Scam letter(s) from Natalia Domracheva to Forrest (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend !
I have received your letter and have been pleasantly intrigued!
I from a site My structure natagirl777. I wish to tell to you that on a site is not correctly specified where I live. Because my best friend registered me. she has met through the Internet the husband and lives now in Miami. she wants that I also have met the love. I hope that it does not upset you.
I am grateful to you, that you answered me my announcement. But I the truth am very glad, that you wrote to me also I now I write you the letter. I do not know, that speak or write in letters at the first acquaintance, but I shall try to tell about myself and I shall put the letter the photo. I hope, that my photos like you. I shall begin the letter of that I was born in the city of Cheboksary. This city is in the Russian Federation (Russia). It is very beautiful city, I was born and grew in him.
My full name Nataliya (Natasha or Natali). I was born on November, 1, 1981.
My sign on the zodiac a scorpion.
I the two child in family. I have sister, her name Elena. My mum and the daddy both worked at a factory and were good experts of the affair.
Now they are not present, but I frequently recollect about them.
From the childhood as well as all children I went to a kindergarten is probably the happiest time, when there is no any cares and parents love you and give you caress and care. I was the disobedient child :-) so mum spoke me, I at all do not remember it, but it was pleasant for me to listen to stories of my mum. After a kindergarten in 1987 I went to school, in the first class. It is the most remembered the moment at each first-grader. The first bell rings and everyone start to study. I studied 10 years at school. After school I acted in institute on a speciality management of the state organizations as appeared then this speciality now to nobody is necessary. After the termination of institute I went to work in manager in sport-club. To me carried with work and I now work.
My sister has 2 children, they are my nephews.
She is my best friend. I love the nephews and I dream sometime to have same children as they. Now I live one in the one-room apartment. Sometimes to me happens very sadly from it, but I try to not think and as soon as possible I drive away from myself these ideas. I very much like to to be in Internet-Cafe, this hobby is now very popular in us in Russia. Now, I just also write you from this Cafe. But I be there not so often, at me it turns out to be in Cafe of time per day, sometimes and in day, as it is a little expensive for me. I very much would like to have the computer of a house. I very much like to borrow with sports, we sometimes with girlfriends go to sports a hall to beengaged in aerobics, but on it not always there is time. It is a lot of time now, but it probably work borrows from each person so. I very much love cinema, especially when I look it at a cinema. I sometimes go to a cinema to look interesting film. Also I am not indifferent to books, I madly like to read! I like Russian classics, modern prose and some books on psychology, also I write out some newspapers and magazines, especially about travel. My treasured dream to travel all world... It is very interesting! tell, something about itself. Tell to me about the city, work, on lives, preferences in music, books, meal... I wish to learn as much as possible, it is very interesting to me!
Write to me please :) Sincerely Natasha.
Letter 2
Hello dear Nelson
It is pleasant for me, that you answered my letter.
I understand, that my English language wishes to be better, I shall try to be corrected. I ask an apology for my English language. I think, that your letters help meto correct the mistakes of the English language. I am still poorly familiar with work on the Internet, but this invention of the person starts to like me. I understand, probably the Internet at you for a long time and you does not surprise it, and at us it while a new thing. It is pleasant to me, that we with you can write letters each other and they come so quickly, allowing us to write. I now cannot present myself as earlier people used simple mail and wrote letters each other. It borrowed a lot of time and forces. You know I for a long time with anybody did not talk on souls and I now would like to talk to you !
You know, to me so bothered to be closed in the small world. In my life occurs nothing. All is monotonous. Work the house, the house work. It would be desirable any changes and therefore I dared to write on a site of acquaintances and to get acquainted with you friend. It is interesting to me to learn as people live in other country that do , than live. I do not want to tell, that at me all is bad. At me good girlfriends, good work, beautiful city in which I live, but all this starts to bother me. I start to understand and look at the world in the course of time on another. I start to understand, that it is not necessary in empty to spend time, the life. I start to understand, that it is necessary to build the small world, the family. It seems to me, that it comes in the course of time. There comes at everyone such stage in life to make the own world. tell to me please about the ideas in this occasion? I shall tell to you about myself and about the life. I wrote to you, that I live one in the apartment. My senior sister already married and live the life. I lived with mum, but now was not present my mum also I live one. At me my cat lives with me. I very much love him. I come from work, and he meets me and starts to caress and be rubed about me, wants that I stroked him, know as warmly to sleep with him. I lie down to sleep, and he gets to me into legs , to lie down.
