Scam letter(s) from Rozalina Suhova to Bernard (France)

Letter 1
Greetings, my new friend Bernard!!! I am very glad that you have written an answer to me. I liked your profile and I consider, that you are a very interesting person. I would like to learn you better, and also your interests, your hobby, what most of all involves you, who are you in general. What is your field of activity? What exactly you had been involved by your work? Now I shall tell a little about myself. My name is Rozalina. I am 25 years old. My growth is 168 cm. My weight is 55 kg. I was born and I live in the city of Nizhnevartovsk of the Russian Federation in a family of the simple hardworking worker. My father died, when I was 10 years old. An accident happened to him. At a factory where he worked, the outflow of poisonous substance was formed. There was an explosion. A lot of workers died as a result of it. My father was among them. Since then I live with my mum. My mum is a very kind and sympathetic woman. We are very close with her. After the death of the father we supported each other very much, and it pulled us together even more. Now she is on pension. I work as a tutor in the children's garden. I love my work in spite of the fact that the salary is very small. It is the unique minus in my work. Basically I see pluss, but how heavily would not be inside of mel, what difficulties would not meet on my way, I can consult with it. As soon as I come to my work all varies. My pupils support me very much. Unless any insult, any pain, any grief, any sorrow will resist before kind children's eyes, before the child who trustfully stretches to you his small gentle arms. You know, I want to have a present, strong amicable family very much. And I know, that I shall do everything and I shall offer much for the sake of the favourite person. I do not give great value to the appearance of the person. It is important to me to know his inner world and how he thinks and feels. I hope, I shall find such man who can add bright paints and instants in my life in your person. Such person who will make me happy. Unfortunately, I should finish my letter, because the Internet cafe, which I visit, is closing. ( I do not have a computer at home).
I will be waiting for your letter with impatience!!!!
I hope that it will happen soon.
I wish you to have a good day.
Good-bye, my new friend Bernard!!!! Rozalina.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Bernard!!! You will ask: why dear? I shall answer: because there is nothing more dearly for me than to get acquainted with the new interesting person. My dear, to me it is very pleasant that to you to like my English language I studied English language when studied at institute. Unfortunately I not so well know English language. Therefore if to you something is not clear in my letter that, ask me about it. I will try to explain you it more clearly. In our life much depends on a case. I trust, that not casually I have followed the advice of my girlfriend and decided to try to find my love in other world, in the world of the Internet. I believe, that all is not casual in our life. It is necessary to trust. To trust in the future and to hope only for the best. I am very glad that I got acquainted with you. I search a worthy man in order to live with him all my life. I consider, that you are the worthy person! And what do you think about it? I have already written about myself, that I work as a tutor in the children's a garden. I like my work very much because it brings to me pleasure and internal heat. In general children seem flowers for me, each child is individual and beautiful in his own way. It is very interesting to observe the mutual relations among children in a group, how character of the child displays, how he improves his own 'I' in collective and realizes himself as a person. In spite of the fact that the children are still small, they understand and realize everything. I like to work with children very much. Though, the soul of the child lives in each adult. If to speak about my crazes and hobbies I should say that the hobby which I like very much is to go on the nature in the company of my friends and girlfriends, to go to the cinema, theatre. One of my most favourite hobbies is cooking. As the allknown proverbsays - the way to the man's heart lays through his stomach. Therefore I consider, that the man should be always satisfied. My firm dish is a chicken of tobacco. In general I am able to cook everything, beginning from an omelette and finishing confectionery products. I learnt to cook myself because since the childhood I was always involved with kitchen and what there was. And what dishes do you prefer? I also like to dance very much and to go in for sports. I like swimming, running and fitness very much. I have absolutely forgotten to tell to you, that my passion are flowers, both room, and decorative. It is pleasant to me very much, when in an apartment there are a lot of flowers. It is not only beautiful, but useful for health. I also like to listen to the music, reading. I read much. The preference depends on my mood. The choice of music is also depends on my mood: form classical till modern. On the whole, I have a lot of passions. I am drawed by all new and interesting. And what crazes and hobbies do you have? Tell me. It will be very pleasant to me to learn something new about you. Unfortunately, I must finish my letter. Send me please your photos if you can. I simply want to know you better and I want to look at you when I am writing letters to you. It doesn't matter for me how you look. I simply want to look in your eyes ans see how you smile. Well, that's all - I am waiting an answer from you, my dear friend Bernard!!!! Good-bye!!! Rozalina.
Letter 3
Good afternoon my close person Bernard!!!

How are your business? How's your day passed? I hope, that it has passed excellently. My dear, unfortunately, I can speak only in English and in Russian. Probably you could give to me little a lesson of the French language. I promise that I will be the good schoolgirl :) I'm fine. There was a usual working day today. I was found with the small pupils till the evening, after a dinner arranged various competitions for kiddies. They were given various tasks: both on speed and dexterity, and on a skill to think and understand. The winners received sweet prizes. All children remained happy. When I have come home after work, I did not know, what to do, because all my thoughts were only about you, my darling Bernard!!! In general from the moment of our acquaintance I do not stop thinking of you. I go to bed and wake up with the thoughts of you, and all the day I think, how you are there, what you do during that moment when I recollect you, I asked by a question, whether you recollect me. You know, you really became a part of my life. I miss you very much, I feel, that you are necessary to me, any force pulls me to you, my dear Bernard, and I cannot make anything with myself. And I think, if it is good for me or not. I do not want to mistaken, but my heart prompts me, that I was not mistaken, having got acquainted with you. Especially I have told about you to the mum and mum has told, that you are a good person and you I may trust you. And mum will never advise the daughter bad, on the contrary, she always wishes only best, she wishs me to be happy. The only thing that does not suffice me, is a happiness with the favourite person. It is necessary for each woman: to come home, to the family in which warmly and cosy, where everybody appreciates and waits for her, and the loving husband who loves and preserves her against all problems, and children-flowers and pleasure of a life, do this family rather strong and amicable. Probably, it is dream of every girl and the woman - to be beloved and to love herself. I often think of it. I want happiness and heat like every other woman wants. I wish to live with the favourite person, to spend with him days and nights, to look in his eyes and to feel palpation of the heart, because, feelings simply fight outside. I wish to love and feel, that we are indivisible whole with him. I trust in such love when you can not represent a life without the person. And I feel, that I am in several steps from such love. Here now I write this letter, and I have such sensation as though you somewhere beside, you see all, and it seems to me that I feel your presence near me. It seems, some seconds and you will come into the Internet-cafe in which I am, and will tell to me: 'It is not necessary, do not write, I wish to talk to you'. And we shall go with you to walk, and we shall talk about everything on the Earth, I shall look in your eyes, and you will look in mine, and it will be not necessary to go to the Internet-cafe and to write to you letters. It will be possible to meet simply and all to tell, looking directly in eyes. Yes, these all are dreams, easier dreams. You are, probably, a little surprised, having learned about my desires and dreams, but and I do not wish it to hide it from you. Though, it seems to me, that you have desires and dreams too. Perhaps, you wish to divide them with mine??? Unfortunately, I should go, but I shall leave my Internet cafe with thoughts about you, and I will be missing you, my dear Bernard!!! Gently whole you and I look forward to hearing from you with impatience!!!
