Scam Letter(s) from Maria Queen to James (USA)

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Letter 1

Your profile interest me.... you sound like a very nice man with a good and loving heart of trust and honesty thats ready to keep a real and true loving friendship with a lady... contact me via my personal email address telling me more about yourself past and present relationship and let see how we can both move on with the chemistry(queenmard@ y a h o o dot c o m ) am also on instant messenger as (queenmard) i stay online mostly in the morning and evening... i would await your response!!!!! maria

Letter 2

Hello, its nice getting a message from you ............. i found your profile interesting as it seems to me you are seeking for friendship and serious relationship based on trust and honesty as well...................... i am single never married and have no kids but someday would like get along with kids.............. Am relocating to tennese beacuse i want to have changing of environment over my past relationship and move on with my future..........sorry i cant write more now as am having a trip overseas to west africa on business and would be back in three weeks.............. if u keep in touch i would write along email telling u more about myself from africa............. write me more about urself and tell me if we can chat on yahoo instant messenger sometimes..........take care you can email me to my personal email......(queenmard @ y a h o o dot c o m)so i will be waiting for you send me anyemail more about ur self and email me to this id...(queenmard) i will be waiting for you hv a nice day

Letter 3

Hi there.........You seem like a very nice person that I'd like to get to know.My life is very stable after my last relationship I learned somenew things. Am I ready for a new relationship yes but the relationship has to be mutual, trusted between both partener help each other when they need help, such as if you have a rough day and need help im here to help you. To support you, thats what you call trust and friendship, my father told me many years ago, to treat a lady with respect and act like ready to love, I believe with chemistry between two people love will only blossom. You seem to have many qualities that I am looking for in a man. Someone who is independant, takes care of themself and has a good heart for his family. You mention you like music and movie I am a huge country music fan but I enjoy many types of music, especially live music. I agree that friendship is the key to a long lasting relationship, it is the foundation. It helps to have things in common too.. HMMM I am the type of person who can enjoy just about everything and anything. Make the best out of every given situation and this includes anywhere. Having fun, working hard and being responsible, honest. ready to love and beloved, respect and loyal to my man . A few other things: Favorite color - purple Music - I enjoy almost all music. Especially dance music, Blues,Oldies, country music holding hands while dancing. I enjoy staying physically fit, I tried to have walk around so i can look fit and smart Setting a good example is important to me cos i want live a good life and lay good examples for my kids, Keeping a good home I like. Making improvements and just keeping it nice. Other things I like: beaches, skiing, swimming, riding bikes, walking or jogging, camping, fishing, baseball, dancing, sitting outside sometime just talking and cooking on the grill, watching movies, writting poetry and playing in the Garden, watching sport I like animals.You know , getting to know you is something I could hope for and would be a great pleasure getting to meet you in person for a coffe soonest as am back from West Africa on a business trip. I do not smoke or use drugs I do not like going to bars. Drinking sure can be nice but don't like hanging around a bunch of drunks in a bar. I do not like crowds or places where there are lots of people. Well,,,,,,,HMMM some parties and or festivals are nice sometimes.
I do not have any piercings or tattoos. No particular reason. Kinda permanent, you know. Ha ha I might like a picture of an eagle or something on my arm one day and might not like it a week later. You know what I mean? I dont have any close families would realy appreciate if you are ready to share your loving familis with me and i promised to treat them well..... long as they are ready to accept me as one of them.... I would love come close to them all so we can all live in peace and unity. I want a man like you in my life cos our chemistry seems perfect am sure it would be a dream comes true soonest as we get to meet for real in person when am back to the states from west africa. I would hope you like traveling maybe a trip to Australia sometimes i would be glad to show you around the country. I don't particularly like the cold weather. I do however enjoy ice skating and skiing. Have you every gone skiing on a ski hill. Wow,,,,,,,,,,awesome. I will take you. There are a lot of other things to do as well during the colder spells. Hope to hear from you again real soon.

Letter 4

Ps!!!!!! Am in west Africa on a business trip shopping for fabrics and textiles materials in cottons, silk, laces, jeweries and all kind of decorative fabrics materials for the establishment of my new business soonest as am back to the states... it would be Two weeks of shopping, sinced am connected to internet hope we can keep in touch****
I am looking to meet someone who knows what they want in life. I am looking for someone who can show me the world they come from and I want to do the same. I enjoy doing just about anything. I am a very honest happy go lucky person, so if you are a control freak or don't like to hang with women who are the life of the party skip on by me. I am looking for someone who knows the meaning of balance in all area's in life. I am looking for someone who enjoys to live and is positve and motivating. I know we all have past relationships but I would hope the person I am with has let theirs go. I hate drama and I do not like people who lie. I am intrested in someone who knows who they are inside and out and who would share their experiences in life with me. I believe money is not everything and if it controls your life I am not intrested. I do not care how much you make, what you do for a living or how you got to be where you are as long as you are down to earth, honest, passionate, able to adore the one your with and know the meaning of respect. There are many people out here looking and you can come across someone who seems to have it all together only to find out later they are a mess. I am not looking for that. I know exactly what I am looking for and I would like to meet someone who is the same, I want a man thats family oriented to spent the rest of my life with......he must be ready to love and beloved and must be ready to share his loving family with me cos i value families so much....... I want start with a friendship before a relationship cos i want my man as my best and loving friend. Friendship never ends, If you ever feel that its the end ,Then feel also ,for a while It might be the begning of a brand new start Which will be better*******Now am trying to move away from modelin to try something new with the fabrics and textiles business cos its my family business and I knew much about how it mother run the business for over 38 years before she passed away,,,,,, I want move into the business so i could buit better future with my right man and raised my kids cos i want lay a very good example for my kids....... in other to stop traveling around modeling i want stay with the fabrics business cos with the fabrics i can live anywhere and work from there..... all i need is the support of my man........ Tell me what would be your idea of firstdate ? How stable is your life over the past relationship? Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship? Have you narrowed down your specific desires as to what type of person you want to meet? Are you really over your past? How ready are you to love and beloved ? Have you talked about your feelings with someone else? How ready are u to share your families with the right woman ? How would you treat a lady like me if you been given a chance??..............waiting for ur reply ........

Letter 5

hey there james and how is ur home and am sure all is well with you and the reason why am sending this email is just that am so glad to know you as a good friend but still i will like to be sure if truely you are a man of ur word coz am very willing to meet ur wife and ur kids in state and i believe if they should as you who i am......i believe you will let them know that am a very good friend of you and here is some of my pictures.......waiting for ur reply....

Letter 6

i did got ur email and am glad that you did and i will be very glad to meet you in state for you been a great man .....i will like to meet ur familys.....

Letter 7

Learn to accept what comes your way, You must try hard to be positive each day,Keep your mind and spirit in a calm mode, Don't let your emotions go in overload, Learning to accept things which are good or bad too, Is a difficult task which you must learn to do, But in the long run, having Faith, Hope. and Trust, And Love for God, they are a must, Life is easier if you can learn to accept everything, Remember God's always with you, The Almighty King, He is your creator, He watches over you, You'll meet Him one day, that is true*** Is this your friend? Friends care Friends are always there Friends dont care what you wear Friends help you through tough times Tell you when your a total pain in the rear Friends are people you can trust Friends are people you tell your deepest secrets to Friends are honest Friends are faithful Friends love you Friends dont lie!!!! And you should love your friends and that why i have the mind to ask you for that favour and i would be glad if you can be of help ....



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