This fluffy sphere of me understands and likes. I shall send you a photo of it. In my life it turned out so, that I one, at me was not present my second half. I gave a lot of time to study and work and not enough time gave private life. At me simply did not remain to time for private life. Is not present certainly, I walked with girlfriends, went on discos, and I had admirers, but it is all was not serious. I not had men on which I could rely and make the family. I understand, that it can seem to you strange, that such beautiful girl and one. You simply do not know men at us, one is necessary to them only - ***. Love for one night - that is necessary for them.
There is no I not against ***, I only for. Simply I do not present *** without love.
They I do not think of feelings and the present love, they do not think of the future.
I want, that in my life there was a present love, now the present love is shown frequently at cinema.
But I the romantic person also believe in the present love and I sometimes would like, that at me all was beautiful as at cinema. I think, that you too sometimes have such ideas. Write to me about the love about the desires, I want to learn you better. Now I have not enough time to continue to write to you, but I shall wait for your letter to answer you. With the best regards Natasha...
Letter 3
Hello dear !
I today woke up early, I wanted to check up my mail and at once found your letter. It is very pleasant for me, that you the responsible person and answer on my letters. I very much appreciate it. I want to tell to you, that I appreciate sincerity and the truth in people. If to me, something is not pleasant, I at once I and shall tell it to the person, instead of I shall keep him waiting. give with you we agree, with you already adult people, we want to find the love and consequently both of us addressed to the Internet and found each other, I want to tell to you, that we should learn each other as it is possible better and if to you or me, something is not pleasant, at once about it we write. Well. It is simple for honesty between us that we were fair with is very pleasant for me, that you the responsible person and answer on my letters. I very much appreciate it. I want to tell to you, that I appreciate sincerity and the truth in people. If to me, something is not pleasant, I at once I and shall tell it to the person, instead of I shall keep him waiting. give with you we agree, with you already adult people, we want to find the love and consequently both of us addressed to the Internet and found each other, I want to tell to you, that we should learn each other as it is possible better and if to you or me, something is not pleasant, at once about it we write. Well. It is simple for honesty between us that we were fair with you. I and you, we are not going to play game, at us not that age to waste time. You with me agree? I liked your letters, you know at me there is no difficulty to read your letters, at you good English language. Thank you for it. I understand, that it is better to learn each other is to meet and look each other in the face, but in our situation now it not possible yet and consequently I want to learn you better through your letters which you to me write. I want to look your photos, please.
Certainly, I shall try to tell to you about myself as much as possible, you do not hesitate ask, that to you to tell about myself, I shall write with the great pleasure, I like to write to you of the letter. Never simply I wrote letters through the Internet earlier, it is pleasant to me. I shall tell to you about the girlfriends and about hobbies. I have girlfriends with which we are friends since the childhood. We always help each other. Some my girlfriends married and are very happy, one my girlfriend married somewhere in the USA. She got acquainted through agency of acquaintances on the Internet, it was approximately 2 years ago. Sometimes with my girlfriends we go on discos, it is a little to have a rest from work and a house. I shall send you some photos. They should you is pleasant. I not the fan to go on discos, but sometimes it would be desirable to replace conditions simply. When at us summer I like to float and sunbathe, we have small river Volga refers to. I like to float in her.In the summer I like to collect I years, since the childhood we went with parents behind berries, know as is tasty to eat I skin wild strawberry with milk. There is such smell of wild strawberry when you eat her. Still I like to go behind mushrooms, at us it is a lot of mushrooms, I like them to collect, but I do not like them to clean. I like to play sometimes computer games, and to look films when there is a free time.
I wrote to you, that I live one and it happens me sadly by one in long evenings.
