Scam Letter(s) from Galina to Sean (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear!!!!
But here today, I have again come to the Internet - cafe.
It was very interesting to me to read through your letter!
But I have not received your letter! Please write to me very soon if you are not borrowed? I with impatience wait each your letter! But unfortunately letters from you are not present......
Please write to me?
I with impatience shall expect your letters......
Your Galina!!!

Letter 2

My dear angel....
I very strongly miss on you, I so have strongly got used to yours of the letter and I do not wish from them to wean.... And all because to me is pleasant as you to me write, that you write to me, I like each your word and each letter of your letter, I am pleased very strongly when I receive your letters.... My darling your letters of steel for me more important thing than it is simple letters, but it is a lot of more important... My dear today very beautiful dream has dreamed me... My darling I remember that I open eyes and to me in eyes the bright bright sun shines, I slowly rise and I see that I on seacoast of any island I in the beginning have not understood in what business but then I have seen outlines of the person and here I have thought that it you, and it indeed was you my darling at you there was in my dream such pleasant voice.... My dear I do not know what he at you on most has put but in my dream all was so really, I and did not know that it is a dream, I have understood it only then when I have woken up. You have run up to me has taken me for a hand and we have send with you to a small small house which outside reminds a hut and inside of such cosy, my darling you have embraced me I have put to you hands on a neck and we........ Have kissed.... It was so perfectly, I simply did not know what to tell, but here I have sharply woken up also to me was so well I thought that now I shall rise and I shall see you!!!!! But here I have opened finally eyes and have seen as my nose my dog licks and I have understood all that it was simply a dream....... To Me was so sadly.... I then tried to fall asleep once again and to renew a dream but at me not that it has not turned out and mum constantly awoke me.... The my dear friend we write with you each other already enough long and I long today thought - whether to tell to you that that to me have dreamed or not, and I all the same have solved what YES I shall tell, as I have nothing to hide from you. I want that you knew all all about me and in our relations there will be no lie and mistrust and I think, that we can sometime meet and be with you together. My darling tell that you think of my dream? You had any dreams of us with you? A my dear angel and my best friend I so am happy that we with you have got acquainted also that that at us with you such good relations, I am very happy!!! Also that most it is interesting - you too have very strongly liked my mum under my stories. She to me yesterday has told, that wants that we with you were together... All right my dear, I perhaps on this shall stop, as today to us there comes the grandfather for one day and tomorrow he already will leave, and I so seldom see him also I very much I wish to spend time with him. I think, that you understand me, in fact he at me already old and he too will be glad me to see. My pleasure I shall be very happy to see your letter, please write to me as soon as you can.
Your beloved and long-awaited princess Galina!!!

Letter 3

Hello my dear!!!
I am happy to read again your letter and to answer it!!! Because you and your letters much for me mean. I have very much got used to you and to your letters. I cannot lead the day normally not having read through your letter my darling.... My dear will cost how many my travel to you to America? I today learned all about travel to America to travel agency of our city. Registration of all necessary documents will borrow only 2 weeks. They to me have told, that all over again I should make the visa and the passport for travel abroad. By means of travel agency to me will not have to do all documents most and to go to Moscow for registration of the visa. There I had to live about one week. And where I there would live? I should remove number in hotel. It would manage to me on much more expensive. Also there would be a small probability, that my visa will be approved. Because now to make the visa very difficultly. And by means of travel agency to issue my trip on much easier and cheaper. Also there are 100 % confidence, that they will make to me the visa as they already long time cooperate with embassy of the USA in Moscow. You understand me my dear? That on it will be much easier, if I shall travel to you by means of a travel company. You agree with me? I thought, that I can pay completely all cost of travel to you my darling. But I did not expect, that the prices such high. When I about it have learned, to me it became very bad. I should pay for my passport for travel abroad in advance. Cost of registration of the visa - 550 $. Cost of registration of the passport - 98 $. Total it will cost nearby 650 $. But at me at present is only 200 $. I do not have the others 450 $. I did not know, that the prices are very high. I in surprise... I never can find such money. My dear, you understand about what I to you I write? And you can to me the help with these 450 $ at present that I could pay the visa and the passport for travel abroad? I think, that we can buy the ticket later. I shall try to save too money to buy the ticket. But now the most important to receive my passport for travel abroad and the visa that then I could buy at once the ticket and take off to you for the USA my dear. But I as need to know your full address and city in which you live. That I could arrive there to you and that you could meet me there. Write to me as the name of the airport to which I should arrive to you? Write to me please the full address and the full name, well? You understand me my darling? We can prepares for our meeting already now as I wish to meet this New Year near to you my darling. You can the help to me with 450 $ that I at once have paid for my passport for travel abroad and the visa??? I with impatience shall wait for your answer and ours with you of a meeting.... I miss on you my darling!
I love you my darling!!!

Letter 4

Hello my dear!!!!
Here again and again, I do not receive your letters....
I do not know, why you do not write to me...???
What happens? You can explain to me...?
Here soon Already new Year. I hoped, that I shall meet this year near to you, but this it will seems to me never.
I and cannot find to myself second half.
I think, that you really have already found to yourself another and with it you are happy!!!
Forgive me if I have made something not so....
I shall wait for your answer....
With hope your Anna!!!



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