very much love pure air, and do not wish to live in city centre. The majority of the population of Russia live in the apartments, my parents do not wish to live in an apartment, my mum very much loves flowers, a green grass and silence. Our family very amicable. I love and I respect with the parents, in fact they have presented me the most valuable, that is at me it is a life. Also, parents have lifted me, have given me good education, and formation. I am grateful to my parents for everything, that they have made for me. Tell to me about your family? Thomas, I also wish to tell to you, that my purposes very much serious. I wish to find the man of my love. I wish to have serious relationship, I wish to create strong family in which attitudes will be constructed, on love, mutual understanding, respect, friendship and trust. For me all these qualities are very important. I wish to find the man which will be pleased together with me minutes of happiness, and will support to me minutes of frustration. Please, tell to me about your purposes in a life? It is interesting to me to hear about it. I am really interested by dialogue with you. I never had dialogue with the man from other country. I shall be glad to hear about you, about your family, your life? Also it is interesting to me, where you work? Tell, Thomas district, where do you live has cultural institutions, theatres, exhibitions, museums? I like to visit cultural institutions of our city. In the last weekend I in the company of my girlfriends have visited a planetarium. It was very healthy, we had an opportunity to observe the star sky, also we observed planets. Very much it was pleasant to me. Ok, Thomas, I should finish the letter to you. I hope, you will concern to my letter serious. I want, that you have concerned to my letter with all gravity and the responsibility. I hope, it was interesting to you to learn about me, and I have not borrowed from you a lot of time. Please, write to me. I with impatience wait tomorrow to see your letter. Have nice day! Sincerely Caramel.
P.S. I wish to tell to you that Caramel it not present my name, my parents since the childhood named me Caramel, and all my friends name me also, and I want that you named me as. Caramel in Russian means, as a tasty berry sweet, and I consider that this name approaches me... :)))

Letter 2

Good day Thomas, How your day today? How is the weather in your district? I am glad to receive today your letter. It is very unusual to receive letters from you, in fact you the man from other country. Yes, I am raised, when I read your letter. Your letter is very interesting to me. I never thought, that I shall have acquaintance and correspondence to the man from other country. It is very interesting to me. Also, I am glad to that you loved my photos. I hope, you are truthful also sincere in your letters. Yes, I wish to ask you right at the beginning of our dialogue that you were sincere with me. As I estimate revelation and sincerity. It is possibly interesting to you, why I have decided to search for the man outside Russia. I had unsuccessful experience of attitudes with the man in Russia. It is not pleasant to me to recollect it and consequently I shall be brief in the story. I was friends of one man, ours with it attitudes proceeded within a year, but then we have left it. To all fault became that it has deceived me. It has not estimated my feelings. You know Thomas, almost from first our day with it it spoke acquaintances to me about love, it spoke me many compliments, and I trusted it, as the naive girl. I trusted its each word. Its name was Anton, it was more senior than me, to it there were 28 years, and me 23. We met it, we had very good and strong friendship, I have started to feel, that I love it. But in one day when I walked together with my girlfriends in park. I saw Antona, it went to the companies of the young woman and the child. It has passed by and as-as if has not noticed me, but I knew, that it saw me. I was in not myself from fury, I had tears on my eyes, and I hardly managed to restrain, to not cry. My girlfriends have supported to me, I have forced me to stop dialogue with it. I have made it! In three days, it has called to me and has told, that between us all is terminated, and that it did not love me never, all ours with it attitudes were only game for it. Thomas, you possibly at all do not represent, it was how much heavy to hear to me from it such words. The girl from whom it walked in park, was its wife, besides they had the child. I could not make anything, I did not wish to destroy family and to cause sufferings to its wife and the child. I am assured that its wife nothing knew about its friendship with me. Here such attitudes took place in my last life. I have been severely injured, and consequently, I do not wish to have any attitudes with men in Russia. Certainly, I understand, that it is impossible to judge on one person all men, but I cannot make it. Now I am afraid to have attitudes with the man in Russia for this reason I have decided to search for friends from other country. Thomas, I hope you understood me and my last experience? It was heavy to recollect it, but now this situation in the past. I sometimes recollect it, but nevertheless I live other life. Today I have the usual working day. Also Thomas, I wish to tell to you, that I write to you the letters from work. I have a computer of the house, but I have no service of the Internet. I cannot write to you the letter from a workplace, on the contrary correspondence with you, it brings the big interest to me. It seems to me, you good the man though it is difficult to judge the person of all under several letters. Thomas, I wish to tell to you, that I do not wish to hurry up, I wish to study more about you, and about your life. I have been deceived in the past, and I do not wish to repeat this bitter experience. The Internet a faceless thing, here can be a lot of deceit, therefore I ask you that you were sincere with me. I am sincere and frank with you. My parents always learned me to speak only the truth, and never to deceive other people. I am grateful to them for good, worthy training and education. Thomas, to you, possibly, it will be interesting to learn about my family. Name my mother Olga, my mum works, as the chief accountant at the enterprise. Name my father Pavel, it works as the engineer in firm on manufacture of refrigerators. Also I have the brother who is more younger than me. The name my brother Andrey, it studies at university, to it 22 years, It receives formation on the Faculty of law, on a speciality "Jurisprudence". I estimate a choice of a trade of my brother! Tell to me about your family? It will be very interesting to me. On it I shall finish the letter to you. It is necessary for me to continue the work. I with impatience look forward to hearing from you tomorrow, also I wish to see your photos, it would be very pleasant for me. Your friend Caramel. Bye Bye...

Letter 3

Hello my friend Thomas. I am glad to receive today your letter! How are you doing today? Thomas, today in our city really fine weather. Time autumn, and air to become pleasant and fresh. Today to me it became even more joyful, when I have seen your letter. The best part of my day when I receive your letters. Your letters become for me all more and more desired. I like to receive your letters and to learn more about you. Now still too early to speak that will be from our attitudes, probably, we we shall understand, that different people, probably, we we shall be friends. You think of it? I wish to tell only to you, that I do not wish to hasten, because I already was mistaken in the life and now I wish to be closer. I trust you, and I want also that you trusted me. Trust - a policy of any attitudes. It is my vital motto, to it I was learned by my mum. I the sincere girl, me nothing to hide from you. I can tell to you the answer to any questions, also I have the request to you that you answered my questions because it is interesting to me to learn more about you. This all still is unusual to me to have dialogue with you. I have excitement when I write to you the letters, but each time, I feel all more confidently. Tell, you have interest to me? You can ask me, and I shall tell to you about everything, that it is interesting to you! Thomas, today I have usual day on work, now I have a free time, and I write to you the letter. I already spoke you, that I work as the advertising agent. Today in our agency the advertising order of sports accessories has acted. I will need to think up advertising for this purpose. In my head there were some ideas. I wish to make, something, that will be allocated from the general theme. My work is happy fascinating, it to like me Tell, Thomas how has passed your day? How your work? Dear Thomas, also it is interesting to me, you prefer to use what food? I like to use healthy food, you know, I very well prepare! I like to prepare, in most cases I prepare for dishes of Russian kitchen. We grow up products on the ground area of my parents. Parents have the ground area, there we grow up vegetables, such as a potato, an onions, tomatoes, carrots. Cultivation of vegetables demands the big work and many forces. We do not do it because we have no money, simply I consider, that money it is necessary to protect and to not spend them that it is possible to make. You agree with me? You sometime tried traditional Russian kitchen? Sometimes we leave to eat in restaurant or cafe. I very much like to use in food of a land. You tried a land? Also I like the Mexican and French kitchen. I aspire to eat correct and healthy food, it is very important for me. Much depends on a feed very much, but the most important is a vitality. In healthy food it is a lot of vitamins so necessary for an organism of each person. I think important to tell, that I have no bad habits. I do not smoke and I do not use spirits. Thomas, bad habits ruin health. I care of the health, it is very important for me as from my health, health of my future children will depend. I do not want, that my children suffered because of me. I consider, that the girl should not have bad habits if the man it can be understood smokes, but the girl should not smoke. Ok, your life is also very interesting to me. We we occur from two various cultures, but I consider, we should find common language. Tell to me about your hobbies, about in what you like to be engaged at leisure. I like to play billiards and bowling. At leisure, I together with my friends play billiards. Tell, how you concern to such entertainments. Thomas, I do not like to visit bars of a disco, and in general I cannot long be in the noisy companies. It is more pleasant to me to be in the company of the close girlfriends and friends. It is interesting to me, you prefer to listen to what music? I choose music depending on the mood. I like to listen to classical tool music, also I like to listen Pop to music. Classical tool music always cheers me up, I am assured, that it will always have the big respect. People at any age and any generation like to listen to it. Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart composers having national glory, and property. Dear Thomas, it is interesting to me you sometime played a golf? I almost know nothing about this kind of sports, and I at all do not know, in what the essence of this game consists. You can tell to me about this kind of sports? Please, do not think, that I set many questions, simply I am interested in you. I have the big interest to you and to your life. Wow!!! Now I have the friend in other country, it is very healthy! You good the man and at dialogue with you I feel, which did not test earlier. Please, only concern to me seriously. OK? Probably you the man of my dream? I always with you shall be frank. I promise you it. Well, I already am slightly tired with printing. Probably I shall close this letter.
Write to me soon!!! Send your pictures! I shall wait your letter!
Sincerely, Caramel.

