Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Scheglova to Charles (UK)

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Letter 1

Greetings my love Charles.
I to receive your letter. I too understand that the meeting with you in a real life because it is difficult for me to understand your feelings only under your letters is necessary for us. I love you but I think that when we shall meet we shall know precisely that to us to make further. I with pleasure would arrive your city but while I have no money to it and I should save money some time. That I too was a pity to me now not with you. I already spoke you that if you will send to me 550 $ I can receive my visa and other documents and I shall travel to you in November. I very much want to meet you and I believe that we with you shall be happy together and we will have good sex. I already informed you my address but if you want to help to arrive to me to you you can use the western union to send money. My Scheglova Tatyana address, Gagarina street, 34-227, Cheboksary, 428022, Russia. At me all is good. My life to become very happy as I have you. All is good, but I that our love should be, when we together, when beside. We should prove her at a meeting, at life together. I love you and to want to prove it to you. I to require you and to want to be with you. We so much long to write each other and to know much about us, but all of us still far apart and it to do me very bad. You too so to think? It seems to me, that we should be together right now, directly today. I to dream of it all these days. My ideas only about you and about us with you together. I very much to wait day when you to tell me at a meeting: I love you and a kiss of me. It very much to like me. I am very much in love with you. I can not already without you I become attached to you with each letter. You are necessary for me and I am necessary you. We simply should be together.I all to think of us. I to think when we shall be together. When we shall embrace and kiss each other. This so is fine to be with the loved person. I to hope, that at you for this time all was good. I want, that you have written to me as there was your day. As at you health. I to think, that I should know it as the future wife. You with me agree. We should not have from each other secrets. I very much love of you and to want to be with you. I to think of ours a meeting each day. I to hope, that it Will take place soon. I to send to you the most passionate kiss. I to want you to tell once again, that I to love you. bye my love!

Letter 2

Hi my love Charles!!!
The thank that you at me is! Without you it will be difficult to me to live. I very strongly love you and I do not want to lose! Mine favourite the man Charles, I at all do not want to think, that I sometime shall lose you. Please, be with me! From the party I promise you that never you to leave, that never from you I shall leave, that always I shall love only you and I shall be only yours! Please, trust me, because it is very important for me! I think, as for you my trust too is very important. The trust it is an obligatory part of love. Trust me, please, mine beautiful Charles! You very good, you the very interesting man for me. And I know that you will never deceive me, you will trust always me and to trust me. I believe in you. I know that you never to me will cause pains, will care always of me, to do only good things for me. I do not know whence I it I know but I know that it and in any way in another way. At us all will be good my Charles! All will be simply excellent because I trust you also you to me trust. I love you also you me you I respect also you me respect. I think that you with me agree that it is a necessary part of life with the favourite man. I always shall be sincere with you and you too will be with me sincere. We already ideal pair. We best in this world my honey, my Charles! I love you very much!!!! I think that we with you are very similar and we have much in common in vital sights, therefore almost together! I know you want with me to be even closer and I too. I want to be near to you, to prepare to you breakfast, supper and dinner each day, all that you want! It will be wonderful! I at all do not pity that has fallen in love with you, because you to me are very important. I never thought that I shall fall in love with somebody and the more so through Internet. I very strongly love you and very much I hope that soon we shall together up to the end of our life. I very strongly wait it. I want to be with you always. I understand that for you will be very difficult to arrive to me and to be with me, but I hope that at us all will turn out also we shall be together. I also once again want ask you about that that I can to arrive itself to you and it will be cheaper than to you to go to me and then to us together to go in your country. I unfortunately never was in Moscow and I cannot help you with the information on this city. I know that in Moscow all very dearly and I think that for us will be better if we shall meet at you. I also unfortunately cannot go to Moscow for the money because the ticket costs about 300 $ and I have no such money. Now I should better go so I should better to finish my letter now. I'll write you tomorrow as always so you should wait for my letter. Thinking about you so much, Charles, Wait to hear from you as soon as possible, My love to you,
your love Tanya
I love you very much!



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