Good-bye!!! Your girlfriend Rozalina.
Letter 4

Hi, my kitten!!! Don't you against that I called you so? My dear, today it was especially pleasant to me to read your letter. Thanks for beautiful words and compliments. You know how to make to the girl pleasant, and to cheer it up :). In your letter you ask so much to my mum of years. To my mum of 57 years. But, I do not want, that you thought, you are too old for me. I think to you it will be interesting to find out about my mutual relations with men in the past. I was never married and I have no children. I did not marry earlier because was afraid to be mistaken in the choice. I wished to find really good decent the man. Which will never deceive me and to break my heart. In fact I so have suffered from love in the past. I met with young rich enough with the man. We even talked about wedding. But then I have found out that my guy has other girl. Also that he never loved me but only used me. I was in a shock when have found out it! My heart has been broken! Now I try will find the person which is a little bit more senior than me. Because it seems to me that these people in due course become kinder and sensual. In a life they are more sensitive and consider the woman as object for care. I very much hope that you such the man. Yes, I as heard about swindle on the Internet much. When I have learnt about it that, to me little became sad, that in the world there are such artful and bad people who can so severely to use feelings of other people for the sake of money. When I have learnt about swindle on the Internet that, very much was afraid to get acquainted with people through the Internet. Because was afraid to be deceived. But, when I have got acquainted with you that, have understood that was mistaken. I see, that you the real man. Instead of the virtual criminal. I see as a lot of heat and care in your letters. To me even starts to seem, that I can trust you. My dear, I wish to ask you. You have a phone number??? You can write me it in the letter??? Because then I could speak on the phone with you. I would be assured that at us very pleasant conversation. All is interconnected in our world and there are a lot of prophetic, looking on which we test different feelings and emotions. Yesterday my mum and I saw kittens in the market. They were so fine, that we could not keep our feelings and bought one kitten to ourselves. In most cases kittens cause to the person only light tender feelings. You know, when I have seen these kittens in the market, I at once have thought of you. Recently I am frequently thinking about you. It is improbable, but I have become attached to you, and you have entered into my life. I name you my kitten because you cause to me very gentle quivering feelings. Every day I feel, that I become more and more attached to you. It is improbable, my dear Bernard! We have got acquainted with you still more recently, and we never saw each other. But I have such feeling, that we have already being familiar with you for a long time. And don't you have a such feeling? By the way a kitten was named Pushok, because it is grey and fluffy. At it has big and expressive eyes. When I take a kitten on hands and look in its eyes, I'm thinking of you. This small lump requires my caress and kindness. The kitten transfers me all positive energy. I ****** it and I miss on you. I mentally represent, that I ****** you. Pushok became for me a symbol of tenderness and caress, and love without which the person cannot simply live. You would know, how I miss you now, my close friend Bernard!!! I would like to embrace you so much, my kitten, and not to release anywhere. And to talk to you. About everything. And so to stir since early morning till late at night, till we would want to sleep. It is so lonely to me now. There is such feeling that in all world you are the one who understands me and supports. It is a pity, that you are not present beside with me this minute! I wished to tell, that I was lost in this life. But, having met you, I again have found myself, I again wanted to live and be pleased lives. I wanted to change myself. And to change not outside, but inside. Though, all has gradually exchanged. And now all is good with me. I began to be pleased to each day of my life because I know that I shall come in the Internet cafe, and there I shall see a letter from my good kitten. And my mood will become even better, than it was, and eyes will be lit with happiness. And then I shall come home, and there I will be met by my small fluffy pupil. I shall look at it, and think of you. I shall also make something tasty for a supper. I like to cook very much, when I have remarkable mood! The prepared dish becomes from it even more tasty. You definitely influence on me only positive, my gentle Bernard!!! I heard, that your women on the first place have a career. They do not prepare, and order meal. In general heard, that they do not give a lot of time to family and the house. At us on the contrary. First of all woman should be able to do everything on facilities, it isto cook good, create a cosiness and comfort in the house. And the man should work and contain family. After his heavy working day the tasty supper and the woman who is his assistant and the wise adviser should wait at home. I make tasty supper every day. But there is no such person in my city and in my country whom I would wait at home every evening and miss in his absence. Such person whom I would care of and sincerely love. There is no such person in all Russia. Perhaps, this person now reads this letter? And he cannot come today and have supper with me, because it is too far to go: I am sorry, but I should finish the letter. The Internet cafe where I go, is been closing. I leave, but for short a while. I leave with thoughts of you, my kitten Bernard!!!
I shall miss and wait for your following letter!!! Your Rozalina.