Letter 4

Hello Thomas, How are you doing? How is the weather at you? My day today is fine in the street warm weather today. Today in our city the temperature of air reaches 20 degrees C if I am not mistaken it is approximately equal to 68 degrees F. Please, correct me if I am not right. Your letter today has decorated my day. I have got used to your letters, and I every day hasten to the workplace to see your letter. I have a smile on my person when I read your letter. To me it is very pleasant. I like to learn the new moments about you and your life. Thomas, I ask you to excuse me, probably I set many questions? You can tell to me about it. Now it is already much easier to me to write to you letters to Comparison with the first letter. I really very much worried, when wrote to you the first letter, but now I write to you letters much easier. I write to you, that I feel. I trust you, and I tell about all. I also very much hope, that you sincere with me. You know, every evening, coming, home I, think of you, I think, whether about that you will answer my letter tomorrow. Thomas, I consider you as the friend. Yes, between us the big distance, but I think, that it not a handicap to be friends. You are very nice for me. Today on work usual day, I worked much above some orders. I very responsibly approach to the work. I try to carry out it perfectly. For me it is important that clients were happy with the executed work. I think, it will be interesting to you to learn about the schedule of my work. I work from Monday till Saturday. My working day as usually begins at 9.00 and comes to an end at 18.00. I work approximately 54 hours per week. Work allows me to have worthy earnings, I do approximately 6000 roubles and it approximately 250 dollars a month. In Russia it is greater money and for them it is possible to have worthy residing. I receive the earned money in the end of month. My workplace to be approximately in 20 minutes of a trip from from our house. For work I reach by the bus. Tell Thomas how you reach to the work? I am glad to receive today from you answers to my questions. You also can ask me any question, and I shall answer you if I, certainly, shall know the answer :-), only a smile. I hope, you understand my sense of humour. Dear Thomas, please tell to me your favourite season? My favourite season, is spring! I love spring because in the spring all comes to life, the nature wakes up after winter, the cheerful rivers flow, trees become covered by green foliage. I consider, that it is fine! In the spring all receives a new life. Also I like summer because in the summer very warmly, it is possible to bathe, visit a beach, to sunbathe. Tell, you have a reservoir near to your house? You like to visit a beach? I like to visit a beach, in Russia we can do it two months in a year. We have a temperate climate, and in August weather to become cool, actually in August the swimming season is closed. In the south our country it is possible to bathe inclusive till October, it is healthy. Once I visited the Beach resort in Abkhazia, this resort to be on border of Russia and Southern Caucasus. By the way, in Russia we have 30 days of a vacation every year. It allows to have additional forces to work. In it to year I yet did not use the vacation. I visited Abkhazia within 2 weeks, I enjoyed fine beaches and pure mountain air. When I have come back home and felt vigorous and healthy. The beach and bathing in sea water helps to be healthy. I am assured, water at ocean also does the person healthy. I always dreamed to see ocean. Also I never visited other countries. I hope, that sometime in the future my dream of visiting other country, and coast of ocean will take place. Thomas, tell to me about your vacation and travel. It will be very interesting to me! Yesterday I have told to my parents that I had acquaintance to the man from other country. They have been very surprised to it. But their reaction was quite explainable. My parents have got acquainted not in such a way as we though they also had correspondence when my daddy was in army, only this correspondence was by means of post service. Presently there is an Internet, and it is very convenient, also owing to the Internet we have got acquainted. I am grateful to the Internet. Letters will go by mail possibly very long, from Russia to you, therefore I think, that the Internet is much more convenient. My parents asked about you much, and I answered all of them questions. First of all, it was interesting to my parents what is your name? I have told, that yours name Thomas. As will be our relations are farther to proceed? I think of it! You think of it also? I think, that I would like to speak with you and to learn about you more. You involve me and you to me it is very interesting. I want to thank you that you always fair with me. I trust you. After my last relations my heart hurts still and it is very difficult for me to be restored. You help me in it Thomas and I thank you for your understanding and trust. Well, it is necessary for me to go home now and to have some rest! Have nice day! Write to me as soon as you will have time... Yours Caramel.

P.S. I send you photos where I am about the machine. This machine Peugeout, my boss goes by this machine about 1 year to me very much this machine is pleasant.

Letter 5

Greetings my dear Thomas! It was pleasant to see your letter today, and you have made my day very good! I thank you Thomas! How - you today? I am fine! Today on work all is excellent, I have coped with the orders received several days ago. My director has expressed me gratitude for perfectly performed work! It also has told, that owing to such employees as I our advertising agency is a success among clients. Director was in good mood today, it has approved many employees. I am assured, if will always speak kind words to the employees they to try to greater successes, and to perform work always perfectly well! In general when I read your letter, my mood rises upwards always. I think, that we are good friends with you! You can be assured of my sincerity. I even more often recollect last vacation. I would like, that they have arrived more likely. I would like to spend this time in the good company, with dear and close, the person. Probably, I would like to visit you, I never was there earlier. Tell Thomas, you used the vacation in it to year already? Whether you Have any plans for the period of the future vacation? So it is interesting to me to learn about your life! I, certainly, understand, that you, possibly, spend a lot of time for work also. But possibly also it is necessary to give rest to an organism! I think, that the most important that rest and work always were in norm. Then the person will feel vigorous and full of forces always! Then any work what it would not execute, will be a success. You agree with me Thomas? The finest time it when all family travels together. I recollect the childhood, my parents took me and my brother in travel always. It was such happy and carefree time. My parents since childhood showed us greater love to family. I dream, that once I together with the family had more travel that my children also were pleased and felt favourite. I wish to give them love which to me gave in the childhood. Thomas, I wish to tell to you, that merits I am grateful for all to the god also. I trust in god Jesus Christ, it has died for the sake of our sins. However I have no opportunity to visit church often, I do it once a month. I understand, that our beliefs in the god can be various. I hope it will not be a problem for us? At the same time I support any belief. In my opinion, the person should trust, and who is not important its god. The main thing that in its heart there was a belief. I hope, you will agree with me? Tell, what you think of it? Dear Thomas, also my friends in our work ask me about you very much all time:) I speak them, that you are very good person, also I wish to tell to you, that some my girlfriends envy me a little because I have found good the man through the Internet. But I do not pay any my attention on their envy. Thomas, I feel, what our attitudes - it is more than friendship, really? I feel it my heart and soul because I cannot without your e-mails now. I wait your e-mails as soon, as far as possible!!! I already begin to dream of a meeting you once! I think, it It should be, probably, for us if both of us we shall have desire to meet. I think, that it is very important. To have a meeting in the person before, to have any other attitudes. I sincerely wish to tell to you, that you are very interesting to me, and I represent you as mine the man. You the good person and I think, that you in my taste! Tell to me, please, fairly, what you think of me? You feel interest when speak with me? What do you test, when write to me the letter? For me it is very interesting to learn about it because I have serious intentions in search of mine soulmate. Warm kisses of tenderness. Sincerely Caramel.

