Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Serguio (Argentina)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Frames!!!
I am pleased, it today I have received news from you, thanks which have written to me.
As we with you only get acquainted, I should tell about me directly more. To me now 27 years, and my birthday on November, 25 1979. My growth of 178 centimeters, weight of 57 kg. I now work in children's home. I very much love children and consequently I very much love the work. I very much similarly to walks on fresh air, I very much love character {the nature}. I love the sea and is pleasant to float, in the summer I frequently bathe, and I sunbathe at coast of our remarkable river Volga. I live in city Cheboksary, it - fine city which is the important city on the East Europe part of Russia. I love a life - I am an optimist, and I believe, that the majority beautiful a thing expects us in the future. I believe in the God and destiny, and I expect my unique person. I believe in family and love, and I search for people to to what I shall give all high temperature of my heart and that whom I shall be always together..., I want to divide with it all things - good and sad, everything, that we shall meet in our life. My person, clever also has strong spirit, it is kind and magnanimous and generous, it will make it - to be for me, and will know, which I shall make it - to be for him. Unique my person who demands love and can give love. It is a person who demands reliable family and fair relations. I to want, that you would send me a photo. I do not know, why, but it is pleasant for me to write to you the letter. I to want, that you would answer me more soon. Write to me about itself, than you are borrowed that to similar, I everything to want to know about you. Questions which you want to me also, will be interesting to establish to me, I with pleasure on them shall answer! I do not know, that I shall be valid, have happened, but looking in the future with hope and a smile.
Your friend from Russia Katya!!!
Letter 2
Hello my love!
Lovely I, yes yes yes my and nobody's is more, only mine. I very much - very much love you, you at all do not imagine, as far as strongly, simply I do not know why, but you became sense of my useless life. I cannot transfer you the love words at all since it is simply impossible. There are no on the Earth such words which would be worthy you, all is insignificant in comparison with you. You the best in the world the man - it the fact.
I so would like your love and caress, your heat and tenderness me it would be desirable, that once. You the remarkable person on all white light.
You want, I shall give you heart and soul?
I shall make it, precisely!
You do not believe me? You think, I tell lies?
Trust me, I live without you I can not my lovely Marcos!!!
I would like to devote to you any verse, but all of them are written not by me; I would like to think up the most beautiful verse for you, but even the finest words on light ANYTHING in comparison with you. Let others think out definition to this beautiful word, and I already know it, love - it fine the man with beautiful name Marcos. Sometimes I so would like, that you have come, sat down me, have gently embraced me for a neck the strong hands, I have embraced you and I would conclude you have kissed to the gentle, female embraces and would tell you directly on the mouth so gently, hotly and passionately. To you how I am strong you I like and that to ANYBODY, NEVER you I shall give since you only mine. It is terrible to me to present that someone another will once embrace you, to touch you, to kiss you, it is terrible to me to present, that it will be not I. Forgive, but my feelings to you, are stronger than me. I shout, I even am ready to cry, on ALL is ready for the sake of you. When we shall be together I shall become the happiest person in the universe before its occurrence, all world learns, how I am happy! Let, let everyone know, let all envy me, let. Sometimes my dreams of you come so far, that it seems to me, as if I have gone mad, but I like to be a lunatic because I am glad that I can though to dream of you, in fact dream to me can to forbid nobody. I want to wake up in the mornings in your gentle, tender embraces.
I want to catch greedy each your gesture, each your movement, each your word, to enjoy each second lead near to you; I want to leave to you on edge of light;
Your desire, desire of my Lion.
For me - not the hand-written law!
I thank Destiny, that has presented you, I thank her that I can love you.
You such strong, gentle, fine. and are afraid of nothing.
Only becon, and I shall go for you, call, and I shall come at any time as has not been borrowed, I shall come, I shall come tearing along, you to me are the most important on light, you are necessary for me, as air, as water, as food. But recently it is no time to me eat, drink, breathe and other since I constantly think and I dream of you.
I can write indefinitely. I simply love you, that's all.