Letter 5
Hi, my gentle and sympathetic Bernard!!! And again you force me to smile, because your letter again in my mailbox. Unfortunately I have no home telephone. (in our country many people have no home telephone). But if you will write to me the phone number I promise that I shall find a way to speak by with you to phone soon. For example by means of a public telephone booth. If you wish to hear my voice write to me your telephone number. And I shall speak by with you to phone. I am assured that we shall to have very pleasant conversation. My dear when I read your letter that, saw some questions. Well. I will try to answer them one after another. I know, that we have a considerable difference in time between our countries. Therefore I am not assured, my letters come to what time to you. Usually I write to you after my working day will end, or during a lunch break. I have the computer on work. But, I not always can take advantage of it to write to you. Therefore, for dialogue with you I should use Internet cafe services. Yes, my dear, I know, that such MSN. But, I do not think, that we can communicate about the help msn. After all, unfortunately, from which I write to you to Internet cafe was not present webcamera. And besides my time in Internet cafe is strongly limited. I have time to read only your letter and to answer it. For me the best way to communicate with you, it with the help e-mail, or phone. My dear, probably I already said to you, that by a trade I the teacher. I studied at pedagogical institute of 5 years. (With 18 to 23). English language was one and subjects which I studied at institute. Unfortunately, I not so well speak on English, therefore if to you, something is not clear in my the letter that, ask me about it I will try to explain you it more clearly. My dear, I am glad, that you liked my cat. It really very gentle and beautiful an animal. Now Pushok still very small. Therefore I do not allow to leave to it outside. From your letter I have understood, that you too have a cat. He is the boy or the girl? Probably, if we lived nearby. That seems to me, that our cats could make friends :). I wish to tell to you many thanks that you are such kind and understanding! Thanks that you have brought in my life a pice of pleasures and heat. Thanks, that you are always beside me, support me, mentally help me. Thanks that you are, my good Bernard!!! It is very pleasant to me, how you concern to me. I'm constantly thinking about you. I asked myself: may be, you are that person whom I searched? I wish to trust in it very much and most of all I do not wish to be mistaken in the choice. But heart prompts to me, that I was not mistaken, when have trusted in you. You are the one man who is necessary to me. The man with whom can be not only physical affinity, but also spiritual. You became for me those unique, and I can not stop thinking of you. I understand, that all my feelings can differ from yours, but it seems to me, that in spite of the fact that we know each other not so long, you feel the same. At least, I would like to hope for it. In general recently I'm constantly dreaming. I dream about you, about the future. It would be desirable to glance for an instant in the future and to learn, what the destiny has prepared to me. And probably somehow to prevent the bad moments which can happen in a life... If so it was possible to make, probably, each person would live simply ideally. Without difficulties and losses. But our life is striped. One ***** is white, another ***** is black. The only thing stands above all is love. Mutual love. Love from heart. Love which can overcome all barrier and distances. I trust in this love! And you??? Write to me, please, about all your ideas on this occasion. It is very important to me to know your opinion. On it this word I say to you good-bye, but not farewell! I will be waiting for your following letter with impatience!
Many kisses to you! Your Rozalina...
Letter 6
Who such Lina??????????????
I thought, that I am the unique girl with which you correspond.
It is not assured, that we should continue our dialogue.
I'm sorry...........
Good bye
Letter 7
Hello my dear Bernard!
My dear ah if you knew how to me were sad to receive from you your last letter. I at all do not have words to express those feelings which I have tested in that the moment. I thought that except me you correspond with other girl. I to me could believe to my eyes. It seemed to me that my heart is again broken. But today when has come to Internet cafe that has understood that my fears were vain. To me it is very sad that there was this misunderstanding. I very much regret for those words which has written you in the last letter. I very much hope that you can forgive me. I will understand you if you any more do not want to communicate with me and will not write to me. Though to me it will be very sad if our acquaintance to end on it. Anyhow I wish to tell that was very glad to that has got acquainted with such fine man as you. And I very much would like to continue our dialogue. Tomorrow I again will come in Internet cafe in hope to receive the letter from you. I will understand you if you do not write to me. Also I will not write any more to you not to bother you with my letters.
With love and respect yours Rozalina.
Letter 8
Hello my beloved Bernard!!!!!! It is fine day today, the weather is simply excellent, it is warmly in the street. Yes, my dear, me too it is very sad that there was this annoying misunderstanding. I feel till now, very guilty to you. Probably, I already said to you, that my heart has been broken earlier therefore. I very much am afraid to suffer from love again. I was happy, when have got acquainted with you. Because I thought, that at last in my life there was really fair and decent man. I saw as a lot of heat and care in your words. Therefore to me it was especially sad, when I have seen, that you name me other name. My dear, I have no double name. My full name Rozalina. Reduced variant Roza. Instead of "Lina". My love, I very much hope, that we can soon forget this misunderstanding. And to continue our pleasant dialogue. I wish to thank you, for those fine letters which you have written me. I think, that you do not need to apologise that you set to me questions. It is quite natural. After all thanks to that we set, each other questions and we answer them. We can learn each other better. I live in very big city. Yes, in that place where I live, there is very cold winter and very hot summer. We live very far in the heart of continent. And we are not reached almost by rainy cyclones from the Atlantic ocean. Therefore in the winter at us happens very coldly. And it is enough hot in the summer. That in that place where we live, air is very little sated with a moisture. That cold weather is worried by an organism easy enough. My dear, I not so well know English language. Therefore I hope, you understand that I write to you. Yes to like me snow. Earlier with girlfriends, I often went to ski. But, I wish to tell, that the summer is more to like me. Sometimes in the winter the temperature in our country can fall to - 30 degrees. In such weather happens especially hard to reach my workplace. Usually my working day to last from 8 o'clock in the morning, to 17 o'clock in the evening. Usually I work 5 days in a week (since Monday till Friday). But, sometimes to have to work and on Saturday. After work I usually go to Internet cafe which is near to my house. Also I write to you. My love, I wish to tell, that already for a long time was not in long holiday. Last time, when I took holiday from work, was two years ago. Therefore it is very fast my the director one more leave promises to grant to my. My dear, unfortunately, my time in Internet cafe, happens is limited. Therefore I try to read very quickly your letter and to answer it. Therefore I can sometimes not notice some questions in your letter. If it is casual, I will not answer some your questions. That, please, ask me about it. I will necessarily try to answer all your questions. Usually I listen to different music. That I will listen to that depends on my mood. I know about France basically all my knowledge of your country very little, I have received from books and TV. Recently I saw on TV, that in your country there are serous disorders. Therefore I very much would like, that you are more cautious, when will leave on street. I very much am afraid, that to you there can be something bad. My dear, I wish to tell, that a photo which I have sent you in the last letter, have been made for a long time. Probably, you could write me your phone number? I very much would like to hear your voice. From the moment of our acquaintance, I have understood, that you are the one whom I searched. It is very easily to me with you. You are the kindest, sympathetic and understanding man. With each your new letter I began to fall in love with you. I do not know, but it began to occur itself :.. On call of heart. in some days, on work I have caught myself on an idea, that I love you, my Kitten! Following ideas at once have occurred: Why do I love you? I have come to conclusion, that it is impossible to explain occurrence of love by means of any reason (for example: appearance, mind, character), otherwise, if such reasons have really played the role no love is present, and there is only its parody. Much more important that occurs to the person (in this case with me); what are made internal changes, how his soul reveals. I again began to write verses, the spark of passion and love lighted in me and it is only for one person - for you, my sweet Bernard! The Loving person always is ingenious, as opens for itself and the beloved that is hidden from any other person. That is, this person is able to love. Here are the ideas which came to my mind for the last days. I went on a fountain, that on quay. Observing it, I thought, that our letters, as water from a fountain, Each time brings the unforgettable moments in our lives. I represent, how many happiness we shall present, each other, when we shall meet. I reflected, as it is possible to express that force of my love which I test to you. My kid, you became the image of pure, sincere and eternal love for me. Now I have recollected words from the film 'Hasten to love':' The love is always patient also goods, it never is jealous. The love does not happen boastful, vain, rough and selfish. It does not take offence and does not offend'. My love to you,Bernard, is boundless. I am so enamoured in you, I can not imagine, how far I can leave in the feelings. I dream, of, how you and me will leave from all for a small country house to hide from problems and cares of week-day. There we are betraid to freedom of will and waves of love, and only stars shine to us to a two at night. My lovely Bernard, I miss you so much!!! I am not present without you, all is wrong, I do not live any more. The sight my looking does not stop anywhere, heart knocks so strongly, that it seems, I shall not live till the morning, if only again to receive a news from you!!!!! I LOVE YOU VERY STRONGLY!!! Your Rozalina.