Letter 6

Hello my dearest Thomas, I am glad to receive your letter. It is very pleasant for me!!! I with impatience wait for each your letter. Every day I think of you, and about the our correspondence. You know, I cannot make anything with myself. You are on my opinion the most part of day. Tell to me, how are you doing? How your work? How your relatives? Tell to me if something not so, I shall support you and with understanding I shall concern to you. I am glad to answer all your questions. Also I am glad to see your answers to my questions. Excuse, if I set to you many questions, but through interest to each other we can learn is better about our persons. Today I had usual day on work, now at me a break and I hasten to write to you the letter. I do not know, whether bring my letters to you the same pleasure but when I receive your letters, my day becomes the best. In the letters to you, I express a condition of the soul. I write to you only that, I feel. Thomas, I also very much trust you, I hope and I trust that you trust me. I wish to tell to you, that last night I had conversation with my mum, we talked about you and about our correspondence. You, possibly, understand, that between mum and the daughter there can be no secrets. In sew to family so. I hide nothing from my mum. I and mum as the best girlfriends, I consider, that it am very important. I spoke mum about you and about our attitudes. Mum was very glad, that all well develops at us. Also it has told, that I already adult and independent woman and should solve and do itself steps in the life. Thomas, also my mum has told, that I did not hasten to trust you because we never had meetings and are completely not familiar personally. In it I have disagreed with my mum. I trust you, also I consider, that you not that the man who is capable to deceive. In each your letter I read many compliments and words which are pleasant for me. You answer many my questions, and I do not have an impression, that you can deceive me. Mum has told to me that we did not hasten in our attitudes, we need to learn is better each other. Certainly in it, I agree with my mum, but I think that we we know each other close enough. Thomas, I have so got used to receive your letters, they are now the best part of my day. I feel, that we very much close friends. I have told to mum, that you good, decent the man. Dear Thomas, also, I wish to ask you some questions, please, be in earnest to it very much as these questions are really important for me. What do you think of me? Whether you have feelings to the Attitude to me? I already spoke you, that I am the frank woman, I am not able to say lies. I wish to develop our attitudes. You have unexpectedly entered into my life and were very strongly fixed in it. I already spoke you in the beginning of the letter, that I think often of you. I do not wish to frighten you of the questions concerning your feelings, but it is really interesting to me to know about it. I do not wish to hasten in our attitudes. I listen to the heart, I hope, you also listen to your heart. You became very much dear for me. Tell to me Thomas, you write to other girls on the Internet? It is interesting for knowing to me, I can understand everything, but I do not love lie. In the beginning of our correspondence I spoke you, that I wished to find the man with which to me it will be pleasant, the man with which it will be possible to divide grief and pleasure. Now my heart prompts me, that I have found the man and it you. However I do not wish to hasten. You in my taste, but I think, still early to speak about feelings. A faceless thing, also it is impossible to trust the Internet completely to the person if never met it. You agree with me? I hardly can find words to tell about the attitude to you. Thomas, you became very much the close friend for me. I recollect the last attitudes about which spoke you, and I should think of how I was silly and naive. I did not receive so much sincerity from it how many I receive from you. With each your letter, I learn all about you more, and also I all think that you that the man of which I dreamed more. In my heart feelings to you are born, but I do not know how to tell to you about it, I already understand, that it not simple sympathy. Oh, my heart fights often when I speak you it because I test excitement. I wish to tell to you my present name as I did not speak you it earlier, my name is Alena … Now I shall finish the letter to you, I shall come back to work. Please write to me your ideas, that you think and feel! I shall think of you.
Sincerely yours, Caramel.

Letter 7

Good day dear Thomas, How are you doing? I hope at you all well! At me all is fine! I am glad to receive news from you. It very much the greater pleasure for me to see your attention. I very closely read your letters as they are very important for me. I do not miss any word from your letters, I try to understand all. I realize that you write letters specially for me. Our correspondence the only thing, that now connects us. In our city today cloudy weather, the sky looks grey, will be possible tonight a rain. Days autumn, and rains became habitual weather. It so is romantic to look out of the window and think of the future, when it is raining. You tell Thomas, romantic the man? I love romanticism, and I consider myself as the romantic woman, I love a supper at candles. Viewing of TV with special the man. In my opinion, in romanticism there are particles of happiness. Each person should possess romantic feelings. Today I have the stable working day, I am not so borrowed on work today. Thomas, I would like to receive your post address! You can give me it? Inform me if you will require my information, I shall send also to you it. You know today I has started to write to you the letter which I shall send you by means of post service. Thomas, it is very responsible for me. When I wrote the letter for you, I tested excitement, possible our future depends on this letter. Also, if you want, I shall send you together with the letter a photo. I hope, it will be some surprise. Dear Thomas, you constantly are in my ideas. I love your letters, and to me to like to learn about you, your life. The lead days. I am assured, that if once we we shall have a meeting we already shall know about each other enough. In the last letter I already spoke you that I consider that our attitudes already is more, than simply friendship. I shared with you some feelings. I am afraid to speak about them, and I feel myself, similarly to the girl on the first appointment. I very much worry to speak you about feelings, but my ideas on you already it is more than simply sympathy. I cannot know precisely love it or not. But at the same time I understand, that for love we know about each other a little. I want, that we developed our attitudes, probably time will help us to understand our desires. You will agree? I do not know how to express the feelings in the letter. I never tested such earlier. All it so is unusual to me. Thomas, I worry you can probably understand me not correctly, but be assured, I do not wish to injure you. I could not present, that in the life I shall once test attachment to the man which is very far from me. I heard many histories on the TV how the Russian girls fall in love with men on the Internet and then leave to them to live, I am assured, many of them live very happily. Have strong and healthy family. My following purpose in a life it to have family. To me 29 years, I have a fair life. But I wish to have own family, I wish to care of the husband. I wish to have a house cosiness, to wait from work of the husband, to make for it a supper. In it I see the happiness! Tell Thomas how you imagine happiness? Whether you can name happy? I can name myself the happy woman only when I shall have family, the husband and is possible children. I have a good life, but I have no main thing of the love, special the man. I dream, that the man was always frank with me. For me it is important that it loved and respected with me. Tell to me how you represent the future, special lady? Tonight I shall visit the parents, I wish to have conversation, and to ask opinions of family on an our future meeting. I wish to learn opinions of the parents, and my future visiting you. Blessing of parents the important stage in the beginning of any attitudes. You will agree with my opinion? I shall tell to you about conversation in the following letter. Thomas, it is necessary for me to come back to work. I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. I shall think of you. Sincerely, yours Caramel.