There is no simple human dialogue. Cares that I could care of the person loved to me.
I like to prepare, but I now have nobody to prepare, that someone estimated my culinary abilities. I am tasty I prepare, I was learned by mum, and then I studied to prepare. I like to go sometimes with girlfriends to eat in cafe, but I prefer to eat houses, houses are more tasty. I the girl domestic and am pleasant to me a domestic cosiness more. Write to me about itself and tell about the domestic hobbies. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.

Your Natasha.
Letter 4

I with impatience waited the letter from you. And has not received. I hope that you have not forgotten me and still wish to write to me.
Letter 5
Hi dear Nelson. I write you, but sometimes I use the program-translater on computer. I am glad, that you wrote me the letter and we with you can write letters each other. Your letters please my soul and force itself to feel the woman. You know it very pleasantly when you paid compliments also with pleasant words. Any girl likes when to her pay attention and pay compliments. I as well as all women love beautiful words, speak, that the woman likes ears. Sometimes nobody understands us, how the main hero in film told (Back in the future), women is a ninth riddle of the universe and us sometimes not simply to understand. But actually we are easy for understanding. That is necessary for me, as well as to any other woman is to be loved that you loved. The happiness is when you the calmness and a cosiness love, it when houses, it when you wait for the favourite person and know, that you are necessary for him and that you unique and unique for him. I think, that many women dream of it on the ground. I heard, that at you the woman not such, that they are interested only with money and independence, freedom. I think, that it is not correct. So should not be. The woman is a keeper of a home, she is the mistress in the house in which she should create a cosiness and rest for the favourite husband. I unless am not right? Write to me please, that you think of my ideas. I so was brought up by my mum. My senior sisters too were brought up also, and I take an example from them. At them in families understanding and a cosiness, husbands of them like. To my sisters carried. I think, that I too shall be happy sometime and I shall have the family and loving husband. At me now began such period in life, that to me began to seem, that around all grey and typical. I am very glad, that I could get acquainted with you, I think that to me simply carried or it is destiny that we met you. Recently at us in Russia showed transfer, The (To find you) refers to. In transfer are engaged in search of people and lonely hearts, one plot there was, that the young girl from Russi` corresponded with the man from abroad, they liked each other, but something happened with the Internet (break`ge) and they lost each other. On transfer they meT, the girl asked to find the favourite person on transfer and he arrived to her. It is very touching history of love, but it so is romantic. I with each letter start to trust, that letters with my words, inform up to you my part oppress, and your letters bring to me a part of your Soul. It to nop explain yet, but to me new and unfamiliar feeling. It is pleasant to me. I shall tell to you a little about myself. I like houses to prepare to eat, I like to prepare when at me on a visit my girlfriends. You know as it pleasantly when someone appreciates your work and your abilities, this nOt overlooked feeling. I lIke, that at home at me was always clean. My girlfriends sometimes for fun speak, that I am frequently cleaned. I simply got used to the order as mum did at me. Earlier I liked to play volleyball, I remember, that I well played to school. We with girlfriends even went on trainings on volleyball when went to school. After leaving school all this was somehow forgot and at everyone the life appeared. It was for a long time. Now I write you the letter and I try to transfer with him a slice of the soul. Your Natasha.