Letter 9
Hi, my precious Bernard!!! How are you? I Hope, your day has passed safely and you are again glad to see my letter in the mailbox. My dear, I wish to tell, that Pushok feels perfectly. This morning Pushok has jumped to me on a bed and has woken me. And during this moment I have thought at once of you, my dear Bernard. All the day long thoughts on you did not leave my a head. Yes, my love, of course, I has noticed, that you have dropped my a line in Russian in one of your letters. For me it was pleasant unexpectedness. You know Russian?? Or someone from your friends knows Russian, and you asked their help to drop you a line in Russian?? Today all time when, I was on work, I thought only of you, my love!! I work with children at the age from 5 till 6 years. Now I work with group of children which consists of 16 persons (7 boys and 9 girls). In the summer when I go for work that, I usually dress a skirt long below a knee. And in the winter because of bad weather I dress trousers. I do not have my own car. Unfortunately with my size of wages it is impossible to buy the good car in our country. I wish to tell, that was very glad to learn, that disorders in your country occur far from that place, where do you live. After all I very much worried for you. Unfortunately, in our country too very big crime rate. I do not live in city centre. I live more on its suburb where different crimes are often committed. Therefore, sometimes I little am afraid to come back late home.The parrot which is represented in the first photo, does not belong to me. I was photographed with it, when in one of zoos of our city. Everything is usual with me, anything especial while you did not receive my the letter for that time did not happen. Though I am mistaken. … there was one thing. I began to miss you more strongly. Our acquaintance has left a deposit in my soul, something has occured inside of me that I can not and I do not wish to get rid of it. But it is not a shame to me, and on the contrary, it became somehow easier to live and feel. I wait for your letter as at a drought wait for a rain, and your letter, as well as a rain, becomes for me saving. It gives me a drink of fresh air, and to breathe begins easier. It is very complex to me to explain all the feelings to you. If I spoke to you now, instead of writing a letter, it would sound absolutely in another way. A letter-it is a unique way to transfer ideas, not deforming them. A letter-is something neutral between external and private world of the person. Therefore I write these all. Sometimes it seems to me, that it is easier to write, than to tell. In the letter it is possible to pick up those words which do not suffice when you speak and you look the person fool in the face. Do you agree with me, my darling Bernard??? I wish to tell to you about a dream which has dreamed me this night. There is a sign, that if somebody will tell the dream it will not come true. But I do not trust. I consider, that all this superstition. I simply wish to share with you that wonderful fairy tale which has dreamed me! Though who knows, maybe, it is all not the fairy tale... I saw the wedding in my drem. There were a lot of people-men and women. Men were in strict classical suits, and women were very beautifully and elegantly dressed. First I did not understand, that they all were invited and everyone was so dressed on the occasion of wedding. These men and women approached by machines on any building. They were very happy, all talked to each other. I observed it from the side. And here in air hung silence, Mendelson's march played, and I saw a girl. She was dressed in a magnificent white dress. She held a bouquet of flowers in her hand. The man in a strict suit went near her and held her under a hand. There were the groom and the bride. They went on a corridor between visitors. In the end of a corridor there was a woman in a suit and held a red folder. It was very strange to observe all of it because I saw everybody, and nobody saw me. It seeved, that I was not there. And then this pair approached to this woman. She read through something from that folder. Then the groom and the bride have exchanged rings, and the woman told: ' I Declare you the husband and the wife! ' The groom and the bride kissed, and I looked at them, on their happiness and felt, that everything, that occured in that building is directly connected with me. Only one thing I could not understand, how my life can be connected with all it. Then the bride began to throw a wedding bouquet. And I caught it. It came in my hands itself. I hold this bouquet of flowers and look at the bride and on the groom. The bride turns around, and I see, that she is I. We look against each other and we are silent. On this my dream had been broken, and I woke up. Only then I understood, that actually I had seen the wedding. Here the dream which dreamed to me. What do you think of it? On this question I finish the letter and I shall wait for your answer with impatience! Gently kiss you!
Good-bye, my gentle Bernard!!!! Your Rozalina.