Letter 8

Hello Thomas, How your day has passed? Your letter has decorated my day. I wait for your letters with impatience. Today solar weather, it is favorable for walks on fresh air. Possibly, today after work I shall have walk with girlfriends, but most of all I would like Certainly is beside with the special person in such fine days. I am glad, that you also want an our meeting. Thomas, I consider, that it will be big plus to ours with mutual relations. It will be good, if we we shall have a short meeting, even some days or weeks. We can spend some time together and learn each other. I shall morally prepare for our future meeting, certainly, I shall feel excitement, but I hope, that you will help me, to struggle with it. Tell, you will worry before our meeting? Last night I had conversation with parents, I have told it about the feelings to you. Parents have concerned with understanding to our situation. They understand perfectly, that I the adult woman and am necessary to arrange private life. It is necessary to think of the future, and to create family with correct the man. My daddy has told, that it is necessary for us to check up all over again our feelings, but it is possible only at a meeting. The daddy also has assured me, that I the independent woman, and owe the important decisions to accept itself. My parents not against our meeting, they have blessed us. Dear Thomas, it is pleasant to me to understand, that the our friendship developed into frank feelings! I thank the God that I have found you. Today I, work much. Orders for registration of advertising of a new network of shops on sale of furniture in our city have acted. It is very serious firm it has good reputation, and director has entrusted performance of the order to me. I am assured, that I shall consult. My colleagues ask me about you often, but I speak them about our revelations a little. I only speak, that we we have the correspondence, and our interests to each other continue to grow. Though, actually I test to you more deep feelings, than simple sympathy. Thomas, please be in earnest to me. I with greater trust concern to you and I speak it sincerely. Thomas, in you better qualities of the man about which I spoke you are combined. You the man of my dream, I can tell even it to you because I do not wish to hide from you anything. You know, we never met, but I very much trust you. I do not know, why it, but something prompts me, that you are frank with me and cannot deceive me. Thomas, I consider, that the meeting is necessary for us. The meeting will help us to check our feelings. The meeting will be a greater basis to the further attitudes. Tell to me, what you think of it? I worry, probably, therefore I ask the important questions often! I would be glad to meet you, probably, the our first meeting could pass in your or my country. We should make a decision and think of it. I understand, that you work much, and it is not easy to have a vacation at this time year. It is probable, that I can visit you, Time which we, probably, shall lead together, will be not forgotten. Tell to me, what you think of it? I hope, that I can arrive to you, but it only my dreams if we we decide to meet we should approach to it very seriously. Our future can depend on this step. You agree with me? I am really happy now, I cannot express the happiness in the letter, and only when we we shall be together, you will see, how much I want our meeting. I shall sincerely hope, that you will not deceive me as I shall go to you with pure heart and the open soul. My feelings sincere to you, also I shall not dare never to cause you a pain and sufferings. I want, that you would concern to me well. It is difficult to express feelings in the letter but when we we shall be together, we can have conversation, we can observe sights each other, and understand all sincerity of desires. Thomas, the our life is in our hands, and only we can change it. After an our meeting, we shall live, possibly, in another way, tell to me, you want it? The meeting, is very responsible step in our attitudes. I thought of it much, and I have solved, that I wish to do it. Together, we can feel happy pair. We have the right fortunately. Please, only understand me, we should be very responsible. Between us now thousand kilometers, I am ready to overcome this distance, for the sake of our happiness. I do not want, that was so, that when I shall arrive to you, you will not meet me, and I shall appear one in your country. I do not wish to hasten! I shall not arrive to you tomorrow though I would like it. Probably, we we shall meet in some months. Tell, when you think the best time for an our meeting. I can have a vacation in it to year, I did not use them still. I think it to the best. On it I shall finish the letter, think of me. I always think of you! Have nice day! I with impatience wait for your letter! Sincerely, yours Caramel.

Letter 9

Hello my Thomas, I am glad to receive your letter today. You at all do not represent, as I waited for your letter. Dear Thomas, ideas on you do not give me rest. You the man of my dream, I very long thought of everything, and have come to conclusion, that a meeting with you this my biggest desire. I thank the god that it gave me an opportunity to have acquaintance to you. To me starts to seem, that I love you, but I do not wish to do too fast steps. I wish to have a meeting with you to spend our time, we should have direct dialogue. You agree with me? Certainly the Internet a remarkable thing, I am grateful the Internet that it has helped our acquaintance. Thomas, you represent, that some time back, we and did not guess existence each other. And here now you my best friend, probably, you even more, than simply friend. I have a lot of pleasure. I am glad, that you also want an our meeting. It will be healthy, I am assured of it. Today I visited travel agency in our city, I often use this company so I already have a agent of travel. I wished to learn the information on my future visiting you in your country. My agent gave me a lot of helpful information, it was polite and benevolent as always. Thomas, I have found out, that I for visiting you, I shall require first of all the visa and the passport, and also in some tests. For reception of the visa I should visit embassy in Moscow. At a trip through embassy I can free move on all extent of your country, I can result more time with you. My agent has told to me that I made a decision, concerning my travel and then it can write out to me a direction on visiting embassy in Moscow. Probably, soon it will be necessary for me to visit embassy in Moscow and already precisely to find out the information. Thomas, for me it is good news. And how for you? My intentions to the Attitude to you are serious. You very responsible the man. I for a long time did not collide with such greater and serious feelings, all it so is unusual to me. I never could assume, that in the future I shall probably have travel to other country to meet to expensively me the man. But now I see, that with the woman do strong and sincere feelings. Yes, my feelings strong to you and I wish to prove to you it. Love, this very serious word which unites in itself such words, as respect, friendship, sincerity. Mutual understanding, support, caress, tenderness, kindness, relationship, also components of love. I am afraid to use this word because it bears in itself very deep sense. Besides I cannot discuss, such sacred feeling, as love in e-mails. It is very responsible! I cannot speak about it in e-mails, and it does me sad. I consider, that it is necessary to do a declaration of love, looking in the face to the person. You agree with me? On eyes of the person it is possible to tell very much much. In opinion of sincerity and lie always prevails. I always could learn mood of my mum on eyes and expression of its person. I saw, when my mum to mourn, I saw, when my mum has pleasure. All it is very appreciable. We we can not see an eye each other now. It is complex for me to speak love, I hope, my letter does not tire you. Thomas, you my soul mate, and now I can speak with you on any themes, I have no from you any secrets. It is very unusual to me. Dear Thomas, I wish to tell to you, that I very much wish to hear your voice. I am assured, that you have a beautiful voice. I often represent our conversation. I think, that I shall worry for the first time. You will feel excitement at our conversation? In our apartment all still have not installed a telephone, it is the big grief for me. In the telephone company which is engaged in installation of phones in our house, have told, that they have many orders, and our turn will reach in some months. So it is a pity to me! I wish to have conversation with you, I promise you, that I shall search for a way for our conversation, probably, I can call to you from telegraph. I shall learn about it. For me it is necessary, to know your phone number that I could call to you, and we could have telephone conversation. I shall warn you of phone call that you could wait for my call. Please, tell to me your phone number in your following letter. Now I shall possibly finish the letter to you, I should go to continue the work. My parents and friends wish you successful day. I shall think of you and with impatience to wait for your letter. Sincerely, yours Caramel.