Letter 6
Dear Nelson. I very much want to see you and your country. I rose today in the morning with very good mood. Each my letter and my ideas are directed to you. With each your letter I feel, that we become more close to each other. My soul is pleased when I read letters from you. This feeling is not familiar to me also I cannot explain it it. But I very much like to write to you of the letter. I with impatience wait from you for each following letter. I am glad, that you write me letters and we are able to find with you common language. It is very pleasant, that the man on other party of globe tests the same feelings, as I. I on another began to look at the world. On associates, me yesterday even on work told, that I changed, became cheerful. You could change me and my private world, thanks you for it. It is not simple words, these are feelings of gratitude that paid to me attention, that you write to me letters with love and heat. Your words and letters are open for me, your soul as the book which I can read. I like in people such sincerity and revelation, you like me. Now in people, something changed, is especial at us in Russia. Everyone became rough and empty. There was many deceit and lie. I do not like when people tell lies deceive, so it is impossible to live. But you and your letters, as light in my life. I love your letters and I wait to read them every day. It is interesting to me to know, that you think, that feel to me. Your letters are dear to me. It is a pity, that we with you now not beside, it is a pity, that we with you cannot look now in eyes to each other and feel, that people at which feel identical desires and ideas. I sometimes look at the girlfriends, the sister which have the family and I envy them. I envy their happiness, I look and I see pleasure in their eyes, I see as they are pleased have fun, sometimes quarrel in family, but at them always pleasure on eyes. They have people for the sake of which they live are husbands children, for the sake of which they make everything to be with them together, to love them. I too want to be happy and to make happy the favourite person. I with excitement sit for a computer to receive and read your letters. Certainly there are some language handicapes between us, but it seems to me, that it not a barrier to us. I shall try to improve the English language that you completely understood me. Every day I feel is more sure and is quieter with ymur letters. Yoer letters installed in me confidence, that on the ground there is a man which estimates my love and fidelity to hil. I very obligatory girl also try to carry out all duties and promises. I the frank person also speak alsays the truth to people what she would not be. It seems to me, that such quality should be in each person. I feel in your letters there is a quality of fidelity, honesty and love. It is very a pity to me, that we did not meet you earlier. Probably our lives would develop on another. I understand, us with you unites while acquaintance through the Internet, through letters, but this feeling grows also to me it seems, that all depends on us with you, all in our hands. If we met you and could get acquainted and find each other is a destiny helped us. Now I know, that I am not lonely in this severe world. I noticed in your letters, that you too not always can write to me the big letters and answer every day. Do not experience, I understand that we with you have duties and work which it is necessary to carry out. It is which our life we got used to live. The main thing, that we with you can write and wait for the letter from each other. With your letters I changed. I felt other person. At me in life, all was good also life went the turn, but I in life did not have one is special the men, loving men. Which I would love and met houses. There is no I do not want to tell it, that the man should work, and the wife should wait for his house. I did not get used to sit at home not working, I like to work. I understand, that the woman should care of the house, family children but when children grow and become independent, the wife should work and be engaged in loved to itself work. At us so it is accepted in Russia. Write to me please, than at you women are engaged? I understand, that any girl should watch{keep up} itself and do itself beautiful, but all is necessary to try to be in time. I have time everything, since morning, before work I shall always have time to make up (I use cosmetics), to drink a cup of coffee, to result myself and the house in the order, to make a hairdress and I go for work. If the girl has not time to make the duties on the house or to watch itself - her it is necessary to rise on earlier. I got used so to do always. If I know, that I should make much in the morning, I rise early and all I have time. Excuse me, I something write all about myself and about myself. Write to me about itself, what you like to do in the mornings? How passes your morning? I with impatience and love shall wait for your following letter. Your Natasha.
