Scam letter(s) from Sandra Jones to George (USA)

Letter 1
George I'm really pleasing you too death about this Emily's Situation I've paid the Dr the $700 yesterday. Since the Dr carryout the Operation and i was told I'll need to get food stuff and some Important Medicine so Emily will be quickly recover and it would cost $300.00 and nothing else my love you know your the only one i have, and i can't afford to lose you George just help me out I hope to hear from you soon
Letter 2
Hello George
Just heading back from the hospital everything was fine I am glad to hear from you how are you doing and how was your day going and how is everything going with you I am glad you doing great cause i've been praying for you and am happy that GOD has answerd my prayer for you I really love u so much and i really can't wait to be with you my love Emily say that she really miss u so much that she would really love to be with you Just had my PC done alittle that is why am getting back to your e-mail how is work today, make sure you take good care of yourself for me hope to hear from you soon
Sandra Jones
Letter 3
Hmmm my love it was really nice hearing from you, such a good thought's from you same here i would love to know more about you also i know as time goes on time would tell much about us cause time build relationship and time own the truth, Nope i don't have any friend' since am not in the state. I was born and raised up in North Tampa Before moving too Plant City I went to the Chamberlain Senior High School at Tampa . I now head to the California State University i got my graduate degree over 9yrs ago i've been teaching its over 5yrs now and i really like my Job I do help people and i love kids so much I always think about you at night thinking about what your doing and how we will be when we both get together I can want anything giving to someone special on earth I'm not someone fearing i'm very Open minded and a freelance lady and looking for the right thing in life my passion in life is to be with the right man and that is you no one else I really like the States but would like to live in Hawaii sometimes it would be loving your question is not silly I'm glad you asked I hope your taking good care of yourself for me what would you like to offer my Daughter Emily when we both get together I hope to hear from you soon
Letter 4

Hello My Love I got my $50k paycheck today I was not happy cause i was paid with check and i took it to the 5 top bank in Western Africa and i was told due to the poor economic here nigeria that such amount of money can't be cashed here in nigeria unless i will open An Current Account and i have already went to the bank and i was told i'll need $500.00 to open the Current Account so i can deposite it to my current account then i'll withdraw it out and get out of here my love its a lot of stress today just going all arround just to make something good come in for us i want you to try your possible best and help me out with the money so i can quickly open the current account and deposite the money and get the money out of it don't worry my love everything will be alright soon I want to hear from you soon my Love
Name...Sandra Jones
Address...17 Ogba Rd
Text question....What is my NameText Answer......Sandra
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