Letter 10

Hello my dearest Thomas, I am glad to receive today your letter. Today I had the intense day on work, there were many orders, and it was necessary to give projects of performed work by the end of day. But I have coped with a problem, in fact now I have a source of inspiration, it you Thomas. In my opinion, creative people frequently should require a source of inspiration that their work was a success. Thomas, today I had conversation with my director, and it has told to me, that I can have tomorrow free day from my work. Today I shall get the ticket up to Moscow, I shall reach by train so after in tomorrow morning I shall visit embassy and to learn all details of travel to you. It is very responsible. Today I also contacted my agent of travel, it made out to me a direction on visiting of embassy. I hope, that after tomorrow I shall be a success. There will be a big and difficult day after tomorrow, interview in embassy is appointed in the morning. After I shall come back, I shall write to you the letter, I shall tell about all. It was really difficult to find free day from work for visiting embassy. I have explained to director, that this travel is necessary for me, and my future can depend on it. By the way I never spoke you, that my director is the woman. It lovely and decent. It has understood me, and has wished me greater successes in the future. Thomas, with each your letter, you all win my heart more, to me it is very pleasant, that my heart belongs correct and fair to the man. I would like to pay your attention that for the present love, it is necessary to have trust and mutual understanding. You trust me? I very much trust you, dear Thomas, you have received my trust from the very beginning and I do not wish to hide it from you. I have no from you any secrets and secrets. You the best the man in my life, besides you sincere the man. In the last letter I have told to you, that you are the man of my dream. These are really sincere words. To me starts to seem, that I love you, I do not wish to frighten you of the words, I only speak you that I feel. Expectation of each your letter turns to eternity for me. You do not represent how much strongly I grieve without you. You are constantly on we wash opinion. However I am assured, that there is no necessity to do hasty conclusions, and to rush to a precipice, first of all, we should meet, spend some time together. Probably, we we shall never leave after our meeting. Probably, we shall understand, that we different people though I hope, that it to not happen, because now I have impression, that I am familiar with you already much, it is a lot of time and I know about you absolutely all. Even if we shall understand, that we are not intended the friend for the friend, I all the same want our friendship. I want, that we were friends always, and always were frank with each other Certainly, I am assured that to me first time in your country will be unusual to live, I cannot present at all as I shall communicate with people who live in your city. Anyway, I shall arrive to you, and we we communicate, and you can understand me, I understand you. I hope, that between us there will be no barrier of language, I shall try to do successes. You madly like me, and I thank the God every day that it has helped our acquaintance. Thomas, you trust in destiny? You consider, what our acquaintance has been planned? Today in our city, solar weather. Temperature of air of 18 degrees C. Tell, what weather today in your city? It is interesting to me to learn about it? Thomas, I trust you, I trust you the heart, it is very important for me. We we shall be together! I am assured of it, in fact the our meeting depends only on us. Anybody, is capable to prevent nobody to our happiness. On it I shall finish the letter to you, I shall go home now. Tomorrow at me will be heavy, and the intense day, probably, I should spend many forces and energy. But for the sake of the future I shall endow all!!! I with impatience wait for your letter. Also after tomorrow I shall try to write to you result of my trip to the city of Moscow if a number will be there is an Internet-cafe. Have nice day!!! For ever yours Caramel.

Letter 11

Hi my dearest Thomas, I hope, at you all is good also you have remarkable day? How you today? My day was very strained, I am tired by a trip. I will sleep today strong. My train went from my city at 1:15 am, and I have arrived today to Moscow only at 8:05 am, you represent I 19 hours moved by train to Moscow, and this distance about 2000 kilometres, it was very heavy for me … I visited today embassy of yours Norway in Moscow. This morning, as soon as I have arrived to Moscow, I went to embassy on interview. My reception has been appointed about 10 mornings. I have come to embassy, and I had to wait for the turn not long. I worried very much, my excitement was valid considerably, but I collected the thoughts. I was met by the lovely lady who is the employee of embassy. She has asked for me the proof of my stable life in Russia. Yes, it is valid the woman who has actives in the country, has the real estate, and is the provided citizen, reception of the permission to visiting of your country is possible. The lady has kindly suggested me to tell the purpose of my arrival to you. I have told, that my purpose is the meeting with man expensive to me, that is with you the darling Thomas. She has understood the purpose of my travel and has there and then hastened to warn me against possible dangers of travel. She has told to me, that cases when nobody meets the girl in other countries are known, and it remains one. However I assured her, that you are the responsible and sincere man. I assured her, that we are the big friends, and we know, each other already it is a lot of time. The employee of embassy also has told to me, that it is not easy to woman of my age to visit to the friend the country, however I insisted on a meeting, at least for short term. So I have found out, that it is necessary to get the visa, and the passport. Visa reception takes a lot of time. For reception of this type of the visa "bride" it is necessary for us to give that proof, that we already met, it is necessary to give our joint photos, hand-written letters each other. I have told, that I can give these proofs, but term of reception of the visa does not suit me. Besides we have no plans, to marry now, it is necessary for us to learn each other better at first. Then the lady in embassy has explained, that more convenient type the visa to me is the Visa. This type of the visa will allow me to travel to your country as the independent tourist, I can free move on all extent Norway. I have agreed, that this variant the most suitable to us. After we have chosen the necessary type of the visa, to me have suggested to fill various questionnaires, to answer questions. To me have explained, that visa registration will borrow 1-2 weeks, also according to this visa I can find in territory of your country within several weeks or months. This type of the visa really optimal approaches for us. Also in embassy to me have explained, that I will require the passport, necessarily I should pass medical examination, and already then to start visa registration. I knew, that all will be not easy. It will be really difficult for me, but I am ready to process. We with you a meeting depends on us, and we should make its reality. Road Thomas, also I should speak to you about cost of official registration of papers. Official registration of papers costs much more expensively, than I could assume. The visa will cost 160 dollars, the passport will cost 120 dollars, medical inspection which will be necessary for me will cost 90 dollars. It will be necessary for me to fill various questionnaires, it will cost additional 100 dollars. I should give in embassy the inquiry on the marital status, personal incomes and my actives in the country. As you see, it is necessary to do a lot of prophetic to be together. I think, that we with you a meeting is most important, than any money. Now, I wish to sum up, costs of all necessary things. Official registration of papers, will manage to me about 500 dollars. I have at present about 6000 roubles, it approximately 260 dollars, but at the big necessity, I think that I can occupy from yet many money as I spoke to you about that how many money I I receive in Russia, these are the big money for me. Tell you are glad, what our meeting will take place already soon? Also I should live in Moscow certain time, and certainly I will require money for the foodstuffs, taxi and hotel payment. I do not know to a smog to afford such expenses. Dear Thomas, I think it will be fair, but I should tell to you about it, I will possibly require your help, I want that you got to me the ticket aboard the plane for travel to you. I do not wish to injure you and to bring it insults, but sincerely I require you. All that depends on me these are documents, I will do them, I will make out all correctly so that our meeting, had no delays and problems. To me very much not dexterously to ask from you the help, I have been assured, that I will consult itself, but nevertheless our meeting will be impossible without your support. Tell, you are ready to help me with tickets? You can get them for me? Inform me on it if you are really ready to help me with tickets, I will visit again embassy and to begin registration process. It is necessary for me to know about it because if you are ready to help me then I will not move home while as this big distance, and besides is not present necessity to spend in vain money for a train, I will remain in Moscow to tomorrow and I will spend the night in hotel, and I will visit the-cafe Internet to see your letter. So I believe, that I have made everything, the big step to our future appointment, now you the owner of a situation, but to make the decision to us it is necessary together! If I meet with your approval to the aid I will be the happiest woman on light. Thomas, also inform me your Nearest airport, probably, I will consider also cost of tickets. We will compare the prices, and to search for benefit. I am very tired today, late enough already and now I will come back in hotel. I will think of you, and to dream, about a meeting. Please, show consideration for my letter. I trust you. Thomas, and with impatience I wait for our meeting. Once again excuse me if I injured you the request for the help, I really did not wish to cause you a pain. You are of great value for me, and I value our feelings. For me there will be a big happiness if our meeting takes place soon. I wish to care of our future. I listen to my heart and I hope that you also will listen to your heart Thomas. Well, I should go now I to finish my letter. I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience. Have a nice day! Only yours Caramel!