Letter 7
Hi my Nelson. I today very much was delighted when approached to a computer received your letter. It is pleasant for me to read your letter. My soul sings when you write to me such warm beautiful letters. I new indescribable feeling when I read feeling your letters and I receive with them a part of your soul and feelings. Which I test feeling with perusal of each your letter is an attachment and love to you. Your letters helped me to recollect such feelings as love, fidelity, frankness. So it is pleasant, that you are necessary for the man, it to not transfer you words, it is necessary to see and show pleasure and shine in eyes. It is very a pity to me, that we with you now not beside do not look in the face each other, that we with you cannot touch the friend the friend and feel heat and pleasure to a meeting. But it seems to me, that to us with you very much carried also we could each other. With each letter I become closer to you heart and soul. With each your letter I feel your presence and is warm at me in soul. Your occurrence in my life changed me. It seems to me, that you even could kindle a flame of love in my heart. I do not want that ours with you attitudes developed too quickly. We with you people adults also understand that it is impossible to lose a head. I am very glad, that we with you could get acquainted and find each other. At us now good weather, shines the sun. At us the southern part of Russia, therefore at us does not happen strong colds. Is not present certainly at us the snow drops out in the winter, but it is not a lot of him. At us it is beautiful in the summer, it seems to me that at you too in the summer beautifully. Tell to me please about your summer. At us the summer warm, is a lot of greens and the sun. In the summer I like to sunbathe and bathe, we have river. In the summer all girls beautiful, go practically in bathing suits, hot it happens. I in the summer too like to dress easy clothes, an easy skirt and a blouse and when we go to sunbathe with girlfriends I put on blinkers. In general summer this most favourite season at me. Start to sell many berries and fruit, at us this year sold a lot of strawberry, I very much love a strawberry, is especial with milk and sugar, try it it is very tasty. In the summer at us many any beautiful butterflies, and city in the summer at us very beautiful. Tell to me about the city, it is very interesting to me? You know, I began to write to you letters and to feel as though you beside. To me becomes so easily on soul, that to me starts to seem, that you sit on against me and you listen as I write to you the letter. It is simple that I am tired from loneliness, and you simply rescued me and allowed to feel the woman. I am grateful to you. I feel the same feelings, as you. I feel inflow of forces and which you bring pleasures with your letters to me. I feel as ours with you feelings and attitudes grow and we gain in strength which so for a long time waited and hoped. Your letters force me to be pleased lives. I changed are surrounding and my friends on work noticed. My sister Marina sends the regards to you. She is glad, that we got acquainted with you. She is glad for me. She noticed, that I became joyful and at me in eyes fire of desire and happiness appeared. As it is a pity, that we with you now not together, we with you approach each other, we with you think and we speak equally. At us with you much in common, that I would like to discuss. I want, that we with you sometime had appointment that we with you sat near a fireplace with candles, light is muffled. Candles create to us with you romantic mood. We with you sit on a floor and at us in hands glasses with wine. I prepared us with you for a supper, it will be the chopped meat. We enjoy ours with you romantic conditions. We enjoy the friend the friend. To us it is well simple that we with you together, that we with you can touch the friend the friend. We can embrace each other. You gently embrace me for a shoulder and kiss me. We look at a flame in a fireplace and it bewitches us. As though I wanted, that it once happened with us. That we would be together. Now at us there comes autumn is very beautiful season. You would see as beautifully at us in the autumn in park. Trees yellow, leaves slowly fall on the ground. I think, that at you too beautiful autumn and we with you, we can walk under trees in park. I very much would want to go once with you on the nature and to fry shish kebabs, I love a shish kebab. You love a shish kebab from mutton? It is very tasty. First you process meat in mayonnaise, and then you fry on a ramrod. It is very tasty. Sometime I shall make it for you. You changed my life. I LOVE YOU. I with love shall wait your letter. As it is a pity that we not beside. your Natasha
Letter 8
My dear Nelson I shall be possible to name you my love. I today slept was poorly constantly overturned, you today dreamed me. On me yesterday so strongly worked your letter, that I today saw you in the dream. It was fine. To me dreamed, that we with you walked somewhere on seacoast, I do not know where it was, but it was a beautiful place. We with you went to any silent bay both bathed there stark ***** and sunbathed. You so passionately embraced me. We with you were floating far from coast and there there were dolphins. Was so all beautifully and romantically, that I would not like to wake up at all when the alarm clock called in the morning. I rose and understood, that it was dream, but very good dream. I love you - these words are spoken with people when on the present test love to other person. When the girl tests love to the guy or on the contrary. So I want to tell to you, that I love you. I am grateful to destiny, that we met you also I grew fond of you. The love this feeling which gives to people