Letter(s) from Nina Urakova to Martin (Belgium)

Letter 1

Good afternoon mine dear Martin! That you have written lovely my thanks me and thanks you that you now is in my life!I could open only a photo, other files do not open as the computer speaks that there is no necessary program. I done not interested now by other men Martin I want to meet you and I want your kiss! Lovely mine Martin I I I have good news has received the passport, now I can to travel to any country with this passport within one year as the passport operates year from the moment of reception. Unfortunately Martin is also not so pleasant news from my daughter, probably a life so It is arranged that to good news always are bad. I spoke with my daughter, my daughter has visited embassy Belgium and her completely Have informed concerning travel in Belgium.I I can to travel to you Martin only as the tourist, it is necessary for me for this purpose in embassy to receive the tourist visa, the visa operates 30 days with the moment of arrival and I cannot remain with you more than on 30 days. To receive the visa to me it is necessary to arrive to Moscow that personally to go in embassy and to show my passport which I already has received and write the application on reception of the visa and to pay in the embassy of 130 dollars, is usual to receive the visa it is necessary to wait two three weeks depending on turn because wishing to visit yours the country much also the embassy also is necessary cannot quickly issue for all the interested person the visa, but to pensioners stipulates some privileges, and as I the pensioner and I am on pension that I can receive the visa in current of week. All this is good Martin and I think that with reception of the visa problems will not arise, but there are for tourists following conditions which are obligatory that to me have resolved trip abroad from Russia. For that that I could depart from Russia in Belgium and remain there for that time that the visa that I operates should have necessarily cash money. Under the law I should have not less than 2000 dollars, but it is no more than 9000 Dollars cash money if I do not have cash that me simply not will release from the country. With cash money at me Martin arises problem. I to visit you Martin I use all my savings, But it is not enough of it, all that I have it only 1700 dollars, these money I very for a long time saved also I have decided to take advantage of them for that to meet you, it would be enough that I Could arrive to you but after I shall pay for the visa and for tickets I will have only 600 dollars but that at me was minimum cash money necessary for me for travel to you to me 1400 dollars more are necessary. These are simply huge money and me not where them to take Martin and I in full frustration, I so hoped that I Soon there is you Martin but now I in full frustration. I not I know that to me to make now, I spoke with my daughter in this occasion but she and her husband cannot to me the help, at them the cares and problems suffices, they only two years ago have got own apartment and part of money took on credit and consequently they need to pay monthly payments and at them are not present any additional money. My daughter has advised to me Martin that I have asked you the help to me, but even if you very much wanted the help to me and could give me 1400 dollars more that I could arrive to you that as though you it have made. I in confusion Martin also I do not know that to me to make, my mood has very much deteriorated and I feel helpless in this situation. Certainly it is possible to continue our dialogue further and to write letters, but whether there is a sense to such dialogue If there is no opportunity to meet, and I would not like to lose you Martin and to find out each other better and to understand that we really we feel to each other that I think that it is necessary to see the friend the friend face to face to be some time together. Lovely Martin I It is afflicted very strongly and my mood which was such good has very strongly deteriorated, I had such hopes on our joint pastimes, I thought that at us with you all will turn out and already tried to plan on the future. But I shall wait for your letter Martin it is possible you to me as that really can the help, as to us With you to be farther. I hope for the fast letter. With the best regards Yours Nina