Letter 12

Hello me dear love Thomas!!! I am very glad to read all those letters which you write to me both all your warmth and caress and caress to them. How are you doing, as your successes. I very much regret Thomas for that that I could not write to you earlier, but you should understand that I very strongly got tired and I did not have not enough time. I regret that could not write to you earlier and I ask you that you have not been offended on me for it. Dear Thomas? I am glad to inform you that I have come back today back home and now I am on work. My trip to Moscow was successful, I have really spent many forces and time while was there. Moscow very big and very beautiful city and I wish to tell to you that it very expensive. My boss was very glad to see today me on work and it was very glad that my trip was successful, but I think that it was glad more for that that I will work now again, you do not imagine Thomas how many work at me now, there were many new orders which my boss any more does not wish to trust anybody, and I am glad to it, I even have told that I very much require money now and that will persistently work and that to me gave additional hours on work to raise my salary. I wrote to you how many money to me pay on work but as money I is necessary to us now I will to work not regretting the forces. Dear Thomas this morning as soon as I have come back I have come home to parents, my parents were very glad to see me, and we very long sat and talked about that as I have visited Moscow. They were very glad for that that my trip was successful and I have safely returned back home, they asked me about all that I did there and that soon my documents will be ready. My mum has not sustained and has started to cry, but when I have seen that my mum has started to cry on my eyes there were tears. My parents can be understood because they very strongly worry about me and very much are afraid that with me that that happens, they asked to transmit to you huge PRIVET, and ask you that you protected me and worried about me and never me offended, and that you also protected me as my parents protected me. Dear Thomas in embassy I have left all necessary documents that process of official registration of papers has begun as soon as possible, but it was necessary to me not enough money to pay for everything will come back back home therefore as at me, my parents have told that they will help me to find this money. dear Thomas, my boss abuses me not much and asks that I started to work, I will look forward your letter tomorrow and I will write you longer letter. With love yours Caramel...

Letter 13

Hello my beloved Thomas!!! How are you doing Thomas, as your successes on work, how is the weather in your city. Thomas it is not very a pity to me that I could write to you so much time, I understand you earlier I could write to you greater letters, but now I cannot do it therefore as I spoke you that I should work, Thomas you do not imagine how many to me it is necessary to work, Thomas imagine that only I have received 8 orders for manufacturing of new advertising for one yesterday, for today already 4, it is a lot of and me is necessary persistently works, but I have not time to execute all it, and me only remains to wait for the prompt termination of the working day and I work now till 9 or 10 evenings. When I come home I simply am ready to drop and with me does not remain any forces even to have a drink to tea before a dream. My younger brother Andrey has appeared very good assistant for me, I did not expect from it that it will help me with my work, but it has appeared the good fellow and began to help me and at it it very well turns out. At our place there is a computer which you saw in a photo which I showed you and when I come home I I can do not much the work on it, Andrey studied in it at me and at that time while I am on work it at leisure does that about what I ask it and I am very glad that it helps me... My favourite Thomas I always think of you and you never leave my ideas, you for ever in my heart... Thomas last night I have been invited at date of a birth to my close girlfriend which call Olga. It has invited all in cafe in which we usually we go. Well it has certainly appeared so all birthday to me should be told about that as it was possible to me will get acquainted with you, I told much about you and about that that I should visit Moscow. And about that that how many money I need to save up, but when I spoke that cost of hotel Olga to me has reminded how many will cost that in Moscow there lives its cousin, and that I can live at it... It call Ekaterina and it very good girl, it is not much more senior than me to it now 32 years, I some times saw it in our city when they came on a visit, we fine spent time in our city. Olga has told that it will contact Ekaterinoi and will discuss with it that I could live at her place. It lives not one it already for a long time married and lives with the husband, but they very good and kind people and I think that they will not give up to me in that that I have lived not much at them. Dear Thomas I wish to tell to you that soon to me will have again to visit Moscow, approximately in 2 days I should be there, but I shall write to you about it when I shall precisely go to Moscow. Soon already absolutely soon my documents will completely are ready also I can fly to you, see you, talk to you, embrace and kiss you, I very much want it and I want that it happens as soon as possible. For those days which I lived in houses, I did not manage to earn money, it only about 100 dollars, these are very small money for me now because to live and exist in Moscow and to pay for all to me it is necessary to have not less than in 1000 dollars, is huge money for Russia, I never held such money in the hands, I shall borrow money from the parents. But they can give me approximately about 400 dollars, I already talked to them and they have told that will help me with money. I shall try to borrow also not many money from the relatives and girlfriends, but I am not assured of that that who that of them can help me with it. And consequently my dear Thomas as it would be not convenient to me to ask you about it, but we do not have other variant and I should be asked you Thomas that you even have not much helped me with it because as I spoke you for us it very much greater money and to earn them to us it is necessary to work very long. Thomas if you could help me even not much, even with the small sum of money it there would be very good help for me and not only for me but also for us because we do it to be together... Therefore Thomas tell to me please you could help me even not much if you cannot help me then I cannot go to Moscow and pay for all. My dear Thomas, I shall finish my letter on it, and I shall wait for your letters, in hope that you write to me very soon... Loving you, yours Caramel...

Letter 14

Hello my love Thomas!!! I am very glad to receive today your letter, I am very glad when I see your letters, and there is nothing better than to read that you write to me. How are you doing, how is the weather in your city, in Russia there has come the present winter temperature in the street-1?, and coldly enough in the street and the snow, and only an idea on you and on our meeting lays helps me to be warmed in this cold. Dear Thomas, I am glad be very glad to that that absolutely soon we we can together, I every day when lay down I dream of that what there could be an our first meeting when I leave since self-summer and you meet me with colors, it will be my happiest moment in my life and I am on the top of the world with such happiness. I would like to fly to you though tomorrow and I would be very glad to it... Mine Thomas, I was very glad when have seen your letter and that you do not deny assistance to me, I am very glad to it now because now I can visit Moscow and not think of that that at me can will end money because I now will have enough money to pay for all. But I wish to ask you Thomas as you can help me with money as I can receive them from you here in Russia if you are very far and in other country. Thomas I think that we need to learn about it, I heard about that that there is such bank Western Union which is engaged in remittances in other countries in my city many these banks and I think that tomorrow I need to descend and learn there the information as it can be made and then I shall write about it to you. Dear Thomas I ask you that you too could learn this information. My favourite Thomas my parents transfer you huge Privet, and wish you greater successes and also again experience for me and what will be our meeting, we always talk about it. My younger brother Andrey too speaks you huge Privet, and speaks that it has prepared for you for a small surprise and asks me that I did not write to you about that that it for you has prepared, it also very well helps me with work. My prince Thomas tell to me please when you could help me with money because I am going to visit Moscow already after tomorrow, I also since morning shall be sits down on a train and long to go to Moscow, but I should know precisely as quickly I could receive from you your help, and how many money you send me, Thomas write to me please, I shall hope for it... Already it is enough late at us to Russia and my working day for today it is finished. Now I shall wait very strongly for your letter and I hope that you write to me very quickly and tomorrow in the morning I can read through it. Forever yours Caramel... 1000000000000000000000000 kisses to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 15