Letter 10
Hi my lovely Bernard!!!! I am very glad to receive a letter from you. My dear, I wish to thank you for strong embraces and your kiss. Even it seems to me, that I have felt its taste on my lips. I do not remember face the man who was the groom in my dream. All was as in a fog. But, it seems to me, that this man could be similar to you :). Yes, my love, we with you speak in different languages. Your native language French, and my native language Russian. We can speak only in English. But, I do not think, that between us there is any barrier. After all we understand feelings each other. We speak in language of our heart!! And this most important thing!! My work is not so close to my house. Therefore, usually I wake up very much early to be in time for work and to arrive on it approximately to 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning. Usually at this time in public transport happens to many people. But, I wish to tell, that have already got used to such inconveniences. And any more I do not pay to them attention. My love, probably, I said to you, that I have no many photos in a digital form. Not so long ago my girlfriend has written down to me on CD a disk some photos. And when I come to Internet cafe that, I insert into the computer this disk and I send you photos. I hope, that you like these photos. Probably I already spoke you that I very inquisitive person. I love all new and interesting. I often look news because I like to be well informed about all events. When I was younger I very much would like to see all world, and to visit many countries. Unfortunately I never was abroad. But I travelled across Russia much. I was in many cities and the cultural centres of my country: Moscow St.-Petersburg Kazan Nizhni Novgorod and others. Also two times I went to have a rest on the sea in city Sochi (probably you heard about this place). I have a girlfriend her name Marina (she has advised me to search for the man on the Internet). My girlfriend some times was abroad. And now she works as the guide in travel agency. she told to me about the different countries much. Therefore now I have some representation about travel abroad and about what documents are necessary for travel to other country. Probably sometime I could arrive to you and visit you in your country. I think that at you very beautiful country with beautiful traditions. I am assured that we could to spend time perfectly. Recently I spoke with my mum, about that that, probably, sometime I should leave my country. My mum with understanding has concerned my words. Also did not begin to persuade me to remain. After all my mum understands, that I already adult woman and can dispose itself of my destiny and my happiness. During this conversation my mum has asked me very interesting question. She has asked, whether I will miss on my friends if I live in other country. I have thought, and have answered, that friends will always remain friends. Irrespective of, where I will live. And my departure abroad will not be my treachery on relations to friends. After all, the most important thing that friends remained friends in soul. And sometimes communicate to them I can through letters or e-mail. But, my love, I wish to tell, that travel to other country for me very much a critical decision. I little am afraid of it. I have made for a long time already for myself the decision that I will leave to the man in other country, only if I will be completely assured, that this man really loves me. And never will be, will not betray me, and to break my heart. I wish to be assured, that I can live with it happily for the rest of the life. Also I will be near to it in full safety. I often see dreams where different persons flash, float different memoirs, all this varies as the staff in familiar film. All loses any sense without my beloved. I constantly think of you and I analyze all our correspondence, since the very first letter. Each person has the secluded corner of soul where breaks most secret dreams and desires. There is also more valuable - your world which you will nobody share with, unless only with the person most native and dear to you. It is important that this person understood you, merged with you in a single whole, became an integral part of your world, mysterious and unique. It some kind of the centre of gravity of two loving hearts under an aura of romanticism. Enamoured pair as two snow-white swans personify a symbol eternal, pure, and unique love. If they together that it for ever, with death of one of them dies also another. Everyone dreams of such present, strong and mad love. I searched for such love very long, and here my searches have crowned success. Who only would know what costed to me, to pass such difficult and long way with grief and deep sadness. Last days I feel estrangement from everything, an emotional condition. I worry and experience for you how you are there, somewhere away, for thousand miles from me... When I receive your letters as if all breaks inside of me because I understand, how much we now far apart.. During such moments, I would press you to the loving heart and would not give anybody, warming kind and pure love. Without you, my favourite, it is impossible to live to me, each sigh in my ****** is reflected by a pain. It would be desirable to see you and to tell, how I strongly love you!!! I do not wish to see anybody, except of you. I want to see your smile. Something has broken inside of me, sits deeply and it is hidden, and after a while appears in my opinion. I can not hide it, in fact an eye do not tell lies. I do not know, how much forces will suffice to keep and not to surrender. In my soul war with myself, as the tense strings, it is impossible to weaken and draw feelings. The only thing, my love all as warmly and cosy lives in my heart. When I start to think of you, I appreciate every instant, lead with you. Let even mentally. You are necessary for me as air. I thought of you and represented our future meeting. I so dream about it!!! Recently I have drawn myself to a conclusion which consists in the following - it is impossible to regret about time as which as you consider, have lead in vain. Such does not happen, especially, when there has come time of love, time of soft rains. The main thing to trust in yourself and in the beloved person, the best time for us to appreciate a life in its all paints and displays. Concerning friends as a special category of people, I have understood absence of necessity for them. They basically are necessary, but such it is not enough or they in general are not present, the presents in full sense of this word - FRIENDS. My rule - the friend will not tell farewell never, he will be your support which can be let into the secrets, to rely during the difficult moment. In my opinion, such people are not present. So there is only your favourite person, true to you and the feelings, not capable to betray you, your support always and everywhere. For me such person are you, my dear Bernard!!!! In the evenings I miss you, I do not find a place for myself when I think of us. Restless nights exhaust me. I wake up among night, hour per three. There is a full silence and nobody is around, there is no my beloved person with me whose voice would caress my hearing. The sky is covered with set of different constellations, through which cold, far stars will pass through barricades parade. They can be seen and then already to the full to take pleasure warm, a starlit night which appears in the magnificence in very rare days for me. One of such stars I would ask to become my warm satellite and to transfer me to you. Even if on one night. I love you so much, my dear Bernard!!!!!! Your Rozalina.

Letter 11
Good afternoon, my sweet Bernard!!! How is you business? How your day passed? I Hope, that all is good with you. My dear, I wish to ask you, please write me your phone number. It is very important to me to hear your voice. I would like you to tell so much. My beloved, today Internet cafe works. And I again was so is happy to receive yours the letter today and to write to you. Thanks for a fine song. My, expensive, the majority of my photos is on a disk. But, photo Pushock, has been made on the digital camera of my girlfriend. I very much would like, that you have seen mine kitten. Therefore I have invited my girlfriend to make this photo for you. My girlfriend, Marina about which I have told in the last letter, works as the guide in travel agency. Therefore at it it is a lot of acquaintances worldwide. But, she lives in Russia with the husband. My love, to me it is pleasant, that you show to me so much attention and are interested in how there are affairs in our country. Yes, tomorrow in our country elections of political parties in the State Duma. I think, that very much a critical decision for all country. Because, elections in the State Duma happen all once in 4 years. And what will be management structure our state in the following 4 years completely depends on these elections. Tomorrow morning I necessarily go on elections. It seems to me, that I will vote for political party "United Russia". Probably, you heard about this party on TV. Your letter has brought to me a lot of pleasure. Thank you for your warm and gentle words!!! Today I have asked myself a question: it is interesting, why people fall in love? Having thought a little, I have not found the unequivocal answer. I have only made pair conclusions: -certainly, it is impossible to deny influence of moral qualities on feeling of love when you love the person, love its everything, not as idea and as the alive person, love him especially what are not able neither to define, nor to name. In love, it is not necessary to speak that has been told by others: it is necessary to speak that you feel; and the one who hurries up to speak, when it still has nothing to tell, never nothing very risks to tell. It was difficult to me to believe in love of another person, in its native and beautiful eyes. Here is my love for you by rules and without. We remain close people who love each other, and for us will not prevent such concepts as quarrel or misunderstanding. In such cases without promises we do not say goodbye, simply we kiss and smile. I need to live only till the morning and not to die of melancholy. Walking sometimes on quay, I observe enamoured pairs which kiss. After that it becomes empty in my soul. Inhaling grief of last days, you keep hope to see beloved. You know, how it would be desirable to take away you far away where problems would not find us. My kitten, you share the experiences very little. And if it is not a pity to you please tell me the treasures of your soul. So it would be desirable to transfer on lips, on palms hot greetings of Pleasure, when there is no opportunity to call. I would give everything to be together with my Love. My heart without you, as if a wild bird without the sky, without you my soul, as if a weak fallow deer without a wood. Magic heat concerns and envelops me every time when I think about This feeling not compared withothers. It smells as the buds which have not dismissed yet of field colors and sacrament. Sometimes it seems to me, that our meeting becomes a fairy tale, and it is obligatory with the happy end. Sometimes it becomes terrible to think, that all will burst, similarly to the balloon which has come across sharp needles of a fur-tree. But I trust in the virtue of love, that to keep and develop our feelings real. I trust, everything will be all right with us. I know that we need time. I know, while we are together, the world belongs us!