wings which changes destinies and forces people to do inconceivable acts. About love it is a lot of verses, films. Poets constantly try to describe these feelings, directors constantly try to remove good films about love. You looked Titanic. To me very much liked, I looked him some times. First time when I looked him, I cried. To me so this film touched soul is present love. I want to tell to you, that I love you. You helped me to understand that means to like and be loved, that means to experience, hope, trust, trust, like. I understand, that we with you far apart, but time can change all and our love helps us to become more close to each other, let not a body, so soul. If we physically cannot meet you, our souls will be together always. I want to tell to you a compliment, you the good person, the man. I did not meet the man and I know, that such men in Russia are not present, similar to you. You sensitive, kind and quick-witted. YOU can find necessary words to help the lonely girl both to warm her soul and to help to believe her in yourself and love. I love you. I want, that you when you will read this letter most were happy the man on light. I love you . I think, that ours with you lonely long evenings ended, that we with you shall be evenings together. You always with me in my soul. I last night recollected you and imagined as we with you together. Let we with you yet beside and us divides time and distance, but I near to you soul. I want to divide with you all life. I am sure, that you that unique the man which will be in my life which is necessary for me as air and water. I choked and perished without you. You inhaled in me a new life for which I am very grateful to you. I want, that we with you lived for the sake of each other that we with you enjoyed the friend the friend that we with you cared about each other that we with you began single whole in this world. Both I and you, we for a long time were one and got tired of loneliness, we with you want love, simple human love which you can give me, and I to you. I want to care of you and to give you all love which at you was not earlier. I love you. I too for a long time was one in this world, I for a long time searched for you my love. I any more do not want to be one, I know, that I have you. I today rose in the morning with a smile on the person, I recollected you and imagined as I rise on earlier, you still sleep. I do to us an easy breakfast and we have breakfast with you in bed together. Under a blanket with you so it is warm, that I would not like to rise and go for work. Our bodies warm each other, we like each other. You gently caress me, you kiss me and I all yours. I all burn in your hands, I am strongly excited, I want you. I believe, what not in the far future we with you shall wake up together and my dreams become a reality. I shall be near to you, and you will be near to me. I love you . I want, that we with you a life was inseparable from each other. It is a lot of kisses. Your Natasha.
Letter 9
Hi my love Nelson. I think, that I not bad talk on English. I like hot chicken. Your love and attention to me force me to test excitement when I write to you this letter. In each letter I want to tell to you, that I love you and we with you love grows. With each mine the letter to you, my love grows and forces me to feel the desired woman. I see in each your letter, that I desired and the beloved. I am loved and desired you. As it would be good if we with you now were together and could touch the friend the friend. We could look each other in eyes and tell I of you I like. When I write to you this letter I recollect wedding the senior sister. When she married I was there. I so was happy and glad for her, that could not constrain some tears. I saw pleasure and happiness which is tested by the loving person in her eyes. At that time I was overflown too with feelings and I wanted then that at me too loving me the man sometime was. The husband loving me. You forced me to recollect the most good moments in my life, you forced me to feel, that it can be once and with me. I love you. In your letters I saw heat and care which you can give children, to the wife. You the most remarkable the man and I hope, that we with you sometime will have family. I can care of you, I want to care of you and to give you the caress and love. I am very glad, that I you met you. With each letter of me overflows desire once to meet you and to give you all love which you so for a long time waited and did not receive earlier. I understand, that all this is similar to dream. But we with you exist and we live the while a life. We lived earlier with you, everyone the life. We did not know, that the person which also somewhere lives searches for the love and hopes for a meeting sometime. Now I do not present the life without you. My life now is not meaningful without you. Ours with you lives now are bound in one chain. We with you now as a single whole one uniform. Two loving hearts kindle a fire but if one loving heart loses another the fire dies. I wish, that with you the fire never died away ours, that we with you could kindle a fire in our hearts. I love you. I hope, that we can meet you and I can arrive to you. I think, we already need to prepare for our meeting. I love you . Your Natasha
Letter 10
