Scam Letter(s) from Sheree Davis to George (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear,
I am so sad by the manner and way you wrote me the email..i felt so bad because you never seems to know how much i love you and how much i want to be with you to remove all your agonies away..I am ready to be with you despite all i have been through..i want to share the rest of my life with you;this is what no woman can do for you..
I know you need a companion with your conidition,i am ready and i want you to know that you are very special to me because you are my one and only..
I have been fired at work because i was told i was not performing very well.but it was because i keep thinking so much about you.I need you in my life.Love you so much..
I hope you can feel me???

Letter 2

Thanks for the mail my love..i am so glad to hear from you again..i missed talking with you sweetheart and each time i talk to you i feel so overwhelmed..and i am so worried right now because my landlord has been on my neck for his love i really need your help at this point..
i need your assistance..i dont want the lanslord to throw me out on the street..please help me, I love you so much.

Letter 3

Listen my love i need your help now...

Letter 4

Thanks for the mail..i needed to settle my bills here with my landlord i need some cash to do..please i need you these time..this is one of my hard times my love...

Letter 5

Thanks my love i feel so relaxed to hear from you sweetheart..i need 500 dollars to settle my rent and electricity bills..
I love you so much

Letter 6

I have assured you that you have no problem with me because you have all my love..ok and i want the best for is work going ?
I hope you are having a great time at work ?
Love to hear from you soon
Love you.

Letter 7

Okay love i will be missing you so much and life will be so hard for me since i dont have work and also i dont have enough foodstuff for the week..
I am in a mess..

Letter 8

Thanks for the so glad you are okay because i have been so worried about you.Here is my information:My name is Sheree Davis.....
My address is 252 E. University Dr.
McKinney, TX 75069
I hope to hear from you soon..Love you

Letter 9

Hello Dear,
am glad to hear from just coming in..can you send me the address you used in sending the money to me,i need your address right now so that i can go and get the money..Thanks my love.
Hugs and kisses

Letter 10

Hello Love,
How are you doing having a lonely time here and i cant wait to be with you soon..i want to be in your arm sweetheart.I have been planning to go for shopping for the xmas and new year..
I wanna Look good for you because you are my world,king,soulmate and husband to be..
My clients have not yet paid me and i really do love to go for my shopping..I want to remain as goodlooking as ever.
I am so eager to hear from you because i dont have no oneelse othan you my sweet love..
I guess you know what you have done for me in the past both emotionally and financially..
You are my world.
Love you so much.
Hugs and Kisses.



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