Scam letter(s) from Kristina Maleeva to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jerry!!!
Thank you for your letter. Your letter really touched my heart, because i was waiting for it. More over it is very lovely. I like you very much and it is great that we can talk and learn more from each other. When you like someone , you want to build relations and try to be devoted, you need to talk as often as possible! I prefer to be as i am! I don't want to pretend. I like you very much and i don't want to hide it from you.
Of course we should to communicate with each other in order to understand what we need. Do you agree with me?
You know i want the same as you and i am sure that i don't want to have man from my country and town! Please understand this. I don't trust them.
I hope that you understand my point of view! I think that you are right, first we can be friends and wee what will happen!
I want to tell you more about me! I hope that it will be interesting for you.
My full name Kristina Maleeva.I live in Ukraine,city Lugansk,i live alone in a rent flat. My family live in Lygansk region, town calls Zimogorie.I was born on March,11 in 1982. I am 25.The next thing,maybe a little about my appearance:I'm 168cm ,and 52 kg., brown hair and hazel eyes!!!!!!
About my family:I have my beloved mother and father . I am really close to my family, because this is all I've got now.The relationship between members of my family is really friendly and loving.
Several year ago i graduated from university and now i am working as a hair dresser!
I like my job , because i always need to create something new.
I miss student's years. I am sure that student's years are the best and the most interesting. I like music,maybe except rap and heavy metal..some of my favorite is Barry White and Sting!
I adore reading books. Specially about history and Egypt.By the way i have just read book calls the "The curse of mummies". Very interesting book.
I also like sport and i am active person. I like to smile and my friends say that i have good sense of humor.
Now you can read more information about me. If to speak about search. I am searching for love and my second half, i am searching for a person with whom i can share daily life, as problems as happy moments.I want to feel that i have a strong shoulder next to me and whom i can give all my love and care! I am a giver and it is important for me to open my heart and be devoted. My dear, maybe you are right person for me ? Maybe, it is destiny. Who knows...
Please write me back!!!
With best regards
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