Hello my dear love Thomas!!! I am very glad to read your letters and to see your excitements for me. My darling I want to you that tomorrow early in the morning I shall already tell to go to Moscow and I soon I shall in Moscow, I shall visit embassy of your country and I need to pay for all documents and to issue some papers. I should live in Moscow not so long time but the nearest 5-6 days I shall be is there. I every day shall try I shall write to you about all those news which to learn, but I think that I cannot write now to you long letters, but I shall try to do it. Thomas I now shall not leave from Moscow till that time yet I shall not receive my documents, I shall do it to not visit many times Moscow because at me a lot of time for a trip to Moscow leaves. Dear Thomas I am glad that you have tried to learn all necessary information in occasion of that as I can receive the help from you. Today in the afternoon during a dinner I could visit bank Western Union in my city which is not far from my work. I have asked all necessary information the working woman of bank, I have explained to it all that situation which now occurs between you and me, and it to me has told that them Western Union is the most reliable and best bank on remittances on all country. It to me also has told that as I am fast can will receive money it occurs very quickly. I have asked it about that what information it is required to you to send me your help, and it to me has told that you need to know my full both present name and a surname: Alena Chernova, and you should not do any mistake and if even one letter will be written not truly that I I can not receive your help. Therefore Thomas try to do it without mistakes. The darling Thomas to receive your money I should give them the information which concerns you. I need to know your full Name and a surname, your full address and when you will send me the help to you will give a code which consists of 10 figures, it refers to MTCN which you also should send me by mail, I should know it and by means of this code I without problems can receive your money. Thomas I think that I have correctly written all to you. Thomas I shall hope for you and to think of you all time while I shall go to Moscow and while I shall be is in Moscow. Dear Thomas? My parents speak you many thanks for that that you are ready to help me and thank you for that that you help me. On it I probably shall finish the letter and I shall go home, and tomorrow I shall go early in the morning to Moscow, I am assured mine favourite Thomas, that I with ease can receive all necessary documents and our meeting with you will be absolutely fast, think of me and experience for me. Thomas I have very strongly grown fond of you and I am assured that our feelings will the best all over the world. Write to me please as soon as possible, I shall require very much your letters. Sincerely yours Caramel (Alena Chernova)

Letter 16

Hello my love Thomas!!! I am very glad to receive your letter, but I wish to tell to you Thomas, that I have committed an improbable mistake, I have made such that to me was so badly all road while I went to Moscow, I to you have told that my surname Chernova, but it is a mistake my surname ANTONOVA. I all road while went to Moscow thought of that that I have written to you Antonova but when I have seen now that I have written Chernova to me became so badly. Thomas chernova it is a surname of my father, at us in Russia all is usual children carry a surname of the father, but at me a surname of my mother Antonova, and I always confuse it... I have simply got used to name myself Alena Chernova, and at school me named all Alena Chernova, but in my passport surname Antonova, therefore Thomas I very strongly ask you that you have tried to change my surname in bank western union because I cannot receive from you your money. Dear Thomas, probably when I wrote to you that letter I very strongly worried and was on emotions and consequently have not noticed this mistake. My darling Thomas I am sorry about you for that that I give to you efforts, but please forgive me for it, and know that my surname: ALENA ANTONOVA... Mine Thomas I very strongly love you and I thank you for such help for me, I think that you forgive me for my mistake... Thomas I shall wait now your letter and as it is possible to check is more often mail from you. Yours Caramel (Alena Antonova)

Letter 17

Hello my love Thomas!!! I am very glad to receive your letter, I very long read your letter and tried is understood that that you wished to explain to me. I have understood you that you sent already money but then other person received money absolutely, but I speak you truth Thomas, it is written to you by me instead of what or other person, and I speak you the full truth and shall be afraid now of that that we did not have such mistakes, and I shall check mail now, Thomas how are you doing? I'm fine, I had very restless dream today because very much experienced for the mistake and thought that you will think of it. Thomas, it is written to you by me and you should not think that it who writes to you that another and I do not deceive you. As there are your days off, hope at you there will be a good rest. Tomorrow I am going to visit embassy, and I shall wait for your letter. Dear Thomas, I ask you that you have changed in bank and did not experience that who writes to you that another. Thomas try to make it as soon as possible and write to me … I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours Caramel (Alena Antonova)

Letter 18

Hello my dear Love Thomas!!! Thomas I am very glad to receive today from you your letter but when I have read through it to me I became very bad also do not know that to me now to do. Thomas I cannot understand you, you do not trust me or that, I could not think hundred of for this mistake the our attitude can become absolutely bad. Today at night I could not have a good and quiet dream, I thought of that that you and when I today have read through your letter that my mood will think became very bad. Thomas I now do not know as to think of our attitudes, you now have ceased to trust me??? I never could think that from for such trifle our attitude to each other can become cold. Thomas today I should pay for all documents, but now I at all do not know what to do, I would pay for everything, but now I have enough money to pay for it. Thomas write to me please that to me now to do and whether you are ready to help me with the further??? In hope to see your letter as soon as possible. Yours Caramel...

Letter 19

Hello my Love Thomas!!! I am very glad to receive your letter today and I wish to tell to you many thanks for that help which you have made for me... You at all do not imagine Thomas as I am strongly grateful to you, I am now simple in the seventh sky with such happiness and from that that I could pay for all documents for which I should pay, I speak you many thanks Thomas, you my most favourite person on light and I love you most on light. Thomas I wish tell to you that I without any difficulties could to receive from you your help, the girl in bank very well talked to me and well explained to me as it is necessary to fill all necessary papers and I have not seen in it any difficulties. Thomas I wish to tell to you that have successfully paid today for all documents necessary for me and is fast absolutely soon my documents already will completely are ready, and I wish to tell that is time I to me shall not think much any more in occasion of self-summer on which to fly to you, we need to solve when you want that I flied to you of what number, that to you was more convenient to meet me, and the most important it certainly cost of tickets, and as to me will be necessary to buy tickets to two ends, up to you and back, as at me the tourist visa and in embassy will be necessary to specify when I shall fly to you and when I shall back come back to Russia. Thomas you are glad that our meeting takes place absolutely soon, I am very glad to it and I want more likely our meeting. Thomas I still time thank you for your help, you do not represent as I is grateful to you for it... In hope to see your letter as soon as possible, yours Caramel... KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 20

Hello my prince Thomas!!! My favourite and the most good Thomas, I am very glad to receive today from you your letter, and you experience for that that I yesterday have not written to you. How are you doing, as your mood today, I hope that with you all well and you should take care for me because now you are necessary to me only one, and anybody is more, besides absolutely soon we shall together with you... Thomas you think that I have left back to myself home because I did not write to you yesterday, there is no Thomas I am not going to have yet a trip home as soon as I am going to have a trip home I I shall necessarily inform you on it. I could not have an opportunity to write to you yesterday because yesterday I felt very badly not much, and I had a heat, and the head very hurted, probably I have caught a cold, because now in Moscow is very cold both it-15?, and it is very cold for me and already it is time to dress winter clothes, my city is to the south from Moscow and we have no so early such cold weather and consequently I have only easy footwear though already it is time to dress winter footwear, and probably I has frozen and consequently felt yesterday very badly... Thomas I wish you to please and tell to you that my visa already is almost ready to me it is necessary to buy only tickets, I have tried will learn today how many approximately to cost the ticket to fly to you and it approximately from 350 dollars, I shall not tell that it costs dearly because considering that how many money to us was necessary to spend that for registration of all documents, I thought that the ticket aboard the plane will cost on much more dear... Thomas I will need to buy return tickets, up to you and back and it will cost approximately 700 dollars, tickets are already necessary for buying now because at me the tourist visa and to it it is necessary to specify day of my start from Russia and when I shall back come back, also it will be necessary for me to buy tickets of Russian airline " AEROFLOT ", therefore Thomas now only it is necessary for us to solve when you want that I flied to you because it is necessary for us to buy tickets and absolutely soon Thomas we already we shall together... Thomas write to me when you want that I flied to you and after we buy tickets I at once I shall fly to you, whether also I wish to tell to you Thomas you remember that absolutely soon on November, 29th at me wash birthday and to me 30 years are executed, it is round date for me possible even to tell anniversary... Thomas I shall wait for your letters... I am very glad that have met you!!!

