Scam letter(s) from Julia Bozko to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
good afternoon my kitten! I'm still bad today after robbery, I need you, thank you for your desire to help me, it means so much for me! Here's my information
Bozko Yuliya
Ukraine, Antracit city, (94600)
30 Let Pobedu street, 5/8
Could you use Western union or money gram we have it in every bank!
I'm thinking about you since I've opened my eyes in the morning and until now and I'll think till I'll fall asleep and even in my dream I'll see you and only you I need.
I believe in you, in your love and your seduction. I believe in your passion and tenderness.
I believe what you say and make me feel, the same facts that demonstrate the reflex of your truth.
Simply I believe in you and in your aptitude to love me. Because I will can to look at your eyes and, without getting lost a sparkle I will be able to see your crystalline soul and your heart.
Because I hope that you haven't never lied me and always you have given me the best thing from you!, I believe in you, because in me,you trusted and you will wait for my arms and my kisses without losing hope.
I believe in you! because I love you, because if you are sincere and also you love me!
and always I will wait for you and I believe in you because our love is sincere and immense and because if we are not united we will stop existing.
Once a friend said to me that I knew perfectly what I wanted in the life and I answered her that probably I didn't know What I wanted in the life but I knew perfectly what I didn't want even this way, and everything happened so rapidly like now and I love you I say it seriously and with all my heart but I don't want to go so fast I don't want that we damage to ourselves I want that both we are sure of wanting to share our life together.
Only I know that it's one of so many mysteries that make me to love you more and more to every second, so much, so much that even I manage to lose the notion of the time that spends when I read your letter and I have the sensation of being with you. I love you very much, and I know that it's not necessary to say it to you again and again, that surely I'm repeating me, but the thing is that, I know that I have the sufficient talent for to surprise you every day being to my side, but now I don't have the same talent for to surprise you, that the one that you have with me.
You are the synthesis of all the virtues that the mortal one can possess. You are like a flagrant and fresh rose, which perfumes all the air that surrounds it in spite of only insinuating her presence. You are an angel without wings, almost delicate, but so hotly real being, with the grace of the wind between the flowers, with the serenity of a summer sky, with the majesty of a starry night, the beauty of the Sun that gets up, the sensitivity of an iris, the elegance of a swan, the softness of a cotton particle and the simple freedom of a gull in the breeze.
You are like a shooting star that crosses the sky and illuminates it, fleeting and unvalued. Because nobody will be able to estimate you completely ever. But still knowing that always you will be for me a distant and fascinating star, and accepting that I will never be able any more that to look at the mountain from the plain, I estimate more than anybody your inexhaustible beauty and your serene way of being, and especially, this great peace and happiness that I feel close to you and that reach the limits of the material thing.
I'm your lover. Always I have been it and I will continue being up to the last one of my days. You have me to your feet.
Always you will find in me the hand opened of a friend, and the sweet and stormy agony of an exhausted, eternally in love heart.
this evening I'm going to dance club with my friends for relax and dance and fun, I wish you were here with me and we'll dance together....
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