Hi my love Nelson I read your letter and understood, that we with you are created the friend for the friend. I understand, that between us while the big distance, that you are on other party of globe. But unless there are barrier to two loving hearts. Unless we with you did not wait for it so for a long time. I understand, that we with you can have some difficulties to meet. You know, that Soviet Union - which existed earlier, there was a closed country and that practically nobody could travel to other countries. But now at us times changed, now at us Russia. Laws now changed, laws of communists from - ce which our country was closed disappeared. Now at us in Russia the opportunity to leave in other countries, other states appeared. I know, that there are certain rules for trips to other countries and the states, but at desire from your and my party we can all requirements to make, for that that we with you could meet and I could arrive to you. I yesterday thought already of it. I wrote to you earlier, that I simply choked here at myself with monotony and a boring monotonous life. Up to you I had monotonous life and I was not necessary for nobody. I could not give anybody the love and caress which at me it is a lot of. I could not find that unique person who would grow fond of me and I understood such what is. The society lives in our country one day, people I do not think of the future. The some people do not work, they are not disturbed by their family their children. The criminality grows, the government conducts such policy. But I am very glad, that now, at international attitudes between our countries, I can arrive to you and we with you can see each other, construct our family, have children, be pleased lives. I am glad, that presently we with you can be happy, simply have human happiness on the ground. I probably badly told about the country, but you and itself probably know it. It is a lot of transfers and news show at us in the country and at you probably too. I do not deceive you, it so actually. Is not present certainly at us there are also good moments in a life not all so terribly. I love the city, I love the sisters, I love the work but when I met you and understood, that the main thing for the person in his life, all this is not become important and is grey. Sister are engaged in the family, at them the cares suffice, him not up to me. On work, I only the worker who came and left. And how to be spoken in a proverb, the person should make three things in the life 1 to plant a tree 2 to bring up children 3 to construct the house. All these three items are connected to you my love. If we with you shall be together, we can plant a tree, bring up children, construct the house. The most important are we and all depends on us and from ours with you of desire. I love you . I am very glad, that we with you understand each other. I shall try to learn , that is necessary for me for arrival to you. Your Natasha.
PS 1. What activities do you like to do in the winter? I like to be on the nature.
2. How good of a gardener are you? I have a large vegetable garden in the summer and would like that you participated in the growing of these vegetables. My mum has also a garden and I often help it there.
3. How many children would you like ands what names would you choose? 2 children think that. Names it only to consult on you.
4. What religion are you? The Christian
5. How much do you love me? Strongly I love

Letter 11
Hi my love Nelson I am glad, that you understood my letter and all understand and perceive in this world precisely as well as I. I am glad, that to us one sun above a head shines, that to us one stars and the moon shine. But you for me that bright star which constantly shines to me and now specify a unique and correct way on which I should go. I want to go on this way, I want to go on a meeting to you, to the love, the family, the dream, the happiness. I know, that we with you together are waited with happiness and love which I want to divide with you and only with you. You that especial the man which I so strongly love and waited all life. That you the man for which I so for a long time protected the love and caress. I shall do for you everything that you were happy. I shall give you that happiness which you did not receive earlier in the life. I love you . Dear, my sister send the regards to you, they are very glad for me, that we with you together and like each other. They told, that the most important are we with you and that we like each other, and other is a life in which we with we can construct and correct the hands. I yesterday talked to my sister Marina and her girlfriend Svetlana. Svetlana works in firm which is engaged in registration of permits and passports for trips abroad. At us with her very interesting conversation yesterday took place. I asked her about your country much, about laws which operate at entrance to your country and departure Russia the countries. I learned a lot of new and useful, I wanted to talk to her on a theme, whether I can arrive to you and that for this purpose is necessary to me, and she appeared the person which likes to speak much and we with her stirred 3 hours. It was pleasant to me as she knows laws and knows the work. As conversation was long, I shall tell to you shortly, and that to turn out very big letter. If I shall go to you, I need the passport, some references, information from a residence, the visa - which receive in embassy and the ticket aboard the plane. I think, that it not so is a lot of papers and information to arrive to you. Svetlana told, that if I the truth is interested to arrive to you that I came to her tomorrow for work and talked to her then she precisely tells, that it is required to me and how many it will cost. An information is not important for dear me how many, I should collect, how many money it will cost, the main thing that we with you shall be together, that we with can love each other and we realize ours with you dreams which we with you so for a long time waited. I love you. I understand, that at us with you a difference in time and I precisely do not know how many at you now time, but I want to tell to you that at present your girl thinks of you, your second part oppress. And I think, that you will feel it, when will read my letter. Your Natasha.