You do not imagine, as strongly I want to see you, to meet you somewhat quicker.
On it I finish the letter. I with impatience shall wait from you for the answer.
I like, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours forever Katya!!!
Letter 3
Hello my dear ……!!!
I am very glad to receive news from you again. I want to tell you thank for pictures which you sent me, you are very beautiful, and I am grateful to you that you sent them to me. It will be very pleasant for me, if you will send me them again. And I too when I see your pictures and read your letters it seems to me, that I too know you long. And I think that my pictures too like you, and I shall send you my new photos. I feel how with each letter you become closer for me. It is pleasant for me, that you invite me to yourselves that I have visited you as the visitor; I could accept your invitation. I am tired from life here without the person whom I can grow fond, and you - unique who warm me, and give me force to live. You see, that we became much closer, than ever before. You can not imagine at all that you mean for me. You mean much. You can ask it is possible: why. I do not know. But I really know - that you for me became very much the close person. I never knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened it once for me and never closed. Now I open my soul for you. I give you my heart and my offer. I thought of you last night. I think, you unbiased and are fair to me. Now I completely trust you, and you began for me to relatives and the native person to whom I can open the heart. I speak you all this sincerely, I am not going to deceive you and to play with your feelings, and I hope, that you too will be fair under the attitude to me. I like to read letters from you. My heart always skipping when I see when I see the message from you in my letter box. Then I eat it as a whole lines and only the ambassador whom I read to this carefully some times. See, I become the seized aspiration from you. I do not want that you were put forward with my feelings. Excuse me if I am too expressive. Probably, you did not expect it from me? But something has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe, that it - you.
I think of you each hour and each minute. It is a pity to me, that we not friends for a long time.
I know, that there can be, I - hopeless romantic, but I truly believe that to ours the Meeting through the Internet - the best thing which could happened to us.
I wish you remarkable day!
Letter 4

Hello my dear …..!!!
I think, that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. On work I became a little inattentive also my girlfriends speak, that I on myself am not similar, whether joke you have fallen in love. I do not know that to them to answer. I was never so is happy. I have absolutely changed about it my girlfriends and familiar speak. It is all because of you. I as though fly in heavens as at me the person to which has appeared is possible to trust and which it is possible too to me trusts. I do not know, how you will react to my letter, can, will count me more thoughtlessly. But I wrote to you, that I am very romantic and impressionable also I think that I LOVE YOU!
I thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I already on have become attached to you so much, that I miss each day your letters. I always, think of you. I of nothing can do with myself. I think that I am in love. Yes I love you!!!!! I talked about it to mum, and she speaks, that it is good, she thinks, and that I shall be happy. I have told mum, that you the best person and that I completely trust you. She speaks me, that I should not be mistaken. She speaks, that we should even closer study each other. She to love me. And she is simple my native mother. I think that you understand me. She wishes us happiness and the big love. I think that we should meet; we should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. We became frank with you, and I think, that you want to learn about my ****** experience. In Russia all men only dream to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I to not want to be given to the first comer that it has taken pleasure. It something from above she gives love to the person to learn happiness in this life, and men represent her only as ***, I think, that it is not correct also I hope, that you with me agree. I want to be with the only thing the man with which I shall feel like loved. I shall give myself to it completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of love, and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence.
Today we with the girlfriend walked on city, went shopping I waited for the moment, that you will write to me the letter, and I have waited it. I feel, what our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas.
Forever yours Katya!!!
Letter 5
Hello my loved …..!!!
You - one of best people with which I ever informed in my life. Though we communicate through e-mail, I believe, that it - not a lot of various from real conversation ****-a-****. In the past I ignored the Internet communications with whom - that and did not understand, that it could be so bright and is delightful. Before the letter to you something has changed in my opinion, which has told me to try (why not). And now I am happy, that it has taken place. And now I read your letters, they are full of emotions of heat and Sympathy to me. I start to understand, that my life is not meaningful without you because I love you, I think, that during that time, that we with you write each other, we have much gone through together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you. I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I know, that I require you very much, and it is very pleasant for me to feel, that you require me too. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half. And I want to be with you most of all on this planet. I’m lonely in this huge world and now I have found you. I want to inform to you to that my feelings and words concerning you always were sincerely, and I always understood, that we place a lot of trust, that our union would be real. Now I am sure be relative all 100, that I can to you to trust. And you are that person who is necessary for me. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made your letter for me directly big conclusion which is possible for expressing in three words, I LOVE YOU MINE Marcos!!!