Letter 21

Hello my love Thomas!!! I am very glad to see today in the morning your letter, Thomas I very strongly love you and nothing can raise to me mood for all day better than your letter. Thomas I am very glad to receive from you the new information which you have learned for me but as I already spoke you that I shall fly only by planes AEROFLOT, and any others, I know that there is a set of various airlines and at all of them the different prices for flights, but Thomas I think that 700 dollars to fly to you and back are quite good price if to consider that, how many money was necessary to give me only for documents necessary for me... Thomas I wish to tell to you that 700 dollars are cost of tickets to you and back, also considering all tax gathering, and insurance on all necessary items. Thomas I wish to tell to you, what there are no such prices as 50 dollars when we shall pay on all items and the sum becomes many times more and you should understand it even if that it will fly from my city at self-summer to cost not less than 5000 roubles and it approximately 220 dollars flight in other country how many can cost? Thomas my visa will be valid in current of 90 days and advantage in that that I can fly to any day to you and any day to fly back... Thomas you have forgotten about that that at me soon birthday? If you want that I flied to you on my birthday that I already today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow should buy tickets, whether I do not know we shall have time to make it, but I would be very glad if it at us has turned out. Thomas I shall wait for your letters, write to me please as soon as possible, yours forever Caramel...

Letter 22

Hello my dearest love Thomas!!! I am very glad to see your letter which you sent me, but I wish to tell to you Thomas that I would speak you the truth I flied by any plane to you and I do not have any difference in that by what plane I would fly to you and what airline would posess this plane... Whether Thomas I tried to learn today about that probably to me to fly with what or other plane which does not concern to airline Aeroflot, but unfortunately to me have answered that I the tourist and I cannot fly by planes not the Russian airline, I should fly only by planes of the Russian airline namely Aeroflot, and also I have told it and whether there are tickets more cheaply than 350 dollars and they to me have told that the cheapest ticket will cost for me approximately 5500 roubles 233 dollars, and it became very interesting to me why they did not speak me about that earlier that there are tickets and cheaper for me!!! Thomas but they speak me that I can fly only by planes Aeroflot and any others, they speak that I the Russian tourist and any country do not bear the greater responsibility than Russia for the Russian tourists, and speak that for me not probably to fly any other planes... Thomas can I am simple did not assume that the ticket aboard the plane can cost so much money because for us in Russia the plane is very dear transport and we never use by planes in Russia. Thomas I think to us it is necessary to think in occasion of it, and already to not stop on reached... I LOVE YOU!!! KISS!!! Yours Caramel!!!

Letter 23

Hello my dear love Thomas!!! I am very glad to see your letters and I too dream Thomas of that that you wish to be with me... Thomas I wish to inform you on that that I today have come back back home from Moscow, and now I am in the native city. Today in the morning as soon as I came back home I had very long conversation with the parents, they asked me about everything as there are our attitudes that you write to me and as you concern to me, they were very grateful to you for that that you helped me all that time while I was in Moscow. My parents thought that I have arrived to collect home the things and that I shall already fly to you, I it told about that that at us occurs to tickets that there is very much a greater difference between the prices yours the countries and Russia, but my father at all was not surprised to it and has told that we in Russia have a democracy and it does not need to be surprised, as it has reminded me of its brother which lives in city Vladivostok, it came to us several years ago, it too flied by the plane and its ticket cost 24000 roubles that it could reach us, it about 1000 dollars now but two years ago it was on much more... dear Thomas my parents have told to me that I have transferred you huge Privet!!! Thomas you in each letter speak me about that that I flied by planes of your country, but I still speak time to you Thomas, that I cannot do it because we buy tickets through agency which there is in embassy of your country, a department under visas. I also have asked the friend which works in travel agency about which I spoke you earlier, whether I can really fly to other country by planes of the another's companies, it to me has told that happens such when people fly to the warm countries to have a rest under permits that they can fly by planes of the another's countries but when the situation is those as washing I should fly by planes Aeroflot, for example if who that flies to have a rest not the sea for example to Turkey or to Egypt they buy the permit and in this permit already enters cost of planes, hotels and restaurants, but it not that situation that at us Thomas you understand it... I think that you understand it. Thomas on it I probably shall finish the letter to you and I shall wait for your warm letters. Yours forever Caramel...

Letter 24

Hello my love Thomas!!! How are you doing Thomas, how your successes on work?, I hope that at you all well. Thomas I again speak you thanks in occasion of the information which you have learned for me, I tried to learn about it more. Thomas we still have not enough time to solve that I flied to you. Thomas to me it would be valid is better that I on the birthday was together with you, there is no the best gift than this. Well Thomas if our problem consists now only in money that I think that it will be possible to solve for us it, Thomas you speak me that tickets cost 290 dollars, I am not completely assured in it therefore as it is necessary to pay for the various commissions and insurance and many other things and then the ticket will cost on much more, Thomas my parents have told to me that will present me on my birthday of 300 dollars, and I consider it there will be a good help for me, whether then Thomas I shall ask you are ready you to help me not much with money, and how many you can help me, and if you will help me not much, then I tomorrow in the morning send to Moscow and buy tickets aboard the plane that 29 already to be at you, inform as soon as possible Thomas, I wait for your letter...

Letter 25

Hello my Thomas!!! I am glad to receive from you so quickly your letter. Thomas if you agree to help me then I go home to collect things and whereas I only arrive to Moscow that I I go and I receive from you your help and then Thomas I ask you to make it more likely and that I without problems could receive from you your help. Thomas I think that it will be most easier to make to us it also by means of Western Union, and I think that it most easier, Thomas I now shall not write to you the big letter and I shall wait for your letters, Thomas only I ask you that did it as soon as possible and that I had not to wait because with us at all does not remain time for this purpose. Now I shall go on station and I shall buy the ticket for a train to go to Moscow and tomorrow early in the morning I shall already go in a train and to dream of our meeting, I will have enough time to dream of it because soon we already shall together. I with impatience shall wait for your letters. I LOVE YOU!!! Yours forever Caramel...

Letter 26

Hello my dear Thomas!!! I am very glad to see your letter Thomas today, I only not for a long time have arrived to Moscow and at once have gone to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter and to read your letters. Thomas I today have arrived to Moscow only in 5:20 evenings because I went today not by that train which went earlier and consequently has arrived to Moscow not much later. As soon as I have arrived I have gone to the Internet of cafe and while I have gone to bank bank the Western Union has been already closed, and now I can receive your money only tomorrow since morning, I consider that anything terrible in it is not present, and I can buy tickets tomorrow as soon as I buy tickets I at once I shall tell about it to you. Thomas I now shall not write to you the long letter and I shall write to you tomorrow... I love You!!!!!!!! 1000000000000000000000 KISS For you!!! Yours forever Caramel...