Letter 12
Hi my love Nelson! Thanks you big for your warm letters and for your love.
Your love and ours with you attitudes changed all my life. My sister send the regards to you, they asked about you about us with you much. I understand, that we is now far, but we with you feel our love and passion on distance, in it we are helped by ours with you of the letter and love. Certainly nothing replaces to a meeting and a sight of the favourite person, but it temporarily. I believe, that we with you can overcome this distance and a barrier, I believe, that I can overcome this distance and to be with you.
I asked on an opportunity to arrive to you and to be together with you, there is it not so all simply. Especially measures of travel to changed after explosion of the plane on September, 11 3 years ago. At customs house at a start of the plane it is necessary to have the special electronic visa in which the information on the person and his print of the big finger will be worn out. I understand such measures of care and completely I support them. Especially after that we too had in the country explosions about terror. If you know, Russia is in the neighbourhood with the Chechen Republic and from her many criminals who are guilty in explosions in Russia. The special passport and information is necessary. Information can be collected for 1-2 days, it not for a long time and inexpensive costs. On reception of necessary documents it is necessary approximately 7-8 days. The visa should be received in Moscow. All necessary papers are filled at me in city and sent to Moscow, and then there comes the invitation to reception of the visa, but Svetlana has certain opportunities and communications that all this made quickly and qualitatively. But there is one problem, I did not know that the visa and the ticket that will arrive to you to cost so dearly. I thought, that the prices not such high. I was mistaken that an exchange rate of our rouble and your dollar 1 $ = 25 roubles and consequently it seems to me dearly a little. But road of anything, I am not upset. I love you and we with you love helps us. I want to save the sum of money necessary for me to arrive to you. I am not upset for this reason, simply it borrows from me any time to collect the necessary sum of money. But all the same, for me cost of travel is very expensive , it is required to me more than 3 years what to collect all sum for trip. I am glad, that I could find you and I understand, that if we could meet, we with you shall be together. I know, that you very intellectual the man and understand all my experiences and all my love. We with you experience both and we have one feelings. I understand, that the person which feels sits before a computer and waits for the letter, a news from the favourite person. I understand all your feelings and completely I share them with you. I would like to love you and to be loved . I would like, that we with you were together and we were pleased with a life which with you we construct and will be happy. I read your letter and I am happy, I am happy as the child. My feelings overflow me and I want to become closer to you. I want to give you all life and love. I very much believe you. Your letters not showed time to me, that we with you understand each other and we become closer. I see from your letters, that you loving and which kind the man I like all heart. I hope, that when you will read my letter, you will understand his sense and my words reach your most remote part of soul. That you will really see my feelings to you and will test too most, as I. Dear I understand, that my trip to you borrows some time for reception of documents and gathering of the necessary sum of money. But I hope and I believe, that we with you shall not be together soul all this time while I did not arrive to you and we with you did not appear together. I hope, that ours souls for ever incorporated to you together and will warm us with you on distance which we with you try to overcome. I believe you, I believe in your feelings, I believe in ours with you of feeling. I hope, that when we with you will be together we never we stop loving each other and always we shall be together.
Kiss you!!!
Your Natasha.
Letter 13
hi my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think of you all time. I want that Christmas we were together. You also strongly want it? Because time of Christmas is miracles and I hope that our meeting with you will bring to us many new sensations.
My mum asked to send the regards to you from her.
With impatience I shall wait your letter to me.
Yours Natalya
Letter 14
1. Your full name - last, first, middle (Natalya Domracheva Ivanovna) 2. Your residence address (Russia, Cheboksary, street Kalinina 67-33) 3. Your postal address if different from your residence (I have written to you it above) 4. Home phone number, if any (I have no home telephone number. Only cellular. It is +79177082167) 5. Parents full names (mum Tatyana Domracheva Tarasova and father Ivan Domrachev Mischailovich) 6. Your date of birth (I was born on November, 1, 1981.) 7. Any distinguishing birthmarks (I told him it's your beautiful eyes!) still a beautiful smile. More anything is not present. 8. Yearly income (it nearby 4000 $)
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