I spoke with my mum about that that, probably, I shall leave, she only were glad for me, mother has blessed me, she thinks, that it and is my happiness. Today I all day thought only of you, how we shall meet you. I to represent it to myself as you meet me at the airport as we search, each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other.
Today fine day, but me it is sad, because we with you so Far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I itself. I To love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter it important for me. For ever yours Katya!!!
Letter 6
Hello my loved ……!!!
Your letters calm me a difficult minute, give to me happiness.
I love you all heart. You are very necessary for me Marcos!!!
My loved I would like to devote to you this poem:
I love you when the moonlit dusk is falling and the hazy golden shadows drift across the land;
when the love in my heart and soul is calling I want to feel the softness of your hand.
I love you when the moonlight shadows upon us, and the sky is flooded with silvery light;
I want you to need and love me as we take in the wonders of the night.
I want you to always remember the feel of myhand when you awake.
I'll call you so lovingly, so tender, cradling you in my arms as dawn breaks.
I love you with my soul, with a passion;
I love you when I'm sleeping,and, in need of rest.
Our love will never go out of fashion;
I'll always wear your heart upon my ******.
I'll love you, every season;
I'll love you with tears, with laughter, with sadness, with smiles;
I'll love you.
My loved Marcos I hope that you liked this poem.
This poem I want to show my feelings to you.
I love you Marcos!!!
Your love Katya!!!
Letter 7
SeHello my love …….!!!
I so am pleased, that you to write to me and that me, to find so a plenty of letters on my box. You a ray of light in my heart.
I have understood that you are necessary for me as air and about what I want to be with you. You imagine dream today has dreamed me, it was such bright and fine: I am, at home you enter my room, and I feel your aroma. You cautiously place me in a sofa to unbutton to me, the dress and your soft hands start to caress my ****** softly. And our bodies merge as a whole, and you compress me so strong, we hear, as our hearts start to beat in one rhythm. Then we start to be borrowed love. About as I, would like that this dream appeared the truth! I think, you will not object, if I tomorrow shall go in agency of travel and I shall find out that to me will be necessary to arrive to you. I very much want our fast meeting with you! I long so without you here. I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need in you so much. It not only words that I feel now. I think of you all time. I never had it before. I did not see you nevertheless, but I can not live without you any more, your letters. I want to touch you to feel your heat and tenderness, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are not frightened. It is strange for me also. But I can warrant to you, that it is true. I love you, and the idea on you does me so happy. I want to be with you so much. I want to feel you with each part of my body, I want to feel sensitive contact of your hands to smell your body, only to know, that I only yours and that you are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am full desire, and I want you as the person, I want to be your wife, your friend, your assistant to soul, your beloved, and your dream. I understand now completely, that you are a person of my dream. I searched for you all my life, and now I have found you, and I am not going to lose you. We shall be happy together; I shall do all for this purpose. I am strong enough to overcome all difficulties and difficulties which are between us. There is no barrier which can stop me. My love will overcome all difficulties on our way. We shall be together to trust me. I shall move ocean only to be with you. I do not need in anything - I only want to see you to study your eyes, to kiss your lips, to concern your strong body. My love will be enough for two of us. You know song Bon Jove "Always". This song - about my feelings to you. I am afraid to ask you this, but what you feel? It is very important for me. It is better to know truly for me than sweet lie. So, please, inform me your feelings. ~ And I think, that it - already time for us to decide, what to do, I could arrive to you, and I think, that it - the best variant for us. So I shall find out all about the visa and as I could arrive to you.