Your Rozalina.
Letter 12
Hello my love, my precious Bernard!!!!!!!!!
How are you? How is your business? My love, your letter has forced me to reflect on much today. When I have read it that, little have been surprised and puzzled. I long was in Internet cafe, read your letter and thought over your words. I have re-read your letter some times and have come to conclusion, that I love you even more strongly!!! Yes, my dear it is valid so. I know, that there is an age difference. But, for me it has no value. I love you, such what you are!!!! I love you not as idea, and as live person!!! I still never met such fine gentle and careful man. For me, your sense of humour, and that you are close to me on spirit is more important. Than your age. It is very pleasant and interesting to me to communicate with you. I see, that at us many the general interests. I at all do not wish to think that would be if we have never got acquainted. I am infinitely grateful to destiny that we have found each other in this huge world. Probably, I already told to you about my mutual relations with men in the past. And how I have suffered from love. I do not wish to communicate with young guys because they do not think at all of love and qualitative relations. They think of the career more, and the girl for them is only fleeting hobby. It seems to me, that with the years men in due course become kinder and sensual. At them the big life experience. Therefore they really know, that is necessary for the girl. They begin, to concern the girl with the big respect and care. I see as strongly you love me and how many attention you give to me. Sometimes even it seems to me, that you care of me even more than about yourself. I see in you my defender, the person to which I can trust all soul and heart. And which will always care of me, and to give me all love. Except you anybody is not necessary to me in this world!!!!!!!!!!!! Because ONLY with YOU I WILL BE HAPPY!!!! And ONLY with YOU I CAN is HAPPY LIVE FOR THE REST OF THE LIFE!!! My heart for ever belongs to you. You know, sometimes I cannot fall a sleep for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!! And I will wait something, More precisely someone!!!!!!!!!! It seems to me, that you come to my room and tell me «Hello honey, how are you?» And I shall look at you with such love and tenderness, that you sit next, take my hand and we shall look to each other face to face for a long time. And it is not necessary for us any words, we will understand each other. Every evening when I close my eyes I present, that you beside me. I feel your breath and gentle whisper, which you fascinate me. I feel, that you protect me. It is very important for me to feel you. I am very upset when I can not go in the Internet cafe because I have not money. In this mercantile world all measures in money, to me becomes so sadly when I cannot communicate with you because of such trifle. I love you very much !!!!!!!!!!!! Recently you became for me very close person. I have so many mistaks and I was constantly deceived and forced to suffer. I ask the god, that you would not be such, that you will not leave me. Also you will not break my heart. I see in you my defender. I think you very sincere person. And you want to be with me as strongly as I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Know, sometimes I think, that what would be if I have not advised to try find my half on the Internet. Every day I thanks the god, that he have acquainted us. I believe that for each person there is one person? his half, and it is not important where, the main thing, that they ofcours have to meet. People which are intended to each other. You believe in destiny, my love Bernard??????????? It seems to me, that if people are intended to each other, they will be given such opportunity to meet, necessarily. And so it becomes terrible, when people do not use this opportunity. Some day, it seems to me, that the sky any dim!!!!!!!!!!!! And people are very upset and worsted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It because we are not together, My sweet Bernard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dream of the moment when I can embrace you and tell, looking in your eyes, how strong I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes I so strongly love you, that I want to shout about it in the street.I really want to arrive to you and be your half. It is my biggest dream!! I want to build a family as my friend have. Family where it will understanding and happiness!!! I want to be with you soon and to kiss you gently!!! I have such feeling, that before I have met you, I did not live. My love, unfortunately, I can't stay here a lot of time, because I don't have enought money. I am compelled to finish the letter. Believe me, I do not want it very much. I want, that time, when it will not unnecessary to look at hours, would come, and we will be together.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours forever, Rozalina.
