Scam letter(s) from Jessy to Thomas (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love , how are u doin? i just want to inform u that i was un able to sign in to my former address which i dont know wat is actually wrong with it so honey pls dont send any messages to it untill u here frm me that u should do so pls if there is any information u want to send to me just be using this new one and dont send anything to that one pls just for my sake and pls just use this one to be sending me instant message i am online now pls just try to talk to me now. pls am wait to here frm u just now pls.
is me ur love jessy.
Letter 2

Hi my love how was ur day i was little fell sick that was why u dont see me online since honey am now on line just use ur yahoo messenger to buzz me now am currently here just buzz me now so that i will know the right i.d u are using 4 ur yahoo messenger .wait to hear frm u know.
Letter 3

hello honey , how are u doin today hope u are doin great today am just try to check my mail nay be u have mailed me but to my suprice i cant read any of ur mail hope there is no problem .honey pls give me the address that i will be using to instant u on yahoo messenger so that we can talk better i only have ur mail address i dont have ur messenger one to be sending u instant messeges cos honey am very missing u since i cant open my box pls send it to me and honey hope u dont 4get to mail the travel agent pls honey dont 4get .i will be expecting ur messege now am currently on line now u can just use ur id to buzz me so that i will reply use jessy4umyluv_1 to send me instant message very anxious to hear frm u my love. have a nice day and remain blessed
yours love
Letter 4

Hi my love hope u are doin great and how was ur day goes hope u are taking God as first wat ever u do today and u believe in him that he will do wonder in ur life today , honey i just ant to suprise u that to God be the glory when i get to my dad this morning and i tell him all the problem u are facing to my great suprise i asked him of 200 but to God be the glory he gave me 250 so honey can u see the work of God and i want to tell u that my pastor talk to mr Ayeni this afternoon after the church service and he has agree of taking 400 frm me just to help till any time i get the rest of the money when i told him all wat that is happinig to u so my love can u see the work of God so that is why i said let us have faith him and he will do great in our lives so honey i told ayeni that u will send the 250 to him today and he said u should try and send it today so that he will get all the neccessary things tomorrow done so that he will mail u the flight information. honey we will talk better when u are here love u with all my heart . honey pls kindly do it as early as possible so that he will be able to get it here bye 4 now.
Letter 5

Good day sir,
Jessy is one of my clients sir and she has told em about you and i asked of the nearest airport to you sir i think you have know that she still need balance me with $650 because she has only depsoited $800 out of $1450, and she said you will be sending the balance to me sir.
you can wire the money to me through western union with the following info name AYENI BABATUNDE name AYENI BABATUNDE city ILESA state OSUN country NIGERIA
and you will provide me the following
your full name
your address
the test question and answer
the mtcn#
please feel free to call or mail me if you have any question to ask sir waiting to read from you AYENI BABATUNDE BABS TRAVEL 09 234 803 959 6457
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