And I shall write to you about it in my following letter. Love of you Katya!!!
Letter 8
Hello my love ……!!!
Loved mine Marcos, I very strongly love you.
Loved mine, I very strongly love you. Loved mine Marcos, I every day think of you, I every day dream, how we with you shall live together. You are very necessary for me, I still never met such fine person, as you. Without you I cannot and live and minutes. Loved mine, you are necessary for me as air. You know, that without air any person cannot live, even the strongest and as I cannot live without you. Loved mine Marcos, my girlfriend transfers you huge greetings. You know, yesterday we talked to my girlfriend about us with you. She speaks me, that you the remarkable person, you present the man, that you very strongly love me. I have told to i, that I know, that you love me. And at us with you love mutual. I very strongly love you, and I want to be with you, and only with you. Loved mine, I do not keep away from you. I want to be somewhat quicker with you. If there would be at me an opportunity, I have thrown all and right now would sit in the plane and have arrived to you. I very much love you, I cannot live without you. My love, you my LION. I very much grieve without you. Before going to bed I think of you when I go to a bath I I think of you when I rise early in the morning think of you. My most treasured dream it to see you somewhat quicker. And I am very glad, that is fast my DREAM to be carried out, and we with you shall be together. And it will be the happiest day in my life. I very strongly love you. I am going to scan a few my photos to send them to you Marcos. That you felt me near to yourself. You understand me, that I want to scan photos specially for you that you had more than my photos. I shall soon send you some more photos. Loved mine, all for the sake of you! I want to show you all love to you as I can. It is a pity, that now I am not near to you. I so strongly want to be with you, that all my feelings to not write on a paper, to not express in the letter. You will see all, when we shall meet you. I shall show all love, and our love will be envied by many. I want to love you, and to be loved. I know, that you love me. And I am very glad, I am happy. You have presented me the love, you have shown me as it is possible to love. You careful, you the remarkable person. And I was more with anybody I do not want to be except for you, I want to be only with you. With you it is good me, with you I feel the happiest ******* all ground.
Nobody is necessary for me except for you, you are necessary for me, and only you.
I very much love you. And I have more except for you than anybody is not present. Nobody is necessary for me. I love only you Marcos.
On it I finish the letter. Now I need to go home.
Loved mine, I shall wait for your letter Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Katya!
Letter 9
Hello my love …….!!!!!!!
As I miss on you. I very much love you, and I wait with impatience our meeting. As I have got acquainted with you, I became happy, I have understood that I do not want to be with anybody another. I thought, trusted, that as to me have carried. I was in in authority of dreams.
I am happy.
Yesterday before dream I had dream of us with you when we shall meet you. You do not imagine, as strongly I want to be with you, to love you that you loved me, to be engaged with you in love, to go to cinemas on the days off, to look after you, to prepare you, to take with you of souls. I never shall forget you! You for me everything, you my life! Without you there is no pleasure, there is no happiness! You as air, and in fact to me so are important to breathe to live, but you are not present beside!
Today at us here fine weather. Loved mine, I very much miss you. I do not have not enough you, your love. I want to be with you, and as soon as possible. I very much love you. All my girlfriends are glad for me, they constantly ask me, as you affairs. I speak them, that is fast we with you we shall meet, and we shall be happy together. I still never met such fine, kind, gentle person as you. I feel the happiest. I am ready to shout in the sky as strongly I love you.
I want to be yours, and only yours. I want, that you were mine that you loved me constantly. You in fact never will throw me?
How I lived earlier? I do not know. For some reason thought, that I do not meet never the person for the sake of whom I can go on all. But the destiny has presented me of you. You, the unique person in the world who not only this day is to be presented me gentle words. Speak, it is possible to meet the especial person and to consider it, to allocate from crowd for 5 minutes, it is necessary for half an hour, that it to understand, day, that of it to grow fond and the whole life to overlook. But how to understand, what exactly it you can forget never. Only having lost it it is possible to understand it. I am afraid to lose you. I do not know, that I shall do, having lost you. You are very expensive to me, and I shall not give you to anybody. My ideas always with you. Everywhere, everywhere, that I did, that I heard, that I saw, everywhere one only you. My ideas, they always about you, always with you, and nothing can force to cease to think me of you, to feel you everywhere, in everything where I was and that I did, everywhere you. As though any force does not want me to release from you.