Letter 13
Hello my love Bernard! My beloved, I again was so is happy, to see yours the letter in my a mail box. I am glad, that it was pleasant to you, my photo. When I was still the little girl that, my parents have sent to me school dance. I studied in dances some years. Also I wish to tell, that I very well dance. My dear, in your letter you say, that are not able to dance. Do not worry about it. Probably, sometime I can give some lessons of dance, and learn you to dance. :) Yes, my love, I has received your photo on November, 21st. Really I have written nothing to you about it? I think, that you very beautiful man. Recently, I long time was in Internet cafe and admired your photo. When I looked at it that, became even more convinced, that good luck when I have got acquainted with you has smiled to me. My beloved, today, when read your letter that, saw some questions on money. I wish to tell to you, that money has for me no special value. I hope, you understand that I write to you. Probably, therefore I was never rich. And, probably, therefore I have chosen for myself a teaching profession. My wages make only 3500 roubles (150$). Sometimes, when I receive the award. And then my wages make approximately 5000 roubles (200$). But, I do not regret for it. After all, my work is connected with my hobby - work with children. My love, I work as the tutor in a kindergarten. Instead of at school. Children of preschool age usually come to our kindergarten. Their parents who cannot be with children within day of the house here result. Because parents need to go for work. My love, I hope, you understand that I write to you. I work in a kindergarten which all year works. Sometimes I have holiday one month within summer. In spite of the fact that my wages are small enough, money suffices me to live, buy meal and clothes, to help my mum. Probably, to you can seem, that I earn too little. But, so there lives the majority of people in our country. I do not understand girls who for the sake of money meet rich men. Give them the body, but thus at all do not love them. I'm think, that it is very humiliating. I think, that in this world, except money there are many other fine things. For example, love and sincere relations. And me happens little sadly, that sometimes some people forget about it. For me the most important thing in the man, its sincere love to me, and its respect. Only with such man I will feel really happy. And to a smog to live happily for the rest of the life. It seems to me, that such man are you my love. After all I really love you. And it seems to me, that I can trust you completely. And my heart will be never broken. Please, promise to me, that you will never break my heart it really very important for me. You know today I got up very early, some kind of force has lifted me. I I don’t know why, but when the first Beam of the sun have begun to ********* into my dark room, I have understood that it you send me greetings. I LOVE you very much and sometimes it seems to me what even for thousand kilometers I feel you, your breath, your gentle lips. I really want to be near of you very much. Without you every thing don’t give me pleasure. Bernard, unfortunately sometimes I can not affect some circumstances in my life, but together we can all. I hope, that you agree with me. Together we are force also may overcome all. I need you very much Bernard!!!! I hope that you need me to. It is very important for me to know, when we, at last, when we can be together, to caress each other, and discuss different problems. Really it is very important for me to help you and to be near with you. I want to take part in your life. I have never thought that it is so difficult to constrain itself when you love. I t is difficultly for me to be on such big distances from you. I think that it is very important to keep heat and tenderness in relations. I like to observe of game small Kittens. They still absolutely small, but how many love and care they have. They amusing also care about each other. And their mother a cat, cares of them with such tenderness, and it seems, that they are very happy. I want to have family where will be as much love and caress. I want to care of you my love Bernard!!!!You are very important for me. Sometimes it seems to me, that I can not without you. You became very important person in my life. I love you, I love you so strongly, that it cannot be expressed only in one word. I hope you understand it my honey Bernard!!!!!!! I interested in everything what connected with you. I think, that it is very important, for relations to be sincere with each other. I hope that you as sincere with me as well as I with you. It is really very important. I hope that we will meet with you soon and we will touch each other. I present our first evening together, it is a lot of candles, a warm blanket and only I with you together. It is very romantic!!!!!!! I want to arrive to you very much!!! I hope that you don’t break my heart. I trust you and I want that you trust me!!!!!!!!! My love, unfortunately I should go, it is really a pity to me, because when I write you letter, I mentally with you communicate, I near to you and everything else become not important!!!!! All right, I have to finish my letter. I love you, my dear Bernard!!!!! Yours Rozalina
Letter 14
Hi My Love Bernard!!!
At last, I received your letter which I waited with impatience. Reading your letter, I was overflown with feelings. And it would be desirable to embrace you, to feel your smell, all sweet tenderness of lips, to be with you together and to enjoy each second, minute, those instants which so will soon overtake us in a wave of impetuous happiness!!!!! Yesterday, I could not fall asleep at night! I rose and approached to a window. The night was wrapped up in a blanket of bright stars. It seemed silent, so silent. Only blinking of lanterns reminded me of the lived day. I stood and thought: 'Bernard light my heart which is open for love, I have found the true love, and I do not have any doubts that it is you Bernard. I am assured of you as in myself. At the fact, love have never tell lie! My beloved, you are my happiness which I don’t give anybody! Sweet mine, composing revelations, I fly up in the sky to clouds, I wish to forget about ideas and words, I wish to be betraid to tender feelings, to visit in the unknown worlds, and only with you, anybody more is not necessary to me!!! I know that you - my happy star which shines all around of me with bright paints of a life. Our future meeting, it such treasured and desired, is hundreds, tens hundreds minutes when we shall be together, between us there will pass a wave of understanding, understanding without words, and our reality are hundreds of dreams. I shall burn for you my Sweet, warming heat of soul and heat of the heart which flares from our love. Bernard, tell me please, that occurs to you, what is created in a soul??? I worry very much and I am afraid to lose you, my darling!!! My HEART CAN not LIVE WITHOUT YOU!!!!! IT GRIEVES, MISSES, ADORES, STORING YOUR IMAGE CAREFULLY AND GENTLY!!! I wish to see you though for a minute though on second, to take pleasure in your charming smile, to kiss and give you infinite quantity of kisses, to feel heat and tenderness of your hands. My purpose - to make you the happiest in the world!!! Fine combination I and YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You would know, how I wait for that moment when there will come time of impetuous happiness!!! It will take place then when we shall meet, my long-awaited Bernard!!! It will be not enough day to see all of you!!!! I shall consider myself to be the happiest person in this star space because that the man who loves me and who simply adores me now beside me and I can look in his eyes!I love you more strongly!!!!!!!!! I want to see you so much, that I simply do not have words. It is written in my soul. And do you want our meeting??? Do you want to present me the happiest minutes in life??? It is very pity to me to leave you, but I am compelled to go. Many kisses to you!!! There is no one million times!!!!! There is no infinite set of times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the KID, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Rozalina.
Letter 15
Hello my sweet Bernard!!!!
I love you Bernard!!!! Pleasure I have received your next letter and as always was very glad! Today remarkable day sweet mine. And at me remarkable mood! My dear when I read your letters I sometimes simply I do not know that to me to answer you. We are so far apart, but I to feel communication between us. I very much Would like to appear in your embraces right now, your bed would like to divide with you at night! I simply do not know that to me to do without you. You became a part of my life! Very much the most part!!!! I cannot present the day without your gentle letter any more. My dear, I very much would want to meet You personally to show you, that you to spend the feelings not simply for letters. You to allow me a new life! The life which is full of love and happiness!!! Due to you my life became much brighter and happier!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Today to us with mum visitors will come and we shall prepare for something tasty. To us friends of mum will come. They have arrived from city Samara. We for a long time did not see them I pleasantly I want them to surprise and tell that I have found the most remarkable person! And when they will ask who it I shall tell that it you lovely. Dear and you have already told about us to your friends??? What they think of our relations they saw my photo? My sweet peach, I can learn about cost of the visa and tickets up to you. I should know the name of the closest international airport to you. You want that I have learned? Whether so we shall know really really we may meet. Lovely time so is painful. But I want that you knew that you always will be at me in ideas. I think of you day and night night and day. Each day I check a mail and I am afraid that I shall not see there your letter. I so am afraid of you to lose!!!! I can not live without you lovely!!! On evenings I look at the star sky and I dream of us!!! When I long think of you to me begin to seem that you here with me beside. And I am afraid to stop to think because it seems to me that if I it shall make that you disappear. And I do not want that you have disappeared I want that you were always. Also were only with me and with anybody more!!! I do not want you to divide with anybody! You my and only my? And I only your and nobody's was more and so will be always loved. On it I shall finish the letter lovely. To me it is necessary to go to help mum I adore you also strong whole in your lips. With love and respect yours Rozalina!!!