My toy the LION reminds of you. I always think of you. When I drink tea when I clean a teeth when I listen to music.
Now you for me inaccessible, but simultaneously very close and native.
Any your sign on attention became present, sincere, gentle as far as you can allow yourself it. It in fact, the truth? You - the most remarkable, that happened in my life, you believe in it whether or not.
I want, that you knew, I love you strong love! Every day, you all more also are more necessary for me. And I am confident, that you know it and feel.
Feelings every day overflow me more and more and more.
And every day the love all is stronger and stronger, though it seems, further simply there is no place.
And your love forces me to work wonders. Your love such strong, and sincere, that helps to overcome any problems - in fact you love me.
On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Katya!!!
Letter 10
Hello my love ……….!!!
I am very glad to see your letter! How your affairs? I'm fine! My mum sends to you a huge sweet kiss! She is very glad that we like each other! I am very glad to hear your words about love to me! I am very glad that I love you and that you love me! I am very glad that we have found each other and we shall be together! I very much want to be with you!!!
I went to travel agency and have learned all that is necessary for me for arrival to you. The visa, the passport for travel abroad and two tickets will be necessary for me. I learned the prices and I have been surprised! All this will cost near 2500 $!!! I at all do not know where to take this money. What to me to do? I very much want to arrive to you, but I have no such sum. What will you advise me? Help me, because I do not present what to do!
My dear if nevertheless I shall arrive to you and we shall be together. It will be very fine time! I shall give you all love, I shall be all yours! We shall walk holding each other for a hand and to kiss! I very much wait for this moment! I very much love you!!! I very much want to be with you! I want to hear your words about that as you love me! I very much want to feel your warm, strong hands on my body!
I give you the most sweet kiss!!! Your Katya!!!

Letter 11
Hello my love ……..!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with impatience, and now I am happy, to read it again. I always with the great pleasure read your letters. How at you an affair loved? How your mood? I hope, that at you all is good, that you had fine time. I'm fine, mood spring. Weather at us today fine. The sun in the street shines.
I do not understand you! Why if the girl from Russia, she at once the swindler? Why the Russian girl cannot simply find to itself love? Understand, if money I would not began to write to you were necessary to me only! I could find to myself the rich husband in Russia. I very much love you and me not anybody another, and money is not necessary to me! You are necessary to me and your love!!!
Loved mine, tell to me, what weather at you? It is very interesting to me. At you probably today fine weather, at you probably it is warm. I am sad. Because I not near to you my love. You can present it. I so do not have not enough you. I of you very much Strongly I like and I can not without you my love. I shall soon sit next you. So it is a pity to me, That I not near to you my love. But it will be fast that hour when I shall embrace you and to kiss. When I shall be In your embraces and only in yours. I am very glad, that you too think of me. I even at times feel, how you You speak, that you love me and live without me you can not. You in the world the person and I you very strongly love the most good. We with you shall be together, and we shall be happy. We are created in this world the friend for the friend. And when I, shall be with you Really, happy times will begin. I without you shall not live day. I live only your love. She of me Warms every minute and gives sense to live on this white light my love. Is not present than that is more de than the favourite person. And the favourite person are you. I to you repeated it much and is ready to repeat it many times.
Dear I know and I believe, in you, that you love me and never will make to me, something bad. I for the sake of you am ready on all.
When I shall be a number, and I shall soon I shall not be to long minutes. All because my love always will be a number.
I madly love you. Also it will be much more pleasant, when I to you shall tell that you the most beautiful and favourite person. When You to me, will tell that you, like to me in eyes. It will be so pleasantly. You will never long, because I I shall make that happy person on light.
On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Katya!!!
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