Letter 16
Hello my dear my beloved Bernard!!! How are you my sweet??
How has passed your day??
I knew that today when I shall come in the Internet-cafe again I shall find in the box the letter from, my beloved Bernard!!
And I was not mistaken!
Your letter has again brought to me a lot of love and pleasures.
Thanks for yours beautiful words and compliments!
You know how to make to the girl pleasant!
I so am grateful to destiny that has got acquainted with such fine the man as you!!! I see as a lot of love and cares in your letters.
For the first time for long time, I feel happy.
Because I have found the man about which always dreamed!!!!
Except for you, any is not necessary to me man in the world.
Only you are necessary to me!!! Only with you, I shall be happy!!!!!!
I think that we are created the friend for the friend.
I so love you. Also I see as strongly you you love me. Also should be together!!!
I see in you my defender. To which I can trust the man all my soul and heart. Which always will understand and will support me in a difficult situation. Today I so would like to speak on the phone with you. And to share all my thoughts and feelings. But, unfortunately, I do not have your phone number. My love, please, write me your telephone number in the following letter. I hope, you understand that I write to you. I think, that we need to discuss much. It is assured, we will have very pleasant conversation.
My beloved, unfortunately, at me not all so is good today.
Today in the morning I went to travel agency.
In travel agency to me have explained that the most simple and fast way to arrive to you, it by means of the tourist visa.
This visa is given for 6 months, and is fast its registration of only 10 days. It means that we can already be together in 10 days after I shall begin registration of my documents!
To receive this visa to me it will be necessary to move to Moscow in embassy of your country.
Also that I could arrive to you, it will be necessary for me to receive the passport for travel abroad. And to pay consular gathering.
That I could receive the visa and all necessary documents is necessary for me 460 EUR (250 EUR - the visa. + 100 EUR - consular gathering.
+ 110EUR - fast registration the passport for travel abroad).
My dear, to me was so sadly when I have found out it.
In fact I the simple Russian girl, and at me was not present even little a part of necessary money. I very long cried.
My love, I do not know that to me to make??? I very much wish to meet you!
I would give all that at me is to appear now in your embraces.
But, I do not know where to me to take necessary money????
To me so it is sad that in our commercial world everyone solve money.
In fact if I had them in 2 weeks, we could embrace and kiss each other.
I imagine to myself, that fine day when I arrive to you at self-summer and you meet me at the airport with a bouquet flowers.
And in the evening we waited a fine supper at candles and the fine first night filled by love and passion.
It would be the happiest day in my life,
in fact this day our new happy life would begin!!!!
My sweet I all heart shall wait from you the answer soon.
With love for ever only yours Roza.
Letter 17
Hello my loved Bernard!!! How are you?
My love yesterday to me was so sadly that I could not appear near to you! It was very difficult to me to constrain my emotions. I so would like to embrace you to look in your beautiful eyes and to tell "as strongly I love you!". I even the beginnings again little to cry!!! Only with you I wish to live all remained life. I wish to tell to you that to me have bothered to go to bed one in a cold bed. I wish to fall asleep and wake up in your embraces. My love if you knew as I was glad to read through your letter today. In fact from your letter I have understood that you wish to be carried out the help of our meeting. If you knew as I were glad to find out it. I think that it is very noble act from your party. In fact you help our loving hearts to be together. You behave as the true gentleman. My dear when we will live together I will necessarily get a job and I will return you this money. I promise you it!! I very much hope that you will not be against it! My dear when I have read through your letter that has gone to bank. To find out the information rather to send money. The worker of bank has explained to me that the most simple and fast way to send money worldwide it "Western Union".
Branches "Western Union" are almost in each bank of our city.
Therefore I shall not have problems with reception of money.
That you could send money to you it is necessary to know:
1) my country Russia
2) my name ROZALINA
3) my surname SUHOVA
That I could receive money it will be necessary for me to specify in bank:
1) your country France
2) your name Bernard
3) your surname???
Also it will be necessary for me to specify MTCN (10 nymbers) and the exact sum of translation (460 EUR).
My dear unfortunately I do not know your surname. Please write me it.
Just in case I wish to write you the bank address in which I will receive money:
The bank name: ALFA BANK
The bank address:
Post nymber 628600
Phone number: (7(3466) 438042
In my the last letter I have forgotten to tell to you that for successful registration of my documents. And my arrival to you it is ecessary for me to know:
1. Your full home address
2. The name of the closest airport to you.
My beloved I hope you understand that I write to you. You know that I not so well know English language. Therefore if to you something is not clear in my the letter that ask me about it. I will try to explain you it more clearly. My dear probably when I will arrive to you that litte I will miss on the native house. But I am assured that you will love me and to care of me. And me little it becomes easier. I see in you my defender. The person who will always give me only all love and care. And which will never leave me in a difficult situation. And the most important thing will never break my heart. My dear I at all do not wish to think that would be if we have never got acquainted with you. I am infinitely grateful to destiny that we have found each other in this huge world. Now I feel probably the happiest woman in the world. After all I know that already very soon I can appear nearby with my beloved Bernard. It is my greatest dream and the biggest desire to be near to you. I am assured that when I will arrive that I will feel truly happy. And I never will want to leave you. My love you know that my documents will be made out 10 days. All that time to me will be necessary to be in Moscow. Therefore I think that it will be better if I arrive to you by the plane from Moscow. I never was in other country earlier and never flied by the plane earlier. Therefore I think that it will be better if you buy to me the air ticket in your end (in France). And when my visa and the passport will be ready. That I will arrive to the airport I will receive the air ticket and I will arrive to you. My dear I wish to tell that to me was so sadly to learn that you have damaged your hand. To me little it is sad that now I was not present near to you. After all I could take care of you. And I am assured that to you little it could become easier. My beloved we can already be together in 2 weeks. It means that we can meet together new year. My love in our country is a sign: "as new year you will meet so it and you will spend ". Therefore I wish to meet this new year with you my love. I think it will be so perfectly. Probably it will the happiest are new year in my life. Now for the first time for long time I feel happy. Because I know that our meeting not far off. And our dream become fast can a reality. My beloved tomorrow in the morning I again shall come in the Internet-cafe in hope to receive from the letter.
With love on always only yours Roza.
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